Mount Ebal

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My Scripture
Mount Ebal
Mount Ebal

Joshua 8:30 Mount Ebal

 Joshua 8:30- Then Joshua built an altar unto the Lord God of Israel in mount Ebal.

   Mount Ebal is about 3109 ft above sea level,forming the north side of the Shechem pass opposite Mount Gerizim in the Samaritan hill. Moses gave instructions to the Israelites concerning a religious ceremony they should observe after they crossed the Jordan River into the Promise Land. The people were to whitewash stones with lime,set them on Mount Ebal,and build an altar to the Lord. Later on, Joshua and the leaders did all these things that Moses commanded. When Joshua read the blessings of the law, the people on Mount Gerizim responded with an "Amen"; when he read the curses of the law, the people on Mount Ebal responded with an "Amen". Thus, Mount Ebal became known as the Mount of  Cursing. The tops of the two mountains are about two miles distant from each other. Jebel Eslamiyeh is the modern name of Mount Ebal.

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RevLady 6 years ago from Lantana, Florida

Thank you for the Mount Ebal learning experience.

Forever His,

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aceofhearts552000 6 years ago from Ocala,Fl. Author

You're welcome RevLady :)

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