Navaratri - Dussehra - Navratri Celebration Story and Legendary stories behind

Jai Durga Devi

Navaratri is an auspicious festival for Hindus living in India. It is one festival, which is celebrated through out India, for 9 days. The word "Nava" means Nine and the term "Ratri" means, Night. This festival is mainly for The Goddesses Durga. These Nine Nights, people will do pooja (prayers) at home, to please Goddess Durga, the Maha Shakthi (which means, the most powerful).

There are lots of stories assoicated with the celebration of Navaratri.

In North India, it is belived that Navaratri was associated with the demolish of "Mahishasuran", a demon king, who was killed by Devi Durga. Mahishasuran was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He prayed and did Thapas for long time and got many powers blessed by Lord Shiva. But he started using his powers to destroy and harrash poor innocent people. So, everyone prayed to Devi Durga for help. Durga went to meet Mahishasuran, and the demon king fell in love with her, by seeing her beauty. He asked her for marriage. Durga accepted to marry him, if he could defeat her in the battle.

The proud Mahishasuran accepted immediately and the battle continued for 9 days and on the end of the 9th day, Devi Durga beheaded the demon, and got the name "Mahishasura Mardhini" , which means, the destoyer of Mahishasuran.

Mysore Palace on Dussehra Celebration Days

Another legend says that, Lord Ram did pooja for 9 days and prayed Devi Maha Shakthi to give him strength and power to defeat King Ravana and to rescue his wife Sita from the control of Ravana. On the 10th day, as per the legend, it is belived that Lord Rama killed Ravana.

People Singing Bajans

The Modern type of Celebration

For the 9 days, people celebrate Navaratri pooja in their homes. In south India, the famous golu will be placed. Idols and dolls will be placed in the steps made, with themes of decorations. Every night, people from neighbourhood and friends will visit each others homes and sing devotional songs. At the end of the pooja, sundal (a kind of cooked flaxiseeds) will be distributed to all as prasadam of Devi Durga.

To know the recipe of sundal prasadam, read this hub - Sundal Prasadam.

All the 9 days, Devi Durga will be dressed and prayed in different forms.

The first three days will be to pray and praise her as Durga (Parvathy, wife of Lord Shiva), who is the Goddess of Power.

The next three days, pooja will be conducted for Devi Lakshmi (wife of Lord Vishnu), who is the Goddess of Wealth.

The Last three days are meant for Devi Saraswati (wife of Lord Bhrahma), who is the Goddess of Studies and Knowledge.

Nine Forms of Devi Durga

The nine forms of Maha Shakthi Durga are Bhadrakali, Jagadambal, Annapurna, Sarvamangala, Bhairavi, Chandi, Lalita, Bhavani, Mookambika.

The Maha Navaratri festival is celebrated from 8th October to 17th October. Jai Mata Di

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