Our Angels Speak to Us Through Numbers: 444

Photo by Mary Soliel
Photo by Mary Soliel

When you see the numbers “444”—whether on the clock (4:44), a license plate, a sign, the internet, a bill, just anywhere—it is "a sign of the power of God's love," according to Nick Bunick, author of In God’s Truth. In Doreen Virtue’s book Angel Numbers, she describes the meaning of the number combination 444 as, “Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you …” I’ve had more than a decade’s worth of wonderful experiences with 444s. There is no doubt in my mind that when you see this beautiful set of numbers, it is great cause to celebrate.

Our angels will nudge us awake at that time, or get us to look now at this set of numbers (or other meaningful numbers), providing us with this Divine message. If you suddenly find yourself waking at 4:44 a.m., consider yourself blessed. Your angels probably woke you.

Or if you suddenly look at the clock, when you really didn’t care to know the time, and it’s 4:44, you probably were whispered to do so.

Angels love humor and there is one thing they do that gets me to laugh every time. They sometimes wake me at 4:43 a.m. Okay, maybe I’m not laughing real hard when it’s that early but it always, at least, brings a smile to my face. When I was in the midst of writing a chapter on numbers in my book about synchronicity, they nudged me awake at 4:43. The very next night they woke me at 4:44. I felt they were telling me to share with readers that they love humor and don't want us to always take life so seriously. And now I’m sharing this with you. They also want us to know that we can have a relationship with them; we really can.

Just today, on the way to Whole Foods, I saw a license plate with 444 on it at the intersection near the store. After shopping, I saw another license plate with the numbers 444 at the very same intersection. How synchronistic is that? As I approached the next intersection, I saw 555. And then closer to home at an intersection I saw 888. This all occurred on a two-mile drive from home.

You may be wondering what all these different set of numbers in triplicate mean. Numerology is the study of numbers and every number carries a certain energy and vibration, and thus meaning. In upcoming articles, I will address the meanings of other numbers.

So reader, let me know if you’re woken at 4:44, or even at 4:43 with a laugh!

Author’s note: The unplanned word count of the above article, headline included: 444!

Please see the sequel article The 444 Phenomenon is Exploding with Worldwide Awareness! and Can You Feel the Touch of an Angel? Perhaps After Noticing the 444s...

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Mike Dennis profile image

Mike Dennis 7 years ago

This is a very intersting article. Thank you for sharing it, Mary. I totally believe in angels and know from experience of their existence. And yes, I am known to be awakened at 4:44 a.m. at times. I am often nudged to take paper and pen and the angels and guides give me a type of automatic writing. I guess our angels don't view time like we do, lol, as I am not normally a morning person.

healthgoji profile image

healthgoji 7 years ago

My uncle has written a number of books on Angels their actions and more - it's quite interesting what he writes about.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 7 years ago from Colorado Author

Thanks Mike and healthgoji, by the way, who's your uncle so I can look him up?

sovrngoddess profile image

sovrngoddess 7 years ago from great lakes illinois

I just started a hub about getting in touch with your angels, I for the last two months have been having that happen everyday to me it was by chance that I found this site and then was directed to your hub. Now I am interested in finding out what the numbers mean, I have studied numerolgy before in the past and understand the significance of numbers now obvisously is a time to revisit the areas that I have not been paying as much attention to. Thanks

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 7 years ago from Colorado Author

Appreciate your comments sovrngoddess! Best wishes working on your first hub!

C.S. 7 years ago

I was born at 4:44...

AuthorLMS 7 years ago

Thanks again Mary I am glad I joined your fan club, I can tell you are not only a fabulous writer but my senses tell me your fabulous in person too.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 7 years ago from Colorado Author

I feel the same about you LMS! Thanks for such kindness!

Michelle 7 years ago

What does it mean if you are born at 4:44 and if I live at 444? Anything? This is all new to me.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 7 years ago from Colorado Author

Michelle, are you talking about your own birth time and address? You are blessed!

lareinadelcisne 6 years ago

today i noticed 4:44 on my car clock than looked up to see the license plate in front of me was 444 GGS. i laughed & knew that GGS was God Guidance System- my "GPS for the spirit"!!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

You are so blessed with the 444s, Lareinadelcisne! Love the GGS meaning too. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa 6 years ago

My Grandmother awoke every night a week before I was born at 4:44 am. She grew anxious over this and was afraid that something would go wrong with my Mother's Labor...

The morning I was born my Father called my Grandmother...to her delight He told her that I was delivered healthy on February 19th at exactly 4:44 am.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Melissa! That is an incredible story! You are blessed!

Michele 6 years ago

I have gone through a very emotionally trying time in the past month. I called on my angels and the saints to come and help me. And they did. Then days after I kept seeing 11:11 and 444 and wondered what that meant. It is good to know that it was my angels letting me know they are around me. I sensed them. I believed they were with me and how nice of them to let me know I was right.

Today the numbers seemed to have changed. I'm seeing 1414 and 1717. I wonder if they have the same meaning?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

How beautiful you called on your angels for help because I believe they cannot intervene unless we give them permission because they must honor our free will. And what perfect validation you were blessed with!

As far as 1414 and 1717, check in with your gut, your intuition, to decipher what they mean. Sometimes they just show us repetitive numbers to remind us they are there. Or it could have relevant meaning as well.

So happy to hear from you...

Charlotte 6 years ago

I am awakened at 4:44 almost every night since 2002 (when I was pregnant with my baby girl). I since happen to look at the clock always at 4:44. My car vin number has 444. I tend to notice that number everywhere I go and in everything I do. When I looked up repetitive numbers I saw this link. I am in awe. Tears started rolling down my face. I am a Christian. And in 2002, I think my family and I were rescued by an Angel off the North Shore in Hawaii. It seems like ever since that time, the numbers 444 have been a part of my daily life. I feel so blessed. I would love to have a copy of this e-book

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Charlotte! So wonderful to learn of your incredible story! You ARE blessed! Angels can save us, when it's "before our time" they can interfere! You experienced the power of God's love in a most dramatic and awesome way, and are beautifully reminded of it years later. So beautiful; it made me so happy to hear this and for you to understand the meaning!

My hard and softcover book are available on my website and Amazon.com but to get the ebook, you can go to: http://www.iuniverse.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx...

Would you consider allowing me to use your story in an upcoming book of readers' synchronicities? If you are okay with this, please let me know by emailing me at mary@marysoliel.com. Thank you!

Clara 6 years ago

Hahaha my angel woke me up by making my photo frame fall off the wall with a loud crash at exactly 2:22 am. I was scared shitless by it but then I looked at the clocked and laughed...I was like "yeah very funny...you woke me up for that" :)

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Wow, they Really got your attention, Clara, certainly some message there! I'm glad you were laughing!

anaiza 6 years ago

I am not sure what to make out of repetition of 444 numbers, last year in September...The first time when I noticed those numbers together was in the hour 4:44 that I received the e-mail from one of the publishers that I sent my poetry to.(I was saddened by the fact that I never received the response from that particular publisher on my work). During that time,I had telemarketing calls or so-called "wrong numbers" coming through either at 4:44 or 2:22. I kept waking up at 4:44. And, as I indicated it, all happened during September,last year. Eventually, I got sick during that month, and if it was not for my praying and renewed faith in God, I don't know where I would be now...

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Anaiza,

When I see 444 signs, sometimes they are when I am going through a difficult time, and I feel it is a reminder that I have incredible support and love, and these signs help me through. In my opinion, your angels were trying to get your attention and give you a message...

Dee  6 years ago

I see 44,444, everywhere I look all day and this has been happening for over 6 months. The other day I parked my car to rest before my night class begun and something prompted me to look at the address and it was 4404. I have recently gone through a really tumultuos time and I really do feel angel are encamped around me leading me into something really wonderful. I often see 555 as well, do you have any insight on that number seguence? Thanks so much for your help

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

It warmed my heart, Dee, to read your description and understanding of the 444 synchronicities. 555 is a fabulous number combination. I understand it to mean "good surprise change"! This is by far my most read article which means people are really noticing it and googling "444" to learn more about it!

Dee 6 years ago

Mary, thanks so much for responding. You seem to really know about numbers and how they relate to us. You're an Angel and I really appreciate your website!


suzan 6 years ago

This April 10th, 2010, I woke up out of a sound sleep. I had very specific plans for that day, and I felt this sense of anticipation the night before. I am familiar with the 444 phenomenon, but I hadn't woken up to that exact time in years. (Literally) Always missed it by some margin, a minute, etc. But that day I woke up at exactly that time, and it quickly switched over to 4:45 am. It was also accompaniedx by a message for me. When that happened, I knew that the thing that I had been planning on that day,... well, I knew that it would change my life that day. I just knew, somehow. And sure enough extraordinary "coincidences" kept happening that day, despite the day being a pretty traumatic one. I even saw a 444 license plate that day, during a key moment when I had decided to park my car and regroup and think over the day's events, and saw "coincidences" that to me, felt pretty provacative. Things just kept coming at me that day, that I had to say, must've been organized by my angels. I even heard a messsage while driving, that turned me back toward the direction that I came from. When I regrouped, I found that the angels had more in stored for me that day. Things that I never had expected, and certainly things that I could have never orchestrated on my own. I knew, that somehow, that day was ordered by the angels, and although I didn't know the outcome, I certainly knew that this certainly would change my life. I know that the angels use that time to tell you of God's love, to communicate, and let you know that they're there. I only hope that I was able to do what they had come to expect of me that day.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

How blessed, Suzan! I love your story. Thanks so much for sharing...

Dany 6 years ago

everytime i see 4:44, something bad happens to me, its more like badluck for me

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Dany, there are times I see 444 before, during, or after a particularly difficult situation and I feel it's a sign from the angels, a reminder of their presence to help us persevere through the difficulty...

Anaisa 6 years ago

Mary, thank You for your comment on repetition of numbers 444 and ensuring me they come from my angels... These numbers however, do You think they tried to warn me during that time, for example, about specific event, like relation with that publisher or they are general pointers to let's say trying periods in our lives.?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hello Anaisa!

Using your intuition, you can best decipher what they meant to you in those instances. In my view, the 444 never feels like a warning, but rather a reminder, a blessing. Sometimes I'll catch 444 when I'm already blissed out and happy. Yet when I see it in connection with a challenge or difficulty, to me it always reminds me of God's love and the angels' love which helps get me through it. It also pushes me to see things from a higher perspective. Thanks for writing again!

tina m lyons 6 years ago

this is BEAUTIFUL!!

just be on the look out for a BLESSING to happen GOD makes no mistakes, i see the numbers 444 and without a doubt i BELIEVE that ANGELS are with me.

may you all be blessed and i love each and everyone of you . smile because you have been choosen for something wondeerful to happen in your life!

just believe and have FAITH!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

YOU are beautiful, Tina!

Thanks for your wonderful and uplifting post...

xanithar 6 years ago

this is fascinating. I never realized how many people see this number. I thought it was just me. I do not train my brain subconciously to peak at the clock or look for 444. I don't really care about numbers, but I'm always consistantly seeing 444. I hope this is a good thing, because I'm going through a lot of personal woe's in my life. I could definitely use angels around me.

samantha king 6 years ago

hey there

i have been waking up at 4:44am and i cant get back to sleep for about an hour but its only on some nights like last night i just wake up and 4:44am and it was like someone was looking at me sleeping. but it didn't feel like someone good was with me,i think it was bad but as i was going back too sleep it was like someone good was with me.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Xanithar and Samantha,

Ask your angels to prove to you the magic of the 444s, and know you are blessed!

kym 6 years ago

The reason I am on this web page is because 2 times on the 23rd i saw the number 444. Once on my eliptical machine and then on my microwave. on the 24th i woke up from falling asleep on the couch at 4:44 am. then last night I again woke up at 4:44. I woke my husband up so he wouldn't think i was crazy! I thought something bad was going to happen til i read this article and a few others. All this started on the 23th of june. My younger sister (and best friend) died on the 22nd of june. 4 years ago. Now I know she was trying to send me a message. I asked her not to wake me up at 4:44 this morning. I need alittle sleep and it's freaking me out. :)

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

That's wonderful Kym, especially that your sister is reaching you in this way!

Tisha 6 years ago

Wow! For the last two years I have been seeing 4:44 on my clock at work everyday almost. Now I see that time and 1:44, 2:44...etc..and of I also just see the numbers here and there on miscellaneous things! I thought I would die at the age of 44 but now I am convinced my angels are with me. A few years back I was told by a Jamaican airline woman (after she touched my arm by accident helping me) she stood back and said ..."you haven't been talking to the holy spirit...he says you need to talk to him more." Funny thing..she was right on..I hadn't prayed for over a year at the time! I have always known Christ and his Angels were with me!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

So glad you're experiencing so many of these angel blessings, Tisha! You must be making your angels so happy that you're recognizing them!

JG 6 years ago

1111, 444, 222 all have different meanings but i believe with all my heart that every number has a message to deliver.

God gave me a gift to see numbers in our national lottery before they are drawn I studied all these numbers for a year now.... I know i'm getting close to my purpose on earth and in life, 222 and 1111 keeps popping up in my life when I visualize the future of other people. I know that there is something special within me I just wish, I could have a wish right now and unvayle my destiny. My mother died recently and even though I was next to her sick bed I felt angels being present in her last minutes when she passed away. My father took it bad and I felt sorry, but I knew my mother was going to be okay.

I know God has BIG plans with my life, I feel blessed to be here...

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

How wonderful! May your unveiling continue to reveal your beautiful gifts...

petra 6 years ago

hello friends,

i started a facebook page for all us 444 people, we are 82 as of today...so check it out and we welcome everyone to share their story.

mary, you would be an asset to us!

the group is called 444ever peace. i will also post this as a link ...


Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

I joined, Petra! Wishing many continued 444 blessings for you...

angelbeliever96 6 years ago

hi i really need some help i guess.i was reading messages from your angels by doreen virue before i went to bed my mom gave it to me. then i sat up and started talking to my angel.In doreens book she explains that each of us have a few numbers that are pre-choosed i guess which will be when we return to heaven.she mentions this twice how we pick them before we are born and at each of them something will happen ie illness and we will choose whether to leave or not.anyway as soon as i started speaking in my mind i saw three numbers.23,36and 49.i was completely shocked bc i hadn't asked to know how long i would be here but even more because i am only 13.i kept asking him if i was just imagining it bc i never have seen myself as an old person.i dont want to die young but i really dont know if what i ssaw is true..and if it is im really sad.when i ask my angel i get an anwer that says yes but it sounds uncertain?!please please help.has anyone had the same thing???

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Dearest Angelbeliever 96,

I'm very familiar with Doreen Virtue's work but never heard this particular teaching, although I know that our souls know this information. Ask your angels--make sure you're asking of those of the highest light--for understanding and comfort. The highest beings always come from pure love. If there is a feeling of uncertainty, it could perhaps be because we can always change the contract and have another plan, as some teachers have described. So tell your angels how you feel and ask them for the clarity and comfort you deserve, and so that you do not fear. Ultimately, avoid fear and ask your angels for help--they want you to!

Sending much love and peace...

AngelBieliever96 6 years ago

thank you very much,i feel much better.i asked archangel michael and i already feel a hundred times better.thank so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

So happy to hear that, Angel!

enchanted13 profile image

enchanted13 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Fascinating hub Mary! I know angels exist as I have encountered 2 that I know of and have written a hub about it but I think it's great that they'll communicate with us this way. I always see the numbers 11:11 or 1:11. It happens so often, especially lately that you just know it's not a coincidence. Anyway, thanks for sharing and God bless!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Thanks Enchanted! I'm going to check out your hubs now,but just want to say I'm glad you're noticing the numbers. Once you're aware, the number synchronicities seem to multiply. Blessings to You!

marty 6 years ago

For the past 5yrs its 444 every where I go its so crazy I asked god the other day to show me a sign I'm doing the right thing and low and be hold here comes this silver lexus probably doing 100mph on the freeway in the middle of nowhere and the lady was as beautiful as an angel with license plates that had 444 wow blew my mind I would to share all my stories they are real!

fsdffs 6 years ago

I think 555 could be a bad change too, not just a good one, but an emotionally difficult one.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

That is wonderful confirmation for you, Marty!

Hi fsdffs, I always say the meaning is ultimately up to the person who is experiencing the number synchronicities, to honor their intuitive sense about it.

I just looked up what Doreen Virtue says about 555 in her Angel Number book, and she says:

"Major changes and significant transformations are here for you. You have an opportunity to break out of the chrysalis and uncover the amazing life you truly deserve."

lainiek 6 years ago

Been waking up at 4:44am all summer.... I am a firm believer of Angels and think of my mother every time I hear a song with the word Angels in it. Thanks for the affirmation tht she is with me.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Wow, Lainiek! How blessed you have that constant message. And glad that your angels are helping you feel that connection, as I'm sure your Mother is one of your angels!

Kathe 6 years ago

I have been seeing 444 since 1991 when my husband Daniel died. I wake up to it and see it everywhere. I sometimes feel sad when I see it because it has been so long and life sometimes is painful and lonely. But I wouldn't ever want it to stop.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Thanks Kathe for sharing. And because you don't want it to stop, it never will. Many blessings to you.

Lady 6 years ago

I so want to believe that there's meaning behind why I see 444. Just this afternoon I looked at the clock at it said 4:44. Sometimes I wake up and the clock reads 4:44. I would love an honest answer. I do believe very much in God and His angels. I was on another web page regarding the meaning of 444 and After reading most of what everyone had to say about the number, I came away with 4+4+4=12 which 12 is the month I was born and 13 is the date I was born...and 1+3 equals 4. That also has a meaning doesn't it?

Can you enlighten me please?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Ha! With every comment I get comes an ip #. You don't see it, but alongside your comment is an ip # that has 444 in it! That is fabulous! You keep getting these signs, so just surrender to the joy of it. Everything has meaning in my book; nothing is random. Thanks for writing, Lady...

Manuela  6 years ago

Dear Mary,

I'm going through a rough period in my life and I start seeing 4:44. I had seen 11:11 or any 1 combination for years but now this 4:44 is new to me. At night I dream about seeing 44:44 which is not even a real time prompt. I think Angels are telling me that they're supporting me but I need to know your point of view . Thank you !

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Manuela!

Amazing that you dream about numbers, no less 44:44! Consider yourself blessed that your angels are indeed showing you they are supporting you! This is their way to show us, through synchronicity, and often through numbers. And to me, 444 is the most blessed of all number combinations. Rejoice!

Manuela 6 years ago

Thank you for your answer Mary.

I just want to tell you that after I left my last message here , things got worst for me. I haven't eat or slept the last 4 days .Now I think that when i see the number 44 or 4:44 it's a message telling me " rough times are coming your way". Is it possible is a warning from the angels ? Are the angel still telling me though that they're gonna help me?

Something happened to me in these last 4 days that really upset me to the point I stopped eating.

I'm afraid to see 4:44 now.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Manuela,

As I told Anaiza, above:

In my view, the 444 never feels like a warning, but rather a reminder, a blessing. Sometimes I'll catch 444 when I'm already blissed out and happy. Yet when I see it in connection with a challenge or difficulty, to me it always reminds me of God's love and the angels' love which helps get me through it. It also pushes me to see things from a higher perspective.

On one of the worst days of my life, it ended with really good news and, while driving, we were screaming with joy and celebration. And just then we saw a license plate with 44444! We felt our angels were celebrating with us.

Google 444 and you will see so many people are celebrating the 444s. Doreen Virtue who is in constant clear contact with the angels teaches that is an extremely positive sign as I stated in the article. I hope you seek out help to release your fears and to guide you through this and especially to start eating and sleeping again! I'm sending you much love and prayers to help you through.

Karen Borga 6 years ago

I know numbers are significant... I usually see 11:11 ... but today I saw 444 on my clock, and wanted to know what it meant. Of course, I would stumble upon the answer by accident. I love the way the Universe works! Blessings to you all.

Manuela  6 years ago

Thank you Mary for your answer ! It's very uplifting. Hopefully things are gonna get better, they already improve a little. Thanks for your love and prayers :)

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

That's great, Karen! I love how the Universe works too--thanks for sharing!

Manuela, I'm so glad things are improving! Hope you're eating and sleeping normally now. Take great care of yourself...

sab1984 6 years ago

Mary..on the 11th I went home from work at 4:00 a.m. In pain, I was pregnant. I woke up bleeding went to the hospital and at 11:11 a.m. found out my baby had died inside me. I gave birth at 4:44 a.m. she was already passed over. Thoughts?

Debra 6 years ago

I worked at an association in 2008, the office suite I shared with 2 other very negative women who fought all of the time; office suite was 444. The day I was talking to one of my bosses (before I was let go by another boss due to a reorg), this VP Communications told me something odd just happened. As I walked into his office, he said all of a sudden "the Heavens opened up and the music on his computer changed to Christian music." He was really nervous and even made a comment that he had to fill out some church tithing env. Then, later I realized that there were 2 buildings in DC within 2 blocks that had 1111 on them. I believe the Angels were watching over me and a lesson was to be taught. I won't ever work in an office or building with 444 on it or work on the 13th floor of an office building. Could be a warning, wake up call. 1111 mean Angels are watching over you. You are most likely a light worker on Earth, a leader...

Jasmine 6 years ago

Ive heard about angelic numbers. today I saw 444 twice and decided to look it up and came across you wonderful article. After reading it, Im also interested in what you get from Whole foods? lol Im so nosy!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hahaha, you made me laugh, Jasmine! Well, it's kind of a secret but I get...

whole foods. : )

Jasmine 6 years ago

What a coincidence! I also get whole foods! lol

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Now that's synchronistic! (laughing)

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Sab 1984 and Debra! So sorry, I somehow missed your comments!


I'm so sorry for your loss. Even during our saddest, most tragic events, we are given signs of love by our angels. This is when we need it most! Although I cannot imagine your pain, I hope you have come to a peace and understanding that your baby's soul is fine, very much alive and taken care of.


I believe that fear can make us react inappropriately. When your boss rushed to settle up with his tithing envelope, my feeling is that he reacted in fear instead of love. And perhaps missed a grand opportunity to be gleaned from this event. I personally love 444, and don't believe there is anything negative about the number 13, but society's belief in it makes it so. When we fear and avoid things, we can actually attract more of them. It is best to face our fears and seek the peace. Thanks so much for your comment, and that's wonderful that you are aware of your angels watching over you!

Jenn 6 years ago

For years now (especially the past year) I have been noticed 4's and 1's all over. (I thought I was the only one) Everywhere I go, I mean it. Most recently, my dog was ill, brought her to the vet (where I work) She weighed in at 14.1 lbs. She passed away that day. I just got her ashes the other day and on her certificate...it's read.....ANGEL ID# 4111 My heart sunk to my stomach. Angels are all around me, I am still in the stage of trying to figure out who my angel/s is/are. I see these numbers. EVERYWHERE!! License plates, clocks, at work, on the TV, on Mailboxes as I am driving. But the next step for me is to learn more and maybe my angel will send me new signs. I know they are there, now I have to figure out what they are trying to tell me......

girl 6 years ago

every time i look at a clock I see 11:11 or 12:12 22:22,14:14 ... i realy don't look often at the clock!yesterday,my mobile rang in the middle of the night,and I dont know who that was and i go back to sleep...after few minutes it rang again and i look at mobile,it was 3:33 am!every time i look at clock there are repetition numbers!i dont now what it is,but i feel strange because of that!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author


You are so blessed by having the awareness of the beauty surrounding you, your angels. Trust the messages you are receiving!


Keep researching and you will find you are in great company noticing numbers in triplicate, and celebrate. Google these things and they will bring you understanding and comfort!

Summer 6 years ago

OKAAYY this is weird cause I've really loved angels for a while now and this I thought a while ago but...I thought, "If 666 is a sign of the devil then 444 should be the sign of angels!" and the reason I thought 444 cause I love the number 4 and it just seemed to suit it....I just found thaat soooo weird when I found this!!!

