How to Summon Your Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

This is a true story.

I read an article about guardian angels in the papers sometime in 1998. I found the story very interesting that is why I was able to commit this to memory.

The author is a girl studying in one of the exclusive schools. She was intrigued by the idea of a guardian angel. So while driving on her way to school she whispered a prayer asking God to manifest to her the guardian angel.

Upon arriving in school, she followed the required steps to enrol. To her surprise, none of her friends bothered to come near her and offered to help even though they bumped with each other at the hallway.

Later that day, after she finished with the enrolment process, she approached one of her friends and asked why they seemed to be avoiding her.

To her amazement, her friend replied "We don't want to bother you and your date."

"Date? What date are you talking about? I was alone the entire day!" She quickly retorted.

"You can't be serious! Then who's the good-looking chinito guy hovering near you the entire day?" her friend asked.

Not contented with her friend's explanation she called the rest of her friends to ask them the same question. And all seven of her friends said the same thing.

She was accompanied by a tall, good-looking guy the entire day!Thinking that he was her date, they did not bother to go near her. Even her classmates who saw her said the same thing.

The author surmised that the guy she was with, whom everybody saw except her, was probably her guardian angel. She prayed for the angel to manifest and God must have answered her prayers. And she excitedly shared her story to show that angels are indeed Real!

After reading her story, naturally I was curious about it. So I muttered a short prayer on my way to work asking God to manifest to me my guardian angel.  I think these are the words I mumbled that day:

"Lord, I humbly request that You manifest to me my guardian angel. I know You send someone to protect and look after me daily. I want to thank this person for his/her constant care. You have manifested the angel to this girl, if it is Your Will, please help me see mine. This I ask thru Christ our Lord. Amen."

As the day dragged on, my hopes gave way to disappointmenet as the day seemed to end with no angel in sight.

Then a few minutes before the office closed, my officemate walked in with this beautiful carved statue. She put it on top of my table and said that she was giving it to me as a gift.

Guess what it was?

It was an angel! A cherubim actually. She looked no more than 10 years old, very pretty, very sweet-looking creature.

I almost cried upon seeing the little statue.

When my excitement subsided, I inquired from my officemate why she thought of giving me (of all things!) an angel figurine?

She replied matter-of-factly, "Well, I passed by St. Paul's to buy a rosary on my way here. Then my eye caught sight of this beautiful angel. The first thing that came to my mind was you. So I decided to buy it and give it to you. It was just one of those spur-of-the-moment thing, an instinct. I guess."

I nodded. Then smiled widely and thanked her.

Deep in my heart I know it wasn't just an instinct. It was my angel calling out to her!

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eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India

That's a wonderful strory i believe strongly in what you said, and if you want to express my experiences like this i can put a hundread hubs. I really believe this.nice hub on a different topic keep it up, Gwen.

Gwen Cuizon profile image

Gwen Cuizon 8 years ago Author

I think you should tell us your experience about angels. I think that would really be inspiring. Thanks.

Dead Girl 8 years ago

WOW!!! What prayer did you say to God??

greg  8 years ago

Summoning is the same as saying conjuring, which is a sin.

gabrielle 8 years ago

i tried understanding it but it didn't grasp it can you e-mail me the prayer or whatever it is you said to please i need the guidence please!!

kyvin 8 years ago

what a nice and interesting article.......

sierra 8 years ago

hey just like gabrielle, i didn't quite get it. i prayed everyday and i just cant seem to get it to work. could you also email me the prayer you said to thank you very much! :]

mike  8 years ago

summoning is the same as conjuring which is a sin .......if its a demon but it was an angel a messenger of god you know when the war breaks out there on gods side so i really don't think that whanting to see the angle that is sent to protect you is a sin .

Avery 8 years ago! if possible... i'd like to know the exact prayer... i admit, its gard to believe, i'd like it if you proved my instinct wrong

Avery 8 years ago

crap sorry,,, my email is

kelly 8 years ago

could you tell me what prayer was it that you said? right now i could reeally use a guardian angel to watch over me for a day :D

vuki 8 years ago

Psalm 91

11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;

Skittlez 8 years ago

im sorry but i cant quite grasp it do u mind sending me the prayer


Angelman 8 years ago

can u send me that parayer

Brandon J. Stoltz 8 years ago

Wow. That's amazing. I never knew a prayer could do that and I'm a christian. If you think you'd have the time ..... could you please send me the prayer. I see that you have had this reguest a lot and I'm sure it's getting old or bland or whatever but I'm just curious.

My e-mail address is;

God bless ya'.

Tufty 8 years ago

Heyy, I'm having a bit of trouble with some sprectal beings atm.

There seems a bad presence over my house, and around me, when my experience became physical and painful.

I don't know if it's a poltergeist, or just a ghost that is feeding off the energy in my house.

I haven't had much energy lately, so could it be possible it's feeding off me when I'm doing nothing?

I was really hoping, when I read the article if you could send me the prayer (as many others have asked.)

I would really like my guardian angel to come and protect me now.

I'm very scared, and I seriously doubt I will sleep at all until I feel safe.

My e-mail is

Please help me.

Thank you xx

Willis Hundley 8 years ago

Psalms 91:1 he that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow ot the almighty. I'm glad for you. As long as you stick with God you shall always remain under his protection. God bless you.

celene vazquez 8 years ago

wow that's awsome dudete

Roger Renwick profile image

Roger Renwick 8 years ago from Florence, Alabama

hi Gwen, i am a beliver of God and Angels, and have had someone warn me of something about to happen to a family member when i was away from home, a hand grabed my sholder and spun me around, there was no one there, that night my father had a massave stroke. i have never summoned an Angel, but have had protection from someone while i did some really stupid thing in life. nice hub, thanks, roger

Raziel 7 years ago

I my self, am an occultist , and i believe in angels as do you, now I've seen angels on the astral plane but never managed to call one to physical appearance tell me how you did it

CheeMiss 7 years ago


What seems strange to that you haven't posted your Angel summonsing prayer for all to benefit without having to beg for it. Why the secrecy?

If you have, and I do believe you did, summons an Angel of God, then you should not covet the method of prayer. For that would not be of the highest and best intent. This ego of yours, might just back-fire on you the next time you need an Angels help.

RAZIEL 7 years ago

This is one for you Chee Miss, evoking angels ain't easy and besides , meeting them takes place on their terms not yours, but I'll recommend several books to assist u in the work one of them is, Francis Barrett's: The Magus, another is Summoning Spirits: The Magickal Art of Evocation by Konstantinos, Gustav Davidson's Dictionary of Angels including the fallen angels there is some intresting material in there one final tip of advice inflame your heart with prayer before you work and use prayer to encourage the angel your trying to evoke to appear in your scrying crystal. good luck and God Bless

RAZIEL 7 years ago

This is one for you Chee Miss, evoking angels ain't easy and besides , meeting them takes place on their terms not yours, but I'll recommend several books to assist u in the work one of them is, Francis Barrett's: The Magus, another is Summoning Spirits: The Magickal Art of Evocation by Konstantinos, Gustav Davidson's Dictionary of Angels including the fallen angels there is some intresting material in there one final tip of advice inflame your heart with prayer before you work and use prayer to encourage the angel your trying to evoke to appear in your scrying crystal. good luck and God Bless

Gwen Cuizon profile image

Gwen Cuizon 7 years ago Author

Wow! I never thought that this article would cause so much curiosity and interest. This happened to me sometime in 2000 so the exact words in the prayer I muttered that day were kinda hazy now. What I remember though is after reading the said article, there was this very intense desire to manifest my angel. Then I closed my eyes and prayed wholeheartedly. The words are totally irrelevant if you do not pray sincerely and in a heartfelt manner. I think these are the words I mumbled that day: "Lord, I humbly request that You manifest to me my guardian angel. I know You send someone to protect and look after me daily. I want to thank this person for his/her constant care. You have manifested the angel to this girl, if it is Your Will, please help me see mine. This I ask thru Christ our Lord. Amen."

This is more or less the words I prayed mentally that day. I didn't say them out loud. I prayed thru my mind. Again, I have to stress, you must have good reasons for doing this and the most important, pray sincerely. It doesn't matter what you say, it is what you feel and what your intentions behind your prayers that matter the most. I hope this answers whatever questions you got.

David Gardner 7 years ago

Hello everyone. I think this is the prayer:

Angel of God,my guardian dear,to whom God's love commits me here,ever this day,be at my sideto light and guard,to rule and guide.

angel 123 7 years ago

hi my nickname is angel123 i have always been guarded by an angel i believe, but i want to know who. i am only 11 years and i really want to know what the prayer that you said. i want to meet her or him. make my dreams come true pst it on this page

angel 123 7 years ago

hi my nickname is angel123 i have always been guarded by an angel i believe, but i want to know who. i am only 11 years and i really want to know what the prayer that you said. i want to meet her or him. make my dreams come true pst it on this page i haven't had the best luck in life (personal)

Tom 7 years ago

if you don't believe in your guardian angel, just don't;

those who believe without seeing are blessed ones :)

angel123 7 years ago

i have wrote on this website three times already. i am very curios about this prayer. if this story is so true why don't you post the prayer that you said. i wisper is to myself everyday. this is a buch of crap. its not very nice to play with peoples feelings....... especiallly something to do with god .......................@%#$^&* you

Gwen Cuizon profile image

Gwen Cuizon 7 years ago Author

Angel123 if you have trouble seeing the prayer I posted just above your comment then how much more seeing an angel?

Dhruv 7 years ago

please please send me the exact prayer recitation...m lonely and pp; don't understand.........

Chris 7 years ago

It saddens me to see all the negative written here. Say the prayer you want asking God to have your guardian angel appear to you. Be very sincere in what you ask for. Most have no idea that their angel is with them every day and never needs to be asked to show up. I met an angel the other day in the form of a young girl living at a shelter with her baby boy. It was a rainy day and she was walking without an umbrella to a near by bus stop. I offered her a ride. I learned a lot in the few mins it took me to drive her. The day for me had started a little crazy.. I was all worked up over something that had happened earlier that morning... I prayed to God on my way to work to calm me down and help me deal with the issue at hand ... oh boy did he! God placed this young lady in my path that morning for me to realize how small my problem was compared to hers. I asked her how it came to be that she was living in a shelter.. what had happened to her. Long story short, her boyfriend had lost his job, they could not pay rent and everything spiraled down from there. The boyfriend was living with some relatives and she was in the shelter with their child. She thanked me for the ride and as we pulled up to the library I handed her a hundred dollar bill and my umbrella. She did not want to take it ... I said please...and so we parted ways... me in my dry car and her with her new umbrella. I would gladly pay $1000.00 for the lesson I learned that day I turned my problems over to God that morning and he sent an Angel to make me realize just how small they were.

slim20vt 7 years ago

the comments and storys you share are helping!! but what do i have to do to get my deceased brother to show?he has been dead for 14 years i use to feel like he was with me all the time but for the last 12months i have felt alone im so low inside,ive ended up here hoping some one can help me? i believe in god and angels,and need a little guidence ! you all sound like nice people! i think i need some sort of test lesson from god??

slim20vt 7 years ago

the comments and storys you share are helping!! but what do i have to do to get my deceased brother to show?he has been dead for 14 years i use to feel like he was with me all the time but for the last 12months i have felt alone im so low inside,ive ended up here hoping some one can help me? i believe in god and angels,and need a little guidence ! you all sound like nice people! i think i need some sort of test lesson from god??

slim20vt 7 years ago

any prayers would help send to

Amoros Beneterrania 7 years ago

Hi, a couple questions:

1. If a neo-pagan who doesn't "worship" a god but rather honored it in prayer, was to do this spell (The spells of King Solomon involved prayers, and since this is Enochian Magick, it counts as both a prayer and a spell), would the angel still appear?

2. Could you please send me the prayer? I keep getting threats from other kids at the Boys and Girls Club... ( my email is )


Davido III Amoros Betz

Johnny 7 years ago

hey guys once apon a time way back in my dark dark times i was perhaps the biggest non believer that could walk this earth.I finally came to that fork in the rd were i had to make the iltimate decistion. I looked up to the night sky and said a few words.A few days later i was in a cafe and a tallish man came and started chatted to me. was all small talk about the weather and stuff, Then out of the blue he said johnny follow ur lord walk in his light , just follow me even tho u wont see me you'll sence me. Im my amazement i asked" how do you know me"he said we once worked together.. i was totally confused by this stage.The stranger got up and walked out. Not even paying for his coffee.I signaled for the waitress and asked her for the bill and mentioned to her that id pay for the other guys coffee and she looked at me all confused. she handed me the bill and on it was clearly printed one coffee i went to the counter and suggested id pay for the guys coffee that was sitting chatting to me ... both grils kind of looked at me and said "all good but you were sitting alone" .. im totally convincd they thought i was on drugs( which i have never been on drugs)i left the cafe in total confusement.But from that day things really turned around. and i mean really turned around .. I think back at the day in the cafe and really see that as a turning point in my life , that fork in the rd.. I have a tattoo of an angel on my back with the words i said to god that night....Need i say im a total believer now.....

necris502 7 years ago

I have something for all of you you people think angels are good boy ARE YOU SADLY MISTAKEN these creatures are very alien to your race, Satan is not a fallen angel like the friggin bible claims he is, he is the Sumerian god Enki god of earth and waters, the christian god is the true enemy of humanity go onto or read plenty of books concerning sumerian, and egyptian myth.

der spievel 7 years ago

I have to agree with that necris502 person, and I have read a lot pagan gods and demons their connections are interchangeable, example: Satan is known as Enki who is not in any terms the Adversaty like all RHP religions say, Satanism is not about blood sacrifice or murder if there is anything about murder its the bible,read it from front to back you'll see what I mean. HAIL LUCIFER/ENKI

DarkSwan64 7 years ago

i have heard of people that say they pray to Satin to send a demon to them(chilling as it sounds) and i always wondered/hoped it could also be done with angels by praying to God, i am surprised/disappointed this is not more widely known and i hope to try it myself

Zeuz 7 years ago

Its nt about the prayer its belief that mad it happen .

hayla remines 7 years ago

hello i am also one trying to figure out who my guardian angel is and ive tried talking to him/her, but i still dont know if im talking to himor what....i dontthinkim seeing any signs. long ago i was told by someone that my angel is micheal bc of hte M shape that the lines of my hand connect in, and even the birthday thing says that my angel is micheal but i just don't no and i don't really feel do i really figure it out

hayla remines 7 years ago

if you can tell me anything my email address is

Naif 7 years ago

hahaha this is a fake because my friend AN angel truly came to him and hugged him with his wings giving him energy he had a big voice and a long beard and he was a giant after that day GENIES kept coming to my friend possessing him, because they want his energy but i don't think they can then they kept appearing to my friend as a giant and shouting angry, i let my friend read quran but he wasn't a muslim but he wanted to be so an angel came to him asking him are you really a muslim? and he was giving him energy. so i know this garbage is a fake, the way to burn bad genies is by reading quran, i was talking to my friend on msn on MIC, and ive heard the genie shouting like a bull when i was reading quran.

