Pagan Test Part 2

I PASSED MY PAGAN TEST! I got 120 questions right out of 140. My teacher said I got a A-. I'm so proud of myself. That test was so frustrating because I had my work and my other life to deal with. When my teacher was looking at my answers some of them she was really impressed with. I think I shocked her with some of them.

Now I'm looking forward to my dedication on the 24th. The same day we're celebrating Spring Equinox. My teacher has asked me to find someone who will speak in my honor. I want to ask my husband, but I don't know if he will. My guide will be up there with me too. I'm sure she will have to speak too. Morganna has been a wonderful guide to me for the last year. She helped me study for my test and she's going to help me make my first robe for me. I can't wait to go into my 2nd year as a student. More things to learn about in my religion, more things to learn about in myself. My teacher said that I'm going on a new journey in the next year and that everyone has to just let me take this and its going to be deep.

I'm ready

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marellen 4 years ago

I'm very proud of you Megan...........Love Mom......

BTW: I knew you could do it!!!!

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sublimegurl439 4 years ago from Granite Bay, CA Author

Thank you mom

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