Cynthia 6 years ago

I am so relieved to hear this...I see 444 ALL THE TIME...when I open a Word document from someone else and the word count is 444 words...when I download a photo sent by a client and it's 4.44kb...when I play my game on FB and I am finished with 444xp to go and especially when I wake up at 4:44am. I'd like to know if they have something important to tell me or they just want me to know that I'm loved.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Cynthia, you are blessed! Your angels want you to know and they also have a message for you as well. They want us to develop a relationship with them. They can help us in our lives but because we have free will, they cannot interfere unless we ask!

Summer, Your angels probably guided you to this for your validation! Beautiful!

kathleen 6 years ago

I have been seeing 444 come up since 2001. As we all know it was a terrible year for the world and me personally..I lost my dad, one of my best friends and another very close family friend. I also had my ovary explode and I was lucky to have been found unconscious and get to surgery in time. To make a long story short, since then I have been seeing 444 pretty much everyday! On cars, prices, on phone numbers, on tickets,bill reciepts...the clock...the computer..anywhere imaginable...I wondered for years about it and then finally did some research because I wanted to know what message I was supposed to be getting from this phemonema...and angels came up...Angels all around you, letting you know they are there...watching over you and to not fear...It is very comforting to me now..I have to tell a quick story..My husband asked me as we were driving my daughter to meet some friends for the evening ... if I still see 444 all the time and I said YES! infact I've seen it already today and he said..No way..I dont believe you..well, just as he said that I was parking the car and I looked at the clock and it said..444pm...and I pointed it out to him and then right infront of me...the car infront of me...read a licence plate with 444 on it...Don't underestimate the power of angels...He was in awe...and I felt total peace...


Rachel 6 years ago

Kathleen is actually the person who told me about the 444 phenomenon. I thought about it now and again, but never gave it any real thought. Last November I was 23 weeks pregnant when I found out that something was potentially wrong with my baby. The night before we went to meet with the doctors I woke up and the clock read 4:44, suddenly I felt like whatever happened, my baby would be okay (one way or the other). Sadly, the news was not good and I later lost the baby. To this day whenever I see 444, which is quite often, I feel like he is with me and I can't help but smile. I knew he would be alright :) Thanks Kathleen :)

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Thank you Kathleen and Rachel for sharing! I agree Kathleen, to not underestimate the power of our angels! Love the 444 story that left your husband awestruck! And Rachel, it's wonderful that you found the comfort and understanding. I have no doubt your son is with you... Love to you both.

Mary Beth 6 years ago

A couple of months ago I took a nap in the middle of the afternoon and I vaguely remember dreaming about the number four. It kept repeating itself in my dream over and over again. I suddenly woke up and rolled over to look at the clock and it was 4:44 in the afternoon. And I know this may sound silly but recently my husband and I have been watching a lot of scary shows on tv. Last night I woke up afraid to get out of bed. Maybe it was just me but I almost felt like I was being watched. I rolled over and again it was 4:44. It creeped me out until now. Could my guardian angel have been watching me? Now I feel silly for being so scared.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Mary Beth,

Yes, I believe your guardian angel is blessing you with this sign... stay tuned! : )

Ruben G 6 years ago

I was awoken at this time last night, never happened before, but mine wasn't of good faith i dont think... Im not religious.... so i dont know what to think of these, but i do believe in spirits... Any who I was awoken because I honestly felt like i was being choked... In my dream i was rescuing my friend and then this white fog appeared in the dream, grabbed my friend and then reached over and grabbed me... It felt so real... I only woke up because I felt myself struggling to breath, then all of a sudden, I was up out of my bed and yelling... What does that mean!? If its in good faith numbers or angels to protect you why was i being choked in that dream...

... also at 530 later that morning, i was back asleep and i swear something shoved me over on my bed causing me to wake again... This time i just sat there till the sun came out... then slept again... It was a heavy feeling! Grrrrr Well thanks for your time and for reading this message any insight would be great. but Im also going out and getting some sage to burn around my place tonight...


Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Ruben, Sorry it took so long to respond to your question. Does this dream make sense to you? Is someone "smothering" you or taking your energy away? To me, the waking at that time was your angels showing you that you are okay! You were given a sign and the dream was stopped! I see it as a positive because frankly, I have never associated 444 as being anything but a Divine sign.

Do you think your angels are trying to get your attention. Just stay aware and if you are concerned about some negative spirits hanging around, always ask for highest beings/angels to protect you. Particularly, ask for Archangel Michael. No matter how many are calling on him, he will be there for you. Trust that...

Take care!

Eric 6 years ago

My sister and I were both born at 4:44 am but we are 13 years apart. It has always been significant in our family but we were never sure of the meaning of this. But I believe it may have something to do with our destinies. I have also recently been seeing 11:11 lately. Is there any significance to this or is it just a coincidence?

Antoine Van Hove 6 years ago

Well Mary,

I just read your article about 444.

I just wrote all kind of revelations and published them on my site: www.niotna.net (just copy and paste, please.)

After I finished this work, I woke up several times in the middle at the night.

Once at 3.14 (PI) and a bit later on 444.

It intrigued me, thats is how I found your article.

So, I hope it is allowed that I may ask you personally to have a look on my website and tell me what you think of these texts, please?

Thank you in advance.


This my prayer / poem for the new time:

“I wish to live in a state of deep, complete and graceful surrender to AL-THAT-IS.

A state in which there can be total giving and unhindered receiving.

Because I know that only in that state of total giving and complete receiving

the only true love can be experienced.

I want to live in a state of complete surrender,

because I know and trust

that AL-THAT-IS knows what good is for me,

and that he always gives me that which is best for me.

But above all, I know deep in my heart, that through this deep and total surrender,

I allow perfect harmony to become a reality.

Not only in myself, but in the whole world!

Amen (So be it!)"

Also as a movie on youtube:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06P0dcpek8k (just copy and paste)

© Complete Copyright notice on my website!

Antoine Van Hove 6 years ago

Well, I just put my second video on youtube:


Hope you enjoy!

Antoine Van Hove 6 years ago

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Eric! That's truly amazing that both you and your sister were born at 4:44! How blessed is that?!

Yes, there is definite significance (there are no coincidences in my view) in your noticing of 11:11. You may wish to read my article on this very topic: http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/Are-You-Ca...

Best wishes!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Antoine, You have much to share! We both agree that living from the heart is the way now. Best wishes with getting your messages out there, as we are so lucky in these times to have limitless ways to do so...

Kendal Kintzinger 6 years ago

I moved to Lake Oswego about 2 months ago, and we looked at some houses. My mom really liked this one so we went to go look at it again, but when we got there our realtor had to do something else and she she sent her husband who just happened to be Nick Bunick. The next morning he was in the paper for the story he told about him being the reincarnation of the Apostle and his experiences he had had with angles and the number 444. We then realized that the house that we looked at with him had the address of 444. We ended up buying the house and ever since I have been waking up at 4:44 a.m. and looking at the clock when it's 4:44 during the day and even when I was at a football game I randomly checked to see how much time was left and It just happened to have 4:44 left on the clock.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

That is absolutely incredible, Kendal!!! I love this story so much! Did he say anything to you about 444 or who he was, or did you just happen to hear about him the next day? Your angels must be having great fun with you. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing story!

Kendal Kintzinger 6 years ago

He didn't say anything to us about anything. We just saw him in the paper the next day. It's been incredible how many times the number 444 has been coming up.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

This is truly amazing, Kendal! I bet you are on some wonderful path for all of this to unfold for you. You inspired me to look up Nick Bunick, because I haven't heard much about him in recent years, but now see he has a new book coming out. Anyways I'm watching this video as I write you and he's talking about his 444 experience :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvjcOKqs6EU&feature...

Daniel Hunter 6 years ago

Hi Mary ........I have been having strange sounds in my right ear over the last month [ sounds like a waterfall with morse code in the form of a car horn in the back ground ] went to the doctor and he give me some medication , but still no good .

But yesterday morning i woke at exactly 4.44 am and the same this morning , i thought it was a strange coincidence so i have just looked it up on the internet .[ i'm stunned ] but i do believe in angels anyway and wonder is this a warning !!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Daniel,

There are all kinds of wonderful, spiritual things that are happening. I can only speak for myself, but I feel strange occurrences/sensations in my ear. I don't personally relate to it in a medical way, for me it seems more of a spiritual nature, but you need to make your own decision on that. We are evolving spiritually and that means that we can experience symptoms of it. Our angels show us 444 to let them know they are with us. I've never seen it as a warning. You were doubly blessed!

Antoine Van Hove 6 years ago

The first part of my new youtube video: A NEW COSMOLOGY


Best regards,


Daniel Hunter 6 years ago

Yeh Mary ...i think i know what i have to do .

I know that we can be the tools for Angels as i had the experience of saving a young 14 year girl when a glass fronted fire blew up in her face and cut her badly . she was the only person at home at that particular time , plus her home was miles from anywhere up here in the mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland [ what took me there I'll never know , but i met her coming screaming out of the house seconds after it happened , so i calmed her down and took her to hospital 30 miles away and left her in the hands of the professionals ] never seen her since cos i wasn't from those parts . my intentions were to take a short cut home and go over the mountains and roads i didn't really know and was calling to find directions .

I have also seen 6 or 7 small translucent beings around my fathers hospital bed when he passed away last winter . they came for him at exactly 6 am [ i wasn't hallucinating as my brother seen the same behind me at the same time and i said " Do you see what i see paul " and he replied "Yeh ...those small see through beings " ................that was it for me , i always had a sense of life after death , but that was the proof .

[ our work only starts when we move up in the ranks , i don't call it dying !! ] there is alot of space out there remember and only responsible angelic being need apply ????????????

Nice meeting you Mary .

Antoine Van Hove 6 years ago

I hope you dont mind Mary... here is part two...


daniel 6 years ago

I'm wondering Mary if some have done a reading on me and have found me to be genuine and are slightly afraid to proceed with comments or indeed " their own views " [ i would love to hear from other graced beings and their own peculiar stories on this planet ]

keep up the good work Girl !! And i'm Dan on that face thing ??

Antoine Van Hove 6 years ago

Mary, I have first time noticed waking up showing 4.44 on my clock at night.

Now, it raises, first 4.45; 4.46; last night 4.49...

Any idea what this may mean?

looking forward to your reaction...

Grace 6 years ago

My son commited suicide 11 months ago. He was 21 years old. I had no reason to have a intrest in these numbers. The only number I knew about was 333, the trinity. After my son died I started waking up at 3:33 then an hour later at 4:44. After doing this for two nights in a row I looked it up on the internet. It has been 11 months and I still see these numbers on a daily bases. But now I see more numbers like 433, 844, 722, 155, all double numbers at the end along with still seeing 333 and 444. Why is it that I'm seeing this after my son's death? I lost my dad and never had this happen. Why now?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Daniel

Do you mean you're a facebook friend of mine by the name of Dan?

Hi Antoine

Sometimes the angels wake me up at 4:43 or 4:45 just to make me laugh! Check in with your gut when you're woken at these times and intuit what the message is about.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Dear Grace,

I'm so very sorry for your tremendous loss. My feeling is that your son may be waking you at these times, to get you to notice, so he can connect with you and tell you that he is fine.

Perhaps you can try talking to him, because I believe he truly will hear you. I bet he'll continue to keep showing his presence in different ways. It's amazing how we can connect with the other side. I recommend the following website: http://www.after-death.com/. There is a message board there and you will learn much about how our loved ones can leave signs for us after "death." They discuss "ADCs" or after-death communications. If you are uncomfortable with it you don't have to post, but you can at least read the entries. My prayer is that it will give you much comfort and open your mind to the possibilities of these communications. I hope this helps and I wish you comfort and healing.



Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Also Grace, I just thought to add the link to my article regarding how passed loved ones give us signs: http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/Our-Passed...

Dary Hannam 6 years ago

I am so glad I am not the only one on thia earth to wake up to 444 or see them on license plates,house numbers etc. I t started about 6 years ago. But fot the last year it comes up alot more now. It still freaks me out when I see it. Thank you for all of your comments. It has very much enlighted my thought. You to scare me alittle bit, but you people talk about the angels so much

It totally inspired me to go further with my research. You folks helped me out with understanding the 444 all the time.

Thank you so much.

P.S. the last four digits in my social security number is 4444

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Wow, love the last part of your ss #, Dary!

Macky 6 years ago

Me too always see number like 9:44 10:44 when i look at the time

Tina 6 years ago

I had a car accident 04.04.2004 . I had a sense of fear 2min before .I prayed . And I was saved X 3 2 min later . I got just broken right light in terrible car accident which was in TV news . 444

Paula 6 years ago

I woke at 4:44am this morning. That brought me to your site as I did a search. Thanks for the positive insight!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Thanks so much for your comments, Macky, Tina and Paula! And glad you were okay, Tina!

Lauren g 6 years ago


My dad passed away 3weeks ago yesterday. Exactly a month before he passed away, my mum woke up at 2.22 4.44 8.88. And about 6 more times before he passed she woke at 4.44. Also the day my dad got rushed in to hospital my mum bought a raffle ticket and the number on it was 888 what does 888 mean? Since my dad passed away 3 weeks ago my mum still keeps waking at 4.44am. Also the hospital rang us at 4.44am to ask us to come to the hospital when we got there they informed is that my dad had died. I've woken up twice since my dad passed away and can smell his aftershave is this normal? Also I woke up last night (I had left my light on) I looked at the ceiling and there was like a misty shape hovering just below the ceiling what was this? Were not a religious family but I typed in 444 on google and this was the first website that came up. Can you explain any of this to me? Thanks x

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author


Your angels are truly in communication with you, including your father who is obviously around you! Yes, people sometimes smell things that remind them of their past loved ones! It sounds like his spirit was visiting you and there is nothing to fear (re: misty shape). To learn more about these occurrences, I recommend a website about after-death communications (ADCs) at http://www.after-death.com/. I hope you both see these synchronicities as blessings from your father. He wants you to know that he is just fine, and that he is watching over you.

The number 8 is the money/abundance number and anything in triplicate sends a more powerful message. I wrote about all these things in my book, I Can See Clearly Now.

Wishing you much love and comfort...

Michele 6 years ago

I would like to share a recent experience on Dec. 9, 2010. A random car on the highway in NY cut in front of me with the numbers 444. At that same moment, I looked on my left hand side there was my soul mate, my favorite person and the man I think about everyday. It was a pure mirale and a heavenly message from above. Thank you!

Gord 6 years ago

Hi. I have been waking up every night for about a year to 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 & 5:55. Not the same ones every night. Last night it was 2:22 & 4:44. Dead sleep, snapped awake looked at the clock & lay there for about 20mins trying to figure it out. I'm not an overly spiritual person so i'm not sure what it means.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author


That is a FASCINATING synchronicity and I can only imagine how that made you feel! I just love it! How magical!


I'm glad you found your way to this article to share your experiences with everyone. Your angels are talking to you through these signs and want you to know they are there for you!

Melymel03 6 years ago

My husband and I were married on 4-4-04 at 4:44pm. Not thinking that it would mean anything, just a date that would be easy for us to remember. Afew years later, my daughter was actually born at 4:44am. Not till then, did I even think that it could actually mean something. So as of lately, I've been wondering what all of this means and what theya re trying to tell me...

Jonathan 6 years ago

I have been seeing many number patterns for years now. I do see a pattern. Some combinations still confuse me but numbers such as 44,13,37 or 12:12 4:44 13:13 i seem to understand.

44 always comes up as a problem, to be solved or abandoned im not too sure. It comes up in moments of complete reaction/out of control to business ideas which never seem to work out. 4:44 i've seen mostly when i'm completely out of control.. for example i've seen it a few times when im playing poker late in the morning and I start playing badly and getting upset and throwing money away. So in other words 44 seems to be negative but sometimes I ponder if it just means change your approach or if it perhaps just means negative full stop.

13 is a bad number, when ever I see 13 and im thinking of something or about to do something it never ever works out. It's actually unbelieveable how accurate its been. So im pretty sure 13 is negative

12:12 seems to mean travel or change of location or journey of some sort, not too sure...

If you wanna chat my skype alias is liquidwax or email me on jsack33@gmail.com

jedwards444@YAHOO.COM 6 years ago


Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Thanks Melymel, Jonathon, and Jedwards for sharing!

Lincoln 6 years ago

Hi I am a chinese, actually I dun really believe in angels or any god, even my family religion(Buddha). I have always see 444 on the digital clock, in Chinese tradition, 4 is a very unlucky number and it mean death. So if I am a Chinese, what does 444 mean to me. Btw my life has been v rough these few years.

Lucie  6 years ago

My first daughter was born at 2:22 and my second at 4:44. Any significance?

PaulH 6 years ago

My birth certificate number is 7777. My house number was 111. And of late, I get frequent 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 and 711. I always say "thanks Guys" when I see 3 of a kind.

breitling replica 6 years ago

we keep seeing 444 lately - the last time we saw 444 was after a cousin died, we went out of town to his funeral, our hotel number was 444. recently a friend got in acar wreck her number to the hospi room was 644, my room in the hotel to see her was 644. any significance?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Lincoln, Lucie, Paul, and Breitling...

Thanks for your comments! Numbers in triplicate, I believe, are of significance because all numbers have meaning, energetically, so when you see them in triplicate, that builds on that meaning. As far as significance in particular sets of numbers, you can google numerology sites for specific descriptions, but also tune into what it may mean to you, intuit the meaning for yourself as well. Thanks again!

Nefertiti44 6 years ago

A year ago when I was trying to purchase a property that was a short sale, I started seeing the numbers 11:11. It became very frequent and it started to freak me out. I thought I was going crazy. I ended up not getting the property, then ended up in the hospital due to an ovarian cyst that had ruptured and caused internal bleeding. I almost died. During the course of all of these bad events, I started seeing 444 or 44 everywhere. I started to get scared when I saw these numbers because I felt that more bad things were on the horizon. Believe it or not, I had a very difficult year last year, but after a while, I started to feel that 44 meant that a difficult situation would occur but that I would make it out ok. It bothers me that I still see this number because I feel like I'm not out of the woods yet so to speak. I also see the numbers 222, 333, 555 & different variations like 12:12 10:10, etc. Usually my day starts out with see 44 almost every hour on the hour! Sometimes it drives me crazy! I also started a relationship around the same time that I started seeing all of these numbers and it started out very difficult and rocky. But so much has changed and developed between us and I believe that the angels are telling me to hang in there and not walk away because every time my bf and I break up, they start showing me his name all over the place! It's truly amazing! I feel very blessed to have this connection with the angels and I have spent a year searching all over to find out what it all means. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one experiencing this phenoma.

Lincoln 6 years ago

Hi I try tell myself 444 is a Lucky number. Somehow it works! Now it cheer me up when I saw triple number. Hope angel

Wake me up at 444 to do my assignment

Nefertiti44 6 years ago

It's funny because now I keep seeing the number 323 and my birth date is on 03/23/79. I think the angels are trying to tell me that everything is going to get better by my birthday or that maybe that day will be a special day! I still see 44 all over and all the time and every now and again they show me 444. I do hope and pray that good things are coming in after such a difficult year last year.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Nefertiti and Lincoln,

When I see 444 I'm reminded of the closeness of our angels. I do consider it most blessed. I too have had signs that something difficult was about to occur, but then when in combination with the 444 signs, I just felt like I was being told that all would be well. And I trust it always. I'm glad you are okay, Nefertiti after such a frightening experience.

One time after one of the worst days of my life, one thing after another that ended up at the hospital that evening, we finally got good news after being in the ER late at night. As soon as we drove away, feeling so much better, we saw a truck with 44444 on its license plate.

I wish you both the very best.

jjrascon@dmacc.edu 5 years ago

Mary,for the past twenty years give or take I also see this number 444 almost all the time plus the number 108 what does it mean? I also tried to add,subtract,multiply divide them but i still don't know what they mean iam glad iam not going crazy when i see other people who also see these numbers

Dong  5 years ago

This is the long story cut short.

I have been trying to bring about or allow physical appearance change through grace of the universe. I do believe it's possible but I have my moments of doubt. However, there has always been something in me that told me it's possible. Not a whole lot of people believe it's possible but I'd understand if you don't either.

But my take is, if one thing is possible, if one physical miracle is possible, and when you determine miracle to be nothing more than something out of ordinary and not necessarily valued for someone who is supposed to be "good" or "worthy" or any of those, then I think we should all be experiencing this so called "miracle" every day to our desire.

Anyway, I'm in a long distance relationship with this girl and we've been meaning to fly to each other but kept putting it off because we don't feel physically ready because of we are self conscious of our bodies.

Anyway, lastnight was a breaking point for me because I felt cut off from the source and the possibility but I'm trying again.

Anyway I was supposed to fly to see her in 30 days but it wasn't set on stone you see. But I decided "you know what, i'm going to buy the ticket, and I WILL TRANSFORM within the time"

Then I went to kayak and looked up the flight.

AND BE HOLD! 444 out of 444 roundtrips shown!

I'm pretty good with repeating numbers of sequential numbers, like yesterday when i put the gas in the car, I stopped at 15:15 and i wasn't doing it on purpose because i wasn't thinking about it and i intended to stop when i saw 15.00. And I get a lot of 111 and 1111 and 777 and 888 on license plates.

So I'm going to try again with the physical transformation and give everything I have.

Reading you saying that it's bunch of angels giving me support gave me strength so thanks!

Jeff Newman 5 years ago

For many years, I have been awaken to the number on my clock at 4.44am and have been puzzled by this as it happens regularly. I've been having grief cancelling after the heartbreaking lose of my soul mate of 18 yrs and happened to mention this. She told me it had a significance with angels calling, so I decided to do some research and found this web article. Very interesting, a comport for me as I am a believer in angels. Thanks.

ThomasDonovan 5 years ago

I to was born at 4:44am and wake up at that time and see the numbers come up frequently in life. Sometimes it gets a bit freaky showing up literally everywhere. They seem to show up more when things are going rather tense or difficult. I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing the numbers and messages

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi JJ: According to Doreen Virtue, in her Angel Numbers book, 108 means... "Your beliefs and mindset around God bring many forms of abundance to you. Like the Creator, you can share this wealth with others in many ways. Stay positive and teach others to hold positive thoughts about material supply as well." So, JJ, also it is important what the number means personally to you... it may show itself at a later date, such as you move into a house with the address 108... that is just an example. Or the date 10/8. Just trust your intuition. Thanks for writing and sorry it took so long to get back to you!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Dong!

I agree with you! Now more than ever, I believe we can experience miracles on a daily basis! The 444 sign associated with your trip was a huge message to you. How lovely! Your angels are obviously right with you! I hope you have a most enjoyable trip with your girlfriend!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Jeff,

I am so very glad you found this message to be a comfort! Your angels are always with you...

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Thomas,

I know what you mean. I see them when I need the reassurance, but also when I'm as happy as ever. How blessed you were born at that time!

Lexie 5 years ago

I can't find my angel book to decipher this, but someone is trying to communicate with me thru waking me at 12:22 almost every day. I actually woke up out of a dead sleep today, struggled to open my eyes & look at the clock & sure enough 12:22! What does it mean?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Lexie!

Does the date 12/22 mean anything to you? It can mean so many things. Check in with your gut feelings, and also you can ask your angels for clarity what this is all about!

Nefertiti44 5 years ago

I see 222 or 22 or 1212 or any variation of 22's and I found this meaning to be helpful:

Repeating Angel Numbers - 1's and 2's (1122, 1212, 2211, 121 etc)

1's and 2's indicates that your thoughts are like seeds about to sprout. You are asked to ensure that the seeds you sow are of a positive and uplifting nature. 1’s and 2’s combined are a sign that things will go in your desired direction when you stay on a positive path. The message is to live with faith and trust.

A combination of the numbers 1 and 2 may be a message from your angels telling you to look to new or different ways to enhance your home and family life. Bring in some new furniture or re-decorate and update where you can as this will usher in positive energies. Tell family members how much you love them.