Naif 7 years ago

hahaha this is a fake because my friend AN angel truly came to him and hugged him with his wings giving him energy he had a big voice and a long beard and he was a giant after that day GENIES kept coming to my friend possessing him, because they want his energy but i don't think they can then they kept appearing to my friend as a giant and shouting angry, i let my friend read quran but he wasn't a muslim but he wanted to be so an angel came to him asking him are you really a muslim? and he was giving him energy. so i know this garbage is a fake, the way to burn bad genies is by reading quran, i was talking to my friend on msn on MIC, and ive heard the genie shouting like a bull when i was reading quran.

Elisha 7 years ago

read the book of Enoch. just google it man,this will give you all true insight on what and who Angles for those that desire not to worship the Lord of Spirits, (jesus) I think they should be dealt with like in the days of Elisha, cut their heads off and chuck them over a cliff! rid the earth of these demon worshipping freaks! but Gods going to do that real soon, so get right or get left....

itakins profile image

itakins 7 years ago from Irl

Some very sad and empty comments to a beautiful hub.Book of Hebrews - Chapter 13

2 and remember always to welcome strangers, for by doing this, some people have entertained angels without knowing


also,Book of Psalms - Chapter 91

11 he has given his angels orders about you to guard you wherever you go.

There is overwhelming evidence of angels in the bible.God has provided each of us with a guardian angel ,to protect us throughout our earthly lives and to be a best friend to us.

This is a beautiful hub and shows a simple ,honest to God faith.I love it.

The Angel Prayer asking God to will our angel to help us is

Oh,Angel of God,

My Guardian dear,

Through whom God's love,

Commits me here.

Ever this day

Be at my side

To light and guard

To rule and guide ,


Michael  7 years ago

to any of you people that think that God is a bad thing u r truly mistaken. satan is the enemy and through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ we may overcome him.

Levishian 7 years ago

there is no enemy. The angels that fell did so for loving god more than man. They rebelled because they wouldn't bow down to man. I don't worship fallen angels but I feel sorry for them and love them just the same. everything no matter how benevolent or malevolent has an opposite. light coupled with dark. Nothing needs to be overcome. for the victory is the simple balance with which god offers us. Please keep this hub on topic about angels and the process of their visualization in the physical realm. people need to know they are not alone.


stacker 7 years ago

can some one help me with this 1 i lost my dad to lung cancer 8 weeks to day but last week i was in bed at 1.50pm as i work nights an old smart dressed man came to my house and ask for me by my first name michael witch only my dad called me when i was in trouble lol but he gave my wife a umberelle saying i had left it in is car my wife looked at him funny as i have never had 1 anh he replied to say you no wat men are like when i ask wat he looked like she doesn't remember she would not remember is face again its kind of freeked me a bit

curtis 7 years ago

i love my god in heavin so much and im glad that he died for my sins and i ask god to manifest me to my guardian angle 2 and i believe my angel that watches me if my grandfather who died 4 years ago i love my lord with all of my heart please read in the bible chapter john 3:16 its a good verse

xathanael 7 years ago

If you want to really see your angel, the prayer is very simple... Have it your own way and pour all your heart into it. That way God will hear you if it is possible. Why? Because angels work in heaven and some are put to mingle with us in the mortal world. If the angel in heaven can not come due to work in heaven, just pray again and maybe your angel will come when he/she is free.

Zach 7 years ago

Great story

Blackened-ANGEL 7 years ago

it is 11 07p.m. at my house on THU DEC 31. I have sent my prayer to god not but 10 minuets ago. I seek knowledge unatainable by man. I am considering summoning a demon..... I already feel my angel. the prayer must be of respect hope and need. i need my angels guidance on the manner of demonology. i need help. you are inspiring people. i need your suggestions. what i find in my quest may change the world......

Jack 7 years ago

When i was watching the horror film called paranormal activity i thought that if there was a way to summon a demon couldn't u summon and angle... I have felt very terrified of my surroundings and i have felt very depressed and apart from god. When i stumbled upon this article i was very interested into it. The second i started reading this prayer i fely an extreme surge of joy and i almost cried of happiness. Thank you god. I have not tried this yet because i feel that i need to learn more about god and worship him. I am a fallower of god. And all because of a horror film i have felt a lot more closer to him.. Thank you :)

Mercedes  7 years ago

I was really interested in your story when i read it! For a few months now, i have been getting my horoscope read online by a proffesional and she said that a guardian angel is watching over me! i was wondering if you could help me summon my guardian angel. My e-mail is Your story really spoke out to me. Thanks!

Dark Eyes 6 years ago

the only angels and demons on earth are humans. the summoning of either is to draw out those qualities in yourself. Is summoning an angel for help not as selfish as asking a demon for power

Matthew 6 years ago

I have read this post and all comments, i am baffled at how many of you guys did not read the are asking for the prayer that she had spoken to herself and you can clearly see it up top in BOLD letters.

Please people read the whole thing before commenting.

Jesus Christ 6 years ago

The father in heaven loves you all no matter what you did wrong or anything.God new his world would come to a destruction No doubt about it...You can tell through the war they have on earth Is the same they have with god...God will not kill satan because Someday he would need satan for a special plan.His heart is really strong..God was just waiting if it wasn't for Our Great,great,great christ Grandparents.If you worsip god trust me a miracle will happen In some type of way or form..God can also change you in a bunch of ways.And he will clean your soul You will tell by your voice and your actions...As the years goes by im sure you notice people dying EVRYDAY you wish this could stop but it cannot....Like I said the war they have on earth is because its the same war as in the battlefield of christ...Why make satan if he causes so much evil and Hatred??I don't know but you don't have to give in to all of his nonsence HE THINK HE HAS THE POWER TO RULL OVER THIS WORLD!!!!!!BUT ALL YOU DO IS STEP ON HIS HEAD!GET THE DEMON HE PUT IN YOU OUT!!!!BRING YOUR SOUL TO JUSTICE.Even though some people worship satan (Dumb NonBelieving people)God still loves you I know why worship someone that hates you?Kind of dumb isn't it?But remember these rules

1.Love god have him in your life

2.Make sure not to steal

3.Do not test god.

4.Keep a willing mind and a illing spirit no matter what.

5.Love your neighbors,

And by that I say thank you for taking the time for reading this

May The father our god be with you all!!!

Jesus christ  6 years ago

Im 12 also trying to make all people believe that god IS 1 AND THE ONLY 1!Alpha and omega!!!!!Love you thanks

The_Devourer 6 years ago

Try reading The Book of Abramelin the Mage. It is an old book that details the rituals and practices to discover your Holy Guardian Angel, get God's favour, and control a series of demons. It's quite an influential text on the modern Occult scene.

AZAZEL 6 years ago

boy are you all deluded angels aren't benevolent at all, the truth is they're masquerading as greys/nordics these beings use love to lower your defenses to get you when you're vulnerable, these beings have no sympathy for you or anyone else, I have been an occultist for many years I have an opened 3rd eye that enables me to see them for what they are, I have worked angel magick, and let me tell you horrible things happened too many too mention here, now demons on the other hand are not evil they're not hideous human hating monsters, like people want us to believe, they're very beautiful and friendly most of your demons are all the pagan gods, take the demon Astaroth for instance I have seen her on the physical and spirit planes, she does not decieve or lie to you, now in the jewish grimoires she is not a she but a HE, she is made to look like a monster a beast a creature who has no compassion, but that's a lie and libel, now I'm sure you probally think of me as a blasphemer now now I'[m not I'm speaking from personal experience here one final thing do not use the methods described in books such as the goetia, you will invite personal disaster, if you want to summon demons create your own ritual of summoning or go to

logan 6 years ago

that story is great story and i have to say its happened to me its very strange at first but you get used to it when you need them im the editor of the new york times if you don't awnser i will just ask another so you can call me my number is 417-667-1239 so you have 30 days

Ely Uhuru 6 years ago

that was awesome!!! i do believe that that kinda thing can happen, God does work in many ways, does He not?

IhazProblem 6 years ago

i myself am a believer of angels and different demons, the thing that is troubling me is that my angel could be an angel of sin...if this is true what the heck should i needed...

adeel 6 years ago

how nice..... it can be a good movie script about angels..

logan 6 years ago

i will just ask another

adam 6 years ago

ive done a lot of bad things in life along with every body else im only 19 and fear 2012 along with others.i want to believe in god as much as the next person please help me find my angel.i want my spirit to be lifted up hi.send me a prayer so i can get my life on track.

Haroon 6 years ago

I am surprised to know that this faith is also available in christen world. No offense, but i thought it is only a story that christens believe and i never knew that there are serious people out there searching for their (so called) guardian angel.

Haroon 6 years ago

My serious contribution;-

I believe Islamic faith has given us thorough & in depth knowledge of spiritual world, not others can even imagine.I am not allowed to share all of the technical stuff cause i believe if i do so ppl will start practicing the ritual and obviously without thorough knowledge & understanding this can cause great harm and can lead to dangerous events. I just want to share some glimpse;

In arabic it is called as QAREEN, in Urdu known as HAMZAAD.

The most powerful creature Allah (God) has ever created after angels. Remember one important point; Hamzaad is not angel or devil, it is actually a part of your own soul/spirit and is born with every human being and stays with him until death. Only religious ppl who have strong faith and have their spiritual dimension active for them can perform the ritual which gives them the power to control their Hamzaad or Qareen. Once you have your Hamzaad active with you; you will possess amazing powers beyond imagination. examples include; can travel any part of the world more faster than speed of light (in seconds). Can call hamzaad to predict future events and to know history of anything. Can bring anything or any person available for you from any part of the world. Can control minds of others.

these are just few of the examples. Ritual is basically perform when the sun is up or in the midnight and one has to continuously look at his own shadow and have to say the words for few hours. If anyone is out there who is serious to learn can learn more at the following site: Please note this is not a promotion involving money matters rather its a matter of educating those who are ignorant. My humble request to those who hate my faith and religion to please ignore this message as i will not be giving arguments to prove myself and my religion. Truth is out there for those who believe and who search for it.

Tony 6 years ago

Hi my name is Tony and im native american with a great and broad understanding of the bible, and our lord and savior. if you wish to be rid of evil spirits we have used WHITE SAGE along with a holy prayer as u go to every corner of the building or room of the presence. the prayer should be asking the spirit to please rest in peace and bother you no more. us natives believe in the one God due to the visions receive from God telling us what to do. a vision is usally followed with a close to death experience, cause the only way to really know or see the creator is in the 2nd life. I strongly suggest not trying it my ancestors have long history of know how. some one lacking the know how could acually die. but as far as getting a prayer, our scriptures say to pray whole heartedly and not to use a praticed pray. but u must be in the presence of God to find favor for your prayer. to be as close to our father as possible, be holy, you should ask for forgivness for everything! every things your ancestors might of done, and be humble before him in your prayer.

Ichigo 6 years ago

I don't really believe

in your god or amen I'm so sorry but u do believe

in angels to be at your side I have on of my own

It was one night when I was walking home from when I saw a falling star I watched the fallin star fall to eart and I walked neared it there I saw a boy with silver hair and

golden eyes on the ground. And I thought a gift from the heavens? Or a fallen soldier? I tried to help him get up and my house wasn't very far? (I live with only my brothers and sister and we believenin magic) when my sister Rina saw him she

asked me who was he and is he hurt she listen. Then said amen she looked back at mr for me to say amen. I didn't I never would. So i sleept. In the morning he was gone. When I went back to school we had a new student but the weird thing is it looked like the boy who I saw that night. But my age.

Devin 6 years ago

tho my feelings are mixed about Christianity guardian angels seem very real to me. my friends have shared and shown things that are too coincidental and offer no logical explanation. And for those who state it is a sin to summon creatures of heaven and hell i disagree with you. i believe if such dietys exist that we would be free to learn from the messengers of heaven and hell.

message 6 years ago

Why do you have to see us to believe Him?

Michael 6 years ago

First… seeing is not believing… believing… is knowing without a doubt, and without any evidence. People hardly ever see their angel. We just feel them, and know that they are there. The people in these stories never saw their own angel in a “human form”. Other people around them saw the angel… not recognizing what it was that they were looking at, and the other answer was a responds to a “push” given by and angel to the co-worker.

