My Favourite Gods of the Norse Tradition

The Gods of Northern Europe in the years before Christianity replaced the pagan religions have always held a fascination with me. My earliest memory of anything related to Norse mythology was through a very weird source. I can remember watching the Incredible Hulk on television in the 1980`s and the character Thor was introduced. Thor was there always ready to fight, always ready to do what was right. His strength, determination and integrity were there for all to see.

The gods in the old religions of Europe have very little relevance to many in the modern world at present. And the ancient gods portrayed in modern media are corrupted versions of their true legends, designed for entertainment not education. Some still follow the old ways but Christianity managed to erode a lot of the power and ritual of the old ways. Despite Christianity's destruction of the heathen way of life, the gods of old are celebrated in some of our days.

Hermond visiting Baldur in Helheim
Hermond visiting Baldur in Helheim | Source

The Northern Gods influence even now.

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The whole mythology of the religion has been eroded by time and suppression of ideals. As a Pagan religion indigenious to Europe the Holy Roman Emperors wanted it to be destroyed All of the heathen gods are associated with honour, it is a theme that runs through the Icelandic Saga`s. My favourite god is Tyr, his origins are essentially a northern European skygod and it has been proposed that Odin and Thor took a lot of his power and legend. Tyr has been associated by many as a warrior god but he is more a god of law, justice and doing the right thing. At Ragnorok Tyr is to die in battle. Tyr sacrifices his sword arm to appease the wolf Fenrir, Fenrir was intent on destruction but Tyr used his familiarity with it and his own bravery to subdue the beast and restore order to the halls of the Gods.

Odin is the recognised leader of the Gods, and is fated to die in battle with many other of the Aesir and Vanir gods. Odin is a wanderer who seeks knowledge and encourages honour in those he meets.Odin has sired many children including Thor, Baldur, and Bragi. Odin is responsible for bringing the world we know to life, by slaying a giant and crafting our world from its body. Thor as mentioned earlier is a son of Odin and he is the god of thunder. He is known as a "Herculean" style traveller who rights wrongs and defeats the giants who enter into the realms of man.

Thor is man kinds champion and Thor has the heart to fight whoever and whenever. Thor is often accompanied on his quests my the trickster demi-god Loki, Loki is a force of mischief and chaos in the realms of the gods. It is weird that Loki travels with Thor but then Odin did become a blood brother with him. Loki is the father of two of the creatures that will bring about the end of the gods Fenrir and Jormungandr. He is also father of Hel, who`s legion of the dead will invade our realm at Ragnorok. Loki is often ignored as a God and many heathens take his name to be something that should not be mentioned or honoured. I see Loki as the chaotic force of nature and the balance to what is Odin's order. Effectively you can`t have one without the other.

Loki chained to the boulder as punishment.
Loki chained to the boulder as punishment.

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jambo87 profile image

jambo87 6 years ago from Outer Space / Inner Space

I've had a fascination with Norse myth for a long time now, and Loki is still my favorite.

Nice hub.

Asp52 profile image

Asp52 6 years ago from England Author

I have friends who attribute bad luck and personal injury to uttering his name. He in my eyes is the chaos beneath the calm. And as most will agree you need someone to test the comfort zone to make changes or keep things interesting.

Runic 6 years ago

It is more than a little annoying that his actions are so blown out of proportion. But I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who sees this. I have been known to cite several of the myths directly to prove that he is not as bad as commonly portrayed.

Asp52 profile image

Asp52 6 years ago from England Author

Totally agree, he has been put in the same box as the devil but he is nothing like him. And some followers ignore him out of superstition.

Runic 6 years ago

Ahh. Norse mythology is a passion of mine as well. Of particular interest to me is Loki. He is often either overlooked, or looked at out of context. Best of luck.

Asp52 profile image

Asp52 6 years ago from England Author

Thank you runic, i am planning on doing a better overview of the Norse mythology as it is a great interest of mine. This was more of a taster. Thank you for your suggestion all comments are openly accepted

Runic 6 years ago

Interesting hub, though I think you might have made it better by expounding upon the Gods you listed in your poll.

Asp52 profile image

Asp52 6 years ago from England Author

thank you MMMoney, appreciated

MMMoney profile image

MMMoney 6 years ago from Where U Can Make More Money

very interesting hub thanks

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