Muslim diaries -5- : Mawlid reminder

Assalamo Alaykom!

It's been a long time :)

I chose for this article to be a part of the Muslim diaries series as it is a sad reality that we see everyday. We say that which we do not do and the things we do can't even be said. On the occasion of Mawlid, here is a quick reminder :)

What's the use of celebrating his birth (pbuh) when we don't follow his footsteps? When the only thing important to us is the atmosphere? Laughing, enjoying and having a family gathering...? When we forget to learn the lessons that this special occasion is supposed to teach us?

Think about it.. if the best creation passed away, tomorrow will be your turn and mine. You might live in the most beautiful castles, wear gold, diamonds and the best clothes on earth, eat the most expensive food in the most expensive dishes, you might discover another planet, make life possible on moon or anywhere else, become the riches, the most famous person on Earth and then what? What will be the use of all this when it pushes you miles away from Allah? When the life you'll entertain wont have even a tiny resemblance with a Muslim life?...

You know very well that you'll spend more time under the ground than on it, yet you choose to beautify the short time you're gonna live here and neglect that dark and fearful place in which you'll be waiting for your final destination, either heaven or hell.

This life dear brothers and sisters is nothing but a mirage and your only ticket to Heaven is your good deeds, so chase them.

We've a serious problem when it comes to prove what we say. We're good in talking, good in claiming love but we don't show it the right way, there is no correspondence between out acts and our talks.

We should learn to think about Akhira first in all we do. Learn that as the life of a man can't be narrated in just one day, we're supposed to look after the prophet's Sirah all along the year, to try to follow him in all he did, to make choices based on pleasing Allah and not pleasing ourselves and people around us.

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