I too have felt the presence of my guardian angel; I have had too many close calls and near misses to say there isn’t an angel watching over me. My grandmother (a very strong Christian woman) prayed for an angel to come and guard not only me, but my brothers as well. Even while I was a sinner the angel was by my side fulfilling the pray of my grandmother. Yes, even sinners have angels! Some people will argue with me on this, but look at it this way… most Christians can think back to the time before salvation, and spot specific times that they could have been in a worse situation, injured, or even killed had it not be for some kind of divine intervention. I believe that the angel, through God’s command, intervened.

If you’re in it to see an angel, then you will fail time and time again, because your heart isn’t in the right place. If you need help… call out to God and be honest! Let him do what he does best. We should want to be in his will… not our own. Do you really think that we know what’s best? LOL! You’re the one who let your self-fall into the situation that you’re in currently. Some will say. “Why didn’t God keep me from it then?” Well: because, he will not hinder your free will. Remember… its not the angel that saved you… it was Christ paying for your sins on Calvary and cleansing you that giving us the right to communicate with God upon salvation.

If you need verses to help you:

Romans 10:9,10

John 3:16-21

1 Thessalonians 5:9-11

Psalm 91:9-16

Hebrews 1:1-14

This will get you started. If you need more help consult a local Pastor, Reverend, or Priest. Always check the teachings of man to the teaching of the Bible.

Nick 6 years ago

I don't think you would need the exact prayer, if ur intentions are true and good and you pray for it, it will be granted if it is unto the will of the lord.

Rafa 6 years ago

May God bless you all. Amen.

mike 6 years ago


mike 6 years ago


cireid 6 years ago

my brother has got a demon and it brings him money and he has to make sacrifices,animal afraid its getting gready because now it wants a cow annually and before a goat was enough.every night it comes in may forms offering me money and promising me anything i from tanzania.i need protection from it.please send me the prayer. . .am afraid one day it will ask for my brothers soul. . Help me please. My email address is , Send me the prayer

Michael 6 years ago

ciceid - You must rebuke this demon! Please, look at my other entry (five entries before this one). It will help! Remember... come from the heart, and the words won't matter!

hollie 6 years ago

hi um please send me some prayers x at

JCS 6 years ago

I am on the path of summoning my guardian Angel. I would like to find my way back to the Angelic realm that I visited so long ago. I have tried to place elemental stones as representatives of my spirit guides in order to summon communication, but I am trapped. Does anyone know how to summon to this realm their Angel?

Liam  6 years ago

Hi I'm a soldier in the British army my sister today had a reading and they said to her that when I'm away at war or working someone that has passed away in my family that was in the army is watching over me and giving me my instinct. The only person I can think off was my grandad who was in my regiment as a young man could it be him. I would like some help to find out more so if any one out there please get in touch email me at

adqkid 6 years ago

Lucifer, Son of the Morning is in fact an angel. An angel so high up that he dared to rebel and attempted to take the Throne from Jehovah. Needless to say he was cast out of Heaven. Just because an angel comes to you in light, doesn't mean it's sent from Heaven. If you saw any of the angels Big Mike, Ol' Gabe, and the nitwit Luc, no doubt they'd have the appearance of God himself, being so close to Him. So don't be fooled! It is true that God has given his angels charge over us, but don't be fooled friends, be sure he is sent from On High!

Who knows 6 years ago

Some of your comments are cazy! I know it is what you believe in but if you just scan these wonderful inspiring sites to 'recruit' then shove off. Satan was once an angel but not anymore. Now he is truly the devil, and an egotistcal one at that. He is using you to over power God, which isn't going to happen. Lucifer is now the instigator of all hate. Hate causes chaos and people are hurt in chaos. So please don't hurt someone even if you believe it is for a good reason.

Ryan 6 years ago

Omg dude that is cool. your story is very interesting and being so that i had the time i tried the prayer out for myself. just a couple minutes ago to be exact. Nothing was really happening and i felt dissapointed as you did. so as i was reading some of the comments on your page (as i said just a few minutes ago) i felt something on my neck. my obvious instinct was to look back. but something was telling me i shouldn't. Eventually i did and the feeling went away. Nothing has happened after that but it was pretty cool. Thanks for the awesome story man and thanks for the advice.

bell-s 6 years ago

you have to believe in your heart, the deepest in you heart, and really really believe it will work or it's just words and nothing will happen. believe that God will give you your guardian angel, and he will come. even if you can't see it, he will be there and that's the point. you just gotta believe it and trust Him.

atat 6 years ago

this happen to my friend

jimiee DeZort 6 years ago

based on polarity

Kora 6 years ago

My friend and I are currently looking into this kinda stuff. Were not really sure what to believe,with all the stuff being said round the internet. I believe there is a heaven and all that,if its what it is said to be in the bible,I don't know. Anyways,I've never seen my guardian angel,though I know its there. I always feel like im being watched. Its pretty scary sometimes,cause I feel alone.

Now for my friends story.

The other day she was outside with her pet cat,and apparently it was talking to her. We are still unsure what it was,she says it was muttering something,but she couldnt quite make it out.

So yeah,weird stuff happening. Weird stuff indeed.

We all want to know,what is happening,weather it deal with demons ,angels,other spirits,or possibly it has a human reason. We want answers. Unfortunatly when we get answers more questions arise.

sheikh 6 years ago

great may god protect you and able you to concentrate on GOD with netral mind dark room with no emotion only the emotiom is you love for GOD sit on ground neck straight deep breat and think of light for one month at least . than start asking your desire and wishes come true first make a link

Mak7 6 years ago

You all don't need to summon through her prayer....the right thing will automatically come through your heart and have faith in what you are desiring....anything just anything with your heart....and ask Allah in the 1/3 or 1/4 of night you will definitely get or hear some existence :)

dean winchester  6 years ago

listen summoning angles is no joke so if you really have a crisis like demonic attacks then should you call upon them.

Zizzy 6 years ago

I love my Guardian Angel so much, he is a wonderful companion and talking to him was the best thing I've ever done. 6 years ago

p\ok it is good

Risa 6 years ago

Wow I'm only thirteen and i don't go to church, but I know better than to worship the devil. How could anyone. And I mean ANYONE worship the devil?! I mean seriously! God made the Earth we walk on. God made each and everyone of you in heaven!!! I'm not saying to stop. Beacause if that's what you what, by all means doom your self to hell. You may say God is just gunna kill us all off, but that's not true. That's our own kinds doing. We are wrecking the world God created for us. You can start believing in God whenever. He will forgive you because he loves you. Don't forget that........

Xmanors 6 years ago

Floating guys with wings can never be angels. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Cassius 6 years ago

Something similar to this happened to me a few years ago. In the park I was walking with my family. My brother and I sat down to rest on the bench. My mom thought it would be a great picture, so she snapped one of us. A few days later as she received the photo back, she noticed a gleam of light covering both of us. She thought it meant nothing at the time, but a few weeks later she looked at it and to her surprise it was an angel! Its torso was clearly visible but its head was faded away.

Dean maya 6 years ago

Hey i need help on this my life has been pretty down hill and ive been around things i should be around and well email me at I could use a godly experience in my life right now

Nashu 6 years ago


Items Needed:

Altar Candle

Day candle

Offertory Candles

3 Violet candles

3 White candles

Crystal ball or glass of water

Anise, cardamon, or corriander incense

Jasmine, lemon, rose, or sandalwood oils

Cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, or sandalwood bathing herbs


Breathe deeply and build a ball of protective light around

you. While soaking in your ritual bath, meditate on the

whole ritual: the steps you will take and what you wish to

say to your spirit guide when you make contact.


Enter the circle and light the incense. With the oil, dress

the altar candle and the day candle while concentrating on

the purpose of the ritual. Light the annointed candles and

state your intent:

I am here to make contact with my Spirit Guide,

And to acknowledge him or her

With a sharp instrument (perhaps and athame), inscribe

violet candle #1 with the word "Spirit". Dress it with oil.

Light it, direct your energies into it, and say:

Here do I light the first Lamp of Spirit.

May its light reach out across the barriers

from this world to the next.

May it make contact with that World of Spirit

into which we will eventually enter.

Take your censer or incense wand and swing it around censing

the whole area around the altar, while rhythmically

repeating the word "Merge" and building up energy to focus.

Replace the censer and pick up violet candle #2. Inscribe it

again with the word "Spirit" and dress it with the oil. Put

it back on the altar, light it, direct your energy into it,

and say:

Here do I light the second Lamp of Spirit.

May its light also reach out across the barriers

from this world to the next.

May it make contact with that World of Spirit

and help spread the light,

illuminating the passageway between our worlds."

Again, take the censer or incense wand and cense the entire

area around the altar while chanting the word "Merge" Build

up your energy to focus.

Take violet candle #3, inscribe with the word "Spirit",

dress with oil, charge with your energy, light it and say:

Here do I light the third Lamp of Spirit.

May its light also reach out across the barriers

from this world to the next.

May the light from these three lamps blend and grow,

dispelling all darkness and lighting the way

That my Spirit Guide may come to me

and speak with me here today.

Inscribe the 3 white candles with the word "Truth" and

anoint each candle with oil. Light the 3 white candles in

order of 1, 2, 3, and say:

Here do I build Truth.

As these candles burn throughout this ritual,

their power generates nothing but truth

In all that transpires between this world and the next.

Through these candles there is truth

In all communications that come to me".

Again, cense the entire altar area while chanting the word


Replace the censer and continue chanting. Sit comfortably

while chanting, and gaze into the crystal ball, or the clear

glass of water. Continue chanting until you feel it is right

to let the chant taper off.

Continue to quietly look into the crystal ball or glass, not

trying to picture anything. Keep your mind blank, so

whatever comes will appear in its own free will.

Gaze into the center of the crystal. There is no need to try

not to blink. Look into the crystal and blink naturally. Try

not to notice anything in your peripheral vision, just the

center of the crystal.

Eventually a face or figure will appear. This may take a

long time, or it may appear almost immediately. If it

doesn't come at all within approximately 20 minutes, abandon

this attempt, extinguish the candles in the order in which

they were lit, leave the altar set up, and try this ritual

again in three days. You should have results within a month

at most.

When a figure does appear, ask if he/she is your Spirit

Guide. You will hear an answer. You may not hear it out

loud, or even see the figure's lips move, but you will be

aware of the answer. This is how most of your conversation

will proceed. You will ask your questions mentally (or out

loud) and the answers will be clear inside your mind.

Ask if you have more than one spirit guide. If yes, ask the

others to appear also.

You may ask anything you wish to know, but it is suggested

to establish a connection first where your Spirit Guide may

appear to you at any time, or at specific times, so that you

can converse with other spirits through him/her.

When you have finished speaking with your Guide, thank

him/her, then sit for a moment with your eyes closed,

meditating on all that you have learned.

Extinguish the candles in reverse order to clear the circle.

Nashu 6 years ago

Guys im looking around and saw that many people are eargerly waiting to meet their guardian angel.

Im Sure you would be glad to use my method and with certainty you would be glad to meet your guardian. Make sure you repeat it the way i show you

And pleaz Do leave your comments For thanking me :)

Queen Irma 6 years ago

There is no doubt that angels exist... My mother and I were the best of friends, we did everything together. We always had the greatest times. When she died, I would drive to where her grave was, and cry everyday for months!...I missed her so badly, I felt so lost... I wanted her to know that I was hurting and I needed her. Everyday that I was there I noticed an older Italian woman walking, glancing at me from time to time, then on one of those days I was crying in front of my mother's tombstone,telling her that my life was a mess without her... the Italian woman came up to me and said in an Italian accent, "Honey, there is no need for you to come here every day. You're mama is here,(she took my hand and placed it on my heart),she is always with you.".. At that moment I felt a complete calm come over my body, my mind, my soul. I wiped the tears from my eyes, looked up, and she was nowhere to be found... I called out to her, but there was NO ONE there!!! I went back to the cemetary for days after, and have been there since looking for this woman, to thank her, but have never seen her since... It took 2 mins. in this woman's presence to take my pain,my sadness, and my depression away...She was an angel sent by our Most High God!!! I thank Him and that angel every day....ALWAYS BELIEVE!!!!...God Rocks!!!!

Allison  6 years ago

This is a beautiful story... okay bye.

Kairi  6 years ago

God is awesome. :) :) :) :) :) :) don't ever forget.

Siri 6 years ago

We have to remember that God is the creator of heaven and earth, and therefor the creator of everyone of us. And I'm pretty sure that He will protect all of us, in his own way ^^

I love God with all my heart

Niamh 6 years ago

I really need angels around me tomorrow, how can i ask them to be around me, and to be around my ex boyfriend. I want to move home which is 5 hours journey, and i cant move until i get the money he owes me so i can pay my rent and petrol for the trip home. im afraid he will just not show up there is so much evil with him, i wish the evil would leave him. calling upon the angels to protect me and help hm do the right thing.

juni 6 years ago

please send me the prayer.

Riley 6 years ago

Okay please send me this prayer i would really appreciate it and my many thanks to you, but if your not christian will the prayer work or not my email is

Thankyou so much.... =D

Chris. 6 years ago

A friend of mine was walking home alone one night after a party and saw a two suspicious men from the corner of her eye.. so she prayed to be safe and walked a little faster.

The next morning, her parents told her a girl got raped in the same area, literally a few minutes after she had saw the two men.

She told the police she had saw them and the two men arrested said they considered the woman but she was walking alongside a tall man.

Kinda makes you reevaluate reality.

Maiytreya 6 years ago

nice story and a pretty experience. but i would like to share that summoning angel is need a lot of will power and love and an eligibility which is loved by god.

