Consider Noah Part II

Question 2: What had Noah learned before God told him to build the Ark

1. He had Learned that God loved him.

2. He had learned who God is.

The Bible tells us that Noah found Grace in the sight of the Lord. My pondering here is this:

Grace is the goodness of God extended to undeserving man.
God loved Noah because God is Love.

Now before we go any further lets step back a take a look at things back in that day.

Here is Noah going about living his life. He has heard from his family all about his ancestors. He learned that God had created Adam and Eve and put them in this beautiful garden where they had everything. He learned that all they had to do was to obey God. He learned that Satan had messed everything up by getting them to disobey God. He learned that God was angry with Satan and had cursed the ground and made weeds grow in the vegetables causing Adam to have to work harder to make things grow. He learned that God had cursed the snake, and had even put Adam and Eve out of the Garden. Noah knew about God killing an animal to make clothes for Adam and Eve. I am sure he must have had all kind of questions about who God is. And then one day; we don't know how old Noah was at this time but, He began to walk with God. They became really good friends. God talked to Noah and explained things to him. Noah learned about God and knew that it was best to do what He said and purposed in his heart to obey God. So when God told Noah to build an Ark Noah did it exactly like God told him to do it. Even tho it had never rained on the earth before, Noah believed God when He told him He was going to cause it to rain, flood the earth, and destroy everything. Noah got all his stuff together to build the ark and people asked him what he was doing. Noah told them what God had said. But the people laughed at him and made fun of him. Noah just kept right on building. When Noah was 500 years old he had 3 sons. He named them Shem, Ham, and Japheth. During their first 100 years Shem Ham and Japheth got married. These boys most likely helped Noah with the ark. The Bible doesn't tell us. I think Noah probably put them to work helping him, to keep them out of trouble fighting with the town people who kept making fun of their daddy. These people were very wicked people and Noah being a just man would not have wanted his sons to associate with them. God probably told Noah about living in the world but not being part of it, and how to separate yourself from those who were wicked. Anyway, Noah did everything that God had commanded him to do and he did it exactly the way God told him to do it. Noah learned about God's love first hand by having a one to one relationship with God. He learned God's ways and saw that they were right. He came to understand Who God is and to put his trust and faith in Him. Thats how Noah knew about God.

The lesson in all this is that God really loves us. If there is somebody reading this that has not come to the understanding that God really loves us, I hope you will open God's word and allow it to speak to your heart about His love. Most people know John 3:16 and the other verses about God's love but, until you realize that God truly loves you, are you able to understand what John 3:16 really means. We can have head knowledge which is a lot different than heart knowledge. We can know it and never understand it. When you come to realize the reality of God's love, it gives you the ability to understand just what Jesus did for us when He went to the Cross. When you grasp the understanding of God's love you will begin to love God back. That is the first step in the relationship building so that you like Noah, can know God too. Not just know of Him, but know Him. When you have the understanding of God's love, it truly breaks your heart when you think of what Jessus suffered, and it builds that saving Faith in Who Jesus Is and What He Did. If you don't know Him, I pray that you will seek to find Him today, right now, and I assure you that you will find Him. If you need to talk to somebody or have questions please don't hesitate to contact me or others who post. We care about you and want you to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior so you will join us in Heaven. Time is urgent do it today.


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