Also here is the meaning of the 2's:

, even if it is not obvious just yet. Patience may be needed, but you may rest assured that all will turn out for the highest good.

The essence of the Master Number 22 is unlimited potential of mastery in any and all areas - the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental.

The number 22 has to do with balance, manifesting miracles and new opportunities. When 22 repeats in your life you are asked to take a balanced, harmonious and peaceful stance in all areas of your life. The message is to keep the faith and stand strong in your personal truths.

The message of 222 is that everything will turn out for the best in the long-term. Do not put your energies into negativity – be aware that all is being worked out by spirit for the highest good of all involved. 222 is also reminding you to keep up the good work you are doing, as the evidence of your manifestations are coming to fruition.

Heather 5 years ago

Last night I woke up at 2:22am, 3:33am, and 4:44am. What does that mean?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Nefertiti! So much great information regarding Lexie's question. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

Heather, I think your angels are trying to get your attention! : ) Incredible... three times in one night!

Lori Garrettson 5 years ago

Thank you so much for your stories. I have been waking up at 4:44AM or seeing 1:44, 2:44, 3:44, etc...on clocks now for about one month. I have been so afraid it was a warning that I am going to die at 44 (I am currently 42). The anxiety I have been experiencing is ridiculous! When I began reading all of these posts, tears ran down my face. It was only then that I realized I have only been seeing these numbers since I have been addressing some medical issues. So far, everything is checking out. I hope this is my angels' way of telling me things will be ok.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author


I'm so glad the comments gave you comfort! And that you have this wonderful connection to your angels... Just believe that no matter what you will be okay and remain aware of the incredible support with you. Best wishes for your great health!

johnny 5 years ago

I have been seeing the number 444 every day sometimes even around four or five times. I am surprised so many other people are experiencing this. I see it on licence plates, clocks, adresses and i see it on tv. I dont know what to make of it and there are so many theories about it. I do feel its a message or symbol I just dont know why or what it means......

Cody 5 years ago

i dont find this funny. Last nite i woke up at 4:43 with a bad nosebleed. When i got it to stop and finally went back to bed, i just "happened" to look at my clock. It was 4:44. WHAT'S THE MESSAGE?

Brittany 5 years ago

I see 444 everyday while i'm at work. I could be busy as ever, but when i look at the clock it reads 444! I'm so excited that i have angels to guide me throughout the day because 444 is not the only numbers i see daily... i also see 111, 222, 333, 555,and sometimes 888 and 999

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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Johnny and Cody!

Things happen to get us to notice the angels' sign, such as a whisper to look at the clock now! In my firm opinion, it is nothing to fear, but rather celebrate. It's a very positive sign from the angels!

Hi Brittany!

It sounds like we are both triplicate number lovers!

Gloria44 5 years ago

Hi Mary,

I also see 4's and sometimes they come in a sequence of 44, 444,4444, and once 44444. I had gotten a sense of the 4s somehow being a message to me but it took a little while before I realized that. For me the 4's let me know of "happenings" and intensity and closeness. They usually come in as 44. Any info on what 44 means (just 2 fours?)? i see these alot. I have to admit when i saw 44444, i was startled. I knew something was on its way but didn't know what and didn't feelgoodabout it aat all. I knew it waould involve someone very close to me, in fact within my family circle and was so paranoid and scared for everyone. The messaging was confirmed when a very close family friend (my brothers best friend0 died. What wasalso interesting was that he and I had spoken for the last time on April 4! He died on the 6th and was only in his early 20s. Rethinking the message of the 44444 gave me chills when we were told of his death. Also it seems as though the messages speed up as I get closer to whatever situation I am being "warned" or told about...Its so very interesting. Do you have advice on what to do with these? Also my mom sees 1's alot. Like I see 4's. Funny story: We had gone to grab some lunch one day and the total was $11.44! We both looked at each other and immediatley understood each other! Can you give me some input on the 1's? Thank you Mary for this page and all of your insight with these messages! Glo

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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Gloria,

You seem very in-tuned which is wonderful! I would go with your gut feelings before anything.

According to Doreen Virtue, in "Angel Numbers," 44 means "many angels are with you now. You can ask these angels to help you with anything that brings peace to you and your loved ones..."

That's so very sad about your brother's best friend, and especially being so young. Could it be that you were to feel comfort from the angels and to perhaps know that there was a higher reason this happened, although tragic?

I have to share that once I saw 44444 right after I got news of great relief (health-wise)! To me these sets of numbers are still reminders of our angel's presence, whether something tragic or celebratory, to know they are with us and we are not alone and are so loved. They want to help us but we have to ask, as they cannot interfere with our free will!

1 represents New Beginnings! I love 111 too! : ) I loved your $11.44 story with your Mom and how you both just got it! Very neat!

You're very welcome, thank you for your interest and presence here, Gloria!

Gloria44 5 years ago

Wow!and thank you....i read this as my clock hits 4:44pm. :)

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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

And I went to facebook right after posting to you, and the first post was someone posting that it was 4:44! and it said below it 44 seconds ago! And now your post! Amazing, Gloria. We are all blessed. This is truly synchronistic!

Wishing you continued blessings!

Gloria44 5 years ago

Got this from a FB Friend and reposted onto my moms page...In leiu of new beginnings and 1's...had to share! This year we'll experience 4 unusal dates..1/1/11; 1/11/11; 11/1/11; 11/11/11... now figure this out ... take the last 2 digits of the year you were born, plus the age you will be this year... it will add up to 111!

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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

I know... it is amazing! Did you see my previous comment? : )

Gloria44 5 years ago

Yes, I did! thats too cool!!

Brenda 5 years ago

I am so happy to have found this! I've been seeing 444 for months now and I just knew there was a reason for it. It makes complete sense. Just as God came back into my life I've been seeing 444. Thanks :)

c cat 5 years ago

can 444 mean to have fun because the olney tome i see it is win im around a woman and ofter or if im thinking about her but know my angels are showing me another woman in my angel dreams tha is a much deaper love than that

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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Brenda, that is absolutely wonderful! How blessed!

Yes, C Cat, go with how you feel when you see it! Your gut feeling (your intuition) is your best indicator!

Ekaterina Khramova 5 years ago

hi i have seen number 444 every where and this is the weird thing k i looked at the song britney spears and i noticed that the time is 444 then i looked at again still there an hr later it was said 445 i was like woah and then the last couple of days i keep seeing that 444 on my ipod touch and my cell phone and 444 at a license plate i was like woah this is cool and then i got to ure article and i was like hmm this is interesting and i have been going through a heard time lately i wonder what my angels are trying to tell me :) and between mary thank u for posting this topic for every one i agree with u that 444 is a good number :) it means something right?

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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

You are being blessed again and again, Ekaterina! They want you to know they are with you, and you can ask them for help through your difficulties if you wish...

Best wishes!

AZUL4U2 5 years ago

4:44 A.M. I awoke that morning 9/9/1995..

Moments later I received a call..my wife had passed on.

On her death certificate it has her time of death at 4:44

I have come aross 444 so many times since that day, not only 444 but I find dimes as I walk along.I feel blessed.

As though she is saying hello..

So may the 4's be with you..AMEN

CC 5 years ago

I typed in to ask the Lord to please have my guardian angel to give me winning florida lotto numbers because I am so far financially in problems lately and, I am a disabled Veteran that lost my husband shortly after my mother last year. It led me to click on your page out of all of them.It is also funny that my husband was very close to our 4 granddaughters:)Praise God-after speaking to my ma (step mother-like my ma) tonight i was feeling better after crying a lot and afraid of losing my vehicle and my power to be shut off any time now. Then after reading this-I lready told her I am going to help with some homeless Veterans tomorrow and perhaps the Lord has a way to bless me with what I need right now from all this. I will keep faith and know he has something special for me to be very happy and those aorund me to celebrate and have a nice dinner tomorrow eve through all of this.May God bless everyone.

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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Azul, You are blessed. I've heard that our passed loved ones can in fact leave things such as coins for us. Continued blessings to you!

CC, keep the faith and stay strong. May you be blessed in many ways. I am amazed how you found me here. Sending prayers your way.

4for 5 years ago

I've had so many encounters with permutations with the numbers 2, 4 and 8, that I picked 444age as my youutbe handle. Anytime I look at a clock and it shows 4:28 or 2:44 and especially 4:44, I know I am at the right place at the right time in my life's journey.

mmm 5 years ago

my son dreamt he was in 444 class room number then he went to 448 class room number. What does this mean. He said he couldn't see his friends from other classes till the end of the year.

Wan 5 years ago

I was awakened at exactly 4:44 this morning (and have on other occasions as well). I also had the number 444 come up on a tab no. I was working with.....and I often see them on car plates. They often show up when I might be struggling with some issue, etc. - and it always warms my heart. It does make one realize we are not alone !!

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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Nice handle, 4for. To mmm what did your son feel it meant? Wan, isn't that the best part, knowing we are not alone?!

Heidi 5 years ago

My son Solomon Adonai was born on my birthday at 4:44 a.m.! What a gift, surprise, & blessing! I have always referred to 444 as Jesus' number!

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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

That's beautiful Heidi!

Helen 5 years ago

The following has happened in this order on different years: My mother passed away at 4:44 pm. My son was born at 4:44 am. The last email I received from my father before he passed away was at 4:44 pm. While staying at a haunted hotel, I was awoken at what I believe to be 4:44 am (did not check the time right away but estimated) by a blue orb which entered my body filling me with an electrical sound and buzzing (no pain or euphoria). I was never one to believe in God or Angels but now I am not so sure. 4:44 seems to be both positive (birth) and negative (death/invasion of my personal space by who knows what).

D.J.N 5 years ago

My mom died 3 days agu. Today, as we sat with the undertaker, I twice glanced at his calculator as he were adding up the costs. Both times I saw 444.

john dullaghan 5 years ago


i just found your site. I have been seeing 444 since 1996 and it has set me on a spiritual path that has changed my life. I have noticed over this time that the "sightings" as I call them come in waves depending on what's happening our about to happen in your life.

Just recently ( passed two weeks) I started to see 444 everywhere and more than normal. I started to take pictures of the sightings and i have a picture that i believe best describes not only the awesomeness of the 444 experience buy also the synchronistic perfection that leads you to believe this is not just a coincidence. I would love to share this picture with your audience if that is possible some how ?



Silvana  5 years ago

This is so great! I woke up at 4:44am this morning and I was curious :) Thanks for such a great article.

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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Helen, DJN, John and Silvana,

Thanks so much for sharing! DJN, so sorry for your loss, but what a comforting and loving sign from the angels. Helen, if you read some of the comments above I hope you'll see that even during our most challenging times, the 444s can give us incredible comfort. John, thanks for your offer, can you email it to me and I'll see if I can post it? alighthouse@mac.com Thank you, Silvana! I appreciate all your comments so much! ...

744 5 years ago

Aside from the 44 and 444's, the number 7 always seems to be together - including this page. Ur hug rating is "70" so I open the page and it's 444 70.

So I've decided to start a blog with pictures of it.

Lisa 5 years ago

Just wanted to say thank you for posting this article. Over the years I have often wondered why it is when i look at the clock, computer or cell I often see the 4:44. The last three days as I have been awaken at 4:44am and when not in need to know the time, have looked at the clock at exactly 4:44pm. after i noticed it again today, i felt compelled to look its meaning up. :)

Lora 5 years ago

My family and I are going through some of THE most difficult times of our lives. During this time, I have repeatedly been waking up at 4:44 or seeing 4:44 and thought I was literally going crazy, until I googled your website. I started crying, knowing that this is very special........it seems like my heavy load has been lessened. Bless you for your website!

4for 5 years ago

If you liked 4for, you will love my youtube handle: 444age

Imre 5 years ago

i have been seeing 444-44 numbers for around a year now since i started my studies into this topic, i feel truly blessed and grateful to our creator that he gives us his caring love by sending to us his angels to confort us! whenever I have difficult time these signes make me feel safe and loved! I started work with reiki energy not that long ago and my intuition grew a lot so I can feel their presence a sometimes without number it is awesome :)

my blessings


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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi 744, Lisa, Lora, 4for and Imre!

That's interesting, 744--glad you're blogging about it!

Lisa, I'm so glad you found your way here to share in understanding!

Lora, how wonderful to feel the loving comfort of your angels! Wishing you much peace and continued comfort.

Nice, 4for!

And Imre, well said! I'm so glad you're feeling their presence. I think you have just inspired me to write another article! Thank you!

Jun 5 years ago

Nice article :D...i sometime found myself suddenly looking at the clock of Handphone with the digit of 4:44...i thought im the only one...this makes feel blessed after ur articles is about...thx 4 it!

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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

I am so glad, Jun, thanks for sharing that!

Cheryl 5 years ago

I have beenprompted with 11:11, 222, 555, 777, 999, 44, 23 and all series one after the other sometimes, i started researching their meanings and have come across alot of theories.

Ive even been told that we must not be deceieved as satan works in the form of light? that was froma born again christian pastor. Lateley i started reading the bible and learning how to pray properly with all my heart to God,Jesus and Holy spirit instead of just God as i used to and the angels and i got bombarded and woken up with the number 444 44, 4 4's anyway!

This must be a connection from God :-) a blessing

what do you think?

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Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Cheryl,

In your heart lies your greatest wisdom and answers to your question. Yes, I believe you are being blessed and it is something to rejoice in and not to fear...

Joyce 5 years ago

Hey there...so glad I came across this article. This really happens to me all the time (waking up at 4:44)!! Ironically enough, that is also my birth hour/minute!!! So thank you for sharing.

mikea 5 years ago

Hi Mary, I am so happy I came across your blog. I just wanted to share with you that I have started seeing 44 in time last year when I experience the biggest problem in my life. I was so depressed that I think I have slowly gone crazy. During that time, I remember waking up early in the morning at 4:44 a.m. Then every time I look at the clock in my car and on mobile phone...there are 44 numbers on them like 11:44 or 1:44 2:44 and 4:44....at first i was afraid that I thought I am becoming paranoid....Just 2 months ago I started googling this number and come across with other people also have similar experience...the first comes from this blog >>> http://abadu.blogspot.com%2F2007%2F04%2Fwants-it-mean-when-you-see-number-44.html&h=54c31. They even created a facebook group called 44 Society (link>http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=91917345634&...

I am still seeing this now. I am so glad that during those times I now know that my angels were watching over me. Thank you for giving me guidance and insights on this incredible experience. - Mikea from Philippines.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Joyce,

What a blessed time to be born! Thanks for sharing!...

Hello Mikea,

How wonderful to have these signs to remind you that you are not alone. Thanks for the links. My friend has a facebook group called 444ever Peace. You can find her page at: https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/home.php?sk=group_112605595425576. Also everyone is welcome to join my page at Mary Soliel, Author: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mary-Soliel-Author/... I appreciate your sharing!

K4 5 years ago

My favorite 4:44 story is this among the thousands of times I have seen it~.

It was November 19th. My cellphone rang in the middle of the night for 2 rings and stopped. A few night before my alarm clock went off at 4:44 for no reason, but this time, I looked up at the clock and it was 4:44 am. no one was there...

The next morning, I was alone, it was November 20th, and it was time for the middle of the night nursing feeding. I'm holding my little 4 pounder, nursing and finished. I laid him on the bed and pulled my sheets over the bed for him to change. I noticed in front of me a purple thread that was in the shape of a perfect arrow. The thread filled the arrow part with a string that ended facing my way. I looked at it and couldn't understand how a thread could fill and make the perfect shape of an arrow. I got up holding him and looked down at the arrow and I looked at where it was pointing to. I looked up and followed it as it was pointed straight at the clock at 4:44 am. It was a moment I was thinking of Dad. that was when I thought to myself... Am I going crazy? And I realized, it was my Dad's birthday.

Mother's Day came, and I woke up at 4:44 from a dream on the Saturday before that Mother's Day. It was my day to celebrate b/c my husband had to work. In my dream, I was selling my house that I had never been in before in real life. it was yellow and pillars and beautiful glass that went up to the ceiling. I was taking pictures of the house in my dream, and looking around at pictures to take at. I felt like the house was like a monument. It had art all around. So I went to take a picture of the front door and through the lens, there he stood, crystal clear... in his dark pants with a corderory jacket looking at me with a bright smile. I felt afraid for a moment and taken back and looked away and closed my eyes. Then I wanted to look again in misbelief. I looked through the camera and he was still there. I pulled the camera away from my eyes and he was still there. I had bare feet. And suddenly I wanted to run to him, but there was broken glass on the floor between us. I couldn't go to him. He wanted me to but I couldn't and even though words weren't said, I knew somehow what he was thinking... he wanted me to come to him but knew I couldn't. Then he pointed to the table to the right of me... a statue on the glass table. The statue was a mother and child in porcelain on a brown wood plate with a brass phrase below it. I could hear him say in my mind, "Happy Mother's Day". And a sudden thought came to me from him... Tell your Mother, Happy Mother's Day.... It was the day before mother's day. And since my husband is a firefighter, we celebrated my day the day before since he had to work. I knew it was a special gift for me and all I could do was think of my Mother and how hard it was for her. I wanted to call her right away but it was 4:44am.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms who miss this wonderful man. RIP Dad November 20-September 8, 2006

CC 5 years ago

I was born at 4:44am PST on 8/8/71 (444 and 888 (7+1). My first child was born at 7:44pm EST (4:44am PST). Does this mean anything?

Caitlin 5 years ago

I See 444 or 44 About 5 Times Everyday. A Few Weeks Ago I Was Taking The State Qualified Test In School And Realized That My Student ID Had "444" In It. I Have Been Seeing 444 For About 4 Years And I Am Only 12 Now. I Was Curious About The Numbers For Ages And Today i Figured Why Not Look It Up.? And So i Am Very Glad I Did. :) I Also Always See "444" Broken Up On Lisence Plates. Such As: 8454741 , 4404. I Always Feel Important And Special When I See This Number.!(: I Am Thankful To Be One Of Those People That See It.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

K4, Thank you for sharing such powerful and touching stories. You are certainly very tuned into the 444s!

Hello CC, What a blessed time to be born!

Hi Caitlin, I'm very impressed that you're noticing this number combination! I'm glad you feel important and special... you should!

Imre 5 years ago

Hello !

last week after praying to our beloved creator for protection i went out to the balcony and i looked down and a car passed with the platenumber 22 GOD ! I love my heavenly father so much he is always taking care of me i just need to ask! He always wants the best for us!

my blessings


Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

That in incredible, Imre! And 22 is a Master Number. Thank you for sharing this beautiful synchronicity...

God Calls 5 years ago

Don't allow anyone to tell you what your numbers mean. Ask God for guidance and he will direct your path. I am from the Caribbean and I too have been seeing combinations and permutations of certain numbers,it started in this sequence: 112,113,114,115,117,118,119,1111,111,which I recognized as God's numbers and realized something was special about the number 11. It made me think about 911 incident and what it really meant and if people miss use these numbers. Then I saw 666, 66, 616, 669 whenever I thought something bad or worded something in a way not approved by God. I was not sure what permutations of 116 meant. I saw 22's for e.g. 722,522 etc and 123, 312 and 321 also then recently I saw 944,144,244,644,844,444,44 for the first time- this was when I felt like something was going wrong because like (Tisha @ 11 months ago) I had stopped praying so often and also new changes were happening in my life. I still seeing my usual 11's in between but not as intense as I saw them. I will see these numbers repetitively. It started to make me feel so intimidated but like someone said, if there is energy in these numbers, then I believe where there is energy, there is power so I long to search even more to figure out the meaning of my life, this world, angels, God and reveal the truth and spread it.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

As I say in my book, it is ultimately what we think and feel within which is most important, whether we are trying to understand the meaning of numbers or synchronicity. I agree that we must trust ourselves and our guidance ultimately...

yadira 5 years ago

Really intresting... Yesterday i was cleaning my window when an angle formed in the window and underneath the angel was the numbers 9333 what does that mean ?

Mary 5 years ago

I started seeing 444 or 44 about a month before my mother died. That was two years ago and I still see 44 or 444 all the time. I was wondering if it was my mother contacting me, which I think it is, but I'm glad to see that it also has to do with angels. Very often I wake up just once during the night, and I see the time on the clock, 4:44, as I did this morning. Thanks for all these postings about the angels. That helped a lot.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Yadira,

Well 9 is known to mean completion and 333, according to Doreen Virtue's "Angel Numbers" book, means "You've merged with the ascended masters, and they're working with you day and night--on many levels. They love, protect, and guide you in all ways." But that breaks up the number. I would ask your angels to show you more signs.

Hello Mary,

I would not be surprised if it were your mother. Our passed loved ones can wake us at a certain time or get us to look at the clock at a certain, meaningful time, just as our angels do. What a beautiful way for her to connect with you, Mary...

Sari M. 5 years ago

Hi Mary

End of the last autumn i started to wake up 4:44 and it still happens a lot. I told this to my mother and funny enough few nights after she told me amaized that she opened her eyes precisely 4:44 as she saw the numbers on the roof (the reflecting alam clock).

This also happened my work friend last weekend, when we had to share a room due to weekend in exhibition. I didn't even tell him anything about this and in the morning he said that he woke up 4:44 :). I feel this is like funny epidemic :).

When i was younger i saw lots of 22:22.

Have a lovely summer!


Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Yes, a funny epidemic! So great hearing from you Sari!

kate 5 years ago

I was born 5:05 am in 1955......the significance of 5's? and mostly I awaken at 5

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Kate,

The number 5 is a great number representing good surprise change and transformation!

Linda 5 years ago

I am a first time 444 riser. I was not aware of this phenomenon. I googled it to see if it was anything because it felt somehow "significant", but I didn't know why. I am not an early a. m. lady. But... this morning I was awakened, I don't feel like I just woke up, but that I was awakened.It's odd that I so clearly remember looking at the digital clock on my windowsill and noting the time, 4:44.We live out in the country.It was a balmy already this morning. How I felt , has quite frankly, freaked me out a bit. My senses were almost on overload. I felt compelled to go outside(not a common practice at that hour). I wandered to the hammock that lay nestled under maples and layed down. I was acutely aware of the moon still suspended to my right in the morning sky, as the sun simultaneously tried to peek over the horizon to my left. I just layed there, in the quiet, in the breeze for a brief time. it was quite lovely.I felt very connected, very safe, but very awake. I am relly struggling to describe how I felt. Very surreal experience. Interesting.....

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

It sounds so beautiful, Linda, I loved reading this. You seem very in tuned as you listened to your guidance. I wonder what you will experience next... now that your angels really got your attention.

Jewel 5 years ago

Thank you for sharing positive insight on this particular number sequence. I'd read on a different site that it was a sign from angels indicating that it is a cosmic "No!" to a particular thought at that moment. It didn't really resonate with me, but this explanation does.

Just today I had a particularly challenging day at work. As I drove home and randomly looked at the clock it read 444. Then moments later I checked my phone to see if I had a text msg and again the time read 444. It's comforting and reassuring to see these signs. I also see 1010 1111 1212 111 222 333 555 1234 123 quite frequently, usually multiple sets throughout the day. :)

Much love 'n light, dear sister.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Jewel,

I'm so glad this resonated! And that you're enjoying the numbers! Very best wishes to you...

Justin 5 years ago

Hello. I've been seeing the numbers 1122 everywhere for about 4 years now, or that's as long as I've noticed. Usually it's the time though. But most of all it's my grandparent's address and I lived at their house for about the first 5 years of my life. Also, I'd like to point out that people have predicted world's end (or new beginning) will be on 12/21/12. Do you think that could mean something? 122112?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Justin,

Very interesting. Also 11 and 22 are known as master numbers, 11 meaning illumination and 22, master builder. Perhaps you're going through a period of illumination of your mastery? You know best what it means, but I throw that out there.

