My believes about human existence

The Reincarnation

There are many intriguing questions about nature. Often we try to investigate into the existence of nature. Unfortunately we fall short the wisdom required to understand nature. We battle with speculations which most of the time are fruitless. Amidst the prevailing confusion we end up being frustrated.

Apart from the fact that human existence is a mystery the use of different words and the twists in their meaning offer more confusion. What is the difference between the resurrection and reincarnation? Can any person reincarnate and resurrect? I know in either of them pone must die to undergo the process.

Let me make the concept clearer by explaining each of the words based on my understanding. Reincarnation is the repeat of life cycle through a reborn of the individual reincarnating by a woman. Most reincarnation process take place for so many reasons but the most eminent reason is the fact that the person has not finished his earthly assignment before transition. Resurrection is a transitional process whereby an individual came out of the dead to an unknown place other than the earth.

The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ was a man and God. Does Christian teaching implies that Jesus did reincarnate? Perhaps he came back to finish the creation of man which was not completed? I hope my audiences are grasping this concept. The creation was not finished because everything God created was perfect but man fell short and sinned. Hence, the coming of Jesus Christ to remedy the shortfall in creation led him to shade his blood on the Cross to save every soul from sin.

Of course we all know that Jesus Christ resurrected to heaven which remains unknown place to us all. We bear in mind that there is heaven but Peter Tosh reminded us that before one goes to heaven he must die first. May be this gave us the chances to resurrect as man.

The true nature of life stands as follows: that life after death remains a dream to all mankind but can as well be equated to a clean dream we experience at night while asleep. We can recall that activities in the dream are quick and sharp. The same thing is experienced by people who have had encounter with spirits. An individual can dream about 50 years in less than5 minutes. No wonder we were told that a thousand years is less than a day in the eyes of God. We do experience such moments in our lives due to a transformation of ourselves from earthly being to another state of being. The change in state can be attributed to conscious state of mind to a subconscious state.

During the ancient times people were so wise. People made a lot of discovery based on their experimental procedures and believe at the time. Although there were no conventional scientific proves but their processes however crude they may seem to be come out with convincing result. A typical example is that when a woman bear a child and it dies, and she born another and it dies... if there is a consistent repetition of death incident of the new born, the ancient people would give the child a mark and if it so happen that a chills is born with a mark on the body and on the same location the ancient people confirm that the new child is a reincarnate of the other. I agree with their experimental procedure. I have in my youth time seen person with short fingers. I made inquiry out of curiosity. I was told that he was a reincarnate of a thief. Before the thief was buried in his former incarnation his fingers were cut off so that when he comes back he would not be capable of stealing due to lack of finger to pick things.

What an ancient wisdom.

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