Shine Bright Like A Diamond, Even A Diamond In The Rough

A diamond's a diamond no matter how small

Imagine all of us as diamonds, we may not be the perfect cut, our shine may lack the luster of perfection. We're more like diamonds in the rough, we need work to become the precious stones that lie beneath our rough edges. In the eyes of God, we are precious one of a kind gems. A diamond is a diamond no matter how small and when polished we can all shine brightly.

In order to shine brightly we need to hunger for the love we find only in Christ. It's hard to remember to shine when battling against the world and its situational trials. When affected by the assumptions, righteousness, and or judgments of life, it's difficult to not react to our own human qualities. We try our utmost to live in the constant refinement of God’s word and teachings, but like many stones, we need continual polishing.

Sadness doesn't come from the trials or storms allowed by our father in heaven, understand that all things allowed by Him are for the completion of His perfect design. It's not always with complete clarity that we comprehend His timing or ultimate purpose in our day-to-day life. This is why we must hold fast to His promises of the cross.

( Bible passages Psalms 50-55. I feel these writings are just some of the many writings in the word that I am drawn to in this timing. As I explore my journey I remind myself that my mere existence is for the glorification and will of God my father in heaven.)

Confessions of a Human Heart

I love God, my Father, He is my savior, but I too get caught in the web of deceit and malice of my own human brain. Caring deeply for the thoughts in my wounded heart and simply trapped by the flesh that I'm unable to rip from my being. Oh flesh, how do I surrender you fully to my God so that no foe may come against me in my darkest hours or even in my joy. Why must I give attention to the slanders and attacks of life when you're all that should occupy my heart and brain?

Your perceptions of me dear God must be disappointing as I fail regularly before you in my daily walk. When I allow an evil thought or action to take hold and I become angered or envious or impatient, unkind intolerant or so many other sins of my human nature. I know these actions though originated in pain can be used for good, when in relation to the design of your plan.

You demonstrated a beautiful anger in humanness God, through your Son, as He walked the earth in preparation for the ultimate sacrifice. I have no right to complain after this ultimate gift was given and I can no longer claim to not know or appreciate the meaning of the sacrifice of the cross. So, why must I react even for a moment to the vile representations of righteous behavior in this earthly world? Why must I stomp my feet when one speaks of me or mine and not rather fully and thoroughly trust your reasoning?

I suppose not one could read Psalms 50-55 and not find themselves in an embarrassed state before their Lord and Savior. I realize my faults and my wrong doings. I hear myself as I'm so passionate about you and yet angered by the complacency and lack of acceptance of You Lord. I find denial in the honest reality of each of my sins. I'm only a diamond in the rough, but I can surely see your image in the hearts of others and in the reflective mirrors of life, especially when shining your light.

I see that I have great work and learning to do. I realize that each time I am looking outward toward the lack of faith or missteps in the walk of another, I am no longer taking the steps toward you that I am responsible for. Help me, Lord, to always look in the mirror before taking action, as your light should be seen, and not my superficial coverings of sin. Help me to see myself as a shining servant humbly before you as your child seeking your guidance and direction. You made me as you made all of us, wonderfully for your purpose. Help me to polish the gem you have created in me, so I am able to do Your work and only that which serves You.

Psalm 55 ~ Not You ~ For We Are In Fellowship

It's true that to be insulted by a foe is alarming and yet the attack of the one we're in fellowship with is far more unexpected. It's not that God hadn’t predestined either of these attacks. It's just that when coming from one in fellowship, it's a little unforeseen. I just believe that in this timing we will be under attack from all areas. In this chaotic world, we will be pitted against one another by Satan's negative pull. The weapons will form in our own minds, even against those we love, as Satan tries his best to separate us from Christ.

The attacks will appear to be by those we trust, those in our Churches, those in our communities and those even in our own homes. We are required in these times to understand that Christ wants for us to stay strong and trust in Him. It will take great discernment to know the call of accountability versus the wrongful attack. Often it will be the delivery of said guidance and our receptive ability to decide that ultimately a true Christian cares deeply for our soul and wants only what is best for us, acting on the Christlike character within each of us.

We must understand and believe our imperfections will limit our ability in some circumstance. Our delivery may not be received and or stated as intended in good faith we will attempt to see Christ in each encounter and always move toward Him and not toward the negative pull. We allow the imperfect deliverance by one another, as we are not the true Deliverer.

God speaks through others and through life experiences, our belief needs to be strong to know that He will bring down the wicked, and those things that come to us will only be allowed if for His glory and for His good. He will use all of us in this plan some will be the catalyst of good or bad and some will be the resolution and all will be necessary. We must continue to seek Him in all transactions. Relax and the answers will come once the hit is made the bleeding eventually stops and the healing begins. We all know there is some benefit or understanding in all things just not in our timing.

There's no way to prepare for these attacks other than the armor of God and His word. As important as the church and leadership are to our walks, it's equally important to be open to the Holy Spirit and the calling of God to your ultimate purpose. It's not who will attack, when or why… it just will be, it's inevitable. The attacks brought against us are the refinement we seek sometimes unknowingly and they cause us to draw closer to the ultimate refining of our redeemer Christ Our King. Why does this world have to matter so much to each of us? Oh yes, I remember Flesh. So, dear Lord, I ask and pray refine us at a greater rate so that we may glorify you in the coming days. Allow our lights to be shared and ignited in others as in a ceremonious passing of the torch. Allow us to reach for one another and share openly our human likeness so that we can be more readily willing to attempt our Christ-likeness.