A new beginning is before us. Please read my article on 2012 if you wish (http://hubpages.com/hub/2012-is-Nothing-to-Fear), and I also wrote a book, Michael's Clarion Call, Messages from the Archangel for Creating Heaven on Earth (in e-book format while I await a publisher, at http://www.amazon.com/Michaels-Clarion-Call-Archan...

Thanks for writing...

Andre 5 years ago

Hello There!

People that`s wonderfull stories. I woke up today 4:44 but it was already sunshine outside so I was wondering if I was assleep till afternoon but no it was about 10 o clok in the morning angels change my time in my alarm and it`s happen always on my day off so I am not late to work. That`s so sweet from them heh. Firstly I feelt quite spooky but now I am just smileing on it. BTW sory for my english...Have a nice days everybody and god bless our angels.

Jayme 5 years ago

The number 444 is a cosmetic sign meaning "no" usually if I am wanting something, and I see the number. What I want is not percieved. If I see 333 then it is. 333 means yes. It's like the trinity.

deon 5 years ago

Yesterday I played in what could be my final baseball game of my career and the score board at one point showed a score of 4 to 4 and both team had 4 hits. A guy on our team said, look at the score board it has all 4's. I didn't think much of it but I woke up randomly at 4:44 am that next morning and it made me wonder what was up.

cm 5 years ago

People distracted by numbers, are people missing the reason... L00K inward...

ben 5 years ago

about 3 times a day i look at the clock and its double numbers, wont stop happening to me, its mad dont know why

Jen W. 5 years ago

My wonderfully loving father helped me to develop a close relationship with God at a very young age. He never passed up an opportunity to point out beautiful sunsets, simple blades of grass, kittens playing...and attributing them all to God's greatness, sense of humor, and love for us. I prayed regularly and knew I could go to Him with all my problems and worries. About 7 years ago I started seeing 444 so regularly I was frightened. I knew my faith in God left no room for any negative energy to be interfering in my life, but this was just so strange. It went on for 2 years before I typed 444 into a searh engine expecting to find nothing but addresses and phone numbers. Instead I found that this was happening to people all over the place! What a trip!! I prayed to God to make it stop if it wasn't from him, and to help me understand if it was. I still see them very often, but still don't fully understand. Several people I work with have gotten goose bumps as I have continually pointed out my 444 encounters through the years. 444 items sold that hour. Discount $4.44 at 4:44pm. Change $4.44. Account number #%*@444. Sku number 444-whatever. It literally never ends. Thanks for this outlet/information. Oh, and the pic of the clock at the top is soooo perfect. Gotta love those early morning 4's!

Macaromi247 5 years ago

Hello everyone my name is Junior. I have recently relocated to another area because I felt that God told me to move. Ever since I move in this area, I had some people that knew something about my personal life and past. My story is this girl whom I have dated and talk to has brought up a situation over here. And at the same time her boyfriend wanted revenge on them. The school that I went to as well as the place I work these people knew about me. I have gotten sick for 4 weeks and when to the hospital. Whenever I wake up, or look at my phone its either before 4:44 or 44 or something. I also record a song and It stop at 4:45. Can someone help me what this 4:44 symbolize?

Christine castillo 5 years ago

This week I have been waking up at every nite at 4:44am. This is awesome to know. I always knew my angels were with me. Thank u for confirming.

9095 5 years ago

Last week i woke up on wednesday & thursday at 4.44am

this week on tuesday and wednesday night i woke up 4 times during a 7 hour sleep, and on the 4th time i woke up this morning i never checked the time but come to think of it a few minutes later my alarm clock went off. Only this evening did i think about last week & also the fact today's alarm clock was set at 4:50... going to sleep tonight and see if i can get a good nights rest..

Melody 5 years ago

for those who seek Biblical truth and see 4-4-4, I offer this for your reflection and study:

I can't just tell you the meaning because I doubt if you would believe it. God often repeats someone's name twice like Martha, Martha. We see huge empasis when words are listed in threes-like when an angel says Woe, Woe, Woe or holy, holy, holy. We need to take heed when God emphasizes something. God does use things in the natural to get our attention. It is very critical for you to get this one! Once the time of the end comes this will be the greatest test for every Christian alive on planet earth.

The number four just like any number can have prophetic meaning, but this is not prophetic, but literal; however you will not find a number by it in the Bible. Taken in the list though it is the 4th item listed. The list of these items is the basis of God's govt and has governed before our earth was created and it will govern after the new heaven and earth are created. It has caused much controversy in our day. Most Christians can quote some of them, but usually not all, and most Christians do not even catch that God was very specific about one thing that probably 90%+ of Christendom today do not practice. A counterfeit has been substituted-a clever plant by the enemy. Down thru the ages God has always had a remnant who keep His Word and that same remnant is found described in Revelation. The religious world will be polarized about this one item. Those who follow God's Word will have the Seal of God. Those who do not will take the Mark of the Beast-the mark in the hand are those who will willingly obey the civil law, the mark on the forehead (center of thinking) will be those who go along and give mental assent and obey for convenience sake. Either way they will be lost!

The 4th item in the list is the longest and most descriptive of the items in the list.

Pray about it and I know the Holy Spirit will lead you to it. I have given you some clues.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hello Everyone!

Thanks so much for your responses. I apologize for my absence here these last eight weeks, but have not been receiving notifications of your comments, somehow.

So happy to hear of your experiences...

Legion 5 years ago

I was already physically awake, but got a phone call at 4:44 PM about 5 months ago. I did not hear the phone, even though it was in my pocket. The call was from someone very special, and through some unfortunate interactions with this person after I returned the call, I suddenly realized I needed to work to improve several areas of my life. Progress has been slow but steady, and I keep seeing the numbers 444 along the way. I'm a bit scared, though, because if the angels are trying to guide me through this time, is it because I will be sad and I will need them more than ever, or because they are trying to help me get to where I want to be? I suppose it could be both. I guess I'm most afraid that if I veer off course significantly enough, not even the angels will be able to save me.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Legion,

Try to not fear, as that can create more to fear. The fact is, our angels are showing themselves to all of us who are open! That is something to celebrate. They want us to ask them for help, they need permission since we have free will. So I would feel blessed that you're being so beautifully guided. We all have our lessons in our faces, so to speak, right now. So you're way ahead of the game by noticing your angels. Simply ask and allow.

Oleg 5 years ago

The 444 number showed up 2 times when i was with my lover yesterday at Iceberg's ice cream parlor and on some ticket at an Arcade. And the next morning, i then woke up, somewhere between 4:40-4:49am, and see his txt messages, and his msg is something like "GELO LOVE ----"(his name is also consist of 4 letters) Well it made me feel good the whole day :D

Alan 5 years ago

Im about to turn 59 in a few days.I never paid attention to numbers in my life.5 days ago I bought a bagel and coffee at a Dunkin Donuts.My receipt said I was order #666.I thought about all the things I have heard about the# 666 and thought it was amusing.People that I showed it to ,pointed out the change that I got back on my receipt. My change was 7.77.Ive looked at my computer screen , Three days in a row and the time of day is 444.What is going on?

Robin 5 years ago

I was nudged awake and at some point asked to get up. When I nudged awake and asked to get up this morning I looked at the clock it was 4:44 AM. I immediately was reminded of Doreen Virtue's book about Angels and Numbers and began searching for the meaning and found your site. Still looking for the meaning, but have enjoyed reading others 444 experiences.

Is there a site that gives the meanings of the sequences by Doreen, or any other well known authors?

jay in cleveland 5 years ago

at first, i say "oh it's 4:44 pm, or am, cool..." then "it's 4:44 again!" "and again!!" "and again!!!" on the bedside alarm clock, microwave, stove, car, and cell phone. then it got weird. so then i finally typed 444 on google not expecting a lot but info on an area code perhaps, but here you guys are. i dont know what it means for me yet, but i like many of your theories here, especially about being surrounded by angels. i swear i was or will be an angel :)

Jessica 5 years ago

Very interesting...last year during the school year I kept seeing 4:44 on my clock but only in pm but for some reason I would be using my iPod and I would look up at the clock for no reason and on it would be 444 it sort of bothered me a bit and now the school year has started and I have been seeing it everyday for no reason...I also see 404 and usually if I see that I don't see 444 but it's very rare that I look up at 404 its more 444...but thanks sooo much for posting this because now I really know.

tope 5 years ago

thanks for this enlightment

would or can the theory still work out if one deliberately watches out for this time whether am or pm?

or by setting one's alarm clock to this time

does it have to be sudden for the theory of angels to work out?

Laurie 5 years ago

When I was 44 years old, my dear husband was suddenly killed. It was a very tramatic death. He was shot to death while delivering the mail in a very freak accident. From the first night following his death, I was waken by what felt like a hand on my back. It was 4:44. From that point on, I was waken at 4:44 each night. This continued for months and still happens occasionally, even today. I had to sell my house and ended up finding the perfect one. The address turned out to be 44. I constantly see license plates, get texts, have grocery bills, etc and they all contain 44. It is wild and yet comforting. I know he is still watching over me to this day.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments...sorry I was traveling and it took me so long to answer!

I'm happy for all your shared 444 experiences!

Alan... The angels and the universe are speaking to you. Please consider reading my book about synchronicity to better understand.

Tope... You ideally want the spontaneity of it. To naturally catch these number sequences, and you will!

Laurie... I am deeply sorry for your loss. How beautiful and comforting that your husband is speaking to you in this way. Sending you wishes for peace and continued comfort.

Gabrielle 5 years ago

I just recently found out that 444 has significance, and instantly realized that the locker I chose on the first day of school this year is # 444. I just returned to school after a 10 year break. Going to this University was always a dream, but I for a long time I had been making excuses about why I could never do it. Anyhow, I take the 444 as a sign that I'm on the right track.. finally! :)

Eve Casanova 5 years ago

Thank you for explaining what the # 444 meant. For the last couple of nights I have been waking up and looking at the clock and it's exactly 4:44 am. I had the feeling that something or something was trying to tell me something...I just didn't know what...till now. Thank you, I truly feel so blessed.

star 5 years ago

Was being pulled into a very negative conversation but I broke away and hung up. As soon as I put down the phone I saw that the conversation had been 4:44 minutes long. I feel blessed that angels are with me, supporting me.

andrew 5 years ago

I just bought an apartment and my door number is o4-447. The Chinese does not think it is such a great number and I am a little worried that I might have difficulties selling it later on.

Any significance of that number? I am a Christian and a little off the track with God.

julie bush 5 years ago


Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

So many great 444 stories, so glad you found your way here!

Gabrielle... that is truly blessed! Best wishes with your return to college.

Eve... I'm happy for you that you have this blessing and awareness.

Star... I agree with you!

Andrew... Yes, I have heard this, but these numbers in my experience have been nothing but absolute blessings. Just stay positive that all is well.

Julie... Your dad certainly was connecting to you.

Lisa 5 years ago

Recently, I've been seeing the numbers 4:44 every afternoon, but one day recently, I looked at the clock at 2:22, then and 3:33 and again at 4:44.

Thank you for writing this book, I'm at a point in my life were I need to know that the angels are around me.



IMRE 5 years ago

The Angels are truly incredible beings, they are made of love pure love! They love us, no matter what! I think this occurences are really blessings to everyone, but the angels love everybody even if they don't notice any signs or if they aren't spiritual at all! Unconditional love that is! I meet everyday with 444, 555,666,777,888,999,333,222,111, 69, repetitively and i feel truly blessed and proud that i found my lovely angels! I love them so much and they love us so much, they don't judge! I wish I could see them and communicate with them like with a human! But they are as much real as us humans, it doesn't matter if we don't see them! But actually I feel they presence and they power of love! Lot of time i ask for extra cushion of love from them!

I love your article Mary, who gets here are guided by the angels and they don't think of themselves as crazy :), because they are not, they are getting closer to their GOD!

Julian 5 years ago

one day i went to TWO different gas stations and purchased totally unrelated items. Both times my total or change was 4.44. After that I seen the # everywhere. The next week it came up in the 3-digit lotto. I dont play the lotto so no big deal there. Then I met a girl.

She and I were 4 years, 4 days, and she was my 4th girlfriend. (with three 4's because we had split up three times).I had 444 tatted on my forearm -to signify the lessons I had learned from the relationship NOT the girl herself. The tatt is designed in a way that when I look down at 444 it looks to be 777 with arrows pointing up.

I knew 444 was significant to me but I never understood why. Then I heard of Jamie Englehart and that he has an audio CD on the meaning of numbers. I did get to meet him but have not yet heard the CD.

It's so relieving to know the meaning of 444.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

How beautiful, Lisa, a triple blessing in one day!

I couldn't agree more with you IMRE, and thank you!

Julian, those are some incredible signs for you! You are the first person I heard of who got a 444 tattoo, although I'm sure the number of those doing so is growing. :)

Amy Robinson 5 years ago

Hello Mary,

Early this year, on New Year's Day 2011, my mom lost her 4+year fight against breast cancer. She was 64 and was not only a wonderful mother to me, but was my best friend and a wonderful Grandmother to my daugther and two nephews. The day of her death, I was driving back to her house and her cell phone (the one I know use) started dialing on it's own. Even if it wasn't sitting by anything and I wasn't touching it. Well, this has continued all year. Everytime I have prayed to my mom and told her how much I miss her, love her and asking for her to send me a sign that she is happy and healthy in Heaven, my phone has repeatedly dialed several of the number 4 or sometimes 7's. There have been probably a dozen times that it happens right after I pray to her. It just happened again a minute ago after I posted a message on FB that I miss her and love her always.

Also, after she passed away, about a month after, I was really greiving and praying to her, to know she was ok. I asked for a signal of light, and less than 5 minutes later in the early am, a car pulled in and out of our driveway and shined their lights in my bedroom window. I just started bawling then, but it was still so comforting to know she was communicating with me. Then another time, I actually saw her face and another angel out of the corner of my eye, and heard a voice say- 'Well you can see her but it's not going to do you any good'. (like the angel was telling my mom that). Other various signs I've had from her that have happened-

-The lights flickering after praying to her

-My daugthers unique spelling of her name on a license plate

-After I asked her for a sign of 7's, I forgot I had a scratch off ticket, and it turned out to be all 7's. Also, a Christian song entiled 'Seven' played on the radio right after my prayer.

-Another time I prayed to my mom while staying at my Aunt's house (her sister's) and we were in the room she normally would stay in. My phone started going crazy dialing the number 4 and 6. It freaked me out so bad, I ran upstairs to show my Aunt.

With all these experiences, I have been working continuely on opening my communications with the spirits and angels. It seems like if you have an open mind and ask for signs, it can happen. I feel so blessed to receive all these signs that Mom is ok in Heaven and that her spirit is still here with us, by our side. It's really very comforting to know and helps me deal with the loss of her.

KRPL 5 years ago

On May 10th 2011 by chance I met an amazing man. We found out later that the fact that we ended up at the same place that particular night had been determined during a spur of the moment decision by each of us the previous December. I'm normally shy around new people and would never go up to someone I didn't know and start a conversation, but that night I did. I felt this weird connection and knew that I HAD to talk to him. We couldn't be together because he was living with someone, but became friends. He and I would always know when the other was thinking about them and end up texting at the same moment or about to hit send when the other person's text came through. There has always been this strange connection between us. Later, he told me he was very confused because he said he couldn't understand how he could feel so passionately about two women at the same time. He admitted he loves me. I love him too but out of respect we couldn't do anything about it. Finally it was hurting so much not being with him that I told him I needed time without any contact to deal with how I was feeling as this wasn't going to work as friends...we felt too much for each other. I emailed him that on Dec 20th. He said he understood and would leave it to me to contact him and said he knew I was hurting because he was too. Right after this, I started noticing 111 sequences everywhere...I mean everywhere. Once I was writing about him on my computer journal (I do this almost everyday) and I reached the end of my sentence and looked down and saw this... Page: 1 of 1 Words: 111 (and I looked over at the time) 11:11am. The year: 2011.

As you can imagine this freaked me out. I see this sequence EVERYWHERE, multiple times a day...and occasionally other sequences of 3's also. I have this strong feeling that something will happen by the end of Jan 2012. Any ideas about the meaning of all these 1's in my life since I sent him that email?

KRPL 5 years ago

Just a quick note to add to my story that I just noticed. We met on the 10th 2011. I wrote him the final email on 20/12/2011. My strange journal entry with the numbers was - Page: 1 of 1, Words: 111, Time: 11:11, Date: 12/21/2011, and I keep getting that strange feeling that something big concerning 'us' is going to happen in Jan (01/2012). What on earth...(or heaven) is with all the 1's and 2's? Also the other occasional sequences I see are 222 and 444.

Gr. 5 years ago

The past 2 years I have seen 4:44 everywhere. If I'd have seen this article before hand, I would have thought you were a looney tooney. LOL! I mean it's easy to understand that some people notice a number and then start paying attention to it and look for it, therefore creating their own paranormal event. I just see this number clear as day randomly everywhere all the time. Maybe I do just look for it I don't know. Maybe it's a faction to do with brain patterns. I don't know. Surely I would not understand why angels would want to have my attention. I"m a guy going through a lengthy divorce, miserable in the state I live, miserable with my job. Listens to angry and brutal heavy metal music. I often don't feel worthy of Heaven. I am basically a reclusive person and strain to be far away from people.

It interest me ...why angels would be trying to get my attention. Even if I know they are, it still doesn't change the way that I am. I'm fascinated by it, but I feel overwhelmed in life by the economy, stuck in a place where I can't find happiness no matter how hard I try. I wish I could just meet one face to face. Not a dream, not a number. Just real as day. Would then their pressence bless me into a more peaceful life? I wish I understood what they are trying to do.

Miss Metz 5 years ago

Hello& greetings :)

Wow jut amazed on how many people see 444, ivebeen seeing 444 since the 4th of jan to present. Got woken up the randomly first time @ 4:44am twice I didn't pay any attention, on car plates, even on veges I price twice as the week went on. Then suddenly when I was getting change or getting money out for while I've been getting $5 notes??? Sometime in 3s "555"? And today I've seen 444 while I was listening to a song, I paused it didn't know why? Then I looked at my iPod screen, time was paused bang on 4:44. I was shOcked and that's when I took alert to this sign and tried to figure out what it meant??? Well right now I'm still trying to figure it out???? :) god bless :)

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Amy,

I'm so sorry you lost your beloved mother. I am so happy for you regarding the incredible signs your mother is leaving you, letting you know she is okay and with you!! They truly are stunning! Thank you for sharing with us. Blessings to you.


Congratulations on meeting what certainly seems to be your soulmate. 111 stands for new beginnings! Keep watching for the signs and follow your intuition. A book I recommend, that helped me understand soulmate connections, is "Only Love is Real," by Dr. Brian Weiss. It is outstanding. I wish you the very best!

Hi Gr.

I'm glad you don't think I'm a looney tooney. haha It appears that your angels want to help you! And that's why they are showing you they are with you, and so you don't feel alone through these difficulties. I became happiest when I went within and began my spiritual path. That is where the joy and peace are, in my opinion. I hope you start talking to them and ask them for more signs to help you through! Best wishes!

Hi Miss Metz,

Your angels are speaking to you! Keep "listening!"

Marie 5 years ago

I loved your article. Starting three years ago, during the pregnancy of my son, I started seeing 4:44 EVERYWHERE! Not just everywhere, but at the most unusual times. Passing the bank sign, asking a total stranger for the time, on a score board at a sporting event, kids opening the microvave before it went off with 4:44 left to go, etc. It happened so frequently that I started getting really creeped out and lay awake for at least an hour every time I woke at that time, trying to figure out what it meant. It had to mean something. I'm not a superstitious person at all, but the number was occurring way too frequently to be a fluke. I now have an 8 month old baby girl who wakes me at least three times a week at exactly 4:44. I will try to look at the sightings as more of a blessing than an omen! Thanks.

Luci 5 years ago

Same here. Starting a few years ago after the death of my mother, I started having synchronistic events in my life, especially the number 444. I wanted to know the meaning - other than seeing it oftentimes. Last couple of week, I bought a lottery ticket with the number 0444 (from 04:44) and I won. :)

Christine 5 years ago

Hi Mary!

Wow...this is so amazing for me to read! I have been seeing 444 everywhere since about 1993 or so. I was in a very bad, emotionally abusive relationship. When it ended, I was devastated, as I was conditioned to believe that I could not be or do anything without him. EVERY night I woke at exactly 4:44 am for months. It worried me because I was in such a depression and I thought something terrible would happen to me or someone in my family at that time. It progressed to me seeing it randomly at work on license plates...Everywhere! It was only maybe 5 years ago, when I was at a fundraising dinner with some co-workers and this topic came up. The wife of one of my co-workers was very in to numbers and their meanings and said she would look it up for me. She photo copied it for me from her book and I have carried it with me since then. It was as I read above about Angels surrounding me at that moment and everything being as it should be. I cried...what a relief! For years I dreaded seeing it daily. In the year 2000 I had a beautiful baby boy and the first 3 numbers on his government issued health card are 444. He and I now both still see 444 all the time. I am now comforted by it. I am very interested in reading your book. I have read on here today that it is a prompt. I am wondering what it is that I am to take notice of at that moment. Should I just take a mental "snapshot" of everyone and everything around me at that moment? I am just looking for further meaning. My life is good now and I just think there must be a reason that I still see these numbers all the time.

Thanks for listening!


Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Hello Marie,

You lead a magical life! :) Absolutely a blessing. Always tie in what is going on in your life at the time of the sightings as well, and how you feel in that moment. Our fears can do a number on things. It's all about perspective. I've had endless confirmations, especially due to timing, that this is indeed a blessing.

Hi Luci,

What a great sign winning on that number! I love it...

Hi Christine,

I think you win the award of waking up at 4:44 most often, more than anyone I've heard of. You were going through a very difficult time and yet were being comforted. My spiritual awakening began when I was depressed. It often does happen that way. Again, it's all about perspective and looking at this phenomenon without fear. I'm so glad you are comforted by it now. I'm happy you're interested in reading my book as it will give you more insight on how to be aware of synchronicities, connecting to your thoughts, what is happening all around you, etc., all in that moment.

lloyd 5 years ago

I've been getting woke up everynite at 12:12.am what does this mean and cannot go back to sleep and not tired the rest of morning and I go to sleep at 10pm

i c man 5 years ago

i always up at 444 it might be aliens. like in alaska at 333

eking 5 years ago

Fifteen years ago my husband was killed in a car accident. This is my story... For about 3-5 months before he was killed, I kept seeing the numbers 444, or 111, and 333. Just those numbers and mostly 444. It was really weird. I'd turn on the light at night and 444 would be on my clock. I'd start my car, and 444 would be on the car clock, over and over and over. I had no idea what it meant but I told a coworker, someone who believes in flying dreams and being in touch with your inner self, that the number 444 would prove important to me in some way in the coming months. I left it at that. I told no one else. I thought I was going a little batty. What would it mean? Well, my husband and I had gone through some rough times, mostly due to his drinking, but we loved each other and were on the upswing. One thing that he would do for me each fall was to help me wash all our house windows in and out. It just so happened that he did that about a week before he died - they were all nice and clean. Well I came home from work that Tuesday and I could not believe what I was seeing. It looked like a full-grown dove had flown full force, straight on into my kitchen glass door. It left a mark that to this day gives me the shivers. You could make out almost every tiny feather. There were no feathers on the ground, no blood, just this remarkable, beautiful colored in outline - it looked like someone had stuck a stensil on the window and sprayed it with fake snow. When I went inside, I was stunned. On the window right next to where my husband sat at the table to eat, was another outline. This time is was like a dove had hit the glass sideways. But you could only see it when the sun hit it just right. It was not as brightly colored as the one on the kitchen door. And... another one on the window next to my kitchen sink. Truly, I had no idea what it was all about but I almost fell down on my knees.

