Non-Dominant Hand Writing

We have all the answers we need within – we just need to know how to tap into them. If you’re struggling with a problem or trying to make a decision and answers are not forthcoming, fear is often the reason. Fear blocks us from being connected to our whole selves, and often a simple ritual can help break through that wall.

As we mature, we often push aside the inner child, rebellious teenager, and higher self that are all valid parts of us. We think that being rational is what normal adults do, and we dismiss our feeling, intuitive sides. Only when we acknowledge these vulnerable aspects of our psyche can we truly be whole and make decisions based on both logic and emotion. Non-dominant hand writing can help us access those parts of ourselves we may have ignored for years.

The non-dominant hand is the hand you do not write with. If you write with your right hand, your non-dominant hand is the left, and vice versa. Your dominant hand is connected to your conscious, thinking side, and your non-dominant hand is connected to your intuitive, feeling side.

Trying to write with your non-dominant hand automatically puts you in a child-like position. It is difficult to hold the pen correctly, much less form letters and try to make it legible. This opens you up and makes you feel vulnerable, which is where you need to be for this exercise. Another way it works is by giving your conscious mind something concrete to focus on, which frees up the subconscious mind to start receiving information from your higher self.

Method for Non-Dominant Hand Writing

  1. Do whatever relaxation method works for you. You may sit quietly and breathe, do a favorite meditation technique, light a candle, or listen to soothing music.
  2. State your intent to connect with your higher self.
  3. Write down your question with your dominant hand. You may ask a question about a specific problem, or you may ask something more open-ended, such as, “What would you like me to know right now?” or “What path should I take?”
  4. Switch the pen or pencil to your non-dominant hand and start writing. At first, nothing may come to you. Start writing anyway, even if it is just scribbles or nonsense words. The act of awkwardly trying to form the letters will occupy your thinking brain in such a way that you’ll start to notice spontaneous thoughts creeping in. Write whatever comes to you. Don’t think about it and don’t judge. Just write until the thoughts cease. Your higher self will know when to stop.
  5. Go back and read what you wrote. You may want to rewrite it with your dominant hand while it’s still fresh in your mind, as it may be very difficult to read.

There’s a reason that therapists use this technique so frequently – it really does tap into both the deeply-buried feelings and the higher wisdom we cut ourselves off from when we strive to be thinking, rational adults. This exercise is an effective first step in reintegrating long-forgotten parts of yourself back into the whole. Try it – you’ll be amazed at some of the profound messages you get from your higher self.

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sarmack profile image

sarmack 5 years ago from Washington

I am really not sure what writing with your non-dominant had does for you? I have been told by some extremely Spiritual people in Georgia that I have a very strong inner child. This, to me, meant Innocence. The Innocence of a child.

GwennyOh profile image

GwennyOh 3 years ago from LaLa Land

Very interesting article. I had never heard of automatic writing referred to in this way, but assume that's what you are describing. I must get around to trying this. I had thought about it many a time , but now you have kick-started the craving again!

Kelly Renee profile image

Kelly Renee 3 years ago from Texas Author

It's just one way of doing automatic writing, but it has helped me gain a few valuable insights I may not have discovered otherwise. Thanks for reading!

GwennyOh profile image

GwennyOh 3 years ago from LaLa Land

Yes, I am actually reading a book right now that describes automatic writing differently... in this case done involuntarily.

The book suggests that some individuals pick up messages psychically, and automatically feel a need to write down their impression. Only upon reading it will they know what the message was. That's different...

But now you have provoked a desire to know more about the different ways people perform automatic writing. I will be researching it soon. Thanks again!

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