The saving Blood of Jesus
The saving Blood of Jesus


Friends I will want you to experience the power in the blood of Jesus, may be you must have been pleading the blood of Jesus, concerning your situation either consciously or unconsciously without really understanding what you are doing, in this article, I believe by God’s grace you will understand the power attributed to the blood of Jesus Christ.

What do you understand by the word blood? Biologically blood is defined as a fluid circulating throughout the vertebrate body, carrying food and oxygen to the tissues and removing waste and carbon dioxide from the body system.

During creation of the world, God attached great importance to the blood, to the fact that no man must eat any animal with blood in it, because blood is life. (Lev.17:14)

The blood of animals was used in the olden days for the purification of peoples sin (Lev.16:18-19) in the like manner, it was the blood of animals that was placed at the door post of the Jews which prevented the Angel of death from entering their homes at Egypt (Ex.12:6-7, 12-13).

The events stated above occurred during the old dispensation, but today we have some one who is greater than the animals and also the greatest of human being, He is Jesus the son of the most- high God, he came and shed his blood for us to obtain eternal life. Today the blood of animals can no longer purify your sins only the blood of Jesus Christ can do that through the power attached to it. (Mat.26:28) At the conclusion of Jesus earthly ministry physically, he knew that after his departure, the enemy would want to come into the sheep fold in other to steal and destroy, hence God attached power to the name and blood of Jesus Christ so that at the pronouncement of the name and blood of Jesus Christ, the power of darkness are shattered and destroyed (Phil.2:9-11).

Dear friends, has the devil turned down your business? Has he rendered you barrenness? Or stampede your progress in life, do not be discouraged nor despondent, pick up your faith and plead the blood of Jesus upon these negative areas of your life and I assure you that the enemy must bow to your commands and let go those areas he is holding captive in your life. If the blood of animals could prevent the Angel of death from entering the homes of the Jews, how much more will the blood of Jesus Christ prevent the enemy from oppressing your life?

Remember friends that the authority has been bestowed upon you to cast the devil out of your life (Mt.16:17) so begin today to bind the devil the enemy and cast him out of your life by pleading the ‘Blood’ which is greater than that of the ‘Bull’ and have power to destroy and scatter the plans of the enemy over your life. Every request you make in line with the Holy Spirit will be made manifest in your life today, for we have overcome the enemy and his evil tricks by the blood of the lamb and by the great power in our testimonies (Rev.12:10-11)

All these positive confessions can only come to pass when you live a life of holiness. Hence before you can give the devil a command for him to lose his hold in your life, you must ensure that there is no contract between you both though sin because sin breaks the power of man over the devil.

Dear friends, do your possible best to live a victorious life, then you can plead the blood of Jesus in your life and every strong hold of the enemy will be destroyed once and for all, leaving you with the better choice of experiencing a happy and prosperous life here on earth eternal life in the world to come.


Roque Rodrigues 6 years ago

Please pray for my promotion as a manager,I am waiting from past 4 years to be promoted.Please pray,I may get selected as a manager soon.

vinita.  6 years ago

work place has been unfair, some people seems not to move from there, but believe n agree with me as i plead the Blood of Jesus, the power will be realised n move these mountains, that have been for years, been drageed into issues for no fault of mine.

Pastor Shaukat harnam 6 years ago

dear in Christ

I am Pastor and work in Pakistan want to fellowship and Pray Gos bless you

from Pastor Shaukat Harnam

Monica 5 years ago

I pray in the Strong Name of My Lord and Savior To save my sweetie from a drug infested lifestlye. I come against that spirit throught The Blood of Jesus Christ. Devil you have no power I see you and devil I render you powerless through the Blood Of Jesus Christ. My Heavenly Father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Kiboneka 5 years ago

I have been blessed by this...im learning more about the power in the blood of Jesus...God bless.