Well my husband was a truck driver and had been away for a few days. He came home the day after the bird outlines arrived on the door and windows and when he came in the door he asked what it was all about. I wrapped my arms around him and before I even knew what I was going to say, the words "there are angels trying to get in this house" came out. He pushed my jaw upwards so I could look in his eyes and said, "you are my angel". That was it. On we went with our life for the next few days. I never erased the bird "stamps" they just seemed to disappear. That Friday (two days later), my husband was killed at 4;44am on his way to work. I couldn't believe it, I could not believe the 444 connection, it hit me right away although I up until today, January 20, 2012 have never heard of the angel connection or what 444 stands for. I never investigated it. I just always puzzled over it. But you want to know what else is startling... I am unemployed right now. Two masters degrees in education and I lost my teaching job 5 months ago. I was on my computer this morning and then went upstairs to go to the bathroom. I had felt a little down and have been wondering what in the world I was going to do about a job. I will be 55 years old in April. I want to teach literacy/reading to children. I want to help people. I have lots to give. So, I picked my computer back up and put it on my lap and couldn't believe what I was seeing on the screen. There was a Google Search which stated, "want to know what 444 means?" I have NO IDEA why that was on my screen just now. So I started reading and this is why I came to post this comment. WOW!! I guess the angels are telling me they are around me and it will work out. I have been on the fence about my faith ever since losing my husband. I think there are angels but am not sure why so many people need to suffer so it makes me doubt God's intentions. Why, why, why can't we all get along and love each other? I am so blessed in so many ways but feel frustrated that I am not being utilized for my skills and love of people.

SHELLEY B 5 years ago

My daughter died at Dec 4th at 3:18, 2002. My husband died 01/01/11 at 11:40 am. The past few months I have looked at the clock and saw 4:44(5 times) 5:55(4 times) 2:22(1 time) 3:33(3 times). It was starting to freak me out as well thinking maybe it is the countdown of my life or something. I am 52 years old.

I brought this up to a friend and she said well, "You need to start worrying if it comes up 6:66. lol crazy! I dont know whose watch has that time lol!

I appreciate any feedback.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Lloyd,

It can mean so many different things. Does the date December 12th mean anything to you? What seems for sure is that your angels are trying to get your attention!

I C man,

What do you mean, "like in Alaska at 333"?

Dear Eking,

I have absolute chills from head to toe reading your story. And I'm sorry for your loss. It appears you were being warned through synchronicity of the tragic event to occur. At the same time, you were being shown signs of love through your angels, and also to help you see life from a higher perspective and gain greater spiritual understanding. Do you mean that those words were just typed in on Google, where it is always left blank to search? Incredible. You are so divinely watched over. Unfortunately, it often takes the greatest of life's challenges when we are steered toward seeing the spiritual side of life, our most natural state. May you keep turning to the angels and receiving their incredible blessings.

Hi Shelley,

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your daughter and your husband. I believe, just as in the post above yours, that your angels are connecting to you in this way, to show you that you are not alone and that you can indeed reach out to them. Sending you love and prayers.

jeni 4 years ago

i just love all these number stories!!!! I have many too :)! thank you Mary for being you ;)...love you my Angel Mary (he-he both of you)!! xoxo

Catherine 4 years ago

I goggled this website because recently at a gas station I had this lady come up to me and say I love your license plate...It contains the numbers 444...I had no ideas what she was referring to and she told me I have angels around me...Which I absolutley know to be true...Never before this day I had no ideas what 444 represented...Just last week while exiting a parking lot I commented to my son...neat they now log your plate number on the parking ticket...He looked at the ticket and replied...this is not ur plate number #'s correct 444 but the letters were not mine....LOL I have a question I find alot of coins usually dimes and I feel this is another way of getting my attention...It makes me smile and I find brings out my sense of humour as just last week I recall saying...I will never get rich like this can you start sending me toonies instead...

Steve 4 years ago

It's interesting that I stumbled upon this page because 4 always seems to be my number when things are going good for me. Whenever I ask for a sign of something I'm hoping for or when something important happens in my life the number 4 shows itself to me, usually in the form of multiple 4's like 4:44 or something like that. The craziest thing that's ever happened to me with this is when my wife and I got our house that I had been attracting and hoping for for a long time. I drove home from work for the first time after the closing on our home, and the temperature guage in my car said 44 degrees, it was 4:44PM, and my odometer had all 4's in it. I can't remember if it was 44,444, but it was something similar to that. Definitely an interesting article, and I'll be reading the comments on this thread.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Thank you, Jeni!!

Catherine, I love how that messenger shared with you about the meaning of your license plate, indeed such a blessing. Yes, finding coins is a wonderful symbol, whether you synchronistically come across them or your angels or even passed loved ones place them on your path. Embrace the abundance, no matter how "small" which will attract more abundance. See them as symbols.

Steve, wow what a fantastic string of validating synchronicities. I'm so happy 444 you! :)

arnold 4 years ago

hi mary and everyone reading!!

im having trouble interpreting a sign and numbers i may have received from god. i experience these signs though license plates and other things. mostly plates.

last year at this time i experienced a very bad break up with my ex girlfriend. coupled with the lost of my kids, my material possessions (due to an ex wife), employment and other things i was a mess. i decided to give my life to GOD. thats when these things started happening. one morning i was crying and i asked GOD what should i do to ease my pain. as soon as i asked this (i was driving)a car cuts in front of me with the plate saying "GETFAIT". i stopped crying and couldnt believe it. another time was when i asked a question and the plate in front was "SEEKGOD".

so i decided to move back to va. that morning i was crying as i left the drive way. i prayed out loud, father you bringing me here for a reason, why? when will this pain stop? when will i be happy again? as soon as i asked a car cut in front of me(its 5am on my lonely block and he/she just pulls out in front of me)and the plate read "JULY 24".

so as i came down to va and wasnt sure of things i would ask the same question. to which i would see a plate in front of me with "724", 427, 247 or some combination of the number. that would shut me up. so i waited for that day.

on july 24th i went to get coffee and sit and read while i prepare myself for my blessing. that when she walks in. a girl that i had just meet 2 weeks prior comes in and gets coffee. i was looking at my ipad and a lady was talking to me as she walked in. i didnt see her walk in but the lady gets my attention by saying, my god she is beautiful. so i look up and its her. she makes her coffee and comes to my table. she ask how i was doing and ask for my number so we can go for a run or workout. i didnt think anything of it until later. we talked right after and we hit it off. we have so much in common, we like the same things, her kids and family fall in love with me. its all good.

so i begin praying and fasting if this is my blessing. and wouldnt you know i would see that number again. so everything was good. then about a month later things started happening. she would close herself off, we would have stupid issues. i would pray why is this happening? is she my blessing and boom, i would see my number. so i trust in GOD and accept that she is. but the problems keep going. one time she was upset at the world in which she takes out on me. so im sitting in the car with her on the way home and i ask GOD, why? i look out the window and the car in the right lane had "4117". i got upset and said GOD please answer me. i look at the car in the left lane and its plate was "7114". i was sandwiched in the middle. i told my friend about it and he kinda believed me till i told him he would see it when we left and he did.

but now we are going through a tough time. we were doing good and she has basically dumped me. i dont understand it. i have prayed and fasted for the last week and i keep seeing my 724 in different combos whenever i ask or just drive. even my store receipts or log numbers come up as that. im confused as to why this is happening and i keep seeing those numbers. i mean it happens when i look at the time. ill see it at 2:47, 7:24,4:27. im so frustrated. what does it mean? why is she treating me like this if she is my blessing? i trust in GOD but she is acting up. what should i do? what does it mean? i pray for it to stop but it doesnt.can you shed some light?

arnold 4 years ago

also, i told no one prior of this date. i kept that to me and god.

arnold 4 years ago

sorry as i keep thinking of other things.

even when i pray and ask if it is her i see the number. if i think about her i see the number. if i pray and ask god about her, ill suddenly get a text or email. just anything in reference to her things happen. but she keeps doing these things. one point were in love and then shes scared or doesnt want to be in a relationship. i keep trying and praying

DB 4 years ago

i am not religious but wake up at 4:44 why would angels do this to me?

Krystal 4 years ago

For the past 3 years I have tried to understand what messages I am ment to be taking from such numbers: 3, 6, 9, 444, 333, 22, 11, 33, 555 etc  but have yet to fully understand what the messages are, the only one I feel I understand fully is 111: as new beginnings. Is it true that you can decide your own meanings to the numbers and as long as you and your angels/guides are aware of what you interpret them to be thats fine?...

It's funny as I was having lunch I noticed the label on my yogurt have written soliel and I was thinking what the hell does that mean, I took my  yogurt and sat down and thought I would google 444 again and see what the Internet has to say today about the number as its been following me a lot today and bam Mary soliel WOW so I just had to read these posts and it wonderful to read all these stories...

Sooo... I thought its only fair that I share abit of my story!

When I meet my partner about 3 years ago I was seeing signs/messages everywhere! Especially 111 and 11 and 22 and 333 and just 3 and 2 everywhere I was 22 at the time and steve my partner told me he was younger then he was in fear of me thinking he is too old but I always knew he was keeping something from me, I gave him a reading just experimenting with what I felt and just said what I thought my angels/guides wanted me to say - everything I said came true even though I didn't know his real age - my guides did! and the one thing I said that i love the most is that when he is 36 something big will happened in his life... we had our first child!! The gorgeous Violet Winter-Monroe Robb born in 2011 at 00:11 :D 

Back then he told me he was 29  (which equals 11 haha) but he was actually 33 and I was 22 and he is 11 years older then me. 

When we meet in was absolutely love at first sight and I used to be a very shy person but felt a strong pull towards him from day 1, I felt so comfortable to just be myself and felt our souls already meet and have been through this "meeting for first time" thing a millions times before!! I remember thinking WOW so this is where you guys were guiding me!! Another strange thing we noticed is that I am a Virgo and his mum is too, he is a Taurus my mum is too, my dad is a scorpio and his ex was too and his dad is a Pisces and my ex was too...weird hey!

 I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and there is no such thing as a coincidence and I love how I was guided towards meeting him but I will stop now before I go on and on  lol

I can't wait to get my hands on your book.

Ps when I clicked the like button up the top of this page it was at 333, I love it!! I actually love the 3 number so much I have it tattooed on my wedding finger but on the right hand and so does steve :) 

Much love


crazyryou 4 years ago

I have seen the numbers 444 for many, many years. I knew there was some significance but thank you for clearing it up. I just saw the number last night again. A few weeks ago, I had a very bad cold and was doing a lot of coughing. When this would happen when I was young, my dad would always say 'Turn over on your stomach'. I was awoken at 4:44 am coughing, and I would swear I heard my dad say "Turn over on your stomach". He died a year and a half ago. I played the numbers 444 because I kept seeing them - in dreams and everywhere it seemed.-This was years ago when it seemed like all I did was dream numbers. I remember this because I wanted to play the daily numbers both boxed and straight and the guy kept telling me I could only play them straight. I wasn't sure whether to play them for 3 days or 5. I played them 3, they came in on day 4. The guy remembered me, and told me about it the next time I went in to play the daily numbers. My boys were born on the following, 8/16, weighed 8 lbs, 8 oz; 7/17 weighed 7 lbs, 7 oz; my daughter was due on 4/4 but was born on 3/29/93 and weighed 7 lbs, 10 oz. Oh well, they all can't be angels! lol

Cali Jordan 4 years ago

Hi,I'm Cali,I'm 11.With my dad the number 76 keeps popping up every where.Do you know what 76 means?I'm trying to find out what it means.



Glen 4 years ago

Funny, for my latest recording project, my tuner insistently tunes my guitars to 444.0 (or 444.4) Hz instead of the "Standard A" tuning of 440.0 . Does it mean God and the angels are helping me with these recordings? :)

IamMyHeart 4 years ago

Hi Mary, i didn't know about your blog until now. I saw a dream today, pls tell me if you know what it is.

First let me tell you about myself. I am stuck in every aspect of my life, career, love(a long one sided love that does not seem to end) etc. I am unemployed for a very long time due to my own stupid decisions. I feel blocked by my own thoughts and old patterns. I have a strong desire to change my life and i have been asking for answers and a way out of it. I was reading the book many lives, many masters by Dr Brian Weiss before falling asleep, i had read this book around 4yrs ago and yesterday i wanted to read it again. I am going to tell you about the dream i had today.

Im my dream i was in a group of some people, i think i knew some of them but not all of them in my real life. We kept changing rooms coz some people were after us looking for us. We kept locking the door of the room and kept hiding ourselves. The lock was a secret code in some other language placed by us and the other people kept trying to crack the code and break in. Later I saw only myself..i was wondering which place i am in. Then the place changed to a crowded place like that of an airport. There i met a happily married couple. I know them in real life but its been so many years that i am not in contact with them anymore. In my dream, we were having some conversation, and then the number 888 came up. Though I don't remember who said it or from where it came. It just came up. Then i saw the number 999. And in my dream i was consciously telling myself "now 999 after 888"

Hope u will tell me what do the numbers 888 and 999 mean.

Thanks. God Bless You!

Priscila Oliveira 4 years ago

Hello I've been looking into numbers for a very long time and I've studied numerology  and numbers does have vibrations and meanings etc.. I have also seem 444 for 4 years now and it's very very true that Angels do communicate with us threw them.. Today is valentines day and when I saw a good friend of mine best friends with my best friend boyfriend  it was 444 when I hugged him.. I simply see it everywhere.. Such as my contacts on my phone are 444, I just saw yesterday my car keys numbers on the key chain has 444 3x!! It's unreal yet so real and when I pray and talk to them I see it too and one comment I read said they can communicate with you through different numbers once you know what they mean like 11:11 or 222 333.. So on I just wanted to share this because it's an amazing experience and that you are loved and aware of them :)

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Everyone! So sorry it has been so long since I've commented...

Dear Arnold,

Well your story just blew me away. You are so in tuned! What incredible synchronicities with the license plates! I understand your confusion and frustration, and let me say what comes to mind... "Things aren't always what they seem." Keep the faith, the trust of self and God, and follow signs. Stay as positive as you can because synchronicity can also reflect your fears. What an amazing spiritual path you are on... Thank you for sharing and Best wishes to you.

DB, your angels are trying to get your attention... it is a blessing!

Hi Krystal,

You are so right, I fully agree that you can have special meanings assigned to numbers and yes your angels and guides know. I refer to this in my book. Oh my goodness, I never heard of Soleil yogurt and just amazed how you then found me. How fun and funny! What a beautiful soul mate story, thank you for sharing it. I'm so happy you're going to read my book as I feel that much will resonate with you. Love the 333!

Hi Crazyryou,

Oh how touching... your Dad connected through you in this way! So many wonderful synchs!

Hi there Cali,

I suggest you ask your angels for signs that would give you the meaning. Also, in Doreen Virtue's "Angel Numbers" book, she says that the number 76 means, "You're on the right path, and your material needs are supplied now and into the future. Give any earthly concerns to Spirit, and be open to receiving."

Glen, It sounds very blessed to me! They are certainly wanting to get your attention!

IamMyHeart... Your dream is certainly interesting. I'm sorry, I'm much better at synchronistic interpretation than dreams, but I can tell you this. I think seeing the happily married couple was a great symbol. 8 is the money number and it is also infinity on its side. 9 symbolizes completion. Completion of money issues perhaps? What resonates with you? Check in with your intuition regarding this... God bless you too!

Hello Priscilla,

It sure is a blessing! I'm so glad for you that you are experiencing this...

Matt Moore 4 years ago

Hi Mary, for the past month or so I've been waking up at around 1:44 each night. I just started realizing this and I wonder if it's because I've really been exploring my spiritual side since the beginning of the year?

I've been reading a lot about Near Death Experiences, mysticism, etc. to try and find ways to live a better life and help others more. I realize it's not 4:44 and I'm not saying I 100% am certain it's some sort of mystic experience. However, it was still a present surprise to find your page. If it really is Angels, I truly do feel blessed, even though I get a little ticked when I can't right back to sleep. :)

Matt 4 years ago

Sorry, meant to write "pleasant" surprise to find your site. I really should spell check after posting.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Matt!

I believe you are being given a message, and yes, it couldn't be more spiritual. When I catch 144 or 1:44, I think of reference to the 144,000 "chosen ones" as there are many of us chosen to help us through these challenging times and shine the light on our spirituality--and you are doing this! I have no question that it is indeed your angels waking you, and I believe you were definitely guided here so I could validate this.

I found this page for you to give you an idea ... http://en.144000.net/articles/144000_the_chosen_of...

Please don't hesitate to contact me...upper right of this page...if you have questions or want further understanding, as I believe you are being given a very important message.

You are blessed, Matt!

Matt Moore 4 years ago

Thanks for your feedback, Mary. I believe there are wonders around us all the time but most of us choose not to pay attention to them. I appreciate your kind words and taking time to reply.

Lian 4 years ago

Just wanted to say I feel strong connection with 444. My daughter who was my firstborn was born on 20/02/98 at 4.44 am, I have lived at a number 44 and now a 4. On her birthday the other day I went to the shop and the total was 4.44, I believe it was my loved ones saying happy birthday for her. I wake at 4.44 sometimes and i see it often on clocks, i am a total believer in angels and feel them around me constantly, often finding white feathers and coins around the house. I feel blessed and also have loved reading your story's this is a great page x

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hello Lian,

Well you certainly are blessed, Lian, and because you are so open to the angels you are in high receptive mode. I'm so happy for you!

Bagel 4 years ago

Hello Mary, My number is 1234. Same as everyone else I have seen it everywhere for years and years. About two years ago I realized 12 was my grandmothers address on my Dads side and 34 was my grandmothers address on my Moms side. Interesting coincidence I thought. I have now discovered this numerolgy thing and find it quite interesting. My question is, Is there any relationship between the numbers 1234 and my grandparents ?

Bagel 4 years ago

I should add, deceased Grandparents

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi "Bagel,"

This certainly can be your Grandparents way of connecting to you! Those in the Heavenly realms can whisper things to us, without our even realizing it. Something led to your understanding of their past addresses. And seeing numbers in ascending progression such as 1234 is a very positive thing, as well.

Delphina~ 4 years ago

Hi Mary ??

What a wonderful gift u have blessed people with by creating this site and genuinely responding to each and every one of us. U have helped me believe that I am loved unconditionally by higher beings, no matter how many human mistakes and choices I've made.

I have a probing question that I'm hoping you can help me find peace with. I constantly see 11:11 or the minutes on a digital clock or phone ending in 44. This happens 3-7 times each day.

I often wonder if these numbers are actually be communicated by extraterrestrials, not Angels. I am frightened by this thought because I'm scared of aliens. I want to believe in my heart that these numerical mysteries are truly my Angels reminding me they are always with me and love me.

I feel confused and unsettled bc I believe both are possible. Aliens are mostly scary and violating in our media. I can't imagine what their intentions are (positive, negative, scientific, spiritual?)

Any wisdom or clarity from you would be extremely appreciated. Thanks again for your dedication.

With Warmth ? ~


~ Delphina ~

*? (*^_^*)?*.?

Mikea 4 years ago

Hi Mary. I have posted in this website about 10 months ago. I still keep seeing this number until now. Just now my mother called me up and she's the one who remind me of the time which is 7:44. Just now i have read this article...http://en.144000.net/articles/144000_the_chosen_of... Give me your thoughts.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Dephina,

Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes, you are loved unconditionally and we are all challenged to love and forgive unconditionally ourselves, each other, and this is the lifetime to really learn this. I'm so glad you are feeling this love. 11:11 is nothing to fear, it is a wake up call reminding us of our Earth's changing reality. Here is my article about the 11:11 phenomenon: http://marysoliel.hubpages.com/hub/Are-You-Catchin... I hope this gives you peace. And 44 is a wonderful number! 4 stands for security and they add up to 8, the money number and 8 on its side is the infinity symbol ?! Yes, there is negative in anything, including people on this earth with dark energies, but there are also incredible beings out there helping our planet. Without them I wonder if we'd even be there. I feel we are well protected! Stay in love as best you can and out of fear. Blessings to you.

Hi Mikea,

Please look at my comments 8 posts up, I happen to speak of this there. I'm glad you keep seeing the 444s, once you notice, I don't believe they ever stop showing themselves! :)

Libor 4 years ago


I do not know what thing about this.I am not person witch believe god, but some think happen to me.

Morning I weicop 3.33, 5 times and after I did start weicop 4.44 exatli, now 5 times, today morning that time did trip my electric with no reason. Skery. My skin was up. All that time I did not feel nice,confuse. What do you thing.


Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Libor,

Know that seeing these various meaningful times are blessings, our angels are trying to get our attention, not to scare us.

Ashley Hutcherson 4 years ago

I always see the number 444 as well, and my wedding is set for april 13 2013 .......... april is the 4th month, 3plus 1 is 4 and 2013 the las two numbers of that is 3 plus 1 which equals 4....... 444.......and i just realized this, but its good to know that angels are embracing me.... and for that i am truly blessed,thanx so much for this article :)

roc6 profile image

roc6 4 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

I have days where just when I need it I see 444 on number plates, I pretty much always see the numbers on cars otherwise on my alarm clock. I is so comforting to know the angels are around you.

lupe romero 4 years ago

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Searching 4 years ago

I see this number 444 very often. I found something in Google and would like to share:

Google Search: “Find Angel”

See it yourself …

Cheli 4 years ago

About 9 months ago I started noticing that 444 was everywhere. First on my car clock, then when I woke up and coulcnt get back to sleep, then totals at a cash register. I had 44,444 miles on the leased car I had to turn in. Allowing the gas pump to stop in its own while I sat in my car on a winter day...stopped at $44.44.

A message left for me to return a call to somoene with the last 4 numbers in her phone number 444.

A correspondence on that same day via email...phone and fax in the email had the last three numbers 444. Following a slow car and cannot get aorund all the way to work,license plate has 444. Gas meter in my house as I'm doing yard work,I look up..44466. purchase new appliance $1444.41.

Angels???? I see they are trying to tell my something and obviously watching out for me. Its everywhere and so strange. So powerful it scares me at times. I wonder what it is I should know? I've asked out loud for them to speak to me. My grandmother (who I was very close to) died about 5 months before all of this started. Maybe its her?

Beth 4 years ago

I actually just googled 4:44 to see if there was any significance behind me waking up this morning. I've been having some really good dreams lately and remembering them really well. Today when I woke up from my dream I remembered it and I looked at the clock and it was 4:44. I never thought angels would be the reason but I was pretty awake so I prayed to God that just in case it was because any of my friends or family were in danger he would help them. Now I'm wondering if it might be a sign from God about my dream? It kind of pertains to a decision I could make but I'm avoiding it for the time being. What do you think Mary?

karen l. 4 years ago

I have been seeing lots of triple numbers over the last year.After finding web site of doreen virtue i began to realise these are specific "messages"from angels.Here is my most meaningful one:

After seeing lots of triple numbers on liscence plates and clocks; 555 222 888 999 777 i asked why i had'nt seen 444 for a while to show me that angels were around me.The next day i parked behind a car that read 444.I thanked the angels and for their messages they had been sending me via triple numbers.I then asked them if they could communicate to me with words also.

Two days later i am driving on highway and happen to look at car in left lane(going fast) that read "Angels".I felt this wasn't a coincidence but a true message that angels were communicating with me.I wanted to share my story with others.

Rocky14 4 years ago

Hi I'm Craig, I'm seeing the time as 03:30 or 09:09 or 10:01 or 7:49 and when i looked at my digital watch the other day it was 10:10:10... I see the time rarely... i started using a digital watch for my final exams three months back... and this started happening since then... and now I no longer wear my watch but when i see the time in the T.V. or the internet or the clock, it shows me time like this. My Mom says that God may be telling me not to waste my time.... What do you think?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Ashley, Roc, Lupe, and Searching!

I'm so glad you are feeling the blessings!

Cheli, what amazing 444 synchs! It absolutely could be your grandmother connecting with you!

Beth, your intuition, gut feeling will always be most telling.

What beautiful validations, Karen.

