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Who is Our Lady of Guadalupe?

When many people think of Pagan deities, Our Lady of Guadalupe generally does not come to mind. Usually what comes to mind when someone thinks of Our Lady of Guadalupe is Catholicism. However, for many Latino Pagans, the Lady can have profound profound effect on their lives.

For Latinos, becoming Pagan can be full of trials and tribulations. Many Latinos come from strong Catholic or Christian backgrounds. The easiest way for Latinos to become Pagan is for them to still hold on to a little bit of their past. Our Lady of Guadalupe provides this comfort zone for them.

Our Lady of Guadalupe originated in the Tepeyac desert, near Mexico City. An Aztec peasant who had recently converted to Catholicism claimed to witness a vision of a virgin woman. She requested that he build a church in the spot that she had appeared. Juan Diego, the peasant, informed his Bishop of what he saw. The bishop demanded proof before he would allow the construction of a church.

Juan Diego went back to where he saw the virgin and she reappeared. He told her what the bishop had said and asked for her help. She in turn told him to go to a particular mountain and pick the roses that grew there and take them back to the bishop as proof. Roses were an uncommon thing to find in Mexico, especially in that area. Juan Diego picked the roses, wrapped them in his poncho, and returned to the bishop. When he began to unravel his poncho to reveal the roses, an image of the virgin was imprinted on the spot where the roses had been.

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Symbols Associated with the Deity

  • Roses
  • Paintings and Paint
  • Ponchos
  • Cloaks

Pagan Worship of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady has a strong connection with artists and painters due to that being a very popular venue in which she is portrayed.

She is sometimes portrayed as being pregnant, or is often sought after by pregnant women. If you are pregnant and seeking a goddess to guide you through your pregnancy, inquire upon Our Lady and ask for her guidance.

A great way to incooperate Our Lady into your life is to place a picture of her upon your altar and perhaps some roses or rose oil. Roses are highly favored by Our Lady and are a great item to incooperate into your altar worship.

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schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 5 years ago from USA

Our Lady of Guadaluape in not pagan- it originated from the Catholics...

Daniella Lopez profile image

Daniella Lopez 5 years ago from Arkansas Author

If you read this article at all you would have noted that I did in fact state that she came from the Catholic belief system.

profile image

St.Cyprian 5 years ago

Very nice hub! I am very fond of Our Lady of Guadalupe and fascinated by the different ways she is depicted. I'm sitting here now with my Guadalupe prayer cards, images and 7-day candles! LOL! Our Lady of Guadalupe is a very comforting presence to have in the house.

Voted up and accolades!

Daniella Lopez profile image

Daniella Lopez 5 years ago from Arkansas Author

Thanks! She does have such a soothing presence... Blessed be!

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 5 years ago from Kansas City

Interesting article. It's such a coincidence because I just finished writing an article on Guadalupe, too, here I agree that the concept of the Virgin de Guadalupe originated with Catholics, but she is a hybrid of the Virgin Mary and a Nahua goddess named Tonantzin. I wrote my article because I just finished a semester at UMKC on the Spanish conquest and my research topic was Guadalupe. Check out my article if you have a chance. I'd love your thoughts on it.

Daniella Lopez profile image

Daniella Lopez 5 years ago from Arkansas Author

That's awesome Emma! I will check out your hub right away. I'm very interested in Guadalupe, but sadly it's hard to find a lot of info about her on the web.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

Hi, Daniella, fascinating subject, I think it's a lovely story behind The Virgin de Guadalupe, I think most Christian deities originate from pagan, and then overlay the idea with Christianity, I personally am a Pagan/Christian so this is perfect for me, blessed be, nell

Daniella Lopez profile image

Daniella Lopez 5 years ago from Arkansas Author

Hi Ms. Nell! It does seem like most Christian deities have Pagan origins. Thanks for reading and Blessed be!

emmaspeaks profile image

emmaspeaks 5 years ago from Kansas City

I just wanted to let you know that I edited my article on Guadalupe and added a link to this article. I hope that's alright, but if you don't like the idea I just let me know and I will remove it. Here is the link

Daniella Lopez profile image

Daniella Lopez 5 years ago from Arkansas Author

Sorry I'm just now getting around to replying to you Emma, I've been on holiday. I don't mind one bit if you share my link. In fact, thank you very much for doing so. I greatly appreciate it. Blessed be!

Deacon Jay 5 years ago

There is no such thing as Christian deities. There is only one Christian Deity -- the Triune God. And He has no origin -- He always was and will always be. Our Lady of Guadalupe is not a deity.

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