Mysteries of the Dashka Stone: chuvyrov's 123 million year old map found in the Ural area of Russia

The Dashka Stone is alleged to be a 120 Million year old relief map of the Ural Region. The sotne was allegedly discovered in the late 1990s.

All the sites on Google that mentioned it are recycling the same information and at least one entry cited it in support of claims that I found so flaky that I could not even read to the end of the page.

There are photographs showing a cracked stone with no explanation of the reasoning that led to it being accepted as a map, and some interviews with Alexander Chuvyrov, the discoverer, but all seem to be saying the same thing over and over again, apparently based on an article in Pravda. you can find a typical presentation here. (look for “Dashka”) Typos here suggest that the article was cut and pasted from elsewhere.

The links in this URL do however show photos of the alleged map.

The Map Exists

Well there could be legitimate reasons for the recycling.  Maybe Chuvyrov had stopped working on the slab, maybe he had found all he could and there was no more information.  However one clear statement was that the lab had been investigated and endorsed by the Centre for Historical Cartography in Wisconsin USA.  However I found a  statement here from the History of Cartography Project which I   quote in full

Statement from the History of Cartography Project:
1. The History of Cartography Project is not the "Centre for Historical Cartography in Wisconsin" cited in the Pravda article.
2. We do not know of any such center in Wisconsin.
3. Nobody in America known to us has seen the original map and we believe that no-one who has not seen the original should comment on it.
4. Professor Chuvyrov was in touch with us two years ago about this map, and we said then that we could not comment on the map without seeing it and the evidence for its authenticity
5. Professor Chuvyrov told us recently that he did not authorize the article appearing in Pravda.

The writer of the URL concludes that the map exists and can be seen in a museum of Archaeology.
Assuming the stone is a relief map estimates of its age vary from a couple of hundred years old  through 3,000 years old to 100,000 years old to 120 Million years old.

At this point it was fairly certain the slab exists and is on show somewhere but the  age of the slab and the interpretation of it are unclear.  The 120 Million year date was  guessed from the age of a fossil shell embedded in it. Logically however the slab could be younger.

Chuvyrov Existed

The next step was to try to check up on the discoverer.

There used to be a biography ( in Russian) and photo of hiim.

At least one of the articles in the biography exists.

So we can conclude that at one time Chuvyrov was probably a professor of Physics at Bashkir State University which the author has no reason to believe is not genuine,

However Chuvyrov is an expert in Liquid crystals, so the analysis of the composition of the stone is perhaps out of his area of expertise. More worryingly it seems ne is no longer on the faculty. I have still to hear from the rector on this point and have no way I can contact him other than a phone number on a website, or snail mail, and I am not yet ready to contact him.

Provisional Conclusions

And there the investigation must rest for now.

It seems the “Map” exists and is on show and that Chuvyrov was a genuine professor of Physics.

The slab is suggestive of a highly advanced technical civilisation but not nearly as conclusive as has been suggested.

Independent examination of the slab, and any other slabs that have been found is vital.

However even if the lab can be proven to be only a few hundred years old and Chuvyrov's statements about its composition are verified the stone still raises a lot of interesting questions.

For now I want to find where the map is on show and whether anyone other than Chuvyrov has examined it. I would also like to contact him.

My provisional theory is that the stone is an artefact needing explanation but the 120 million year date is the result of assuming the shell became embedded in the stone after it was created then fossilised. There is a lot of hype and involved and it has the makings of a good mystery. Unlike the Brentford Griffin or St Juttemis there seems to be something solid to investigate.

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AlexK2009 profile image

AlexK2009 2 months ago from Edinburgh, Scotland Author

Thanks Liz56. I looked at some videos on the stone and wonder what the course of the rivers would have been 120 million years ago. It does seem however likely to be an artefact rather than a freak of nature. As I recall Chuvyrov later started talking about UFOs and alien guardians, which kind of made me reassess his work on the stone. My Russian was not good enough to follow the video I saw of him but he seems a fairly typical academic.

Liz56 2 months ago

I can see the comments here were made many years ago and I'm absolutely sure that everybody now know the map is real. I found very interesting people couldn't see the mountains and valleys on the map. We, obviously, have to ignore the cracks and cuts on the map due its age. Look the surface and see the details. And now we have something more to talk about: the pyramid found in Ukraine, Crimea dated in 65 millions of years! Amazing!

There is a better video of the 3D map...

clair 6 years ago

do you think the Hesperornis looks like the drawing more than the Heron. This bird went extinct 31 million years ago (geologic time as they see it). does this make the drawing at least 31 million years old?

AlexK2009 profile image

AlexK2009 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland Author

Clair, your website has some interesting pictures and ideas but I find it hard to relate the drawing in the rock to your picture

clair 6 years ago

the website is now completed.

clair 6 years ago

my letter doesn't say anything about the map. iyogi from India helped me upload another 12 pages into the website. There is now 13 pages to view if you want. Thanks iyogi. Other website makers wouldn't come to my house.


clair 6 years ago

1 header has been uploaded in:

got a very beautiful letter from

The History of Cartography Project.

AlexK2009 profile image

AlexK2009 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland Author

No, I did not even know/remember it existed.

Clair 6 years ago

Yes, its gone. So it wasn't you that did it?

alexk2009 6 years ago

It appears not to be there yet

Clair Iverson 6 years ago

I never gave approval for the Texas realty ad by clicking

on Tex../sorry this hapenned


Clair Iverson 6 years ago

There is an 120 million year old drawing at Paluxy,Texas

USA. A new website is under construction. Visit:

Lizard of


AlexK2009 profile image

AlexK2009 7 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland Author

As I recall Chuvyrov made the same point. The map, if it is a map, could be younger than the fossil, or older. If you came across a carved cross with a fossil in it you could only infer either that the fossil was placed there by the carver, which would probably be obvious, or was there already. But you could not conclude Christianity was the same age as the fossil unless you could prove the carving was the same age as the fossil.

Xavier 7 years ago

So, on the basis that a 120 million year old fossilised shell has been found in a lump of carved rock, the carving is supposed to be 120 million years old.

On that basis I could go into my local churchyard, find a carved cross with a 120 million year old fossil and conclude that Christianity is 120 million years old.


AlexK2009 profile image

AlexK2009 7 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland Author

I have a feeling this case will just be a dead end.

Ximena Eduarda 7 years ago

I was about to run after the 120 million years old too, but stopped to read this and if I find anything will let you know. Hey, thanks for sharing!

AlexK2009 profile image

AlexK2009 7 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland Author

I have not heard anything from the rector of the university. It looks like Professor Chuvyrov did exist and hasvanished or retired. Don't hold your breath, investigations like this take time ( and money). I recall interviews with him in Nexus magazine and I will try to dig out the articles.

earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

Please do, I am following your hub, and have found it fascinating!

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