Today's date is 3/30, Rocky. :) Is there something relevant about today? I believe there are messages in these times, if not to just get your attention and be aware! To me, it's very exciting!

lexismommy1125 4 years ago

Hi Mary my name is Christina...I have been seeing the number 444 since I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 7 1/2 years old...It's constantly in my life...I used to think that I was going to give birth at 4:44 am/pm but that didnt happen...However she was born in the 4oclok hour and so was my son. I have always had a feeling that maybe I could communicate with my Angels...I never see any other set's of numbers...just the 4s....and it seems to be happening more now than ever...and I"m not sure how to take it...Anything you could tell me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Beverly 4 years ago

Oh my Gosh.. MARY, Since reading these articles.. I have been waking up around that time to look at my clock as well.. Never thought anything of it.. just that I could not sleep... WOW this is so great to know because I do need my Angels guidance right now.... going through some health issues... Thank you so much for your insight to all ...

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Christina,

The fact you are having these feelings and experiencing the number connection is a great step to further communication! When your angels communicate with you, if you indeed choose to ask questions, listen and receive which is everyone's divine birthright, the messages may come through quite subtly and without fanfare. With Michael, for the most part, it is very subtle, very quiet, the way in which I receive his messages. It takes awareness and trust. And now with the veil thinning more and more, it is much easier to "hear." Receiving messages from our angels is an immense gift during these unprecedented times. Best wishes to you!

Oh Beverly,

I'm so happy for you! And it's a gift to me to know this. Sending healing wishes.

natalie 4 years ago

Yes it happened to me too. One night i woke up 4:44 o clock because i felt a presence in my room. I knew something was there so i started talking to it, i felt like it was an angel. I could even here its breathing over my bed.

Christina 4 years ago

Thank you Mary...I did recently have an expierence where I was contemplating making a pretty hard descision...one that would affect me and my children and that night I went to bed and had a dream where I "found out" what my life like would be like with my descision and when I woke up it was exactly 4:44am.

KloZep 4 years ago

this is true! there are angels there when this occurs and its a means how Gos speaks to us. i know this from personal experience and i see lot of repeating numbers and they relate to bible verses and God speaks to me through these numbers

God BLess Ya'll

India 4 years ago

Its Wed (day 4 of the week), April (4th of the month), day 4 (4th day of April) at 4:44 pm.

So its 444444. Whoaaa!!!

Judy 4 years ago

My daughter was born At 444am and I have been seeing the number 444 for about 2 years now. I have been very upset every time I see this number thinking something was wrong with my daughter or that something bad is going to happen at that time. Yesterday I watched a movie called. 444 the end times. I could not believe it. I feel much better after finding this site. I will try to tune into more positive thinking next time I see this number.

Yassielle 4 years ago

I feel soo blessed!! I was born at 4:44 and i do wake up at 4:44 am ALOT. I also see 444 everywhere in the street.

BUT just knowing that i was born at this time tells me that i was born surrounded by angels


André 4 years ago

I have seen 11:11, 111 since 2001, so for 11 years ..

Now I see 4:44, but I feel an urge to cry when I see, and I have a feeling that I'm away or doing something wrong.

Even reading those lovely things you wrote here, I feel like crying and I do not think I'm on the right track.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Such great stories everyone!

That's wonderful, Natalie.

And how validating, Christina.

Bless you too, KloZep.

Thanks for sharing the powerful 444 moment, India.

Judy, I know about that movie. Just as it is with the number 13, there is nothing bad or scary about 13, it is actually known to be a sacred number. When 'they' are trying to get us to fear a number, you can pretty much bet that they are actually trying to quell the true power of the number. I joke to others to watch the architects start omitting floor 44 now, like they do 13. :D May those who watch that movie stay out of fear. And good for you!

How blessed, Yassielle!

André, I hope you keep delving into what is behind the emotion and release it. We all experience being on the "wrong track" and that is how we grow. When see view things from a higher perspective we find that everything is for a reason. Forgive yourself for anything you need to and start anew. I hope your 444 turn your sadness into smiles very soon!

james 4 years ago

Mary I Didnt Know Until Now What The Heck was Going On. I Have Been Seeing The 444 Combination For Almost 2 Years Or More Now And It Seems To Be Happening More And More On A Regular Basis. I Have To Say That Most Of The Time It Is A Little Unsettling But I Cant Say Why. Something Inside Of Me Alarms And I Can Not Put My Finger On It. Now That I Read You Article I Hope The Next Time I Can Connect And Have A Better Feeling About.

Judith 4 years ago

Mary- Sets of numbers I am seeing a lot in my life are : 14 41 44 444. For the past few months number 14 keeps appearing to me at night time while in bed with my eyes closed. It sometimes show up with 41 like this; 1441 or 4114. I also see 14 and 41 a lot on licence plates . A few months ago I had a dream where I happened to take a quick look at my bedroom window as a truck was passing by. On the truck it said 4u. I am wondering what exactly that means. The last three numbers of my social are 144. The last PO Box I had was 4404. Please help me understand all that. I am very curious to know.

kylie 4 years ago

Is 4 alone significant? I have 2 sons both unplanned but somehow one was born on the 4the of February the other the 14the of February there is 4 years between them I have 4 children. My son that is now 9 weeks old was born on Valentine's day was born at 14:44. had a love heart on his arm that faded the next day has been told that he is blessed and surrounded by a males protective bubble

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi James,

I certainly hope you can connect to these blessings and the feelings that go with it. Many are seeing it more and more now, you are not alone. Best wishes...

Hello Judith,

I don't have Doreen Virtue's "Angel Numbers" book with me at the moment, but that may prove helpful. In general, the number 1 symbolizes new beginnings and 4 security. Funny, as I too have been seeing combinations of these numbers lately, as well.


Did you see how your comment is kind of in synch with Judith's? 4 is known to symbolize security. Thanks for sharing about your children, and the heart shape on your son's arm!

Abhi 4 years ago

I saw last night that i am dying due a injection of poision given to me by a police officer due i have leaked a question paper .

What is the meaning of this dream ?

This i saw at nearly 4 am on april 19, 2012 .

do i will really dye now ?

Kim 4 years ago

I woke up yesterday and there was a man kneeling beside my bed who was handsome, strong chiseled features/jawline, etc. I was not alarmed nor was there a sexual awareness of him, there was only a feeling of calm and curiosity... a who are you and how can I help you vs who in the hell are you and what do you want from me.

He smiled at me and spoke, then he rubbed my face. When he removed his hand I awoke with a start. I did not mention this was a dream in the beginning as I strongly feel it was a waking dream or I was made to feel it was a dream. At any rate, when one comes to with a start, you check the clock. {{{[[[4:44a.m.]]]}}}

I felt confused, slightly disoriented as it's always discombobulating to not know if I'd dreamed or not. At any rate, I felt his touch erased his message and the only key was figuring that time would give me some answers. Voila, here I am. Thx, Google

E Leong 4 years ago

Hi there,

how i come about this column.... simply because it seems odd to me that ...as i have been a nocturnal person since young..hence always sleeping only if its the wee hours of the night... and for the past few years, each time i checked my clock to see the time... before i wind down to bed ...the time always shows 4.44 am. I am Chinese where it is superstitiously believed that number 4 means death. But yet my car plate is 4014.. for the last 7 years. i have been highly intuitive since young, but chose mostly for the last 25 years to ignore my instincts. i had to goggled for the meaning of 444 - because a friend asked me to find it out.... since its been always showing on and on .... to me . I am a buddhist with high affinity to Kuan Ian - The Goddess of Mercy since i was born... on Christmas Day thirty over years ago. .. Just thought of dropping a hello and tapping into your thoughts... :)

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Abhi,

I'm not qualified to interpret dreams, however I can say that dreams, while they can be frightening can represent symbols that are not so frightening.

Very interesting, Kim,

The fact that you were not alarmed sounds like you were being visited perhaps by an angelic being. They certainly can visit us in our dreams.

Hello E Leong,

I've heard of the Chinese' symbolic definition of the number 4. In numerology it represents security. Anything we look at, we can see from several 'angles' if you will. The number 13 is so commonly known to be an 'unlucky' number, whereas many feel it is sacred, and I am one of them. I love Kuan Yin too! All I can say is that I always see 444 in a positive light. I've had too many experiences that validate these feelings/perceptions again and again. Thank you so much for writing!

Cindi 4 years ago

I see 4:44 pretty much every day on the clock. Either in the morning or afternoon and lots of times both. Been doing this for months and told my friend about it the other day wondering what that might mean? She looked it up and sent this to me today. I love it! Now I know my Angels are surrounding me and I will seek them!!

Edward 4 years ago

First night I woke up to 444 but didn't take notice since it never happened before. But same thing next two nights and scared me because eastern culture associates 4 with death. Since I was worried the next night I wokeat 1:23 and then again at 3:21. Following night. At 2:22 and then next night at 3 :33. Last night was 1:11. The amazing part is that I never woke except but to see those numbers with only one exception when it started to rain and I saw 3:45. I don't look for numbers ever and only look at the clock when I'm woken and now I look with great anticipation and wonder. Odds of this happening are zilch so I know there must be something for me to do but can't figure out what. What to do, what to do!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Cindi,

I am so glad your friend directed you here! And they sure are! :D

Hello Edward,

We talk about this very subject of eastern culture's defining of 4, just a few posts above! I hope you no longer fear it. Numbers in ascending order are known to symbolize that you are on the right path! Yes, anticipation and wonder, it's a great feeling!

Abhi 4 years ago


mam do you know some astrology

Phil Giles 4 years ago

I've been waking at 4:44 for a couple of years at least...not every day, but at least once a week at the least. I've commented to my wife about it, but no one else. I finally 'googled' "the significance of 444 and found your web site among others - glad I did...it made me feel good to see I'm not alone. I also wake at triple numbers a lot...or 1 minute off - 222,333,222, but never 111. Keep on sending out your positive energy, Mary!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Abhi,

While I have a lot of respect for astrology, I have very little knowledge and understanding of it. :)

Thanks much Phil,

And so glad you found me here. When you hit the 111 energy, that will be exciting: symbolizing new beginnings, in my experience and understanding. Yes, funny you mention that, I often do wake a minute early too, and I know it's my angels having fun with me. I laugh every time. They want to us to laugh! Just yesterday on Cinco de Mayo, I was woken at 5:54. (on 5/5/2012(5)) LOL

Oh my goodness! I just went into my account to find my brand new article on the 444s to share with you, and guess what? It has 111 hits at this moment! haha So maybe I'm your messenger. Best wishes! http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/The-444-Ph...

Mommy 4 years ago

444 appears to be a warning sign for me. When I was pregnant with my third child last year, I saw the number 444 and had a odd feeling. We later were told that our son would not survive after birth. We lost our son a day after the delivery (March 3). I am still having complications from the delivery; but whenever I start to feel better the number 444 appears and things turn for the worse. I am experiencing pain now and just saw 444 twice this afternoon. I have left a message with my doctor.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author


I so deeply sorry to hear of your loss. Nothing I may say, can ease your pain. I do feel that the 444s can show us that God is with us no matter what we are enduring, helping us through even under the worst, most tragic of circumstances. The numbers remind to see life from a higher perspective and know that we are surrounded by God and the angels to see us through. Sending you many prayers of love, healing and comfort.

eric 4 years ago

ive seen 444 for the past 14 years, i even went as far as getting 444 tattooed on me now to remind me im being looked after, thanx for this article!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

That's really neat, Eric! :) And my pleasure...

Bob 4 years ago

Hi Mary

I to have experienced th 444 phenoma over the past 30 years, with way to many events and coincidences to discuss. My latest was quite unique however. My wife ( Mary ) slight coincidence had lost an earring the other day. We proceeded to look everywhere for it as it was an important and meaningful piece. She found it on Tues. evening. It was in the shower stall out of site. We were both relieved. The very next day she goes to work ( nurse at local hospital ) and sees a note pegged on the bulletin board with a ring. Upon looking at it realizes this was her family ring that she didn't even know was missing! The note read: Happy Mothers Day! this ring was found by an orderly behind a cart in room " you guessed it ( A444 ). My wife thought it a little strange I was so excited about the room # but I reminded her of the significance. I am truly blessed. For I know.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

What a wonderful story, Bob! And I'm so glad you helped your wife Mary see the significance. Blessed indeed! :) Thank you for sharing with us...

roxy 4 years ago

I had never heard about this before but looked the meaning of 444 as I was playing a game on my phone which has 3 rounds, on the 2ndround I scored 444 and thought it was pretty cool because its pretty hard to get a triplert enumber, on the 3rd round I got exactly the same score which I would think would be almost impossible. I thought to myself it must mean som

Scott Pauline 4 years ago

Daniel said that in chapter 9 of his book that from the going forth of the word to rebuild the temple unto Messiah the Prince shall be 7 and 62 weeks of years.

In 444 BC, King Artaxersex of Persia ordered the commencement of the renewal of the Jewish temple. Now 7 + 62 = 69 weeks of years is 483 Jewish years, each year being exactly 360 days.

so 69 weeks of Jewish years is the following number of ROMAN years (our way of measuring time):

69 X 360 / 365 = 476 Roman Years + 140 days.

Now 444 BC + 476 Roman years =

476 - 444 + 1 (there is no year 0) = 33 AD, the year that Messiah the Prince entered Jerusalem to die.

This is one reason why the Jews of Jesus' time knew that Messiah had to be right around the corner, because Daniel's prophecy!

how is that for the 444?


Jack Spring 4 years ago

A wonderful article Mary with many, many wonderful and confirming responses! I've been blessed by the number 444 all my life ... just as so many here have, and it prompted me to write my first novel which I think you and the other readers here would enjoy ... indeed, it's a novel all about synchronicity and the number 444! Please check it out on Amazon.com, and at my website wwwljackspring.net ... Peace and love to all! Jack

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

That's quite meaningful, Roxy.

Very interesting, Scott...

Congratulations on your new book, Jack. Sounds wonderful.

Travel lodge 4 years ago

It was weird I was sitting in the hotel , just finish watching oceans 11, and the microwave beep and I looked up and it said 4.44 and then I looked at my watch and it said 2:21 then micro wave beeped again and it was 2.22 on it, I'm just wondering what it means, I had very cold chills then I googled 444 to see what it meant... And micro wave time did stay on 444 for about a min

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

We are being prompted to take notice, it can happen many different ways!

TD 4 years ago

Hi Mary,

I've been focusing on my career for the past 6 years. After the six years, I find out that I am really unhappy. I find that all I have is my career and nothing else. I recently been reading a book about " the law of attraction". After reading the book, I've decided to have more of a relationship with god. After this, things in my life beginning to fall into place for me. One of the thing missing in my life is a good relationship with someone. I am very shy. There is someone i was interested at work. I finally got the courage to ask her out and she happily says yes. Keep in mind that this was one of the hardest thing for me to do. On the day of our date, she canceled. I since asked her out once more and she gave me a totally different vibe. Through out these ordeal, I keep waking up at 4.44AM. And constantly see 4:44 all the time. Naturally, my interruption is 4:44 is a good thing. When you mentioned use your intuition to interrupt the meaning of 444; do you mean that since I have already predetermine that 444 will bring about a positive conclusion to the problem, that my angels are reasuring me that they are with me and that things will turn for the better.

sarahcherbert profile image

sarahcherbert 4 years ago from Grass Valley, California

I see them all, all day, everyday...1111, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999 and 000. On the clock, online, on license plates...I see them everywhere! I am trying to make sense of it all and feel blessed every time I experience this and try to acknowledge the lessons that is attached to it. Thanks for the hub, love your topics!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi TD,

It's as if your angels are telling you to have faith and trust! No matter what is going on in 3D, they can help you see the higher perspective. You don't know what is going on with another, but perhaps this was a stepping stone to much greater things! Trust, trust, trust. Remain positive and know this is a journey of growth and understanding. You are blessed.

That is fantastic Sarah! So glad you are enjoying the blessings! Appreciate the feedback too...

Chris 4 years ago

I'm glad there are so many others that see 444 and to understand that it means angels are close by. I first started seeing 444 after a friend had passed. I saw it so much and didn't understand what it meant. I saw a license plate that was 4UC-444. That kinda freaked me out. I have continued to see 444 and 44 alot. Then it seemed not as much for about a year. Another friend passed about 2 weeks ago and I am seeing the number all the time again. Do you think they are trying to commuicate with me?

Mary 4 years ago

Just by chance I stumbled across your page , the number 444 has always been my magic numbers I would tell everyone! I can remember saying I'm four and my Daddy is forty four , were 444 ! LOL , my father passed when I was twelve , so through out my life I have always looked for 444 as a good sign of being watched over . After reading about angels and the arch angel being associated with the number 444 , brought back a memorie of a huge Green angel ,and being told of the arch angel Michael being of green nature , makes me wonder and rethink about events of my life. Thanks for your views , I will keep the number 444 in my thoughts now even more !

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Chris,

Absolutely, they very well could be connecting to you in this way. Angels and passed loved ones are using numbers to get our attention. They can whisper "Look now!" and we catch the auspicious time, for instance.

Hi Mary,

That is truly amazing that you were in touch with this while so young!!! And how beautiful that you have this sign from your father...

Jerrica 4 years ago

Thank you for this post. I was checking my profile on a social network and notice that I had 444 friends. At that very moment the clock turned 4:44. So I had to Google because I've been seeing those numbers a lot lately. This post has definitely made me smile and so have my angels.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

I love it, Jerrica!

Thank you for sharing...

Michaela Ignacio 4 years ago

I very well woke up at 4:44 this morning :)

Jack 4 years ago

Hi, So appreciative for finding this article on 444. I have noticed these numbers 3/4 times over the last couple weeks. Researched it a bit yesterday and found some interesting things. Led me to go out and give $600 out in gift cards to random people in need this morning. I get home this afternoon...take a nap...my cel rings waking me up...I blow it off as I lay there determined to fall back asleep..a min. later I'm like ok I'll get up...I roll over grab my phone checking some emails...glance at the clock on my phone...and YES 444. I was blown away.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Yay, Michaela!

Oh Jack, how wonderful! What goes around comes around! So loved hearing this... best wishes to you.

John 4 years ago

All those comments from women and now men are waking up. If I needed anymore proof that I'm on the straight path, this would be it. Thank you and bless you all for taking the time to share - it makes all the difference to the 'lost ones'.

Philip 4 years ago

Unfortunately I don't believe that anything to do with the repetition of 4's is a sign of angels or anything good for that matter. I'm Catholic but also Chinese so the number 4 has been said to be a bad omen for thousands of years. I never noticed the time much but 3 years ago I wouldn't look at the clock all day and when I finally decided to look, the time was 4:44. It happened 2 or 3 more times afterwards, and not long after my uncle and my mother died within a few months of each other. Since then I've been scared to death of looking at the clock, and avoid it as much as possible.

John 4 years ago

Philip: Have you prayed for guidence about this? Our guardians often bring varying messages i.e. warnings, love, perseverance. Peace and love be with you in these difficult times.

newbie14 4 years ago

I have a question that I'm hoping someone can shed some light on. Although I am not followed by 444 - the number 143 has followed me almost my entire life. Seems juvenile as I know 143 means I love you. But it's still almost daily and rather odd.

But that is not the source of my question. When I see the numbers 29, 32, 36, 45, 55 I think of my mother or my maiden last name. It's really odd it's like I see my maiden last name when I see 29 and think of my mother when I see the other numbers. This happened for a number of years and then stopped. Over the last few months it started again. I don't understand the connection and I can't seem to find any information on it. It's really odd - the numbers are always in the 20-50 range. Never higher and never lower, but they're all over the place. Has anyone ever heard of something like this? Or am I just going a little crazy?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Thank you for such kindness, John!

Hi Phillip,

I hope you'll scroll through the comments above. We indeed address these concerns and fears some people have of this number. In my view everything is about perspective. The 444s, if they come during difficult, even tragic, times, it is a reminder of angelic presence and comfort. As John said, you can ask for guidance and understanding. Regardless of whatever context you experience them, they are ultimately messengers of love. Our angels are showing us that we need to move away from fear and into love.

Hello Newbie,

You are not going crazy! Sometimes we are indeed seeing the same numbers for a multitude of different reasons. My friend sees 712 all the time, and she ties it to her father. Ask your angels to give you understanding, through signs perhaps. Signs can be the most amazing messengers. The answer may even come through a random statement from a stranger that you overhear. Just be open and aware.

Blessed 4 years ago

Last night as i prepared for bed, I turned my lamp off on my nightstand & closed my eyes.. 5 or 10 minutes later I experience a Bright "Flash" as my eyes were closed. I said to myself "Wow" must have been an Angel. later that night as i was sleeping, I was awaken by an Angel @ 4:44 am on the dot! I have encounters with Angels in different ways, But this is my first time awaken @ 4:44 am. which lead me to research, which lead me to this site! Thanks for clarity! To God be the glory!

lori 4 years ago

My mom recently passed away and I awoke seeing this time this morning. I just finally googled it and am glad I did. She also came to me in the form of a hummingbird, I have two cats and when I opened the patio in the morning, it happened so fast, my cats didnt even see the hummingbird. I t buzzed right up inches from my face and it was gone. Ive lived there over 6 yrs and have never seen a hummingbird, my mom loves them. We are both very spiritual, but after a death to really see the signs is fricken amazing

4 years ago

I recently was going through a rough patch in my life that I started to uncover the truth about the sequence of numbers in my life. I found that 4444 would follow me alot I would notice it in the time, license plates, on receipts etc. Then I moved to my new place which had three 4's and which equals 12 my house number. Wow I truly know I am blessed by angels. Thank you :)

Sam 4 years ago

I have been woken up at 4.44 every day for the past week

Mi3hael 4 years ago

I see hour by hour 44 1:44 2:44 3:44 4:44 help me what is the meaning of this?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Blessed,

Wow, that is so wonderful and I am happy for you that you experienced this!

Hi Lori,

I'm so sorry for your loss. But happy that you are feeling your mom around you! That had to be an incredible moment to see that hummingbird in front of your face. There was no denying what that was about, right?!!

I'm happy for you "Z" and Sam!

Hi Michael,

According to Doreen Virtue in her book "Angel Numbers," she starts out describing the meaning of 44 saying: "Many angels are with you now..." You can also Google specific numbers + "numerology" to find their meanings.

Crs 4 years ago

I was awakened today at 4:44am while I was having a nightmare. This is comforting

Coreenbrinck 4 years ago

My best friend and great love died almost six months ago at the age of 44. His favorite number was 4; as was mine. On the day he died, I woke up at 4:44 a.m. After he passed, I inherited his elderly cat, which had to be put to sleep six weeks later. On the cat's last day, I woke up at -- you guessed it! --- 4:44 a.m. Although those were awful days, the time and the numbers 444 have great meaning to me and give me comfort. On the day of the cat's passing, I felt it was my friend saying, "I'm here and I'm ready. Pass him along now, please." I occasionally wake up at 4:44 on uneventful days and I smile and say hello to my friend.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

I'm glad for you Crs.

Hi Coreen,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Yes, I too believe that when this happens it is to give comfort and have never felt anything other than comfort and blessing. It's so wonderful that you see this perspective in the midst of such difficulty. Thank you for sharing and sending you healing wishes.

Sean 4 years ago

I looked at my credit card statement online today, and my available credit is $4,444 and the number of Reward Points I have is 444. What are the odds? I just returned from a 4 day visit with my family in Ohio to provide moral support, which was planned very last minute because of some health issues family members are having. Most of the expenses for this trip went onto this credit card.

I have been stressing about my financial direction recently, because I quit my job a couple months ago due to burnout, and I've been procrastinating on getting another one...so with checking my CC statement comes anxiety on how I plan to pay the balance off. Surprisingly, I didn't feel so anxious after checking this statement...

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Wow Sean!

I love how these magical messages quelled your anxiety. Best wishes!

