New Pope Elected

Pope Francis: World should set off on path of love
Pope Francis: World should set off on path of love | Source

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76-year-old has been elected as a new Pope yesterday in St Peter Square.

The Catholic Church's new Pope appears on the balcony and asks the faithful to pray for him. After he gave his blessing, the crowd cheered.

The former Cardinal addressed the crowd to be known as Pope Francis I. He is the first Latin American and the first non-European pontiff for more than a millennium.

Vincent Nichols, Catholic Archbishop of Westminster said at the news: “As he begins his new apostolic ministry, as the Bishop of Rome and shepherd of the universal Church, Pope Francis I may be assured of the prayers and loving support of the Catholic community throughout England and Wales.”

The European Union offers its ‘sincere congratulations’ to the newly-elected Pope, urging him to promote peace, solidarity and human dignity in a rapidly changing world, AFP news agency report.

Benedict XVI’s resignation opens an election for a new leader of the Catholic Church. He resigned last month at the age of 85, saying he was not strong enough to be a leader.

Roland Andujar Adala

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