Chris. 6 years ago

any idea of how to go about summoning your angel?

at the moment i need a lot of help / guidance

parents have just divorced.. and we think my dad is really ill..

Marie 6 years ago

wow i really need to get in contact with my guardian angel too! tough times! and Chris i totally understand the whole divorce thing don't give up hope i'll keep your dad in my prayers.

Chris 6 years ago

Thanks for the prayers

I really want proof.. i know i shouldn't need any proof, because i do believe!

but sometimes its hard to believe without evidence.

Michael 6 years ago

Marie and Chris

Try this:

Go somewhere quite like your room.

Set an empty chair across from you.

Close your eyes, and focus on the problems and feelings you're having.

Then, with your eyes still closed, ask your Guardian to come and join you, then just start talking to the chair. Soon, you'll feel the hair on your neck and arm raise. Now, DON'T open your eyes, cuz you'll lose it.

That feeling is it letting you know its there and listening.

Remember, seeing isn't believing.

Let me know if it worked for you too.

satans last prayer 6 years ago

well angels are real but i need my guardian angel my life is just aweful i went to god but his plan for me has not yet made my life any better just worst so an angel watching over me woould be very helpful

6 years ago

Please God and Angels, help me with getting J back. I believe that you have brought us together to love, and cherish each other. I know that I am not perfect and neither is she but I know we could have a loving, respectful relationship. I believe that we can work on our selfishness and childish behavior together. We can grow spiritually together and love and respect one another for the rest of our lives. I pray to you God that you see what we are capable of being together and bring us together very soon. I would love for us to be together through this joyous and loving time of year. To celebrate together the birthday of your son Jesus Christ. God I know that with J I will always strive to be a better man, Christian and husband. I will respect her, protect her and love her till the end. Please God forgive us for any bad deeds we have done in the past and please bring us back together. God I trust in you and only you can grant miracles. Please find it in your divine heart to give us a miracle here and now. I love and believe in you to love me and help me in my time of loneliness and despair. Please God forgive my sins and please bring J back to the man that loves her and who she loves. Thank you God for giving us both our love for one another.

I pray for a miracle. Please please help me in my time of need and despair,

Thank you


Feather sky 6 years ago

About four years ago, my friends were completely anti Christian, I decided I would try be the same, then they would stop hassling me about it. So one evening I would say I didn't believe in God. After that, I felt like something drifted away from me, I wasn't sure what. But a couple of months later, I changed back. I could never live without God, I don't go to church but that doesn't effect me.

I love God and I now know God loves us all! :)

Kayvon 6 years ago

I don't get how to do it But i believe in it. My email is Thanks!

ashley 6 years ago

I believe in my guardian angel i hope i am able to see him or her by this week or soon i want him or her to truly give me a warm loving message and help me in school

Ashley 6 years ago

hey again i hope u get this i realy need some prayres to help me summon or have my guardian angel appear contact me or email at

ashley 6 years ago

Im sry at ty

kyle 6 years ago

this is a good story

i hope i can contact my angel

kyle 6 years ago

this is a good story

i hope i can contact my angel

Nikki 6 years ago

What about fallen angels? Do you believe that they are here, in human form ...? I know it doesn't necc. relate to the topic at hand. Just a question, I've been reading a book series about fallen angels consorting with mortal women. I didn't know if this was or was not based on truth. What anout Nephlim ??? Are they the offspring of angel and human ??? Or is the Bible reffering to Dinosaurs? I've heard so many confusing stories. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks, all. (:

Hamiss 6 years ago

Guardian angel don't exist. What you are telling people that meditate, imagine... all this is absolutely not true.

IF you really want to meet a guardian a ritual have to be perform depending on what type of guardian you are summoning and this can't be done without the guidance of a teacher.. if it is done without make sure you get the right ritual.

Otherwise its all false and absurb..

Beliver 6 years ago

God is awesome!!!! I can't belive some ppl still think satan is the 1 we need 2 worship after all of those comments.Some of you also need to stop being so rude to the writer. If you had truly read the article you would know that the prayer is said in it! Remember think before you say and do!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beliver 6 years ago

I just tried the prayer so I will get back to you to see if it works for me!!!!!! ^_^

William Conklin, Sr. 6 years ago

I Have to admit i didn't know if Guardian Angels existed, now mind you I am not a religious man, but I do believe in God and Angels,I'm Married with 8 children. One day I was working late at night doing construction, to be precise installing doors for a new Walmart store, My partner an I had to work nights because of the crews that work days. Well anyway I had to go to the Bathroom and there were none except one of thos porta pottys outside, it was a cold just winter night, no lights where we were just dark, I was going through a door that i thought would lead outside when i suddenly stopped short In front of me was a very large puddle of water with ripples on it from the wind, and the moon was shining on it, i didn't want to get my feet wet so i tried to see how deep it was by throwing a piece of sheet rock in it, when i did there was no splash, i turned away and got my friend with a light, when we looked there was no water no moonlight, i wasn't even outside, i was in a stairwell with no stairs,i was two stories up and below was the basement, with rebar sticking up. That night i truly believe my Angel saved me. for if i took one more step i wouldn't be here now, my angel knew i wouldn't step in water on a cold night..So yes i believe this story is true of the girl.. I thank my guardian angel everyy chance I get....

No Soul 5 years ago

How can i kill the Guardian Angel how can i sumon it...?

No Soul 5 years ago

How can i kill the Guardian Angel how can i sumon it...?

mally 5 years ago

i think its all about faith, ya know?

Feather sky 5 years ago

Why would you wanna kill your angel?

Ladida 5 years ago

AS people already said summoning is as same as conjuring which is a sin !!!!!!!!!!!and why kill your guardian angel you wouldn't have been here i it wasn't for her/him.

christian 5 years ago

Angel Guardian

Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom His love commits me here, ever this day (or night) be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

Daily Prayer to Guardian Angel

Angel of God

My guardian dear

To Whom His love

Commits me here

Ever this day

Be at my side

To light and guard

To rule and guide. Amen

Guardian Angel Prayer

Guardian Angel from heaven so bright, Watching beside me to lead me aright, Fold thy wings round me, and guard me with love, Softly sing songs to me of heaven above. Amen.

JOseph 5 years ago

please i need help how do i know my Guardian Angel?

I no my birthday Angel but i don't know how to invite him in tim of need

so can you be of help thanks

Maria 5 years ago

I too had an extraordinary experience. In 2005 I was distracted looking for my phone lost in my purse, ran a light and crash a toyota sequoia and a city bus. My car kept going around and I jumped out of the car, dislocating my knee(which i did not know at the time)the car came over me twice and bystanders call 911, a helicopter came to rescue me, thinking i would have to be airlifted, but the only thing wrong with me was the dislocated knee and a minor airbag burn in my hand. I felt a presence on top of me protecting me from my car I am pretty sure it was my Angel.

Milton Castiel 5 years ago

i didn't quite get it. i prayed everyday and i just cant seem to get it to work. could you also email me the prayer you said to thank you very much! :]

isaiah 5 years ago

that article was cool. can you please send me a e-mail of what you said please please please PLEASE!

coraline wale dickinson 5 years ago

don't u guys know that ur guardian angel s all ways wtching u, in a good way though

Lloyd 5 years ago

Hi I want to share this spell with the people: Put three candles in the highest place you have at home, inside a plate with sugar all around the candles. Light the candles. Ask for three wishes to your guardian angels ST. RAFAEL, ST. MICHAEL, and ST. GABRIEL. Ask one wish for business, one wish for love, and one impossible wish. Publish this spell on the third day after you requested the wishes [by mailing it to another person, posting it to a usenet newsgroup, or announcing your thanks to the saints in a newspaper classified ad] and see what happens on the fourth day...

jay 5 years ago

That was grate

c-man 5 years ago

nothing could be more true:)

13yearoldpsychic 5 years ago

as my name says it im psychic im not even sure i spelt this right anyway i came into my powers when i was about 11 turning 12 i knew i was diffeent i had better sences i saw the world in a different point of view i am not scared of death i find it peacful for i have felt it in a dream ghosts follow me everywere i go i got scared once for there was one outside my room he had the look of pure evil i prayed this saying "i dwell in the bright crist light all goodness is atracted to me and nothing of darkness can come to me i give thanks for this wonderful bright crist light" i said that five times and the most amazing thing happened my guardian angels saved me yes i said angels i have 7 their names are Norma(my great grand mother) dave,savana,greg,elizabeth,artamis,and akiriko, they circled me and protected me i felt safe the evil was still trying to harm me tho i didn't know what to do so i stayed in my parents room for a year straight after that incedent the spirits kept trying to tell me something i have an 8th guardian now named steve he protects me only whille i am out of my house he tells me i am his to protect outside of my house and that he is mine he has shaggy pitch black hair and vibrant green eyes i love him and i have never met him in my life...i am feeling that in the next 20 people that read this it will change one of thems life i looked searching for how to summon your guardian angel because my angels and protecter (steve is not an angel somehow) told me to they guided me here i hope i will find the reason as to why.....

Hope 5 years ago

I have bad dreams and I see bad things at night. I see mean and ugly faces when I close my eyes to go to sleep. I often get many compliments of how nice I am. There's a reason. Every day I try to be nice and kind to people because I don't want to make those kinds of faces I see.

I recently saw a movie that had a scene that struck fear in me. Later that night I woke up after seeing angry figures again. I prayed for God to help me by sending angels to watch over me so I could get some sleep. I was very afraid but managed to fall sleep from exhaustion. Soon I dreamed that I saw two people standing by a road and it appeared that they were ticket collectors. The two figures seemed like they wanted to talk to me and one of them started to walk towards me. I was afraid. It might have been a trick to get close to me so backed away.

In the morning everything turned out okay. I woke up and got dressed to go to an appointment I had. When I finished brushing my teeth I came back into my room and put on my shirt then looked out the window. To my surprise I saw two ducks standing about five feet apart on a roof top with their backs towards me. Then I remembered in my dream I saw two ticket collectors! They were the ticket collectors and they were the angels! The only way someone could enter my room was if they had a ticket to go in! The ducks were on the look out for me and were like guards! Soon after I realized this the ducks started walking away. However they left me with a great picture!

I was so happy I thought about it all day! It felt great knowing that I was protected that night. God is great! He protects us! I only wish I would have talked to the angels.

bebial 5 years ago

haha! you believe this article, oh come on summoning/conjuring is apparently a sin in god's eyes,

and no it's no different whether it's an angel or a demon, people only believe what they want to believe, that demons are bad and angels are good, because of fear of the greater unknown, your all so blinded by the truth.

James 5 years ago

I find this an interesting article. I really liked your story but i personally don't think an angel is needed to protect someone. I think of angels as messengers and warriors in certain instances (as an opposing for to demons). I don't really believe in an angel that follows you protecting you from worldly dangers. But i do beleive that some may guard some people from demons.

Beliel 5 years ago

Angels will not manifest to just anyone... unless you have the heart of a true believer and blind faith, in which case you do not need to see your angel to be guided or receive help stop searching the internet for spiritual answers, the help you seek only you can find by yourself. God is not on the internet, but i bet the other undesirable kinds are... ;) Go with mr.Jesus, and stuff. Or join the darkside... its reallllly cool hahaha.


workingmomwm profile image

workingmomwm 5 years ago from Kentucky, USA

Interesting story. It's always exciting to see how God answers our prayers.

Methuselah 5 years ago

I swear people think angel evocation is like playing a game.THIS IS SERIOUS WORK.Angels are entities that can screw your life as a daemon would if you evoke without intent.They have pride and even they can be deceptive.Btw,this is a great fairy tale to kids...ppl begin to think astral entities are pets...morons.

Azriel 5 years ago

Humans need to understand that angels aren't fragile creatures. We can screw you over just like a demon can... That is... If you do not show the proper respect...

Hannah 5 years ago

please tell me the prayer i need to know so much

john 5 years ago

awesome story !!

chloee/zairai 5 years ago

Chloee: i loved this story it seames that it is real i haven't tryed it yet so i don't no yet if this is true or not.

??? 5 years ago

it didn't work for me and i really meant what i was saying to god.

jael 5 years ago

reading the comments it seems that you are all so eager to know the prayer. but what you are doing is relying on the chant. you think that saying the prayer one or twice or thrice will allow you to see your angel? well no. it requires faith and sincerity. you cant just see your angel like that. and to answer one of the comments above, yes fallen angels do exist.

Dragon 5 years ago

Well my apeared by the following way i enteret state of gnosis made a small ritual on paper then i put angel card on top of it concentrating energy into him visualising him and then i was chanting : summon summon pretty easy huh? :D The day then was incredible it changed my life it was real transcendental experience it was angel of freedom and it seems that he freed all block in my mind to make possible that i could acquire knowledge and wisdom and my powers. have a nice day :P

Michael 5 years ago

Angels are with you always, you can ask for the name of your angel and become closer, just ask before you sleep and clues will be revealed, they do listen and they do help but always be gtateful to your angel and love them too.

rio 5 years ago

y'all should be ashamed from wanting the same as the rest, seeing your guardian angel, why conjuring an angel if you already know they excist? unless your doubting and seek for some proove they excist. You can go through worse thing and survive and know its was done by an angel. But on the other hand i can imagine why you people would want to do like, I would like to do it to summon an arcangel, but not to see them but to talk to them. I got somany things to ask and tell. -follow me into the spiritual realm-

Archangle 5 years ago

I once saw an angle was not realy sure it was my gaurdian angle though, one night I felt the presence of something evil in my room. I looked and saw a shadow about the size of a man, but nobody was there. It has been three days later and I still felt the dark thing I found out it was something we all fear a demon. So I immidiately asked God to protect me from this evil and a few moments later I saw this dim light in the middle of the night and saw a winged person's shadow and saw the demon shadow disapear without a trace. I saw this and now I want to thank the angle that God sent to protect me.