Christian is to Be Christlike ~ Oh How We Fail

We love and honor You Lord and yet as You look upon us from your heavenly seat I can only imagine Your disappointment at our choices. I'm not talking about the daily mishaps of imperfection for You expect those. Is it the words that slip from our tongues that are evil or the judgment of those slipping around us, that is the greater sin. I must say I am not sure which of these inequities is worse for no sin has greatness in Your eyes.

I don't get to proclaim my sin as less offensive than that of my neighbors, family, friends or foes. To claim my righteousness would be to place myself on a pedestal where I would sit proudly until the winds of yet another dose of refinement kick me to its base. To be without sinful nature and in the presence God, our Father is what heaven will be like. Until we are brought together in the glorification of You dear Lord, we must be loving and patient and look only to you and your word for our solace. We must attempt to realize that when placing ourselves in higher regard than You or our brothers and sisters we have again failed. When not accepting that to look at others inequities as greater than our own, we are being to some degree delusional. We need only get out the mirror to see the sinner that is reflecting back and again we are humbled.

Caution Christians

Caution ourselves to the awareness that the closer we come to You, the greater the risk of attack by a force not from our Father. To be Christians and turn against one another in this timing would be a tragedy. To love and accept likeness among your faithful Christians will be imperative to building an army for Your Kingdom.

We may not worship in one place but to be strong in the building of the community where you have been placed is essential. Wherever that place is, use it for building of a fire that has a flame that would not be put out. Share in the commonality of the word among community churches and among friends and among people worldwide. Please, God, humble us all to be good stewards of Your word and owners of our faults, but ultimately passer's of Your torch in the spreading of Your light in love.

Psalm 51:17 “My sacrifice oh God is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart. You, God, will not despise.” How prophetic the words of these Psalms, we can find each of ourselves in these words. God is unchanging and His word is timeless and so relevant. No one could read psalms and not see the complete relevance to our world today. We must be careful as we remain in the flesh and thus we must not cast the stone. We are all rough around the edges and pieces may break off of our precious stone. That doesn't mean that we're to be discarded and not polished. It just means we are not perfect. There is but one perfect stone. Sadly folks we are all just imitations.

Some of us may look better than others, some of us may even shine better, but ultimately we are not the real deal. There's only one, I really look forward to seeing that perfection in Christ as we seek to go home one day and meet Him face to face. Until then my little imitation self will do my best. I hope to not throw too much at anyone, but I am sure I will. I will also do my best to pick up the pieces and place them gently back to make others whole and continue our refinement in Him.

In order for His light to shine we must not tear one another down but rather build upon His word. We will make the mistakes of an imperfect stone and cast a shadow in the light of His word. Our honesty and humility will be required allowing the light to grow and hence welcoming all who see it. Together we need to let the light of God's Love shine through and discard anything that takes us from that light or separates us in any way from our loving Father in Heaven.

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The Stages Of ME profile image

The Stages Of ME 3 years ago Author

FSlovenec ~ Oh yes, and that is such a comforting thought and so true. Thanks again for your comment. God Bless

FSlovenec profile image

FSlovenec 3 years ago from San Francisco, CA

God will complete the good work that He has begin in you!! Amen

The Stages Of ME profile image

The Stages Of ME 4 years ago Author

Mekenzie ~

Thanks so much for your input. I am so blessed to have people who take the time to leave such beautiful comments. God Bless

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 4 years ago from Michigan

Hi Kathy, So many deep and penetrating thoughts and questions contained in this hub. I am going to read Psalms 50 -55 to gain a better understanding of how God has spoken to you through it.

This writing reminded me of the Apostle Paul's statement about struggling with the Flesh. He shares that He agrees with the Law of God and rejoices in it. He really wants to do what is right, but his body will not cooperate.

How often do I find myself in the same place struggling against what I know to do, pleasing God, only to find myself doing what the flesh desires responding in sin.

Thank God for His steadfast love and His forgiveness. Thank God for persecution and times when we are misunderstood or attacked. We do know that all things work together for our good. We can see it as we look back and find that the potter was faithfully working at conforming us to the image of Christ.

As God brings us through a trial we are humbled and totally dependent upon Him. It is through trials and hurts we learn to depend upon our Lord. At the time we may be lost in a cloud of despair but as His children, He brings us through and glorifies Himself through our healing and change of heart.

Wonderful and thought provoking hub here - I'll need to come back to it because there was so many levels of understanding hidden here.

God Bless YOU dear friend, Voted Up, Useful and Beautiful



The Stages Of ME profile image

The Stages Of ME 4 years ago Author

Thanks for the tip Blossom ~ not quite sure how to do that yet but will edit when I figure it out. I do appreciate the comment have a blessed day:)

BlossomSB profile image

BlossomSB 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

I love your title and can relate to it very well! I wonder if I might suggest that you break your article up a little with some useful headings? I think it would help the reader.

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