Muslim diaries -3- : Arrogance in Islam

A lot of us commit this sin without even paying attention, arrogance. That's why I chose it to be the topic of one of this series' episodes. Another real life experience that tells, this time, about arrogance.


I don’t know from where to start. Narrating is really hard for me. I should admit that I did a mistake, a big mistake...

I am a girl who looks pious and practicing. I wear Hijab and respect some values that are not only a part of the religion, but also a part of tradition. On the opposite of my close classmates, talking to boys and having a boy friend was insignificant to me. I chose to hold tight on what looks correct to me and to every wise human.

Beautiful, respectful and apparently pious was enough for me to feel superior on my other classmates. I chose to hide my beauty while they were showing theirs. I chose to have no boyfriend, while I don’t know with how many boys they go out a year. What is there that makes them better than I? They are sinners; they sin every day, either in the way they wear or in their relations.

I thought this is the way that anyone sees when comparing between us. Though there was no need to compare, I can’t deny that these were the thoughts I had all the time. Maybe because I, not only I, but some classmates too, knew that I was neglecting what is of a higher priority than the priorities I made for myself, the second pillar of Islam, prayer. Our topic could be prayer, but my experience in Kibr, pride or arrogance would be more beneficent for you. I hope you will have the chance to read about prayer through someone else’s experience.


I took the bus in a summer’s morning going to the university just few days before vacation. I met there one of my class fellows. Long spread hair, a beautiful face, half sleeve T-shirt and jeans.

We started talking about several topics and I don’t know how prayer suddenly jumped into the discussion. I think it was already planned by her since she knew that I am lazy about it. She started giving me a series of advice.

I, the Hijabi girl who has no boyfriend, listening to the advice of my friend who was the opposite of me.

I kept silent for a moment, not interested in what she was saying; because I thought I am better than her though I am lazy about prayer. Thus there was nothing to talk about and she had better advise herself.

I had to keep these thoughts for myself. How shameful it would be if they came to know about the way I think! Not only delaying prayer, but also feeling superior on others. But since this wasn’t the way I used to think, I couldn’t maintain my silence, and soon I said: “You better advise yourself. It came just to prayer? I can start praying now, later or tomorrow. You don’t have to bother with this; rather, you just have to watch over your behaviours. Going out with boys and wearing no Hijab. Isn’t this enough to feel ashamed of?”


To protect my castle of pride, I refused her advice harshly. She wanted nothing but my good and this was the way I thanked her.

It didn’t stop here of course. Her reply was what put me in my right place. No anger, the same calm face, and with the same tone she used to advise me, she said: “I admit I am a sinner...” Oh! I would never say it! ... “I came to realize that what I do is wrong and I hope that Allah guides me. But doing wrong is something, and prayer is something different. I can’t leave prayer just because I am a sinner. On the Day of Judgment, I will be judged for prayer apart and I will be punished for the sins I did in this worldly life. So for now, at least I pray , I don’t want to be punished for prayer too. My repentance day is near hopefully, I just pray Allah to help me.”

Humble and wise reply, after which, I couldn’t say a single word. I kept thinking about what she said until reaching my station. Was I that much silly to just see how people look like and consider that I am better than this or that person? Will only one person enter Paradise and it should be me? Even if it were the case, justice in the Hereafter will be divine, and I will not get that place by cheating myself. We both were sinners, and besides leaving prayer, I did Kibr, the sin from which started the story of Adam offspring with Iblis as narrated in Quran:

{When your Lord said to the angels, .I am going to create man from clay.} {So, once I make him perfectly and breathe My spirit into him, you must fall down in prostration before him.} {Then, the angels prostrated themselves, all of them together -} {except Iblis (Satan). He waxed proud, and became one of the disbelievers.} {He (Allah) said, .O Iblis, what did prevent you from prostrating yourself before what I created with My hands? Did you wax proud or were you among the lofty ones?} {He (Iblis) said, .I am better than him. You created me from fire, and created him from clay.} {He (Allah) said, .Then, get out from here, for you are accursed,} {and on you shall remain My curse till the Day of Judgment.} {He (Iblis) said, .O my Lord, then give me respite till the day they are raised again.} {He (Allah) said, .Then, you have been given respite,} {until the Day of the Appointed Time..} {He said, .Then, I swear by Your Might, that I will definitely lead them astray, all of them -} {except Your chosen servants among them.} {He (Allah) said, .Then, the truth is__and it is (always) the truth that I speak__} {that I will definitely fill the Jahannam with you and with those who will follow you from among them, all together.} Quran 34:71-85


If even for a disbeliever, saying La Ilaha Illa Allah makes him clean of sins he did before embracing Islam, how is it for a person whose heart is full with the love of Allah and at anytime he can repent? I shouldn't feel superior on anyone. Muslim or not, at any moment one can find the light to enlighten his way.

Places in Paradise are unlimited, and so is the Mercy of Allah, unlimited. What is certain is that arrogance will not help us gain a place there. But humbleness, admitting we are wrong and being ready to turn back to the right path, to repent, are some of the many keys that help us enter Jannah In Shaa Allah (If Allah wants).


Humbleness, admitting we are wrong and being ready to turn back to the right path, to repent, are some of the many keys that help us enter Jannah In Shaa Allah


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Twilight Lawns profile image

Twilight Lawns 3 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

Assalamu alaikum sister. Thank you for a lovely thought.

May Allah bless you and keep you well.

forall profile image

forall 3 years ago Author

Wa Alaykum Assalam Wa Rahmatu Allah. All I did was to write about someone's experience :) I'm glad you liked the article.

Jazaka Allah, may Allah bless you too.

G Miah profile image

G Miah 2 years ago from Muslim Nation

Excellent read. Thank you for this article about arrogance.

forall profile image

forall 2 years ago Author

You're welcome brother. Thanks for the compliment and also for stopping by :)

Good cat 2 years ago

Salam. Jazakallah khyran for sharing this with us. It was something that many people have those days. Hope somedays you can talk about showing off and its effects.

forall profile image

forall 2 years ago Author

Wa Alaykom Assalam. Wa Iyyak In Shaa Allah. Thanks for reading! Showing off, yes, great idea. In Shaa Allah :)

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