Packaged Love vs. True Love


Aahhh! Valentines Day! What a lovely and totally romantic day, right? It’s the day of love, the day you show love.

Fellas, if you really, really, really love a woman, here’s what you do: wait until Valentine’s Day. Then buy her a lovey-dovey card, a dozen red roses, a teddy bear and a heart shaped box full of chocolates, and make sure you present those gifts after you say, “I love you!” and before you take her out to some expensive restaurant for dinner. If you do those things in that order, she will now that you truly love her and you will be on your way to having the perfect relationship.

Of course, there’s not an ounce of truth in anything previously mentioned. That scenario was nothing more than society’s idea of love. It’s rather mind boggling how people spend tons of money to purchase commercialized products to give to loved ones on the day that others are buying the same commercialized products to give to their loved ones all in the name of love.

In all actuality, that is a form of love, package love. True love is vastly different.

True love is unique and one of a kind. It was around long before any of us came into existence, and it will be here long after all of us are dead a gone. To see the purest example of true love, one must look no further than Calvary.

When Jesus died in our place – though he had done nothing to deserve death and he’d never even sinned – He showed us what true love is really all about.

Feel free to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones like everyone else. Just remember that packaged love can in no way compete with God’s true love.

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