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Have you ever heard a bump in the night and went to go look and you cannot find anything? Have you ever been somewhere and had the feeling you are being watched? What about that shadow in the hallway? Was it a shadow at all? Have you ever had any of these experiences and been freaked out? Have you ever felt the need to find out what might be out there. Or are you the kind of person that would rather believe there is nothing to be found, and would rather throw the blanket over your head?

The paranormal always seems to be evolving, the equipment available today fascinates me and occasionally frightens me. I have been having “experiences” since I was about 4 years old. Of course I did not know that is what they were at the time, but now I do. Luckily for me, it was not a frightening experience and I always feel great sympathy for those that lose their paranormal “virginity” to something not very nice. I would not consider myself in any way to have any special abilities or a sort of psychic thing going on, but I will just say I go with my gut feeling on things of this nature. So far it has not let me down.

I am always in interested in hearing about other people's experiences and do not mind sharing anything concerning the paranormal, if I know, I will tell you, so do not ask if you do not really want to know the answer. I had someone ask me once if I thought someone was in her house, so I being who I am went through her house and told her there is something in the attic but it does not seem to be anything to be afraid of. Of course she freaked out and wanted me to somehow get rid of this whatever it was out of her attic. Not sure what she expected me to do, but I offered to stay with her that night so I could go to the attic and talk to this “spirit thing.” I hope she is not reading this, I know she no longer lives in the same house, but she would probably still kick my butt if she knew the spirit never left.

I have had several personal paranormal happenings (try saying that 5 times fast) and cannot say that any of them really scared me, but I have gotten mad a few times and am sporting a scratch on my back as I write this. I have never really used any equipment other then a recorder and my gut. I am hoping to be able to let those who are curious but maybe a bit scared yet, to explore my experiences with me. Come back again to visit with me!

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galleryofgrace profile image

galleryofgrace 5 years ago from Virginia

Super hub! I've experienced a lifetime of such things and they never frighten me. The house I live in now has presented something new. People walk in and ask where's the cookies? Where's the fried chicken? You wake up in the morning to the smell of breakfast cooking and nobody's been in the kitchen! Or you smell a roast or something being baked. I've only been here 2 years but "you never know whats cooking in this house". My daughter says"It's just Grandma".

JesadaB profile image

JesadaB 5 years ago from Home! Author

Thank you! I know so many people who think I must be nuts that such things do not scare me, they fascinate me. That is so cool that you have your mystery cooker, have you ever found out who it really might be? Maybe there used to be a restaurant there or maybe a very large family. Very cool, I love to also look into the history of places. Awesome! Thank you for your comment!

galleryofgrace profile image

galleryofgrace 5 years ago from Virginia

I'm in a rural area which was pretty much civil war territory. I may check into it. Actually when I think about it the smells are usually old fashioned farmhouse kitchen smells. They're really nostalgic sometimes. No really close neighbors, so who knows?

JesadaB profile image

JesadaB 5 years ago from Home! Author

Oh then there are a lot of possibilities, it could have once been a large farm and they fed the hands and the family, so that would of been a lot of cooking! You will have to let me know what you find out!

WiccanSage profile image

WiccanSage 4 years ago

Very interesting. I can understand the skeptics viewpoint, but when you are a rational,intelligent, even educated person, and have experienced such things for yourself, it's impossible to dismiss the possibilities.

JesadaB profile image

JesadaB 4 years ago from Home! Author

As I said I like to go with my gut on most things. I too understand a skeptics viewpoint, and often wonder if they don't want to believe because it scares them or they are afraid their relatives may come haunt them. I didn't realize till I was in my teens that what I saw and used to actually play with when I was 4 was a spirit, he looked real, we talked and we played, so how was I to know. I am just glad I got to have the good experience first. Blessed Be!

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