Matthew Hayes 5 years ago

Please please anybody pray for me, I have lost a child that i could have had, and a love that is no longer a love. Please help me get over this loss, help me move on with my life, help me find love again. Thankyou amen

Lethubuhle 5 years ago

I was happy to hear from your website. I am no longer affording to conceive, please help me. I think this may be caused by some form of evil. I know the blood of Jesus is Great. This year I know I will deliver. at the hospital they said i have poly ovarian cysts. With God nothing is impossible.

Lethubuhle 5 years ago

I was happy to hear from your website. I am no longer affording to conceive, please help me. I think this may be caused by some form of evil. I know the blood of Jesus is Great. This year I know I will deliver. at the hospital they said i have poly ovarian cysts. With God nothing is impossible.

Joshua 5 years ago

Jesus i need salvation in my life so that i can see you face to face in the kingdom of God,bless my family ,my father ministry,the Chruch and my life to have a better work in the further,protect us from the works of the devil,i used the blood oe JESUS CHRIST as a edge around my family.Thank u The son of GOD for is Blood.

joseph 5 years ago

help plead the blood of Jesus over my daughter so she can overcome vagabond spirit in Jesus name, amen.

Liz 5 years ago

Please remember me, I am oppressed by sicknesses and alot of destraction

Betsy Raj 5 years ago

Please Pray for my Burdens and Shame and forgiveness from the Sins

Dee 5 years ago

Please for my youngest son (Reem) who is home for college to get a summer job; and partime job where he is attending college for the next few years, while in school.

julius 5 years ago


pls pray for me iam inpotent that God in his infinity power to heal me.

GEORGE FAVOUR Anief 5 years ago

yes there is no other blood like the blood of jesus christ

Ernest K Ngeno 5 years ago

I plead the power in the blood to reign over my Family & speak better things in our relationship,may the blood of JESUS CHRIST cleanse you,bless you,preserve you & keep you blameless & holy until that day when he comes to take us home.

ron 5 years ago

Praise be to Jesus, amen. I have read each comment and have come into agreement with all. Hebews 4 says to enter the rest. This is where I will stay standing in the Gap for my brothers and sisters. The answer is on the way if it hasn't come yet. Love you all

metilda 5 years ago

pls all my brothers and sisters pray to jesus for my marriage which is stopping due to many reasons, my motherinlaw mind should accept me..

nessie nerissa 5 years ago

l so much trust the blood of JESUS and pray it continually cleances me from my situation.AMEN

Ike 5 years ago

I plead the ever powerful blood of Jesus Christ over my family,my work and that of my loved ones,ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE!!

cecilia swai 5 years ago

Stand firm on God promises and through the Holly blood of his son Jesus you will receive your heart desire

Chukwuma 5 years ago

I believe in the extraordinary saving power of "BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST" that is why. I am asking everyother believer to join in praying for my divine healing sickle anaemia, difficulty in walking. And, as well as financial breakthroughs. In jesus holy name. Amen.

TSHEPO 5 years ago


Mamokete Salmane 5 years ago

I really believe in the BLOOD OF JESUS please pray for me because i have been in relationship for so many years with a brother who saved, all we need is to get married but he is not working and he is really need a job, please, please pray with us. i need to lift up my faith help me to have the faith that's if i apply the blood of Jesus the is going to be a change.

David 5 years ago

Please pray the BLOOD over me and my wife and my duaghter, son-in-law and their son, who are being harassed by the devil

Moeketsi 5 years ago

Please pray for me and my families,my life stuked,i owe lot of people money.my life its mess

Tope 5 years ago

Please pray for me.I want God to wipe off the evil mark from my life.Thanks.

Dorie 5 years ago

Amazing Blood of Jesus Christ!