Me 5 years ago

I've been interested in guardian angels for a while but I want to see him/her. Should I say that prayer? It would be nice to see them in a dream. But I can't understand all this meditation and stuff because I am 9. I want this simplified so I hope in a dream I could meet my gaurdian angel and get to know them.

Me 5 years ago

I just want this simplified so I can

meet my one and only gaurdian angel that guided me my entire life.

Me 5 years ago

Queen Irma, I know how you felt. When I was like 3 or 4 I would wander around my grandpa's house. He was a funny great guy and very popular in my city. He had the disability to walk because when he was in a pool a boy dived on him and his back broke. He now has a memorial in Hardisty park, a park in my city. I miss him so much. Also I never got to meet my mom's mom. She died before I was born. And so, I miss my good ol grandpa Jer, also known as Gerald. I miss him so much. He now has a grave next to my mom's mom ( his wife ). I wish I could of said goodbye before he died :'(

Me 5 years ago

All you people with stories, it made me really think. I now know that everyone has their angelic experience/s. If you believe enough you could meet your gaurdian angel. Open your eyes people. Reach out to God. The one and only... Your savior...

Archangle 5 years ago

Yes you are right we can do just about anything through our lord and savior. For some people who want this explained, if you want to talk to your angle and find out what he/she looks like, you can even find out there names. Normally for supernatual things you write things down, but for angles its a different story, all you have to do is ask its name, but make your its in a prayer just in case, anything can hear, good or evil. Here is a woman I heard about her name I forgot, but she was driving home one night with her two children in the backseat, her children told their mother they were seeing six golden people with glowing eyes. Soon there was a car crash, but just before the two cars collided the mother remembered seeing a bright light in the dead of night and it wasn't the cars headlights. After the accident, the mother and her two children walked away from the scene with only minor injuries. Eventually the mother prayed to know who had saved them and in a few days she heard a wisper out of nowhere saying "Michael"

anonymous 5 years ago

It is within us there lies a guardian not another entity, it was you who spoke to the friend that brought you the statue your thoughts were projected into hers, people often claim angels spirits and demons are real what they do not realise is that they have this power within them, many of us have capabilities we are not aware of, poltergeists for instance objects floating around and hitting people voices, that is us hearing someones thoughts, that is us moving objects with our minds. An amateaur will make thigns fall over hit themselves in the face with a club or soemthing because they are unaware of their abilities they assume it came from outside of them....

Twinkle Twinkle 5 years ago

This could explain why nobody ever sits beside me on a bus or train......I was beginning to think I had B.O.!

Kyle 5 years ago

I believe that i too have a guardian angel from all of the benfits i have had with school. before i had gone into highschool i was one of those kids who had the brains to do any work thrown at me, yet i was a very lazy boy. but every year after having at least a "D" average i would have advanced and honors classes. even now in highschool this is happening to me. I am your average boy with A.D.H.D. yet i have come to realize that whoever or whatever is giving me so many chances in school is not human. so i looked into it and i really feel i have a guardian angel with me as i am typing this. I hope for everyone in the world to be able to believe that this is happening to them because i know for a fact that we are not chosen to have an angel with us or not, everyone in the world (including animals) have an angel watching over them.

jerry e. 5 years ago

I know beyond a doubt there are angels watching over us , 7 years ago I went in to the hosp. for a coranary stent implant. really a nothing procedure anyway towards the end I told my Dr. I'm a little weary gonna get a little sleep (your wide awake during this entire operation) I turned my head to the left closed my eyes and opened them again immediately only now I wasn't in the ER anymore but in the most beautiful place you could ever imagine, now I know why people who have really been there and back don't talk about it, we have'nt the words to describe it, all I saw was beauty, warmth like I've never known, no more physical pain,even though I was totally alone there was no fear as I started to walk down a beautiful path, I had all the sences I could see, hear ,smell I just didn't know where I was. All the way down at the end of the path I could see a light and knew I had to go toit, but no matter how fast Iwalked Icould'nt reach it, then there was an Angel with his hand up asif to say stop it was then I heard 'you have work to finish' and I started yelling 'where am I' and giot no answer but I knew where I was and wanted despiratly to stay but it wasn't my time yet Ifelt a tug backwards and still yelling 'where am I and a voice said welcome back your in no. shore hosp , we lost you for a while , it was only 4 minutes but it seemed like an eternity. When Iwas in the recovery room is when Iwas told what happened,that Iwas dead for 4 min. Ibegged them to send me back but of course they just laughed at me. Just for your info when you die you don't even know it it just happens and your guardian angel is there to take you through it, theres no hovering over your body,and no dead relitives to greet you when you die you lose all memory of this life, I had no memory of anyone parents,wife, children, pets nothing all I wanted to do is be with God nothing else. My Guardian Angel is with me at all times , I say the rosary every night and know that at the moment of death he or she will be there to be with me.

Archangle 5 years ago

You've only seen a glimpse of what is promised for you. I have somewhat a personall experience with visiting heaven and going back. When I went to sleep I woke up to realize I was not in my bed but I was infront of a beautiful gate. There was a man standing there I asked him where am I, and he said nothing suddenly the gates opened. I walked in there were angles everywhere but there was one huge angle and I asked him where am I and he said "you are in paradise my child." I asked him if he was God, he said "no I am not God for my name is Michael." As I heard his name I realized I was standing infront of one of the most powerful archangles ever, I knelt before him and he rushed to me and said, "no my child you must not bow to me, for we bow to you." Then they all bowed before me and I asked them "why must you bow to me I am nothing more than a human, I have no power, I have no greater knowledge then you, so why are humans greater than angles?" and he said "because child all humans have something all angles do not have, they have a soul, we do not we are nothing more than just pure beings. Our father created you to be greater than us." I was astonished and asked him if it was my time he did not reply I took it that it was not so I walked hoping to see any of my family and I found them. I saw my grandfather, who had died five years ago and gave him a big hug and was so happy to see him. All of the sudden I started to see nothing but darkness, I was wondering what was going on and my grandfather said "James I am so glad we could meet again, I just can't wait for you to come back please live a wonderous life." I kepted screaming "no take me back" I want to go back but I woke up in my bed I knew where I had gone and wanted to go back so badly but I knew I had a future otherwize I would have syt

jerry e. 5 years ago

to Archangel - WOW, your experiences are so similar to mine, when I closed my eyes and opened them I to was in a beautiful place, I mentioned that I saw a wonderful,warm light at the end of this path and also ,yes with an angel in it but I never made it to the gate nor did I get to see any relatives that passed before me but were lucky enough to stay ,just pure beauty all around me but I was still alone and did not want to leave, I too was yelling 'where am I' and was told I still had more to do,I came back in the ER again and also told them to send me back and questioning them as to why they would pull me back again,now I'm just waiting for the extra work I have to do and pray I'm just strong enough to handle it. I can't believe our experiences are are so much alike,like you I know this was no dream because I had all the sences no hallucination, and certainly no drugs with this type of surgery you go through it totally wide awake, also they used the electric paddles on me 3 times and didn't even know it until I saw the burn marks on my chest so I know I died at that moment, they really didn't have to tell me.Thanks for sharing its good to know theres someone out there who understands.

Archangle 5 years ago

Thank you, Wow three times with a diffibilator, only one is enouph to power a football field, but to think three times that much power and still nothing. Also when you said that you are now waiting for the extra work, I know that you were told that you do have it, but it is not going to come if anybody sits, around and I'm not just talkn to you sounds a little harsh and I am sorry if you take offense to this but it will not come when we expect it to. It would come at the least times you would expect it. For example if you are walking down the street and see somebody needs some help or anything than that is some extra work that nobody would expect, if a man needs help trying to spread the word of God and you help, then that is some extra work and you would have never expected it. Again If tou take offense to this I am sorry, I am not trying to. God bless everyone

jerry e. 5 years ago

archangel - great advise I try to do all those things you mentioned constantly and don't consider them extra work but just being done out of consideraton for someone else, Ijust wish I would have been told what to do Ithink my next trip there wil be one way , at least I hope and don't want to go back unfulfiled, that's why Iconstantly ask my guardian angel intercede for me and at least give me a clue. do you tell your story to others or do you feel they would find it too amazing to believe, I feel Ican only relate to people who have honestly been there and not those who read and believe these life after death books instead of the bible,putting mans word before Gods. I feel that people like us have been very gifted by our experiences but how to get the message out?? also no offense meant,none taken and yes Iwas hit 3 times the last time was so strong it blew the watch right off ny wrist and some very thoughtful nurses put it back together for me like Isaid when you go in for that type of procedure theres no meds and you keep on any jewlery you may have, that's one of the reasons that I just don't think but I know I crossed and was in the presence of my guardian. May God protect you in these last days.

Archangle 5 years ago

Thank you Jerry, and yes you are right we do gain lots of experience after a near death experience, also some people have believed me at first and some did not, but I did manage to convince most of those who did not. Soon we may find a way to spread our experience. Thank you for your commint, may God protect you, your family and friends.

jerry e. 5 years ago

archangel - How are you today, Isee by your posting that your certainly doing the right thing , in Gods word it says that if a person is damned because of non-belief and we meet that person and do nothing to help save him/her then its our fault for keeping silent and their punishment is also ours,so keep up the good work. I pray and say the rosary every day and always ask my guardian angel for the strength to get through another day, Lord knows where Ilive theres serious temptation around every corner (NYC). I'll forever be amazed at the power of Guardian Angels I have such a strong bond with mine that when Im faced with temptations I know how to ask for help and always get it,never refused I wonder if its right to bypass the Holy Spirit and ask my Guardian direct?? All we as believers can do is spread the word and hope we can bring someone around , if I can help save one person in this life then I'll consider it a success. Take care,be blessed. Jerry

Archangle 5 years ago

Thank you Jerry, you are doing a great job too and I know you will move many people. It is good to speak to your gaurdian angle, but do not always just turn to them when you have a propblem, this sounds really messed up, but they are to make us feel confortable in our lives, they are not always commanded by us, though we are greater then them, we cannot always ask for everything from them. Now they will help you with anything and that is great that you have a strong connection with yours, by the way what is your gaurdian angles name? My gaurdian angle's name is Castiel. Remember this when you find out your gaurdian angle's name, you will have a stronger connection than before. If you wish for me to teach you how to find out your gaurdian angle's name, then all you must do is ask and I shall answer. Most of my friends have given me a nickname they call me, the adviser, just about any problem you or anybody has, all they must do is ask and I shall answer.

TheLost9812 5 years ago

Is everybody serious about this? I really need help but i want to know if everybody is serios or not.

Archangle 5 years ago

Everyone is serious about this and you can always ask for help for we are here for to help those in need

jerry e. 5 years ago

ARCHANGEL - Hi again I see we have more in common as I also know my guardians name, its Jacob but that's all I know, besides the fact that he or she is very serious about what they do and have saved me my entire life from taking the wrong path through life and pointing me in the right direction and theres no turning back now. Living where I do (NYC) I see the dark side everyday a side Icould have taken very easily and looking back can now see where the reason I didn't was clearly Divine intervention, Thank God. Also you said people come to you for advice, I know the feeling as people have come to me with questions and problems for as long as I can remember, I always try to give them the right answers to help them and have found that if I ask God to help me with their questions I always find the right thing to say. Please be blessed and safe , its always nice to hear from you. --jerry e.

Archangle 5 years ago

Thank you Jerry and may you be blesses forever. Also how you were saying that your guardian angle led from path to path, he/she would lead you even if you chose the wrong path, for example, in the bible I forgot the man's name but he did not listen to God when he told him to go one path, so the man went on a ship and went over board and was swallod by a whale, eventually the whale spat him out on shore where God wanted him to be. Moral of the story is no matter what path you take, God and your gaurdian angle will always be there even in the toughest situations and will lead you to safty.

michael 5 years ago

It's spelt Angel not Angle.

Archangel 5 years ago

Sorry thanks never noticed. thanks again michael

ariv 5 years ago

that's really amazing, i was excited after reading this......

jerry e. 5 years ago

ARCHANGEL - Hi again Ive been up to my eyes in work lately, I think the mansname you wanted is Jonah that's the one I remember. Yes your right about our Guardian Angels staying with us no matter what path we choose it seems that mine (jacob) will let me choose which way to go,and yes its not always in the right direction but I'm allowed to go just so far and then the cavalry arrives and steers me back,true sometimes I get upset at the moment but later that night I realize that Ive been saved once again, all these earthly things shall pass but eternitys forever. be happy and be blessed.

jerry e. 5 years ago

ARIV- saw your comment and that's great, you should be excited this is eternity and if you let your Guardians do their job, and by that I mean if you follow your heart and do the right thing, you cannot fail,I know its difficult sometimes, but when your unsure,ask just stop what your doing and ask your Guardian for help,just follow your heart and do what you know is right,and DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK, and build a strong relationship with your Guardian they're not only your protector but also (after God) the best and truest friend you will ever have.

