Nephilim – Why A little Word Has PROFOUND Implications

The debated facts of our ancient history

Within the text of the Old Testament Bible sits the mention of a group referred to as Nephilim. You may not have heard of them or you may recognise the word but not its actual meaning. The recently deceased author, archaeologist and proclaimed expert on ancient cultures Zecharia Sitchin set off on a lifetime quest to find the ‘truth’ behind this small word nestled in the depths of a Holy book. His early understanding of its meaning led him on a journey across the globe to witness for himself and attempt to understand the facts about the many apparently isolated ancient civilisations scattered around the planet. What he interpreted and has shared with readers is an intriguing and compelling reality that substantiate religious text on one hand yet supports its often perceived contradiction of life beyond this planet.

It is significant that only recently, the Catholic church expressed its interest in the possibility that other life forms exist beyond this planet. In fact, there seems to be an ongoing subtle drip-feed through the media and even in some school topics that opens serious debate on UFOs and Extraterrestrials. Interpretation of the Mayan calendar as you may probably be aware points to a significant event in the year 2012. The extremes of opinion suggest this will be the end of the World (again) while others perceive it to be a new dawn. So much of what we have been indoctrinated with as being fictional or mythological seems to have assumed a new significance in recent times where their contextual meanings are now being deciphered and associated to a form of reality. Even observations at a Quantum physics level appear to share the previously unsubstantiated beliefs of mystical philosophers. What is fascinating is that a whole evolution of scientific and mathematical driven faith has led us adrift from certain clues in our ancient roots, where many of the answers we seek may well be hidden.

Sitchin, through his interpretation of ancient Sumerian script, suggests a reality where this early civilisation acknowledged the existence of a dozen planets in our solar system, with the 12th being know as Nibiru. Through his travels he established a connection between different ancient ruins at different points on the planet associated to the Sumerians. He implies that Pyramid sites which sit along a similar southern hemispherical latitude may have been navigational points, landing strips for the Nibiruans. These were also alternatively referred to as the Anunnaki which can be translated as ‘those who came from heaven to earth’. He supports this possibility with the fact that more recent analysis of the oldest Pyramids show that they pre-date our knowledge of human civilisation.

Indeed, his findings point to the possibility that civilisation in and around the Sumerian period may well have been the original human species derived through genetic engineering by the Nibiruans who may have combined their DNA with the primitive ape-like beings that we understand to have previously existed through fossil evidence.

As ever, there are always critics of such theories like Dr Michael S. Heiser who appears to have invested a considerable amount of time to discredit Sitchin's credibility on the basis of his comparable academic credentials. While he points to the fact that his Ph. D status makes his opinion more authoritative and presents some convincing counter arguments, he fails to present a clear alternative to Sitchin's theory in my view and seems to focus on a pessimistic inner circle conspiracy that belies his claims to having an avid interest in Alien and UFO existence. While I do not wish to discredit the factual studies he references in undermining Sitchin's interpretations of ancient text and language, as ever, for me he presents a mechanical argument that is the epitome of our blinkered Western ethos where fact can only exist if 1+1=2. He appears to have challenged Sitchin on more than one occasion to a debate where presumably he could discredit him with baffling scientific analogy. Wisely I believe, Sitchin avoided being drawn into such technicalities.

I believe that there is an intellectual license in all of us to listen, observe, touch and sense the actual essence of our studies and acquire a knowledge beyond the realms of common academic principles. Absorbing local ancestral understanding particularly in the field of language can often provide a better appreciation of true meaning than pure grammatical interpretation. I have encountered too frequently the sophisticated rhetoric of those who 'talk the talk' having less integral knowledge than those who 'walk the walk'.

I impel anyone reading this article to be enlightened by Zecharia Sitchin’s work and to be informed of a reality that makes sense of much that appears mysterious around us. Of course, it is also your obligation to consider the alternative argument and form your own opinion.

By the way, the meaning of Nephilim in Sitchin's interpretation is ‘those who came down’.

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Jefsaid profile image

Jefsaid 3 years ago from London, UK Author

Sparkster it is never too late to make a comment. Thank you for the confirmation.

sparkster profile image

sparkster 3 years ago from United Kingdom

I'm 18 months too late but the Nephilim and the Elohim are both indeed mentioned in the bible.

Jefsaid profile image

Jefsaid 5 years ago from London, UK Author

ruffridyer - thanks for your comment. As I stated, make up your own mind. I am non-religious so in terms of the bible, I have only read read snippets. To-date, you are the first person to have questioned whether the word exists. My point about Sitchin's eternal doubter is that he seems to have made a career out of being his adversary more than his claims to having an avid interest in aliens and UFOs. I do not underestimate his academic credentials but it simply amounts to one theory versus another. Academics assume an authority and often dismiss local indigenous beliefs when in truth they are no wiser about the distant past than anyone else. I maintain an open mind to all possibilities.

ruffridyer 5 years ago from Dayton, ohio

You seem to be saying, just because one man has more knowledge and education on a subject than another does not mean the less educated man is wrong.

Am I reading this right? By the way, where does the word Nephilim come from? I haven't found it in the bible.

Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 5 years ago from Ohio

Interesting hub....I learned some things. Thanks. :)

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