Choosing A Church!

“Church” is an acceptable term used to describe the meeting/or worship place (Building) in the Christian religion, though many Christian organizations may choose to ignore or forbid the use of the term completely, even as it has proved evidently to become the most popularly used.

In the Christian religion, belonging to a church is compulsory to build one’s faith and prepare them for Heaven and thus escape Hell.

Since the Christian religion has made it mandatory that in other to be saved, one must become a Christian and then choose a church, so how do we do this carefully and wisely?

True, in the Christian Religion there are so many churches to choose from, each with its methods and interpretation of God & the Bible (A book commonly used by Christians as a way of connecting to God, and is sometimes referred to as the “Holy Scriptures” )Interpretations and conclusions are mostly based on the understanding of their religious leaders.

Just to support their claims these religious leaders claim to receive personal revelations and visions directly from God, in turn claim to be divinely called to inspire and lead a crowd in the form of a church, many if not all of these religious leaders claim to receive these revelation either in a dream or in a vision.

In turn they are expected to enroll in a Christian religious school, specially designed by Christians and for Christians to equip them spiritually and teach them to preach sometimes called “School of Theology”, still many disagree with the idea and claim that they are naturals that they do not need any school to teach them how to deliver as church leaders effectively since they have already been divinely called and anointed.

Also when choosing a church, many claim to be under the same divine spiritual inspiration, claiming that God has shown them in one way or the other which church to choose from, but is that completely true, since there are so many churches out there flooded with people claiming the same thing? What a laughable idea, its not only laughable but as well as a complete fraud and a sham.

This whole idea has led to the bursting out of so many Christian churches claiming to have answers that will lead people to God and Heaven, but how true can this be when they are as confused individually.

Many people think that by finding a church you automatically find God, but how can that be true of a system where lies and contradiction seems to be the order of the day.

They go father to form an umbrella organization that generally governs their activities and doctrines, as a result claim to be united through this means, but lack the true virtue of unison.

Considering all these it is only reasonable to conclude that the Christian churches finds it difficult to agree with each other since most of their doctrines & religious norms are clearly different, how then do we choose which to follow.

Yes! Christianity is indeed popular, but does that make it completely the real deal? Many will jump to answer this question without considering facts and allowing their brains to think and reason, the Christian religion has been able to last this long and wax strong unlike any other because of it’s ability to adapt to modern day attractions, its ability to create its own version for almost anything.

This piece of information is not meant to encourage people to be churchless, but to guard their hearts so they don’t end up selling themselves to any church and forget that they are individuals with lives.

I don’t think God is happy with the way Christianity has been messed up, or if there is a perfect church out there able to lead people to Him or Heaven.

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jasper420 4 years ago

Alot of usefulll info here very intresting hub

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