Alex 4 years ago

I just won $444 at casino

Janet Marisol 4 years ago

How Amazing !!!!!Hi Mary...thanks for the message, I love syncronicity!!!, After a month of fulle depression and anxiety disorder, I prayed outloud to God for help to over come mi life problems, a long term relationship that came to an end, financial, and unemployment, the next day I was attracted to my local bookstore and bought Doreen Virtue Healing with Fairys Book in which it mentioned that Angels talk through numbers 4.44, I read the book and days later I was watching these movie called 4.44 Last day on earth , and these movie provided an insight on what I went through and an answer to my reflief...... Blessings!!!from El salvador!! Central America..

T. Brady 4 years ago

It's 444 for ten years now, and yes, I get the 4:43 and 4:45 often.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Congratulations Alex! A double blessing! :)

Hello Janet... "Marisol," a synchronicity right there, with our names! I'm glad you are seeing your prayers answered! Best wishes to you!

That's great T!

Ck 4 years ago

It's 111, 1111, 222, 333, 444 and 555 for me. We'll I guess those are the most likely to be seen on a clock. But anyway, I started freaking out about it- and all of a sudden, as if to soften the blow, I'd see 110, 223, 445, 556. I started to see it's not so much the number, but the message.

Needheart Ranken A. Obeñita 4 years ago

I see 11:44 12:44 1:44 and 4:44 just in time when these times hit my Cellphone or my computer. I saw a movie entitled 4:44 and beside it a movie entitled end of days ! after that, i was really scared because i though seing 444 i just a coincidence. When i move to other place, I see it again . even this time when i typed this, i saw 5:44.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

I'm glad for your sightings Ck and Needheart. Please note, Needheart, I refer to my feelings about that movie in comments above. 444, like 13, are not numbers to fear in all of my experience. They are powerful and telling, and there are those who wish us to fear things, including powerful numbers!

Jamie 4 years ago

Hello, Mary. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this phenomenon. My husband and I have been seeing 444 on the clocks in our home and in our car for about 3 or 4 years now. We will wake up in the night at exactly this hour. It happened so frequently that I told my husband that we were being given a sign. On June 13th of 2011 my son, Nicholas, was killed in Iraq. In my despair and anger I made a video that I posted on Youtube about Memorial Day featuring my son and his 3 year old daughter Eva. I was having a lot of angst over whether I should post such an emotionally charged video. I did not know if my son would want me to feature him in this light. So many doubts nagged at me until I noticed the time on the video. I had somehow managed to complete the video ( there is a tremendous amount of work in synching music with pictures so I was not paying much attention to a time frame as I am allowed uploads of more than 15 minutes ) at 4:44. My doubt vanished instantly.

I am constantly reminded by my guides to pay attention to synchronicity. Thanks agian for your time and concern for others. It is apparent.

shelly657 4 years ago

i am new to this page but i started to search because i was waking up at4 44 then 443 then 444 then 222 then yet again 444 i never new this meant angles i find it very interesting

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Jamie,

I'm deeply sorry to hear of the tragic loss of your son.

How wonderful that you are blessed with these signs and the youtube sign especially. I wouldn't be surprised if your son had something to do with that. As you may know, we can receive whispers from our angels as well as passed loved ones. Sorry for such a late response!

Best wishes to you both.

Hi Shelly,

So glad you found your way here!

kevnstjoe@gmail.com 4 years ago

I woke up from a dream this morning and the last thing I remember from it before waking was a chant of "4-4-4". I thought it was very odd. I rolled over to grab my cell phone, turn it on and guess what time it was? - 4:44

I knew nothing of it's significance until researching and finding this page after my experience this morning.

joe russo 4 years ago

i have been looking at and waking up to 444 for a couple of years now ever since i had a dream of my deceased grandfather. (we were very close) in that dream he was in the hospital, 4th floor room 4. i woke up from that dream at 4:44 am. just last month on his birthday i saw a license plate, a semi-trailer id numbers and clock with 444. that evening i fueled up at gas station and backed my truck in the garage, it said on the dashboard, 444 miles to empty. i coulnt believe it!! i know he is trying to tell me something! the next morning, my friend calls me and said...guess what the pick three lotto was last night? 444!!! i was shocked!!! i continue to see 444 almost everyday.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Kevnstjoe,

What an experience you had! I've never heard anything quite like it before, you are blessed! Thank you for sharing.

Hi Joe,

Wow, especially being so close, your grandfather certainly wants you to be aware of his presence... what a blessing! So much undeniable synchronicity! It gave me goosebumps.

Dolores 4 years ago

I have been awakened at 4:44 on so many occasions now I have lost count. When it first started happening I thought it was so bizzare but then it got to the point where I would just smile and go back to sleep. After reading your article on what the numbers mean now I understand. I actually look forward to being woken at that time now.

Linda in TX 4 years ago

I now spread the word about 444. In 1997 I started having sightings of 444 and waking up at 4:44. Had no idea why until I heard a Gentleman on the radio tell the same story to an Author of a book called "The Messenger". I met this man hours later at a book signing. I have misplaced this book after so many moves and would like another to add to my collection. I know it was a limited addition. Do you know who the author was. I now have yours to add also. I so enjoy sharing my story. I feel so blessed

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Dolores,

I'm glad you're experiencing so many blessings!

Hi Linda,

You're referring to the author Nick Bunick. Interesting you heard about him and on the same day met him! Sounds very destined. :)

Jeanie B 4 years ago

For years I would find religious items prayer cards. rosary beads, crucifix, and so on. That kind of stopped a few years back, now I see 444 all the time I awake in the morning when it's 4: 44 driving in the car and happen to look at the car clock when it's 4:44 and so on. My husband has started picking up on it as well. so happy to know my angels are sending me a sign : )

Beth C. 4 years ago

For the last week or more I have woken up at 4:44am exactly more that I have woken up at 4:43.. I have thanked God at that time bc I know I am waking up for a reason but I don't know what that reason is.. I told my daughter about waking up at that time and she said look up scripture for that no. so I did.. Couldn't find anything. So, I found this site... WOW! I am amazed at what I have found.. Angels at watching over me.. I love that.. Now I can be at peace knowing..

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

So happy for you both, Jeanie and Beth!!

Laurie 4 years ago

For years since my mother died I will wake up at 4:44am almost everyday. I can't stop it either. Very, very strange.

sinceretarot profile image

sinceretarot 4 years ago from Brisbane Australia

Thank you for this information. I started to see 333 about two months ago and now this month it is 444 and just this week other triple digits. It's happening constantly. I'm going through a court case - so I feel your explaination of angels is very correct. Thanks so much.

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Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Wow, that is often Laurie, surely she is in connection with you!

Best wishes to you, sinceretarot!

Behnam f 4 years ago

about 2 years ago when ever i saw the clock they were sets together like : 14:14 / 11:11 / 4:44/ 22:22 and....... but i really didnt find any answer for them but about 1 mounth ago they are starting again and saw like 19:19 or 5:5 and today i saw 4:44 i really want to now what are they meaning ??? each time have the diffrent meaning or all of them have a same ? please help me . thank you

Shawn 4 years ago

I've been surrounded by 444 my entire life so was so natural to me as to almost not to be noticed at all. My address is even 444. But recently the numbers have popped up so constant I want to know more. So I went to my local spiritual bookstore, asked the lady behind the counter about books on numerology. She asked what number and I told her 444. Well she got the strangest look on her face and just beemed with love. She went on to say I was blessed and one of the 144,000 in the Bible, meant to help others in the end times. She said this is in Revelations. She also just had to touch me. Scared me so badly I ran out never even getting an answer about if they had books on numerology.

Since then I've had many more signs, even more than repetitive numbers that are telling me something more is going on to pay attention. What do you think of what the book-lady said?

PennyDiane43 4 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I have been seeing double and triple and quadruple fours for the last two weeks on a daily basis at least seven times a day..it always seems to be about seven times a day sometimes six or eight mostly seven. I'm very confused by this. I have been in finance for over twenty years and see numbers on a daily basis, never in my life have i seen what i have been seeing for two solid weeks. At first, on the first day it happened, i thought wow what a freaky conceinidence. Then the next day i was seeing lots of double 44 and then triple 444 i have seen 4444 but out of all it is mostly trips. It will not stop happening and i told my mom last night because it has started to scare me. I mean i dont really feel scared but i feel like something strange is going on. I work for Social Services adn started another business back last FEB it was slow starting out but then al of a sudden it has taken off and life has been pretty good.My fiance lives in another state and I have been upset that we have not come together under one roof yet.. my house here wont sell so i cant get to where he is until it's sold. I dont know if i should play lotto or what,even though i'm not really a lotto kind of person. I see fours everywhere.home, work, just driving down the road, my phone, tv etc..mainly at work though and home..like watching tv or something.. Can someone help me undertsand this more? I have read alot of articles and that it says angels are near you...but why on a daily basis? I guess i'm just uneasy about it all. I welcome comments please adn thanks for reading my post!

L.Fury 4 years ago

I've seen 444 at least once every day for most of the last year. At work the other day, saw it 4 times each time I just happened to look at the counter of the product the machine I run produces. I see it on my digital clocks around the house all the time.

Mikea 4 years ago

Hi Mary. I am still seeing now this number almost everyday. I am wondering if this number can be connected to Dec. 21 2012 as can be seen from this link. http://blog.world-mysteries.com/science/2012-and-t...

Suzanne 4 years ago

You cant imagine how i do enjoy when i see 444 every where every day ... Even Before that i know the meaning of that. Im living with this nomber as a pair as a. Copple !!! Love u allllllll. I saw. Heaven. Plz belive itsss truuuuuuuuue .....

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Mary Soliel 4 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Benham,

The great way to get your answers is to google the number meanings you seek. Also, Doreen Virtue wrote a book called "Angel Numbers 101."

Hi Shawn,

Don't let the book lady's comment scare you! If you scroll through the comments above, we have broached this very subject. Feel blessed! And how wonderful to have been surrounded by these numbers all your life!

Hi Penny,

I'm glad you aren't letting yourself get scared about it as it is something to embrace! And it's so interesting that you're always working with numbers, and yet suddenly this deluge of these numbers. There is so much information to be gleaned about these changing times. My work is fully devoted to it, www.marysoliel.com. You can ask your angels to guide you to the best resources for the information and understanding you desire.

Hi L.Fury, Mikea, and Suzanne,

I'm so glad you're having wonderful experiences with the 444s.

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tebo 4 years ago from New Zealand

Interesting hub. I'm not sure whether I've been woken at 4.44. I'm sure I have noticed a clock at some time with that combination of numbers as I always get excited when I see multiples of numbers on clocks, and try to make others look before it changes. I often wake at 2.23, which is also the number on my number plate.

Find Angel 3 years ago


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Pierre 3 years ago

I have being seeing 11:11 for the past 2yrs....then it went away.....and now i am regularly seeing 4:44(just happened awhile ago).


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Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

The 444s are in the awareness now of so many. And sometimes, just knowing about it, being aware of the phenomenon, will help tune you into your own synchronicities with it.

mm326446 3 years ago

Dear Mary, I hope you can share me your inner wisdom. Of late, everything I see during a day ends in 43, 11, 44. Whether its at the pump, 143, a house number illuminated 43, 444 on my dashboard normally unnoticed. I also see 11:11, and numbers ending 11. This morning I awaken exactly at 4;43, and within secs it changes to 4:44... My gf sees 444 ans 1111 and 1007 all the time....

can you share with us your inner wisdom?

Lina 3 years ago

My chair creaked and woke me up between 4.44 and 4.43. I get scared SO hard ! I couldnt sleep for 2 hours..

Jen 3 years ago

Hi.. Can you please tell me what does the number sequence 333 signify? This is one number sequence that i have been often coming across. In an article by Doreen Virtue I read it means that the Ascended Masters are around, protecting us. Is there anything more to that?

joell simmons 3 years ago

Hi, my name is Joell Simmons, and I was curious what did 444 stand for. When I was a teenager I told my uncle to play this number in the lottery around Christmas, he did and won. And now I am 42 years old and as you said, I wake up and the clock says 4:44, or I would look at my watch at work and the clock says 4:44. I do not see it on license plates . But often see my birthday 125. Which one day a car came right in front of me and had my initials JS 125 as soon as I got off the express way i stopped at a gas station and played it in the lottery and won. But going back to 444. Lately I believe that the angels are telling me to eat right. They have been giving me a lot of information about the food. I'm also shopping for whole foods now. They are also educating me about the Illuminati and the subliminal massages in this ad's and in the music industry. So it's a blessing to see this from you. The angels lead me to see this! And right now I am thanking them for there guidance and there protection. And I also thank you for your education. Not many people believe in the spiritual world.But I do! And am getting more and more evidence everyday. The Superbowl half time shows Pepsi logo and the politics it goes on and on. But thank you lord Jesus and thank you god Jehovah for your angel and your love! IT'S IN JESUS NAME I PRAY, AMEN!

joell simmons 3 years ago

Hi, Mary are you still on this web site?

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Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi MM,

Well I describe my understanding of 444 here and 11:11 in another article. As far as 1007, could that be a relevant date of the past? 10/07. Check in with your intuition as often numbers mean something very specific to us that would be difficult for another to interpret.

Hi Lina,

I hope by now you have found peace with it. Reading the comments above may help you.

Hi Jen,

I always get such a good feeling with 333. 3 stands for the trinity as well as emotions, so it's triple in meaning. I'm familiar with Doreen's account of it and find it comforting as well. Tune into your intuition to decide what it's saying to you.

Hi Joell,

Yes, I'm still here but very busy putting two books out right now. Those are great synchs, especially the license plate with your initials and birthdate leading to a win in the lottery... wow! As we raise our vibrations, we are moving toward eating lighter, more real foods that match the vibrations we are moving in. I talk about this a little bit in my book coming out soon, "The New Sun." So way to listen and make changes! It comes naturally and easy when we listen to our guidance. I agree about the corporate ongoings that don't serve us. As we continue to move into higher vibrations, the darkness (including corporations that do not serve the human being, but rather harm) will fall... there is no way it will be able to exist, so there is much to celebrate.

veronicajean 3 years ago

I was always seeing 11 11. Then it chanced to 444. I then realized I am the 4 child of two 4th children and my child is their 4th grandchild and I was born in the 4th month of the year. I may be stretching.This 444 thing started when I started to try and renew faith into my very sad life.

I so struggle with it.

Chris 3 years ago

This is very interesting, but what are we supposed to do when we see these numbers?

Judie 3 years ago

For years my son has been promoting the #444. He has produced tshirts, caps and other apparel items showing the number, but the middle "4" is reversed, making angel wings of the last two. I believe that now he has added a very thin halo around those two numbers, and I am wearing of of the sweatshirts as I write. My son is 46, lives in Germany, and is very spiritual. He and I have a special bond, a bit different from me and my two loving daughters. I am a firm believer in my angels watching over me, and I am grateful as well.

Dawn 3 years ago

Glad to have found this site, starting seeing the numbers 444 about ten years ago mostly on a clock. I went to RI my mom was very sick with cancer, me and a friend went to a car show, as I was telling her about seeing the numbers I look down at one of the license plates you guess it the numbers 444. I knew they had to have a purpose for me now I know, for some reason I stopped seeing them after awhile but now that I am going through some rough days I see them again. Thank you Mary I will be looking at the numbers with a big smile now. The friend I was with was born on this day 4/4 not sure of the year but I will find out.

Dominic 3 years ago

Ive been in search of what my angels are trying to say to me. In 2009 I was accused of a horrible criminal charge that could of landed me in jail for life. During this time I became depressed. I made a nus out of my bed sheets and practiced hanging myself while I awaited my court date. For hours at a time I would pace back and forth in my cell talking to God and crying, then I would fall on my face and pray for his attention, then I would stand back up pace and talk to him some more. I found hope in reading the bible: Job chapter 5 witch has 27 verses about how God corrects and reproves man. I also favored Job chapter 33 witch has 33 verse. I stayed in this depression for around 7 months genuinely pleading for my life. Then suddenly I watched a weird chains of events that ultimately lead to all charges being dismissed on May 27th, without even having to go in a court room. God saved my life. Im writing you because since then Ive been seeing double numbers in overwhelming amounts, sometimes 20 to 30 times a day. Ill walk in a room the digital clock will read 1:22. Then ill do something like cook for my little girl and when I bring it to her, her clock will say 1:44. Ill use the bathroom then go back in the living room and the clock will read 1:55. This happens all day With mostly digital clocks and license plates that will end in doubles (i.e.PVC1255 then 2 minutes later FVR3444.), Then my eye will lock onto the dashboard and my girlfriends song will be playing for 2 minutes and 33 seconds and still counting. This happens all day everyday. It could scare the average person but I know its from God because he saved me. I just want to learn how to read the numbers without supposing anything.

Selena 3 years ago

I always look at clocks at 3:33 and 4:44 this has been going on for about 2 yrs. Even on hoildays where there is a time change.

I even TRY not to look at the time yet I get drawn to it. I notice things more easliy when their in sets of 3. I'm glad I googled and had a look see at your page. It still feels strange tho..lol

daniel 3 years ago

4:44 makes me have a bad day, nothing to do with 1000s of angels

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Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Everyone! Sorry I've been away for so long but have been busy getting my new book out. I enjoyed reading all your comments...

Stay with the faith, Veronica Jean!

Go to your heart and just feel the blessing, listen to the message if there is one, Chris.

Wow, Judie, I love hearing about your son's shirts! How wonderful.

I'm so glad you feel the peace and comfort of this sign, Dawn! As there is an ebb and flow to everything, this sure is true with signs.

Wow Dominic, I'm glad to know you are free and that you knew you were being watched over! It starts with numbers, often, but our angels can communicate in so many ways. You can ask them for greater connection with them and God. Wishing you much peace and continued miracles.

Hi Selena, It may seem strange at first simply because we aren't trained to understand in this way. This is a new journey for most of us, we simply need to stay open and aware.

Oh sorry to hear that Daniel. We can perceive in that way. Sometimes we see it when going through a bad time so that we have the sign, the reminder to just hold on and know we are being watched over.

Kristina 3 years ago

My birthday is 4/4/74. I see 444 all the time!!

Steve 3 years ago

I got up early this morning started making coffee notice it was 4:44 turned tv on flipping channels found a movie "4:44 Last Day On Earth" Funny thing is that last year I started a Haunted Trail for a Holloween attraction spent alot of time and money on it wanted it to be successful didnt have an address for the entrance came up with 444 Jacobs Cemetery Rd had no idea of the power of the #s but we had a very good turn out so there must be some truth in the # 444

Chris 3 years ago

My Angel number is 11:11.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

What a great birthday, Kristina!

Hi Steve, somewhere in the comments above, I address the movie title...

That's great Chris, I also wrote a little article about the 11:11.

Divamentalis 3 years ago

I'm going through a VERY stressful period at present. Driving to work this morning I was totally stressed out and was ranting and raving at the top of my voice about how fed up I was and when were things going to get better? As I finished my rant, I saw that the car coming towards me at that moment had 444 in its licence plate!

444 3 years ago

I shouted at the angels today because I have relinquished all my hopes, fears and dreams to their loving guidance. I wrote in my online journal; "please show me this is coming to an end" then I got a message from a friend on twitter so I clicked the link and as my page came into view; 444followers. It was that quick! I remembered an article about 444. I burst into tears and felt ashamed of my harsh words directed at them. i thanked the angels for their message of love.

Misty 3 years ago

Kristina my birthday is 4-4-74 also and I've always wondered if the was any significance to it

Amy 3 years ago

I can't sleep. I had begun to think about how removed I feel from friends, while just talking to neighbors, maybe making new friends, or just neighbors. But not being around the deep friendships. What happened. Anyway, I decided to get up and go into the living room with my iPad. I sat down, flicked it on and the time was 4:44. (Routine for the last five years for me to see numbers in triplicate on the digital clock, less often elsewhere.) I have tried to look things up, any sometimes it makes sense. Anyway, I came onto your definition, and I like the notion that I am surrounded by love and angels, especially considering where my thoughts were going. Thank you. I will have to get your book next week.

Evn 3 years ago

im probably the youngest out of all of you .I've looked at the clock this week and its been either 4:44 or 11:11 its hasn't been a lot before this week but this week ts been every day at 11:00 am 4:44 pm and 11:11pm

evan 3 years ago

the comment name above is supposed to be Evan

Luca 3 years ago

I see 444 lots of time on my phone, the most I check my phone time it's 444, and my football jeoursy number is 4 too, before I use scad when I see this, because I was in some problems, after reading this I really feel confidence. I really don't know how to thank angels.

Kathy 3 years ago

For several months, I have been seeing 333 everywhere. Then, today, I saw for the first time 444 AND 1111. I'm pretty sure my angels are trying to tell me something wonderful -- but what?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

I love it Divamentalis!

Our angels love us without condition "444." What a great sign for you.

What a great birthday, Misty!

Amy, it's so awesome that you made the connection. I hope you enjoy my book, thank you!

You are in the flow, Evan!

Just intend thanks from your heart and they will hear you, Luca... they hear our thoughts and words.

Stay open to the unfolding, Kathy... they are getting your attention!

April 3 years ago

I feel so blessed today.

Not only have you helped me in my path but you have helped to show me the sign. I felt urged to watch this dr Phil show. I don't usually, but this lady was talking about numerology. I felt the urge then to look it up. As I've spent the better half of my afternoon researching it all. It came down to one defining moment. When I was separating my day number. I noticed that not only was it 4 . But I got 444. I felt the need to look it up. As I saw the everyone was talking about waking up at 4:44 I decided to look at the clock. I than realized when I received my 444 message from the Angels of my birthdate, it was 4 o'clock. Not only did the message bring meaning to my life but i feel incredibly blessed to have been pushed in this direction to receive such a beautiful message and to also hear all over your beautiful story's. god bless :)

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi April,

I'm so happy to be of service... Thanks for being here, your warmth, and for sharing your 444 magic! :)

Saundra 3 years ago

1+31=32,44+32=76,7+6=13,1+3=4 that's my number 4.(1-31-44 is my birthday) I started seeing the number 444 about a year ago. So much that I started writing it down. So many different ways it would show up; In fact it showed up as the time on my computer when I first opened it today. That's way I decided to look it up on Ask.com. What a blessing I feel, that you were able to answer my questions on this subject. I have always believed in angles. Thank You So very much.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Saundra!

Great numbers! :) I'm so glad your feelings and experiences were in effect celebrated here, thank you for writing!

trent williams 3 years ago

hi i made a i made my first playlist on you tube in April 2013; this year. It was a playlist containing 62 videos mostly songs unique to me that i like. each video's duration is completely unique. I completed the playlist i think in April but it might have been May. The playlist was completed as i was listening and considering adding other videos to the playlist and i noticed the playlist's duration to be 4:44:44. i had named the playlist "Individual Trinitarian" around the time i started to compile the list. Since then the number 13 and 4 have seemed to be uncannily reoccurring to me in a very noticable repetition that i want to be explained to me the reason for.....my life path number is 4. thanks trent...

Jeri 3 years ago

Your information is very interesting. Many years ago I had one of those dreams that I occasionally have that are not one of my regular dreams but something more profound or instructive. In this dream voices were repeating 4444444444.......... and I could see the number 4 going on endlessly and one of the voices said "she knows the code" and I immediately woke up.

christen 3 years ago

I sit here with goosebumps.

For the past 12 to 15 yrs. I have had countless incidents with 444. I have told friends & family about this to the point of getting eye rolls on occasions. Lol...

I have never felt uncomfortable about it. Only very curious.I have even thought that perhaps that was the time I was going to leave this life. As much as I have been bewildered by this over the yrs. it never dawned on me to Google it. ( i'm not much of a computer person ),

In short. I AM BLOWN AWAY!!!! Thank you for helping to open my eyes. : )

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

That's pretty magical Trent! Well 4 being your life path number, also the number 4 alone is known to stand for security... and 13 is a very sacred number!

Jeri, I love that dream! Wow, yes, I believe we are participating in the unlocking of codes, but most of us aren't aware of it... very cool!

Oh Christen, I just love that you found this page and understanding... I am so happy for you and your blessings!