Archangel 5 years ago

Your right jerry they are our best friends, and yes no one should be afraid to talk to their angel. Thank you for the commint earlier about Jonah and your angel keeping you on the write path, and yes you are right there may be times when we may be angry, but eventyally we will understand why the angels and God lead us on the right path either when they tell us, or when we finally enter the pearly gates for good. May God and your gaurdian angel guide you and protect you and your family and friends.

jerry e. 5 years ago

ARCHANGEL - Hi again, always good to hear from you I feel a certain kinship to those who have experienced what we have, we know what others only can hope to believe for us its easier, kind of like "been there". I will say though for us who have gotten that beautiful boost and know beyond a doubt where were going when the trumpet sounds, its like the evil forces work overtime on us, obviously its harder to convince us to take the earthly path through life, nothing on this planet could make me follow their path, everything here shall pass but eternity is just that,eternity. You know though even after going to where I went (for such a short time) I still get hammered sometimes with decisions to make, out of the blue, minding my own business I'll pass a local tavern on a 90 degree day and think how great it would be to stop in and grab a few quick beers but the places here on the lower east side are full of druggies,prostitutes etc. and something just comes over me and makes me believe that I really don't want to be in that atmosphere so I tuck my tail between my legs and move on but later that night I understand why I did what I did and I get that feeling of accomplishment and I can only thank my guardian for pushing me down the street 'tis not an easy life we live, so easy to make the wrong moves and like a full time job staying on the right road. Sometimes I feel bad that I know I'm protected by the most powerful forces in the universe the Holy Spirit and my Guardian and I think of those people I mentioned,they are so lost,beyond any help I can offer I guess you just have to wait for them to ask most know me and also know I'm there for them 24/7 but the way things are today,times running out for them, anyway, you take care be always blessed we'll talk again

Archangel 5 years ago

Thank you Jerry, it is good to hear from you too. Also like you I would always help you, if they want to be converted then I shall convert them or bring them to a church so they may be teached. Though some people may be lost but does not meen they can't be found. Also there may be people who are too far and where they may not be reached out by our hands and where only God and his angels can help them. Thanks for the commint and may God always bless you.

zack 5 years ago

Isn't Satan the son of god

Emme 5 years ago

Hey, i have seen a spirit before. I was in second grade and a little girl with short,brown, curly hair that looked to be about 8 years old peeked around the corner of my hallway at home. I wasn't sure but i could feel that her name was Lucy. I think she was an angel but i cant be sure. Do you have any advise to tell me about how to find out what she wanted.

Archangel 5 years ago

Zack, to answer your question Satan is a son of God, but not like Christ though. Satan was a son, but spiritually, and he is currently cast out for having a temper tantrum against God, his brothers and man.

Emme, honestly you've got me in a tight spot I do not know how to deal with it, but maybe try saying something. p.s. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING while trying to make contact, you wouldn't know what you invite. Also I probably would not use a wigi board that can be very dangerous, but good luck on it, hope it is an angel.

jerry.e, 5 years ago

Archangel - Hi again,still up to my neck in work but I guess its better than not having any at all.About some of the people here I really am not comfortable around then and I find myself being pulled awaw from them,I think that's where Jacob comes in, I think he knows their too strong for me,so I let God deal with them, if I can bring one person back it'll be a success but if I'm ever in those surroundings I just get this overpowering feeling of dread and have to get away from it as soon as possible,crazy huh?? hope alls well with you and I've been reading your advice to others, good job, be blessed my friend.

Archangel 5 years ago

Thanks Jerry, hope all is well with your work, and yes if you feel you cant help somebody comepletely leave them in God's hands and they will be guided to the light. Thanks again and may you be blessed now and forever.

jerry emma 5 years ago

Archangel = your right they're too powerful for me alone I'm not going to persue it I just don't fit and feel very out of place. I feel bad for mypoor guardian, I havc him working overtime with some of the things I get myself into. sometimes my life is like right out of Laurel snd Hardy, and if it wasn't for my guardian I don'twhere I'd be , what a soul saver he's been I'm sure yours is the same, we have to be thankful for those who watch over us, its just difficult to get the message out anyway time to go , Rosary time, please take care stay strong and always blessed.

UmTrum 5 years ago

u blind bats there's something call reading lazy bastard's begging and begging please send me exact prayer yet its right there if you cant see something right in front of you how can you see something so divine Gwen u meant well but DO NOT cast YOUR PEARLS BEFORE SWINES i say to you who desire and seek truth there is no special prayer to call on an or your angel for this is one of there divine purposes to help us angel's and saints u call they come that's it as someone said earlier pray with sincerity truth and love to the most high and blessed will be the man who seeks the secrets of the heavens and the earth have faith in yourself & believe this is god we're talking about here not your friend who still owes you 20 bucks people will disappoint u but Adonai will never disappoint u as long as u believe

Archangel 5 years ago

Well Um Trum, you are right there is no special prayer, but it was a little harsh, no offense, all we have to do is seek faith. May you be blessed

jerry 5 years ago

Archabgel - Hi again, who's adonal anyway,never heard the name thought you might know and yes I believe there is no special prayer for doubting Thomases but umtrum was a little harsh hope alls well, I'm going to do a little reseaech will get back. I believe saying those ''special prayers'' czn also open doors you may want to keep closed.

angelo 5 years ago

hi?how do i know my angels name?

please mail me,


jerry 5 years ago

Angelo = even though its not really important to use a name,you can go to your home page,type in ''guardian angels'' ang you'll be directed to a site that will tell you everything you need to know,including names,be happy be blessed.

Kandice 5 years ago

hey would you mind sending me the prayer

False Prophet 5 years ago

At first he comes with peace...

Archangel 5 years ago

Hello false prophet, are you referring to the antichrist, one of the four horsemen who bring hell on earth?

jerry 5 years ago

false prophet- well you seem to be on the wrong site,this site is really meant for discussion on Guardian Angels not satanic agents,although unfortunatly I'm afraid that part of prophesy is soon to come,too soon for those unsaved but for those of us who are true believers, these things can't come fast enough. With the way things are today doesn't it seem like the 4 horsemen have already started their plunder with this global economic collapse predicted 2000 yrs ago, happening now,right before our eyes. Not to be rude but we (believers) know about the horsemen and what to expect should we be left behind at the Rapture, I believe in your case may be better off preparing yourself for what's to come

Gilbert 5 years ago

The exact word that she said should not matter. A prayer is personal between you and God. No pretty words needed, just sincerity

Chris 5 years ago

Im new at following the Lord and i pray and read every night and have removed all doubt i used to have in his existance after he played his part in taking me back to him through a miracle I think i want to try this only becausee i want to ensure i am praying to and being answered by the Lord not the devil but i don't know if this is something wrong to ask the Lord of. I could use help

jerry 5 years ago

CHRIS- ''WELCOME HOME'' and congratulations, another soul saved. I think we all at one time or another in our lives doubted in Jesus some of us find our way back,some don't. Continue to pray,I say the rosary every night and do what you know is right in your heart if you honestly ask Jesus for help you'll never get a wrong answer,trust me the devil will never tell you to do what you know is right , when faced with a decision to make and the bad answers come into your mind that's the satanic influence trying to perduade you and when the good and rightous answer comes to you that's your Guardian Angel talking to you follow his lead. Sometimes when we pray to God , Satan tries to intercede,its up to you to decide which master to serve,you'll know if your being answered by the Lord when you realize you did the right thing. Don't be afraid to ask the Lord anything,he's your Father and understands all our mistakes , many times I've told Him that I could'nt even put one foot in front of the other without His help. Goog luck to ,be always blessed and keep praying

Chirs 5 years ago

Thankyou jerry i did end up trying this however it didn't work as i had hoped but it made me realize that i didn't need God to prove anything to me that when he called me to him and how he has helped me since then is enough and that because my soul is corrupt by sin i can no longer see angels but i am now 100% a Roman Catholic and though before i doubted the Lord i have erased all of the possiability of doubting in the Lord ever again.

Archangel 5 years ago

Hello Chris I never got the, chance to say hello, it is great to find new followers of God and Christ, also not only will the good see angels but even the wicked can see them and have a chance to be reported again as a follower of God. Also there are times when people pray and sometimes don't hear I am's voice. There inert the commandments "thou shall not tempt the lord" we shouldn't expect to hears his voice every time. Its always good to hear God's followers, may you always be in peace

Chris 5 years ago

Thankyou again it is somewhat difficult to accept all of it but honestly June of this year i did not believe in a God at all then 1 day before a camp for FCA (fellowship of christian) athletes started i was offered a free ride to go well after admission was due by someone i didn't even know i figured it was just a chance to play soccer and id suffer through the Chapels until on the second night which was the first time in my life i can truly say i knew there was a God but when i came home a week later i found an unsupporting family most unwilling to accept my new view on the universe though it is hard to hold my ground agginst them as they are my family and i don't hate or want to remove them from my life i remember having to force my mom to take me to church and hearing her complain the entire time how the preist was corrupt clearly this isn't an easy life but i have held true to my commitment to the Lord so i hope in his eyes he can see i am fighting to belong to him.

JERRY 5 years ago

CHRIS- your getting a lot of positive feedback, especially from Archangel , everything he's telling you is true and in your better interest. I'm sure between the 2 of us we can answer most of your questions, As for your family , your right don't hate them or remove them, accept them for who they are, with your influence you may end up changing them, understand they have'nt found God yet pray for them that they find their way. Sure a lot of people think that priests are corrupt and sex offenders, that's all from bad press. I was an altarboy for 6 years and met many,many priesta and everyone of them were honestly holy,pius men and that kind of activity never occurred. . Again your right this is not an easy life its not supposed to be, this life is full of obstacles for us to hurdle, that's the satanic influence trying to throw you off and take the easy way instead of the right way,like I said do what you know in your heart is right. Keep your commitment to Christ and he will know how hard your trying, he knows you belong to him and will do all you need to guide you, again keep praying and keep your guard up as satan will try extra hard to win you over with false promises and ideas, be blessed always your in my prayers.

Chris 5 years ago

Thankyou i appriciate everything you have said it has actually convinced me that it has been the Lord answering me and not Satin

JERRY 5 years ago

CHRIS - Be careful my friend sometimes when we get an answer its not really God speaking to us but rather a satanic influence trying to fool us,satan has many doors to try and sneak through. When you ask a question, make sure the answer you get is truly an answer God would send you. When you get up in the morning , before anything else ask God to be with and protect you during the day and to do nothing to hurt Him, that will help you stay on the right path and make the right decisions.Stay blessed and again your in my prayers

Archangel 5 years ago

Chris, Jerry is right this life is tough, I have heard people say that it takes a lot of strength to kill yourself, well that's a lot of crap, excuse my french. No matter what gets in out way, keep in faith, and know "I am" and Christ will always protect you. Also he is right about praying for protection, also during the night, at about 1 o'clock if your awake at that time, don't be though, it is the devils time clock, when he will do anything at that time, and pray for protection and the devil will stay at bay. Also Jerry's right well always be here to answer any of your questions, just ask and we will guide till you know more than required. You and your family are in our prayers, be blessed same with you jerry, be blessed as well

JERRY 5 years ago

ARCHANGEL - hello, have'nt heard from you in a while,thank you for all the things you reinforced for Chris, you've now made my good buddy list and that's forever my friend,I praythat todaybe all you need it to be, may the peace of God and the freshness of the Holy Spirit restore your thoughts,rule in your dreams tonight and conquor your fears. May God manifest Himself today and every day in ways you have never experienced.May your joys be fulfilled,your dreams be closer and your prayers answered.Please pray for all believers for peace,health,happiness, prosperity,joy and undyimg love for God. Be well my friend and stay blessed and you also bnecareful its a jungle out there.

Archangel 5 years ago

Thank you so much Jerry, you have no idea how much that means to me. and may you always be blessed, may the father, the son and the holy ghost always watch out for you and never allow harm opun you. I pray for not only our fellow believers, but even the nonbelievers to be converted and saved, just as Chris has experienced. Thank you so much God bless.

SunShine 5 years ago

You right there are Angel out here on earth God place then here for us and if anyone that doesn't believed that up to then

jerry 5 years ago

archangel - your very welcome my friend for what you do for others you deserve all the blessings you receive,may no harm come upon you as well,always be safe and protected by the blood of Christ. I hope you had a joyous holiday filled with all the good things this life has to offer,tried to make midnight mass at St. Pats this year but can you believe it was by invite only, Trust me I love my religion but a mass by invite only, this is a church service not a rolling stones concert it really does'ntmatter as long ss I got to mass anyway. I hope the New Year brings you all you wish for and more, tell me what state do you live in anyway,my guess is mid-west. Please take care stay blessed and may you and your family be always protected by our Savior Jesus Christ.I sent an extra prayer for my Guardian Angel,do you think it helps them when you do that???

Archangel 5 years ago

Hello Jerry thank you for the blessing, also I'm from Virginia, Powhatan. Also I think it is good that you pray for your gaurdian angel. Be blesses my friend, God has great things in store for you and all his followers

jerry 5 years ago

Hi Archangel - Well I hope you have a safe and blessed new year, stay true to God and keep an eye on the Mayan Calander its prety much in line with the bible and kind of helps you translate what's about to come, 2012 proves to be a very interesting year for believers,also follow you bible and revalations its so up to date its scary but at the same time exciting. Powhaten,Va. huh great horse raising country, and good God fearing people, you my friend live in my favorite state in the country, so clean and the air is so fresh I love it there ,I remember Memorytown are you familiar, also the Gettysburg area is my fav. a big civil war buff, if I ever left NYC that's where I'd go. Please stay blessed and safe always and may God give to you all you ask for

TAYLOR 5 years ago

im a youung 13 yr old girl who is drived into many bad trying to stay on the positive side i go threw a lot at home reading that story gave me hope that there is a real God.I will not question him...but.....would you mind sending me that prayer please? my email

Jerry 5 years ago

Hello Taylor,what a pleasure to hear from a person your age who wants to stay on the right road,Taylor we all have evil thrown at us everyday , satan is alive and working hard to collect souls for the upcoming battle between good and evil, its upto you to choose which fork in the road to take,this is what I.d like you to do, as soon as you get up in the morning,pray to God to stay by your side all day and help you with your decisions,next no matter what always know your Guardian Angel is beside you 24/7,and ready to help but won't unless you ask, and all day do what you know in your hearts right and pleasing to God, you'll have choices to make and sometimes it seems easier to take the wrong road and certainly a lot harder to take the right road, but trust me if you ask for help in any situation and choose to do the right thing, it may be a little painful at first but later you'll feel great knowing you didn't falter, its a question of which master do you want to serve. Its really very easy before you make any decisions ask yourself what should I do that wouldn't be offensive to God. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and if I can't help you , my friend Archangel on this site certailny will, you'll have 2 people looking out for you.Also you say your driven to do bad things, that's the satanic influence trying to get you to do something offensive to God, as soon as those urges come on you stop and ask God to remove those thoughts from you and guide you back,stay blessed Taylor,always and my prayers are with you.

