Good energy is what one feels as the euphoria of being alive consumes you. This usually happens during a special occasion, being with nature or the one you love. Your children, pets and beliefs among other reasons are all good times, good energy.

With this energy you feel all is right with the world.

Then, someone you know well, like your mother (God Bless mines departed soul) tears you down with a few words. A husband comes in screaming that the house stinks and it is dinner you made special for him. Your teenager goes into a screaming fit telling you he hates you and that you suck as a mother. The checkbook is out of whack and you are overdrawn and the bank is calling. Your dog bites someone.

With this energy you feel almost desperate to get away, far, far away. You lose vitality.

I have questioned this good feeling vs bad feeling for some time. I have asked others why we let other people bring us down. This is a feel good society. We are told to "think" ourselves happy, rich, etc. We pray to our Divinities, Gods, Goddesses, Angels and Spirits. (As an aside, why do Christians pray to the Holy Spirit and then not believe spirits exist?)  We hope they will take the problems and make it all better. Do we listen when they respond? Do we thank God for an issue resolved? Do we simply heave a sigh of relief and go on? I have been thanking any universal dieties that have had anything to do with what has gone well. You have to remember that prayers are answered every day in every way, whether you like the way or not.

We do not take time to try to understand why this happens when we try so very hard to be happy all the time. We send smiles to others when we feel bad. (BTW: It works for me, I love a good smle thrown my way from a stranger, preferrably not a letch.) Do you ever feel bad about feeling bad? I do. I try to understand what is happening and that I am but a human, yet the guilt about not being like all those happy, skinny faces on TV gets me sometimes. I know it's just TV.

I will bet you feel that way sometimes.

No matter what your beliefs I am interested in what you have to say about this "phenomenon".

How do you deal with it?

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Druid Dude profile image

Druid Dude 5 years ago from West Coast

I like this hub . My kinda gal! voying up! Peace

GracieLinda 5 years ago

Hard to find guys like you.

GracieLinda profile image

GracieLinda 4 years ago from Brandon, FL Author


Daphne Shadows 4 years ago

I'm Christian and I believe spirits exist. I think it comes down to everyone perceiving whatever it is they perceive in whatever way they perceive it. Christian isn't all I am.

Try smudging, it works for me. Its amazing how it can take all that negative energy away and give you the chance to be positive.

Love your hub - its something most people brush aside, don't want to think about.

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