No there was no twin brother (period).

Jesus (perhaps waving goodbye to Myth Bob)...

Divine Mercy Jesus
Divine Mercy Jesus

Jesus' "Brother"undeniable spoof I mean proof of his brother's nonexistence...

After the Dead Sea Scrolls were found a prominent scientist from Nakina was able to decipher an ancient Aramaic and Latin/French scroll that seemed to suggest evidence of a brother whose name deciphered into Canadian English was simply BOB; after a few weeks in isolation and with the aid of a former politician named Sarah Palin-

* Drome; the scientist also determined if you spelled it backwards the true name of Jesus' brother could be discovered. This was not picked up by the local papers and was not in the news for some time (after all the winters are long in Nakina and so is the hockey season); however, eventually it was picked up by the infamous Hockey News and the bilingual refuse police. It was impossible to keep the river rat out of the cat especially when a prominent and I must declare ARROGANT band wrote a song about his brother...

There is so much more that needs to be explained about this; however, I have included the particulars here (below) for you to discern...Not to sound Arrogant; however, obviously the proof is in Dan Akroid's (crystal skull) vodka as well as the Worms...

Please click it or pick it...

(God forgive me!)

* NOTE: Bob happens to fit the definition of a word that is a type of palindrome

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connorj profile image

connorj 7 years ago from Altamonte Springs Author

Are you sure the scientist was from Nakina? I am almost possitive she was from Schrieber or Scrieberia...

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