MIN PLUMMER 5 years ago


Samuel 5 years ago

Let d blood of jesus christ speak upon my life and my marriage and cos me to achieve what i have never dream of in life.AMEN

James Gainus 4 years ago

Please pray for me, may the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ

heal my eye. my left eye suddenly loss of sight when i woke

up in the morning of 1st.December.2011. AMEN.

charles 4 years ago


Maxwell Songa 4 years ago

Rev 12:11 "and they overcame him(devil) by the Blood of the Lamb........." I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ upon every spirit of failure, upon the spirit of hopelessness, upon the spirit sicknesses, upon the spirit of war now in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Promise c. Uzohuo 4 years ago

God's Love toward mankind are beyond our immagination

Achiever 4 years ago

Hi pastor i am really bless by these teaching. May God increase ur grace and understanding. Amen

Ctayrroolne 4 years ago

I have been pleading the BLOOD of JESUS for years, and had not a clue of what I have been doing. I began pleading the blood of Jesus since the 70's. God is truly awesome in bringing deliverance, in my ignorance. I was taught that christians should always plead the blood, thank you Jesus for sound doctrine. I clicked on this sight because I was lead by the Holy Spirit to get knowledge that this sight had placed online. To all who have prayer requests you can bind up the enemy, and it is very easy. Get in your secret place and start saying out loud the blood of Jesus. Talk to the so called situation and plead the BLOOD of JESUS! You might have to plead the bllod for a few minutes. But you can bet your situation will change. If I was doing it in ignorance, and the Holy Ghost moved you can sure plead the BLOOD of JESUS with the knowledge you have learned from this Pastor! May God continue to bless you real good! Sincerely,

outunde 4 years ago

the blood of Jesus Christ is my stronghold. i believe in him so much. God Bless u. Shalom!

dominic yumba 4 years ago

I thank God for sending Jesus Christ to die for me at the cross of Calvary.I thank for the blood of Jesus.

Athanasius Obioha 4 years ago

I really enjoyed the contents of this article.The power contained in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is awesome and is well known by truly devoted and Spirit filled Christians.So,it will be expedient that in all our prayer periods the precious blood of Jesus Christ must be invoked before our prayers are brought to an end.I cover myself and my entire family and my daily walk of life with the precious and powerful blood of Jesus Christ.Amen.

Noncedo 4 years ago

there's power in the Blood of Jesus Christ, always rinse your body with the blood and drink the blood by faith, where you are always sprinkle the blood of Jesus. no demon can stand with the blood of Jesus Christ. i enjoy to be in the pull of the blood of the Lamb because i am secured and protected in all aspects. Amen

zenzile happyness mfusi 4 years ago

please pray for me i need a permanent job so i can take care of my family none who wil provide bread for us now im worried dont know what to do please help bless you amen cause my father past away i completed my matric in 2002 i only have computer literacy i work as avolunteer

Adeniyi Adejare 4 years ago

Its been a long time that I've been singing "There's power mighty in the blood, there's power mighty in the blood, there's power mighty in the blood of Jesus christ, there's power mighty in the BLOOD"....! Without knowing the effectiveness of the power in the blood of Jesus. This write up has now quicken my spirit to the awareness of the importance of pleading the blood at all times by the christians. I really thank the leading of the Holy Spirit upon your life. Shalom

mwiti 4 years ago

Samuel Mwiti.

Indeed i have a testimony of how great the power of the blood of Jesus Christ is. Though i am weak, the power of Jesus Christ has been so manifest in my life. Pray that God will strengthen me to serve him faithfully. I really desire holiness from God and i am ready to serve God with whatever i have. Shalom!

MARTHA 4 years ago


bwalya nicholas 4 years ago

pray for me in Jesus name to have break through in all am doing.Also to have financial break through

joan 3 years ago

Yes it is true the blood of Jesus is above everything in heaven,on earth and below the earth.At the mention of this NAME every knee shall bow,everyone trust it!

AGBAGBA 3 years ago

For The Blood of Jesus Christ is a powerfull Authomatic weapon for all believers

Mercy 3 years ago

Thank God for His unfailing love towards us! Thank Jesus for shedding His precious Blood for us. We are redeemed by the Blood of Jesus, He paid the full price for our freedom from the powers of darkness, so we do not need to fear them or do their bidding anymore.

