First Step Of Doing Real Magic

My own basic simple step of doing real magic

You like watching t.v.? Yes? so my basic step is that much simple. The next time when you are watching t.v. while relaxing on sofa, just observe yourself for 2 mins. I mean every part of your body. Are you feeling comfortable? Ask yourself! Give the answer to that question. Finding the answer to that question is the good exercise for your mind. See, it’s a measure of how much you pay attention to yourself. In magic paying attention to yourself, and making your inner side comfortable is so much important and it’s a very basic thing.

So if the position of your foot is not good, make it comfortable. Sometimes we fill pain in our body because of seating in a wrong position. It’s evidence that we do not pay attention to our own. And so start with that and don't think that it's so simple step n so not important. It’s a basic simple but the very important step. This step will give you the inner vision. Seat comfortably. Make a healthy conversation with your mind in the form of question and answers. And thus take care of your body.

If you are seating uncomfortably without a reason, this is strong indication that you are under the influence of other person's wishes. So when you start to control these little things in your life, the large things get controlled automatically. Have a nice day. And watch tv comfortably.

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