Kenna 5 years ago

I tried to meditate to talk to my guardian angel, but nothing worked! I want to talk with him/her but i have no idea how. I've tried everything, but it doesn't work. What do i do?

Kato 5 years ago

i realize what this meant to bout im not calling you a liar but you must tell me the prayer please for my sake please

Jerry 5 years ago

Kenna- It worked, be sure of that , prayers to your guardian are always heard and never ignored,the answers come to us differently though, not always immediate sometimes it takes a while but be assured you were heard that's why we have to be carefulof what we say to them, they're not to be tested, not to be spoken to like supreme being but as you would to a true friend, don't ever forget after Christ they are the truest friend you'll ever have and will never lie to you but here again satan tries to slip in the back door and tries to make believe he's helping you, not your Guardian, another lie, when you talk to your guardian be sincere, honest and respectful, if you ask for guidance in a certain situation,as I tell everyone do what's your heart you know is the right thing, you'll have choices to make,pray to make the right ones,also you don't have to meditate you can speak to your Guardian any time,they are next to you 24/7 and oversee everything you do,and try to influence you in the right direction,when faced with a decision you always have 2 options, remember your influenced by your Guardian when you do what's right, and when you choose what's wrong that's the satnic influence its a constant struggle between right and what's right and you'll never lose,please stay strong and always blessed.

jerry. 5 years ago

Kato - Please refresh me I don't know what prayer your talking about, or fust come back on and address the sender.

Minho 5 years ago

Can you send me this prayer?

Archangel 5 years ago

Welcome Taylor, Jerry is right about everything, there will be times when we will almost go off trail with the Lord, but, all we have to do is just ask for forgivness and guidence, and he and all angels will help you. Kenna, though you may maditate all day I'm sorry but you will not get an answer immediately, the God works in mysterious ways some seem cruel, I've questioned him sometimes and he answered me not that exact moment, but when I least expected it, the same thing for our gaurdian angels they will answer us, just not when we expected them. Kato like what Jerry said, which prayer are you talking about we will gladly help, but we need information. To all be blessed and the same with you Jerry, God bless, you've really helped a lot of people.

Jerry 5 years ago

ARCHANGEL - thank you for all the kind words, you also have helped many,for which I believe you'll be richly rewarded I spend most of my time trying to help those in need,sometimes I can and sometimes I can't but I try as you do.To all who have written please stay blessed and just do what you know in your heart is right,and never stop talking to your Guardian,you'll get an answer when the time is right,they're with us 24/7/

gaurav bhaumik 5 years ago

plss send me the prayer..........I m in

Chris 5 years ago

Its me again and i just wanted to give an update incase you were wondering. I have tried my best to follow as many of Gods laws as i can possiably do i go to chrch on a regular bases pray every night don't curse in any way that may offend him and I truly think that I am doing well as a born again Catholic. Coming out of my shell has proven difficult as loving the Lord more tham myself can be seen as a reason to make fun of someone but I do my best not to let it affect me I have found when i clearly state my love and passion for the Lord people wont combat or make an issue of it. As you may have read before I was struggling with who was answering my prayers I have realized that it is not a joke satin did try to stop my love for the Lord early in its development however strong compassion and the knowledge that I am a man of the Lord andthough that may not protect my body and mind it certainly protects my soul and that is all that counts have helped my to push through this first trial and know that the Lord is truly alwais with me and loves me.

oblivion 5 years ago

can you fuse a demon with an angel?

Archangel 5 years ago

Well oblivion you cannot fuse an angel and a demon, it would be an abomination, plus they are two opposite sides that try to kill each other constantly, but an an angel that falls can become a demon, though after thousands of years of torture.

COOL STORY 5 years ago


Archangel 5 years ago

wow cool story, I cant beleive you took the time to write all of that I would have quit after the 5th row.

SilentBeliever. 5 years ago

personally i don't believe that there is a certain prayer to call upon your spirit guide (or guardian angel, what ever way you wish to call him/her) but simply i believe its all to do with your faith in it, do you really believe this being will appear? do you really need guidance? or is this all simply a way to find out if supernatural exist's.

i believe these things and more need to be taking into acocount and thought about before asked.

im not sure if we each have a protecter, nobody can be sure, its all a matter of belief (or proof) but as for me, i like to think there is something looking out for me, and if so, maybe it will in time, show its self to me.

Chris 5 years ago

I don't think that you can see your angel because once we are aware of what we are doing our souls are touched by sin and only the truly pure can see the most perfect thing in the universe which is whhy kids more ofter say that they see things

Eric 5 years ago

I love the Lord and everything he stands for but im gay so what does that mean?

johnfsurf 5 years ago

Archangel and Jerry have you email addresses i got some questions for you both on religion. I am confused and you seem like the guys to ask. I don't want to ask here. I to see if i could email privately here but no joy. Only new to this site. I like it already.

I went to bed ages ago was planning to go to sleep early but i read all this page took a while.

Chris 5 years ago

Eric as far as i am concerned that means nothing granted you are gay however the Lord made you that way and he makes us all perfect. Some people would say you are going to hell but I don't think the Lord would ever create anyone with a one way ticket to hell.

Martin 5 years ago

Eric, the Lord has made a vast and beautiful universe with billions of possibilities. I believe that being gay is just one of the trillions of unique and wonderful things the Lord has done. In his name all our futures and qualities are made, and he does not make mistakes. I wholeheartedly agree with Chris. Don't let anyone ever tell you that the Lord doesn't love all that he has created in all his variations.

serafinacelestina 4 years ago

Hello, I completely understand the desire to wish to communicate with one's guardian angel, BUT...we are NOT supposed to do this. If a person truly has a guardian angel sent from God to protect him or her, God will NOT allow him to communicate with the one he protects unless it is for a very important, specific reason...but this is a very RARE occurrence.

If you have prayed this "prayer" and have had communication with a being that appears to be an "angel," then you need to repent of this ASAP. It is not simple "communication" with your "guardian angel." That being is NOT your guardian angel, but one of the evil one's servants masquarading as an "angel of light." It is EXCEEDINGLY dangerous to "summon" a "guardian angel." This is OCCULTIC. It is NOT an innocent prayer. Please do not be misled into doing this. It opens up the door for demonic interference in your life. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS no matter how innocent and wonderful it sounds.

If you have honestly accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior and obey him and follow him each day, then you have a guardian angel who stays with you and watches over you, but he will not violate God's expressly stated will in His Word and reveal himself to you just because you ask him to. If you want to thank him for his watching over you, he would tell you to thank the Lord Himself, not him (the angel).

Once in a while, I say a quiet "thank you" to the angel I know stays with me constantly and look forward to actually meeting him in heaven and expressing my thanks and appreciation for his life-long care, but I am very careful not to try to "communicate" with him in the usual sense. That's NOT the type of relationship that the Lord has in mind when he provides a guardian for us.

satan would LOVE for you to do this "angel prayer." It opens the door WIDE for demonic interference in your life. If you want a guardian angel, ask the Lord into your heart and rest assured he will provide one. But the focus is not supposed to be on the angel, but on the Lord Himself.

Archangel 4 years ago

Well serafinacelestina you can always ask us any questions, we are always here for you. Erik I don't care that your gay, none of us care that you are gay, but as what everyone said, God made you that way and he would never make a mistake. In the story of Dante's Inferno, if your homosexual then that is a number one ticket down stairs, I beleive that's just a load of crap.

Martin 4 years ago

Well put Archangel!

Chris 4 years ago

Very well put i don't understand how the Church though i love and will follow it can say that some of Gods people are not created equal we all have a purpose that the Lord creates us for honestly i thik this is a misconception becausee the Bible as holy as it is was written by the hand of humans so in some ways it is not the true word of the Lord but what was accepted in that time for instance the bible allows for slavery which we know to be wrong not that it shouldn't be read and followed just nott something that would put another of the Lords people down

Eric 4 years ago

Thank you for your support I wish others would think like you do.

Vasilis 4 years ago

interesting story. i have read a lot about this kind of stuff but i haven't found any prayer or 'spell' to summon an angel.

and i still have doubts if they are gonna be friendly or not..

i have read a lot about wiccans and satanists as well and all i have to say is that every one is saying that his God is good and brings peace.. pretty confusing

Archangel 4 years ago

Well Vasilis, I don't know if there is really a spell to summon angels, now some will be good, but there are those who have fallen, who's pleasure it is to watch us suffer, plus its not really a spell, its more like a prayer.

believer 4 years ago

that was amazing it hapend so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Archangel 4 years ago

Believer, what happened so fast?

LEO 4 years ago

Leonard from India

“DR gboco (, I have been looking for a loan to pay up my bills on till i met this Drgboco. and i contacted him for a lotto spell although i was afraid because of the online scammer's but i dicided to give him a trier and the spell was cast after I have received the LOTTO SPELL.i pay for $10000000, and within three days i received the result and now i am very happy with my family again. I’m just to happy to have made up my mind for the LOTTO SPELL.”

Archangel 4 years ago

Well Leo, I'm glad your happy with your family and glad that the results were excellent.

Mitasrb 4 years ago

Hello , im new to this but ive read some very interesting stories and posts so i just have to ask you something, i can see that you know much about this.

Some time ago my friend told me that while he was cleaning his room , he had a glimpse of what he described to be a Shadowy figure , of a man. How strange is that?

Some time after ''seeing'' the figure, it happened again , but this time he was sure that the figure was there and it was black. So i went to his place, kinda hoping i would at least sense anything , but only thing that happened there is some doors moving. Not much really.

My friend was once taken to some man , who can ''sense'' energies and the man was kind of afraid and told his parents to take him away, immediately. Also theres another interesting thing , my friend was never properly taken into christianity ,because the priest did not agree to bless him(on his birth). He did try that again later but was denied. He has a big backyard and a dog. The dog has his own little house but , my friend never knew,there was a tombstone under his dogs house. Even the dog rarely wants to sleep in it and is very nervous when in it.I myself saw the dog , just moving ,being nervous.

And also about the black figure he was seeing, he told me that he is ok with the figure being there ,he even named the figure and allows it to dwell in his own home..

Any thoughts on this?

Djinn 4 years ago

Having read through the vast majority of the posts here on this page, I have a very strong feeling that many of you are too lazy to see what's before your eyes. You flit your unworthy eyes over a story greedily looking for someone else to tell you what to do, but in your foolish actions you cannot see that she has already done this!!

You all beg for the prayer that Gwen had stated in her story from the off set. Can you not read because typically are you just after the quick fix?

It doesn't work like that!!

What worked for Gwen will NOT work for the majority of you because you are unworthy, stupid, greedy and lazy fools.....

Blessings be to the worthy

Archangel 4 years ago

Djinn, you know these people only seek knowledge so they may be closer to angels and even closer to God. Mitasrb I think you are dealing with a ghost, now Ive never heard of a ghost giving off bad energy, unless its grave has been desimated, also I personally wouldn't go looking for these spirits because one of these days when there aren't just ghosts but worse the servants of Lucifer and believe me you don't want to, I've had some experience with them. If not for God's angels, I probably wouldn't be alive to this day.

Mitasrb 4 years ago

Ok, thank you.

klanguedoc profile image

klanguedoc 4 years ago from Canada

What a beautiful story. It is so inspiring. I guess we never think about asking God about things kinds of experiences. I wonder if you ever have actually your angel, if not that day then at some other point after that.

I will try my own prayer like you mentioned in your hub.


jenna 4 years ago

is it bad if i summoned a angel out loud

dave 4 years ago

Of course not, you are just in the sea of lost souls just like the rest of us, and like the rest of us perhaps the answers are right in front of you. Blessings to you and God be with you during your search.

Angel in Hearth 4 years ago

Angels are spirit... don't ask god for god will not answer you.. turn to jesus once he came here on earth, after that he said no one can come to the father but from me....

See if you ask for this the devil may hear it and can turn them self into good looking angels... Don't be decive

Bro.B 4 years ago

There is good and evil in this world today. Jesus Christ has defeated the devil for us on the cross. Yes there are angels who are always guiding and aiding us. Remember this well: The lost are lost and are under the control of the devil. God Loves the lost and protects them. If it were up to the devil he would destroy all mankind. The saved who live in the spirit trusts in God. The Carnal yet saved person who doesn't die of the flesh daily struggles. We must live in the spirit and die daily of the flesh. The angels are directed by God to protect and assist us. We cannot summon them God knows all things and we must call on God for directions. The Holy Spirit will enlighten you if you read Gods word and pray earnestly.

silver 4 years ago

Father that are in haven

I praise you and lift your name on high for your WILL BE DONE



advisor 4 years ago

ANGELS ARE ONLY MEANT TO DO Gods will and they don't answer prayers they are appointed to every human being in this world they are not for protection but only to record your actions while your in this world,also theres no such thing as a fallen angel they don't have a will and don't do things on their own but only do Gods Will and nothing else any prayer that you pray should be to God alone He is the only one that answers prayers

ruth 4 years ago

Wow. I guess the girl must be thinking 'why am i the only one who can't see it!' If i was the girl, i'll be trashing stuff.