We should be concious of this truth and plead theBlood of Jesus over all situations/circumstances of our lives, as we do so we will experience all round victory. But the key that will make the Blood of Jesus work in our favour is OBEDIENCE another word for this is HOLINESS.

May the death, the burial and resurrection of JESUS work in our favour in Jesus name.

Kangwa 3 years ago

We do seem to see the blood of Jesus in the physical but it carries a lot power and force over darkness. Can some kindly demystify the dynamics of how the unseen blood of our Lord Jesus works in the spiritual to overcome darkness and bring joy to the downtrodden in the physical. I am one of those those people who have suffered a great deal of bad spells inflicted by unknown evil forces. I earnestly need this redeeming blood of Jesus.

Victoria K 3 years ago

i like this..."If the blood of animals could prevent the Angel of death from entering the homes of the Jews, how much more will the blood of Jesus Christ prevent the enemy from oppressing your life?"

We need to know our authority in christ.

Marimorin 3 years ago

I beg. Of you to pray for. My son. An daughter. For. Their. Life. An.

Marriage. For son. To. Clear. His. Name. Get better job. Please. God

Have. Compassion. An. Cover. Them. With. The. Blood. Jesus

Alex T N 3 years ago

 My name is Alex Nicotra, 52 in earthly

years, but prayed on May 12, 1988 in the presence of a prayer

partner to receive and confirm Jesus as my Savior and Lord. I

am a believer in the Blood of Jesus. Years ago, before coming

upon writings about the Blood of Jesus, I heard the voice of the

Holy Spirit saying, " The Blood must be preeminent too." Since

then, the Blood of Jesus has been at the very center of my faith

in the Lord Jesus Himself. When I prayed on 5/12/88, the prayer

partner stated afterwards she saw me receiving revelation

through the opening of my spiritual eyes, my being married to a

beautiful, Spirit filled wife, "souls being saved through" me, and

"many blessings." I have faced the challenge of hope deferred

as far as these visions are concerned. Not that I had these in

mind when I reached out in prayer. My hearts desire is to see

Isaiah 43:18,19 come to pass in my life, to put one foot in front

of the other in the right direction, and for any and all lost

territory to be recovered in full -whether the Lord would have

me single or married. The gem of the Spirits power-in its holy

genuineness- is what I need most. I lost my natural father,

brother, and mother to tragedy back in the mid 1970s and early

80s. I do thank the Lord for the minister friend who has been as

a stepfather to me since then. He is a disabled person battling

multiple medical problems and tragedy of his own, though

ministered actively as a pastor and church founder back in the

60s and 70s. I share all of this not to flaunt anything, but to

reach out to anointed, faith-filled believers, especially at a time I

desperately need prayer. Currently I face a frightening financial

crisis- most worrisome that of an outstanding check at a time

my finances are in the negative balance. Spiritually I war

against what I call " practical atheism." Please pray for me at

this urgent hour in my life.!

Majida 3 years ago

Dear Brethren,

It is nice and blessed to visit your website. I am Majida from Pakistan ( a Christian believer). I do translation of Biblical documents and I request you to have the Urdu translation of whole of your

material. I can translate it in low rates and can distribute in my local churches.

In Jesus,


Pst Wilson 3 years ago

I blessed the name of the Lord because truth has been spoken here,believer now understands much better the power given to the by our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.I truly appreciate the writer and the servant of God in this site I plead the blood of Jesus upon you in Jesus name.

To Majida of Pakistan it is a nice thing to give what God has given you for freely to the benefit of Gods kingdom,I believe you were blessed when you visited this site be a blessing also to Nations of the world. I plead the same blood upon you as you take this chance to serve God.

ndenkang elvis wangoh 2 years ago

I strongly believe in the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST. At the mention of it, there is trembling in the kingdom of darkness. In the Blood, there is healing, casting out of demons, protection, favor, provision, forgiveness of sins etc. Dear brothers and sisters, have faith and declare it as you pray and you will see the results coming.

messi 2 years ago

My dad has bad blood circulation, and the doctors saying it is bad but I have faith god will cure him,by blood of jesus christ all disease depart from my dad please pry for me

fernando g. rodulfa 2 years ago

My daughter Ross Kathryn, aged 16 today, had a relapsed on her sickness Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia just this month of December. It had just come into my mind that the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST will cleanse and cure her forever.