Zana Rose 3 years ago

I've been seeing the numbers since i was 6 years old, i started seeing them after my life started to change. 44, 33, 22, 55, 11, 444, 222, 555, 111, i see them all. Theres been days were when id look at the clock there the only numbers i see. i want to know if gods trying to talk to me, i want to know what hes trying to say, when i was 4 yrs old my grandpa had passed. that night i had a dream, my grandpa had come to see me to tell me to tell every one his last words. did i see an angel? i pray every night for god to keep showing me these numbers, but in diffrent ways so i know im not crazy. the next day i stepped on a pin. i sat down to see what i stepped on, i pulled the pin out and the only thing on is was the numbers 22. i try to talk to my mom, my sisters, and my brothers but they all say im crazy. Yesturday i was woken up at 3:32 am, i went to go get a drink of water, a folded up receipt fell in the sink. i picked it up and looked at it. the only numbers i could see were 33. at the same time the clock hit 33. I know hes real. I know his army is real. i just dont know why? please email me at zanawalthall@yahoo.com i NEED TO KNOW MORE!

Bill 3 years ago

It's nice to know that perhaps angels surround me. I used to believe in them and now I am an atheist but it is fun to think of entities who's job it is to take care of me. I take care of so many people and so much of my time goes to the needs of others that reading this today regardless of my idea of what angels are or are not was nice. Thank you.

Michelle 3 years ago

approximately 28 years. Shortly after the death of my Grandmother and then her daughter, my Aunt. I knew, just seconds and minutes before I got the call that they both had passed away. Since then, I see 444 on my clock, on plates, on receipts, etc. I believe in the after life, as well as the people that have 'crossed over' are with me, speaking to me and am always around me. I am convinced that I have the 'ability'

Charlotte 3 years ago

I began being woken up at 4:44 am when I was pregnant with my daughter; I woke up at this time for 10 years after her birth. I, also, see the numbers in the afternoon when I randomly look at the clock. I didn't research it until about 2 years ago. It seems like once I researched it, and found out that it was angels; it stopped happening as often. Hmmm!

Roxzav 3 years ago

my boyfriend and i see the same number all the time on the clock, it is number 36. He used to see it first and then i started seeing it when i started dating him

angelloveandlight 3 years ago

I see 444 everywhere I go!! It's funny because yes I am human and sometimes question if its merely a coincidence. I woke up the other day at 444, then saw a license plate with 444, then went to go park and realized I was in spot 44!! Its so funny to me how whenever I start to think that I just want a sign so I'm looking too carefully how my angels seem to repeat things over and over until I get the picture! They are saying hello this is real we are speaking to you!!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author


Nothing crazy about it... many all over the world are seeing numbers in double and triplicate, and often. Synchronicity is waking us all up.

Hi Bill,

I'm glad you enjoyed, thanks for being open to the message.

Hi Michelle,

What a blessing to be as aware as you are of the company you truly hold and be able to connect.


Wow, very interesting. But just know there is ebb and flow to all things, including with numbers. I bet there will be another surge!

Hi Roxzav,

That's really neat that you are sharing the same experience!

That's great Angelloveandlight!

Roni Laws 3 years ago

I always look at the clock at 4:44. I love knowing angels are whispering to me.

petrovs 3 years ago

I have got a question that is very important to me at this stage of my life:

At the moment I live in London, and recently have decided to go back home to Latvia, and since then I started seeing 444 everywhere - clock, number plates, even the guy who was sweeping the street next to my house had a wheelie bin with 4 on it! The next thing is that back home I live in house number 4, flat 44.

So at the moment I am very curious, should this be considered a sign , and then if yes - good or bad?

I would really appreciate any comments on this matter.

Many Thanks

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

I love it too, Roni!

In my view, a very good sign, Petrovs!

petrovs 3 years ago

Thank you, that is reassuring!

Teri C. 3 years ago

Can You explain to me why Me and My Best Friend See Our Dates of Birth on a Clock...03/18 & 10/14 all the time...We are kind of freaking Out....Please Help Us....

Amalya 3 years ago

What if i hang the number 444 on my wall, in order to see it everyday? I have heard that it is also good

Jim 3 years ago

First of all I have never even heard of this before. after a week of waking up at 4:44AM [first while I was in Australia and now after being back in USA for two days] I decided to go to the internet this afternoon and just type in 444 and picked your web site. so now here is the weird part: I have been waiting for three weeks to find out if my latest biopsies were good. [I had stomach cancer and went through radiation last year] about an hour ago I got an email to go to MyChart.com. All Clear!!! your information about angels telling me it is ok and stop worrying is very interesting:) This was not a random event. I am still reeling.

444 3 years ago

its time

Tish 3 years ago

I've been seeing 444 since my nephew passed a year ago. I see it on the clock day and night, car tags, price tags etc. I visited a medium and asked what time did he pass, she said 4 p.m. His girlfriend gave birth to his baby in januaury at 4 p.m. The baby was put on a ventilator at 2 months old and was taken off the vent at guess what time? 4:44!! I've always known the numbers had a significant meaning but just decided to do a search.

sol 3 years ago

i dono what is that but whenever i'm in the bad situation or having a problem that make me sad i'm seeing the numbers are set like 2:22 or 3:33 0r 1;11 .

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

It's nothing to freak out about Teri... your angels or passed loved ones are just getting your attention, showing you they are with you in a very wonderful way!

Interesting Amalya!

Wow, Jim, congratulations on the fantastic news!! No coincidence with the 444 tie in being a bearer of great news.

Tish, that is beautiful, his first real breath at 4:44...

Sol, it's all about perspective. Try and turn that around and see that you are being blessed with a great sign, showing you are not alone and it will help get you through the challenges.

Evadney 3 years ago

Lol I don't know if it was deliberately set up this way, but I came to look up what the 4's meant because I've been seeing them a lot so I scroll down to look at other numbers and I come to the last comment and there were 444 comments. Lol they truly are funny.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi Evadney,

Yes, my last comment was the 444th comment! Boy, you were meant to notice that! And when I saw your comment, it showed that you posted it 44 hours ago...

Indiana Bones 3 years ago

Yesterday night I woke at 3:33. last night 4:44 can't wait till be able to sleep in till 5:55 !!!

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

Ah! Well Indiana, that's pretty awesome! I woke at 4:44 am this morning myself. I never tire of the magic.

rajneesh 3 years ago

Hi! i have an experience , almost when i see my watch there was a amazing numbers like 12:34 , 12:21, 11:11, 12:12, 19:19, 21:21 and so on ...

i don't know, but i think an intelligence part of the universe want to speak with me .

i am wonderer !

Jj 3 years ago

I was at the store and my purchase rang up as 44.44. Then about one second later from behind me I heard the checker say 44.44 to the customer they were helping. I have always noticed the clock at 4:44 but this experience caused me to look into it. Around Halloween I always notice the clock at 10:31. All year I notice the clock at 11:17, my daughter's birthday. I know these are reminders due to the way I feel when I see them. I am opening myself up to them now because years of seeing them is pushing me to believe it's no coincidence. I awoke at 4:44 this morning and that's what caused me to discover this article. Thank you.

albert 3 years ago

Hi Mary, like your comments and will buy your book I can see clearly now.

I wondered what you think of the Brian Brunius interview on souljourns (vimeo). His amazing story which includes 11.11 then 4.44 and all his dreams. It is the video in which he is wearing white; there is a follow up one as well.

3 years ago

i never knew all about this until i have decided to search the meaning of 4:44..ever since, almost everyday... been bothered very time i look at the digital clock that its always been the 4:44pm or am.. I was relieved that this sign doesn't mean anything bad. I am a sinner and not worth it of any divine intervention but somehow this learning brought me so much joy that God really took time to look upon me and make me feel like He's still searching for the lost sheep..me... thank you.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 3 years ago from Colorado Author

Nice validations, Rajneesh!

Glad you visited, Jj!

So happy you'll be reading my book, Albert! I don't know of the interview but it sure sounds intriguing!

It truly is a blessing, H!

Travis 3 years ago

So I have been seeing 444 for a few weeks now. The funny thing is, my fiancé and I have been seeing 1111 for a couple years!!

I was worried that all of a sudden I've been seeming 444 and that it meant things were all of a sudden going to be bad. After reading this, I now feel that possibly, things are going to be even better!!! Thanks so much for this!!

From Canada eh!!!

James M. 3 years ago

This has always happened at random times through my life! But for the last probably six months. I have been just randomly drawn to look at the time and it will be 12:22 or 2:22 , 4:44 and more! It may be on my alarm clock or walk thru the kitchen and the microwave has a clock? Or I'll pick my cell phone up to check out my messages and it will be on that! It has me freaked out! I thought when I typed this in on google that I wouldn't even find anything, but Thank God some people have experienced the same thing! I pray that it is Angels! But I have seen several UFOs in the last 2 years!!! Whatever it is, I will put my faith in the Almighty!!! I will read more on this sight later! Thank God I'm not losing my mind!!! Lol

Holly 2 years ago

The number 4 is a very reacquiring number in the bible specifically the book of Revelations.... I have dreamed this number for 8 years now saw it everywhere i go and it has never been associated with something good it has always led to something negative. The spiritual meaning of 4 means supernatural or extraterrestrial. 444 how is that different ?

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 2 years ago from Colorado Author

Blessings galore, Travis, eh?!! haha

I'm happy you have found comfort from this, James!

My best suggestion is to tune within, Holly. And look at all the comments above, the impact is undeniable in my view. We are being blessed. This number combination is indeed a communicator of blessings.

Chloe Victoria 2 years ago

I wake up just before qyarter to five every Morning! but usually due to having a nightmare, I am always pretty freaked out by the nightmare when I wake, but it is always at the same time! ...now I can feel calm when I next wake up knowing that angels were waking me from my bad dreams!

Louise 2 years ago

Hi there everyone angel numbers are so interesting :). I never heard of them until last year and now I am very aware of them. Im always praying to the angels & just today in the matter of 1 hour a saw 444 three times so I am even more convinced the angels are helping me on the right life path 4 me. :) xxx

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 2 years ago from Colorado Author

Absolutely, it's all about perspective, Chloe... good for you!

How very blessed, Louise...

hi 2 years ago

actually 444 means "die die die" in Chinese. so its actually a literal phrase about death. sorry to burst your bubble.

kimm310 2 years ago

I have been seeing 444's for years and know that it is a reminder that help is on hand if I ask. A few years ago when my daughter was very ill, I saw them at the most synchronistic occasions, they pointed a clear way to finding the right treatment for her. I love seeing 444's . Only today I glanced at my phone the time was 4.44 , I looked to my left and was standing outside a shop called 'Army of Angels' in a city I don't often shop in, so I didn't know until that moment that the shop had that name. I'm quite a skeptical person but I know with certainty that when I see 444 I'm being reminded that there is some loving presence around me.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 2 years ago from Colorado Author

Hello "hi," you didn't burst my bubble at all. I've heard this too, and please see this very discussion in the thread above, at least a few times. Things are not what they seem.

What a great share, Kimm310, thank you! May you and your daughter be continually blessed.

Anita lesic profile image

Anita lesic 2 years ago from Zagreb

Hello Mary. I also had experience with this strange numbers ;) I like your post.It is very interesting. I also wrote about guardian angels ;)

StepBump 2 years ago

Hi Mary. In the last several months, I started getting 4:44s all the time, every day, plus 3:44, 9:44, 10:44, and 1:11, 3:33, but most often 4:44. When I looked it up and found out what they meant, I was greatly comforted. Now, about a week ago I saw a violent event that traumatized me greatly. Now I no longer see any of my numbers at all. Where have the angels gone when I need their comfort the most?

Samantha 2 years ago

I've just came across this article thru a friend when I told her I felt scared and disturbed that I see 4:44 on numerous occasion when I look at the time. It happened so very often, when I'm at work and when I look at the time on my laptop or while I'm driving and suddenly looked at the time. I've lost count as to how many times this has happened to me. N now I feel comforted to know it has a good meaning behind it.

Jonathan 2 years ago

I had a dream that was a bit on the wild side, and realized I woke up at 4:44 am. So I started searching and came across your article. Very comforting, and a good read. "Hi" is a jerk. Lets keep the positive energy flowing.

TheKingIsComingSoon 2 years ago

I see it everywhere as well.


Donna M Mollison 2 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

I KNOW this number is associated with good & angels. My very first experience with the number came about 20 years ago when I awoke in the middle of the night and at the foot of my bed I saw a beautiful angel standing. Her dress was blowing in wind (although there was none) and she was looking at me. Suddenly something in me made me look at the clock. It read 4:44 am. I looked back and the angel was gone. Over the next 19 years I saw it here & there and thought it was God's special way of communicating with me that something special was about to happen.

To my shock & surprise a year after my grandmother passed I was reading a book on angels & almost dropped the book when I discovered a chapter that this was a universal number that meant angels were communicating with you and said it belonged to a special group of people who chose to incarnate at this time in the world who were "spiritually aware" who were to bring some kind of change. All this time I thought it was just God's way of communicating with me personally. I cannot tell you the shock I encountered realizing the what I had been experiencing was not only not a coincidence I had made up in my own head, but that it had universal importance and was publically known and meant something.

My life is bombarded with it at times right now when I am going through something devastating, so I am confused if it means something personal for me or if I do belong to this "group" and I am being called for a higher purpose. My feeling is that it is assuring me that angels are around me and my situation when I see it repeatedly at times (because there are times I don't see it at all), but right now I am bombarded by it, I mean cars jump in front of me in traffic and it is on their license plates, I awake at 4:44 am, I get calls at that time, and on & on & on. I wish I could be assured of what God is trying to tell me right now when I see it.

Anjana 2 years ago

Hi Mary, i am also among them who saw repeating numbers like 1111, 444,222, 999. I am very scared and puzzled because i see those repeating numbers every where like in digital clock, bills, receipts, page numbers of books hoarding boards, televisions etc even today. It started 6 months ago and i dont know how to react .Later I saw message about these in a random website and also found your links please help me in this.

pooya 2 years ago

OMG i'm posting in 4/4/2014 i always seen clocks and numbers similar to you it's intresting.i can not buy the book's because i'm in iran and here we have no international credit card :((((((((

Jennifer 2 years ago

I have always seen 1113 everywhere. That's my sons Birthday. I feel as if someone trying to tell me something. I have gone through a lot with him in the past 3 years. I wonder if this mean's that someone is watching over him. My husband tells me that I'm looking for it. But I'm not. They just always appear everywhere.

sushmita 2 years ago

Wow...I moved to this beautiful house and started seeing triple digit numbers ever since..the very interesting is on my birthday entering into 44 th year i saw 444 license plate 4 times with other number sequence..and i was so happy and felt lucky,blessed...just couldn't believe was happening with me . My birthdate addition comes to 4,my plate number addition comes to 4..i feel this 44th year will be life changing positively for me. I would also mention here as i started praying to God and Angels... i was woken up in the middle of night ,fully awake and saw beautiful sparkling lights ..thousands of them ...and they were amazingly beautiful...sparkling different Colours started taking shape of Fairy with wand....as usual couldn't believe was happening to me..and closed my eyes for a second out of fear...then opened again every thing was gone....i felt very bad but loved the experience and will never forget.

For me its just so wonderful...when i am praying or talking to angels outside ...they show up...444....:)

anna 2 years ago

This morning I woke up at 4:44 today my children get confirmed in the church. Lol . Have a blessed day.4

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 2 years ago from Colorado Author

Thank you, Anita.

The angels never leave, "StepBump." But there is definitely an ebb and flow to signs and messages from the angels. And when we go through something difficult, sometimes it's harder to be aware of the signs from our angels. Just remain aware.

Hi Samantha, I'm so glad that this article gave you comfort.

Thanks Jonathan, I'm happy that you found your way here.

You too, "TheKing"

Hi Donna, What an amazing experience and at 444! Yes, it's true about these times, and my two channeled books, "Michael's Clarion Call" and "The New Sun" discuss just this, about how we are creating Heaven on earth... and you may be what is referred to as a Lightworker. You can ask God, your angels, for signs to help you understand more!

Hi Anjana, Truly there is nothing to be scared about but rather excited about! I'm glad you are aware and can read up on these things to better understand. We are moving into a more magical existence and greater spiritual connection.

Hi Pooya, You have amazing timing! So sorry you can't buy the book from there, I hope you can find a way to get it!

Hi Jennifer, I really like your reason for the prevalence of the numbers related to your son, and hope it gives you much comfort.

How blessed with all these things, Sushmita! I loved your description of the vision you had!

That's great, Anna!

LR 2 years ago

Mary, thanks for explaining the meaning of numbers. My family is going through a difficult time.. And I start noticing the numbers 1111,444 and sometimes 222 all the time which made me search the internet if there was a meaning. I was thinking it was something I made up , but then I told my husband about the numbers sequence and we just look at each other now an acknowledge what we see. Just today we were at church then I heard my phone, I wanted to silence the phone and at that very moment saw 1111. I was taking a nap this afternoon and I wake up suddenly then at that moment My thought was how I can be strong, how I can help my family etcetera then I checked the time on my phone and it was 444.

I am praying the angels are listening to me and helping us. Blessings

Kirsten 2 years ago

You share that the number 44 means that angels are with us! Is there any specific reason why they are with us or trying to get our attention? For the past year, I've been seeing the 2nd hand on a clock always land on the 44th minute. Every time I glance at the clock it's on the 44th minute. It's becoming more obvious but I don't know how to interpret or answer the sign. I know it's a spiritual sign because nothing can be that coincidental. I've been desiring to be married for a long time. I'm 42 and I've never been married. I know my anxiety and fears have been overwhelming me because it seems like time is running out! I'd be so grateful for some peace and closure to this phenomenon of the number 44 constantly showing up on the clock! Thank you so kindly!

Debbie 2 years ago

Thank you for giving me some insight on what the number means. I just woke up last night...well it was during the night and rolled over to see 4:44 on my clock. For some reason I told myself , I need to remember this!. I am 59 and have 2 children and 4 grandkids for which I am grateful. Somedays are very lonely though as I face retirement age without a pension and wonder how and where I am going?. I have my house for sale to try and get rid of so much overhead and bills on my own. I am widowed and have been for 7 years.

I was married to him for 18 years the first time..then separated for 9 years..then divorced but we remained close ...then he was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 55. I then took care of him and he wanted to remarry before he died so I did....he died in 2007.

I still feel his presence often as I live with a lot of sadness for him leaving this world and all of his family .

I have often smelled the strong scent of oranges and was told that is a Godly sign that lets me know spirits surround me.

Yesterday I smelled that agin and then when I read your meaning of the 444 I felt that confirmed the angels.

Wow!...I pray for answers everyday to where I am going and what is in down the road for me!...

Thanks for guiding me to this site to know what the signs mean...


trista 2 years ago

my mom started waking up at different times most common was 333 and 444 me being a lover of paronormal stuff started wondering if it was demonic we shearched everywhere for answers then it started happening to me my most common was 444 and sometimes 445 lil thanx so much for this article you have made my day omgosh I just looked its 222!

Shiny 444 2 years ago

Wow! There are a lot of us seeing this number now. More and more of us every day.

I've been seeing it for a very long time - way back to the dawn of the digital clock as a common household item.


Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 2 years ago from Colorado Author

Hi LR,

They sure are helping you and with you, that I have no question. In fact, I caught 11:11 on my phone today (just an hour ago) and it was probably a wink from them through me to you as well! :) Just keep allowing the magic and their presence!

Hi Kirsten!

We are evolving, we are creating a heavenly earth and our angels are helping us along in growing ways! So consider it a blessing and stay in those positive thoughts to bring forth your greatest desires!


I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss. That is wonderful that you feel his presence, and there is no reason this connection cannot grow and help lessen your sadness. I touch on this in my books, but there are scores of books that can help you learn more about this and give you peace. When you are worried about the future, remember you have help all around you, including your husband. I'm so glad you made the connection of smelling oranges when you read this article, an amazing sign from them!! Prayers are always answered, as you probably know!

Hi Trista,

Indeed it's a most blessed sign!

That's great Shiny444, and I agree, the awareness is growing!

Peter 2 years ago

After waking me at 4:43 I was told my clock was 27 seconds slow, my clock then turned to 4:44, very funny, most times now they wake me right on time now on all 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and lately at 1:23.

hunter 2 years ago

our president is the 44th one. he was born 8/4/61 8 divided by 2 =4-4 birthday on the 4th =444 and he's the 44 president. just a thought.

LR 2 years ago

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your reply and all you write about the meaning of numbers. Two months ago I was wondering why i keep seen these numbers. I hope the angels are close to my family. Because we are having a difficult time we decided to move to a new state and rented our home. The last night there, we stayed in a hotel. The room number we got was 111. Then when we arrived to our new home state the hotel address is 111. Then yesterday a family member that didn't know we moved sent me a text asking how we are doing, and her message was sent to me at 11:11. I didn't noticed until I responded to her and my phone shows i sent my text back at 1:11. How can this happen, it cannot be coincidence it must have a meaning I hope is a good one.

Thanks for your kindness.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 2 years ago from Colorado Author

Haha! Yes Peter, they sure want to make us laugh.

Hi Hunter, yes, I've read of these interesting synchs with the US President.

That gave me goosebumps, LR. Absolutely no coincidence, these synchs blessed your new beginnings!

danielwashburn46@gmail.com 2 years ago

Fun. I was not aware of the 444, but I do remember waking at precisely 4:43 very often in theses last few weeks, and just wondering if my sleep cycle was shifting a bit, I usually wake at 7:30 so my former peek-up time was 180 or 270 min earlier: either 3:00 am or 4:30 am. Usually I sleep thru 6:00am 90 minute cycle.

Martha 2 years ago

I used to wake up at 3:33 AM, but lately Isuddenly wake up at either 222 or 444 AM

Patti 2 years ago

I constantly see 44 or 444! I would love to believe that it is a positive sign, but I really don't feel worthy of it being positive! I am an alcoholic and I really want to stop, but at this time most of my family don't even talk to me and I am having a really hard time!

Nicole 2 years ago

I just wanted to know that this needed because my locker number is 444 and nothing bad has happened yet

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 2 years ago from Colorado Author

That's great Daniel... your angels seem to be wanting to get your attention!

Same with you, Martha, wow...

I hope you find the 444s as a positive sign, Patti! Our angels love all of us!

I would love to have a locker or address or anything assigned as 444... how blessed, Nicole!

freaked out Frank 20 months ago

My kid, she's only 20 months old. She keeps waking up terrified at 1:11, 2:22,11:11, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. This has become an all too common occurrence.

My wife and I keep trying to tell ourselves it's coincidence, but it's really starting to freak me out. Me especially.

I feel so helpless, no matter of prayers or anything seems to help...Not to mention all the sleep we're losing.

I highly doubt any of this is angels, it really feels like something out of my control is tormenting my daughter.

Patty 16 months ago

Hi - 6 years ago I got a call @ 444 am and it was hospice letting me know that my mother had passed away. I do believe now that 444 is meant to be something positive for my mother and that Angels were with her.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 12 months ago from Colorado Author

Frank, I'm sorry I haven't been here in months and had not seen your important comment! I never heard of one so young experiencing anything like this. There are many of us, as adults, not sleeping as much (part of the energies these days) and waking often, but a child being woken like and in a terrified state, this is highly unusual! I hope by now you found an answer or gained greater understanding. Perhaps though someone who offers quality psychic readings!! Maybe some low vibration entity is in her energy field (especially since waking terrified) and if so, there are people who can drive these energies away, permanently! Sending my best to your daughter, all of you.

Mary Soliel profile image

Mary Soliel 12 months ago from Colorado Author

Absolutely, Patty! A great and comforting sign for you. Thank you for sharing...

Tracy N 7 months ago

Mary, Just yesterday I realized that my brother (and only sibling) died and my younger daughter was born at the same time of day....6:40 AM. The daughter was seven when he died which was almost 8 years ago. My older daughter, his God daughter, was 9. My younger daughter and brother's birthdays are 6 days apart.

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