XXXalexandriaXXX 4 years ago

How do you even know if your guardian angel is even present?

adrian 4 years ago

Can u email me, the prayer plz

Zsx 4 years ago

Can you email me the prayer u used i could need it and plus im only ten so email it to me

Leah 4 years ago

I was pulled from my burning car after a major accident that had my car fly over three cars, get slammed by an oncoming semi, then rolled down a hill bursting into flames. I was barely conscience but I saw this wonderful older woman with long white hair & dressed all in white smile and pull me out of the car and lay me away from the wreck. I passed out and woke with EMT people putting me on a stretcher & assessing my injuries. They asked how I got out of the car, as they doors were crumpled on both sides and the window glass was so jagged I'd be impaled upon climbing over. I said the nice lady in white carried me. They informed me they were the 1st on the scene.

ann1629 4 years ago

Angels are everywhere just pay attention just like the spirit of the creator its within us every since we were born just take a moment a listen to your heart take it from there don't get confused any more just believe and you will see manifest it you don't have to be catholic, Christian an so on to get answers just listen to your heart if you have patients you well be happy just listen to the little voice...

Herelyn guieb 4 years ago

That was beautyful story could you give me the prayer so it could protect me from Evil things and watch over me where ever I go. When danger awakes it will protect me from any thing that hurts me or bad things happen to me.

believer* 4 years ago

EVERYTHING IS GOOD.. our Creator is always there, its just we can't see Him with our eyes. Have faith and believe.

thanks for the story even though I'm full of doubts.

5arth 4 years ago

i hope it works!

5arth 4 years ago

i hope it works!

BlackAmaranth 4 years ago

Summoning is not a sin. When you summon someone, you call it to come to you. Just foolish church stuff. You shouldn't listen to everything.

friend 4 years ago

god help me to stop drink alcohol and smoke marihuana thank you god i am your to the end of life

mariam 4 years ago

I am redeemed from the curse of fear!!! For the first time in my life I am free!!! I've been hearing Priest Emmanuel on NET for the last two months and my life has changed. I’m beginning to live as a winner. I now know how to deal with fear and emotions. Also, my mom and I started taking communion every day. I thank God that I am able to see you and I want you to know that you are a blessing in my life, through him God opened my eyes to see that Jesus is not a religion, as many people think here in Greece, but He is a REALITY; and I am so thankful to God that through Priest Emmanuel contact I start tasting it,he show me all the techniques of being a through Christiane,thank him for me for his wonderful prayers.

sofia 4 years ago

i had an experince once ok so i was yelling at the sky because my life was so horrible that i wanted to die and a corese im an emo and so cdatch ved to i was done yelling at the skt i saw a guy come from the sky and he said he was jesus so i said ok then he said that he loved to fart and this is true im not lying

My hero 4 years ago

Yes if you believe there will be. Such is the power of belief.

vanessa 4 years ago

before my baby sleeps i whispered in her ear the guardian angel prayer then i put her on the bed surround her with pillows and went to bathroom to brush my teeth then my sister entered the room and shouted i turn my head to see my baby and i saw her lying on the floor sleeping so calm. i picked her up to check for wounds but there isn't any. my sister claimed she saw my baby fell from bed head first. i believe that my 7mos old baby is protected by an angel.

praying mama 4 years ago

Hmmm have you ever read the book Piercing the Darkness... careful!

Castiel 4 years ago

I need to know what prayer that was. Send me an email of the exact prayer.

Thank you

michaelheemson 4 years ago

long time no see grant it took me ages to find it this is there site

and some info , they have a wealth of knowledge ,just say michael recommened you

Ebony Gail Santos 4 years ago

God thank you. Angels I love you. I won't sin. :/ I'm sorry. I love everyone.

brian 4 years ago

Mentally retarded commentors (and story)... why would god only listen to one specific prayer anyway? Try it, if it doesnt work maybe god doesnt love you as much. He seems to have favorites, even when sometimes they're awful people with wicked intent.

Why would god send an angel to prevent your potential death, lets say, as it plays out to you. Hasnt he seen all of time since the beginning, and would have manipulated it then with a different time stream or story for you.

Point is god knows already whats in store for you... time is all one thing god can view... i dont think he needs to intervene at this point.

BTW god could be a freed electron or all freed electrons. Check it out...

dont cast me out and just ignore we're lost together

Lizzie26 4 years ago

Is it just belief or will angel really come to us when we call? I want peace and happiness, how hard is it to find. Lot of people says "you have to find it inside you" It really is hard to find you know. Am I asking too much? Any advises, please email me to

Please KILL ME 4 years ago

Archangel your story may have changed my life but sadly all I can say is I'm 100% sure I'm going to hell I'm a Christian not a very dedicated one and I wish I could be a better Christian but how I always question if god is even real I have a bible but I don't understand it I guess hell is in my future and I can't change my past,i mean I've sinned so many times its unreal I'VE LOST ALL FAITH THERE IS NO MEANING IN MY LIFE,im surprised I haven't sold my soul yet,and god cannot forgive me I'm sure of it well if you even read this thank you and you are a good person.

Please KILL ME 4 years ago

Heres a story about my visit to hell:

Me and my dog where sleeping peacefully when I woke up with a pain in stomach when I looked up I saw a black demonic shadow with yellow glowing eyes, I was scared and I looked into its eyes then I noticed I couldn't move hear or Speek then I must of passed out becaused when I opened my eyes I was in hell I saw blood gore killing torture and rivers filled with corpses I kneeled down and starting crying I couldn't remember anything but all the bad things I've done but I didn't give up i knew there was some good entities left in me I was approached by a dark figure and was taken to a small room where I saw my family and my friends i suddenly remembered everything and was stabbed as I was bleeding out I saw everyone close to me die and get thrown with the rest

Of the bodies in the bloody rivers after that point I noticed how the rest of eternity was gonna be i cried for what seemed 300 years I then screemed At the crouds of demons laughing at me I tried to summon inner strength and take them but i was pushed in a endless hole then I felt a biting sensation on my arm and I woke up in my bed with my dog licking my face whimpering I petted her repeatedly and noticed the demon was still there then it just faded away and I prayed to god and said: Dear god thank you for saving my soul for I am very gratefull that I wasn't just another lost soul in hell amen then I noticed my cross was in my pocket the whole time I was there which was an estimated 3hr and the only reason I had faith in myself was because of the cross in my pocket and therefore I have always been grateful of god untill things took a turn for the worst and well you know just read my last comment

POPTART 4 years ago

crazy story but you should burn in hell I hate you and everything about you I know you everything haha have fun inn xhell

Skrillex 4 years ago

What my name means homosexual Satan wasp

Whoa what a thriller buy my new album voltage chacha

cece 4 years ago

i want to hear from johnny who had a conversation with his angel in a cafe. How is your life now? I ask for help all the time with my angels and always get help. I hope your life has continued to be blessed.

..... 4 years ago

POPTART You shouldn't judge people and say that they will go to hell -_-. I'm not even Christian and I know that. Why does everyone think Lucifer is so terrible!?! Doesn't anyone know that he is God's favorite angel? Doesn't anyone know exalty why he fell? Doesn't anyone know that God himself, doesn't view Lucifer as completly evil? (I prayed to St. Terris) When you pray to her, she will answer your question by sending you a rose or a specific rose. Don't anyone say that is wrong and is praising a saint cause it's not! My religion teacher at my school was the one that told me about it! And she replied by sending a rose that i ask her to send if Lucifer had good in him and that God still viewed him as his favorite angel. And no I'm not a Sadist either -_- so don't convict me of that either.

lenora veronica 4 years ago

thats was a very beautiful story.its make me feel touching.i believe thats god owest heard our prayers and i believe an angel also owest there to protect us..


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2. How to determining before the individual officially files - if their disability case can survive the 5 step “Sequential Evaluation” process, required by all Social Security disability determination examiners, when making an allowance or denial adjudication decision.

As such, I have used my education, knowledge and experience - and developed a FREE Social Security disability Case Development Checklist. The goal of which is to help deserving individuals be able to make sure before they officially file – that their disability case is strong & creditable enough to avoid major decision delays as well as being unjustified denied, which seems to be happening quite frequently.

The questions included in this checklist, were taken from the four major categories required by all Social Security disability determination examiners – when doing their evaluation and adjudication of disability cases. Each of the following categories are given weighted percentages points, concerning their potential effect on a case being allowed or denied by SSA. Each of the four categories – make up a person’s disability puzzle. And each category MUST be consistent and support the other 3 categories being evaluated.

They include:

1. Personal disability information;

2. Physical disability information;

3. Mental disability information;

4. And the clients’ Medical/Vocational Analysis disability information.

The Case Development Checklist is FREE. It can be obtained by emailing Michael Davidson at In the subject portion of the email – the individual should type checklist.

If the individual would like their FREE checklist professionally evaluated it is FREE as well – they only need to do the same as above, except substitute evaluation in place of checklist.

After the evaluation phase, if the individual decides to proceed with Case Development Portion of their case, I can help them as well - put their case together for a small fee. The price breakdown and what it covers - will be explained with their evaluation. In the mean time, you can visit the Case Development site at for more information.

Michael Davidson

ryokowaren profile image

ryokowaren 3 years ago from USA

Great Hub. Voted up!

Anadirunika 3 years ago

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ZGORDON 3 years ago


crealseweal 3 years ago

My partner and i utilized to get at the top of lifetime nevertheless of late We've built up a new resistance.

Futamarka 3 years ago

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Bell du jour 3 years ago

Hi Gwen Cuzion, that really is a beautiful story.


Jujube2006 3 years ago

Well I was looking on here for a prayer to say for my dying I said prayers for angels come take him home and I came across the angel manifest prayer....I said it last night and I saw my angel tonight...

Raymond Louis Grundy Grundy jr. The III 3 years ago

Im Not So Good With This Stuff Can You just Say You Need Help In Your Life Or Just Ask them To Message Somebody I Need To Say Something And I Have Sinned Alot And Did Not Know is There A Way To Confess these Sins? I need Help In My life!

dont belive Bull 3 years ago

many children suffer and die a hurbule death were was there GOD /JESUS/GUARDIAN ANGEL OR ANGELS FOR THEM. the same thing for adults wwho suffre and die .EVIL ALWAY WIN . IF caugh and go to jail or prison they get FREE shelter,food ,clothing,jobtraing andjobs, os on so forth.

Alexander Rice 3 years ago

Amazing story. I would love it if you could send me the prayer to my email Would you please.

jake 3 years ago

My name is Jake and I am 10 years old just like that girl you described in

your TRUE story and I think it is awesome and this has inspired me to

NOT stop trying to find my guardian angel no matter what even if dead

or alive.

from; Jake **** ****

Ashlee 3 years ago

This doesn't work so don't bother trying it. I'm a Christian but this chant is a crauk. :-)

Johnk512 2 years ago

Thanksamundo for the post.Really thank you! Awesome. dabbbdagdffa

A son of god 2 years ago


All I want to say to you is that that was a great story and I'm glad because Jesus is succeeding with his project of life and the end is really coming,but I'm happy that everyday people believe in the word of The Lord and in god and it just makes me happy because not to sound crazy but like The Lord said in the New Testament "when the glorious and good day of The Lord comes,my people do not be scared instead be happy! There will be happiness, joy, and eternal peace for those who truly believe and there will be torment and fear for a thousand years for those who don't believe and until "us" believers rule in the kingdom of god with Jesus as promised in the New Testament the people from hell will be tormented and until thousand years after the resurrection of humanity,and then after that the people from hell will go to heaven and there will be no more evil" but I just can't wait when this day comes because again like the bible says "still up to this day our great lord still puts signs in the sky and everywhere around us" like it's obvious the day is coming and an other example is the 4 blood moons between this year and next" but Gwen and anybody out there If you are reading this know that you shall be careful with the spirits you summon because god is the only one who controls the angels and he is the one you have to ask to open your eyes and let you see because if you don't then you will be experiencing paranormal experiences with "fallen angels" or "demons" for more details email me at ""

Jeremiah 2 years ago

I did this yesterday, an angel showed up in my dreams, he seemed a bit off, he was wearing a white robe, and had wings, but still off. He called himself basasael, which sounds familiar

Stacy Adam Chamness 2 years ago

I'm asking St. Michael to be my guardian angel to look after my mom and I please. We need your help please!!!!! Jesus is Lord, then, now, and forever!!!!

coy 2 years ago

just read your story, is it true or just for attention my e. mail is if you want to chat.

LaMiBak 2 years ago

Guardian angels don't exist if they did Life wouldn't suck so bad

RJ ROE 2 years ago


Angel 23 months ago

Bones, you hit the nail on the head yet again, Besides always srgitglung to attain an elusive, if not impossible, peace, the Left usually also tries to take the easy way out. In this case that means pressuring Israel since that it easy, as opposed to pressuring the Arabs to change and accept Israel, which is hard. But hardest of all is changing oneself rather than trying to get someone else to change. If the Left would do an about-face and use its substantial leverage in the media, the economy and government to back Israel to the hilt instead of her enemies, the Arabs would no longer be able to fool themselves and think that maybe there is still a way to destroy Israel with the Left's help. Then they would give up, for now, trying to destroy Israel.Then there would be peace. Not a a happy peace where we all dance the hora together. Rather a grudging, but lasting, peace peace based on Israel's strength.A simple solution, no?

ashley 11 months ago

well the person who gave you the angel figure is your guardian angel.

Christine 7 months ago

Statues are idols

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