Please help Us Pray for the Healing of my Daughter ROSS KATHRYN, through the the " BLOOD OF OUR LORD, JESUS CHRIST

Khayalethu Brian Radasi 2 years ago

Indeed there is power in the Blood of Jesus. As for me I eat the body of Jesus everyday and I drink His Blood everyday, through holy communion and this has improved my life drastically. Hallelua there is Power in the Blood of Jesus.

john 2 years ago

Seeking healing in the powerful blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ of Nazareth for my eyes, my teeth, and my blood/skin. All praise, honor, and glory goes to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and healer.

Andrew Klinck 2 years ago

Amen , There is power in the name and the blood of Jesus . My son give us so much trouble and the teachers at school , plz help us pray in the name of Jesus for a breakthrough .

Andrew Klinck 2 years ago

I am a Pastor of The Holy Christian Ministry of God , and want you really to pray for us , me and my wife and my kids . We really want to do the work of God .

Fayette 2 years ago

Praise JESUS CHRIST SON of GoD. May Their Blessings B Upon U ALL. When U All Pray For Something From ALMIGHTY FATHER GoD In JESUS Name~Your Prayers Hav Already Been Answered. As HIS WORD DECLARES. Believe. Trust. **NOW U ALL PRAY THE ANSWER**. & start PRAISING & Thanking & Being GrateFull To ABBA Father & JESUS CHRIST. So Easy Folks. We Bless U ABBA Father & LORD JESUS CHRIST & We MAGNIFY YOUR HOLY NAME. HooRoo Folks. Fayette Daughter Of THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY GoD and The APPLE Of HIS EYE. Smile Always.

alicepetties 2 years ago

Great wisdom on the Blood of Jesus I was reminded of what Jesus has all ready done for us I pray God keep crowning you with widsom and Knowledge and the Blessing of the Lord upon your Ministry in the Name and the Blood of Jesus keep doing what the Lord say do amen!

olivia 21 months ago

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Sarah 20 months ago

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Olivia 20 months ago

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Kate 20 months ago

Hello everyone I really want to appreciate this great man called Dr.mako who helped me bring back my ex lover within 48hours I really thank him he is the best and the fastest spell caster among other spell casters Dr.Mako wipe away my tears and today I and my lover is living together happily. If you are out there and you need this great Dr, to Help you can kindly contact him at email: makospelltemple@gmail.com

Philip Unude 20 months ago

Pray for me and my wife blessing, for children to come

Alina 20 months ago

I wish to share my testimony with the public about what this great man DR ABBEY has done for me, this man has just brought back my Ex husband with his great spell, I was happily married for 5years without a child and my Husband Left me for another woman saying he cant go on with the union... I was devastated until a friend of mine told me about this great spell caster that brought back my MAN.as soon an I contacted this man on my problems he prepared this spell and brought my lost husband back, and after a month I miss my period and got to know that I was pregnant. I had twins after 9months. to contact DR ABBEY. email: dr.abbey31@gmail.com or +2349090331199

Nnoke Elvis Kelechi 19 months ago

As many of us that has one problem or another I want you to have faith in Christ, he said if you should ask anything in my name that I will do so that the father will be glorified in the son. So have faith, do not doubt the possibility of receiving healing from that incurable disease or sickness, God is still healing and willing to deliver as many that trust in his power, as you do may God meet you at the point of your need in Jesus name. Amen

ace 18 months ago

pls pray 4 me let the blood of Jesus deliver me and my family.

Adams Bella 18 months ago

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Elizabeth 17 months ago

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Bekar Joe 15 months ago

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TESTIMONY ON EX 11 months ago

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