Paranormal Rainbow

By MagnoliaZZ

My mother and I are very close. Whenever she has to travel for work, I get a bit worried. She is a good driver, but at times she has the need for speed! LOL!

This summer, my mother and another coworker, Rosie, were traveling to Indiana for a meeting. As usual I was a little apprehensive about this trip,but after she left, I was too busy to think about it at length.

It was about 6 hours after she left, I was sitting here, working on Hubpages when all of a sudden a real feeling of dread washed over me. I felt almost physically ill. I tried to call my mother on her cell and she did not answer. I knew she was in some sort of danger. I was beside myself, I didn’t know what to do. I called her cell several more times with no answer.

By this time I was really worried, so I started to pray for my mother, that no matter what kind of trouble she was in, that she would be alright.

As I was praying, my mother was caught in a downpour. It was so intense that she could not even see! She was right behind a semi, and she could just make out the back of it, so that became her guide. There was no way she could have safely slowed down and pulled over on the side of the road. Of course, no one else slowed down either. (After all, this is the interstate. You can be caught in a blizzard with white out conditions, and you will still see people whipping along at 70 mph! A few miles down the road they are in the ditch. Ask me if I feel sorry for those idiots. LOL!)

The rain continued for a good, white knuckled, 10 minutes. And then, the sun suddenly appeared. She later told me that she heard her cell phone ringing just as they were caught in the downpour but was so focused on driving that she could not dig her cell phone out of her purse to answer it.

A few minutes later, my mother’s coworker was looking out the window when she spotted a HUGE rainbow stretched and arched across the sky! The funny thing was that the rainbow was at a 90 degree angle to the car. Both my mother and Rosie thought this was strange, because rainbows are usually veiwed 180 degrees from wherever you are, otherwise the rainbow would not be visible. Both women remarked on this strange sight.

Then, SUDDENLY, the entire car just lit up! The end of the rainbow was INSIDE the car and on the HOOD of the car! They could easily see all the colors. This lasted for almost 10 miles, going 65mph on the highway. You could see the end of the rainbow on hood of the car and the rest of it arched away, at a 90 degree angle to the car. This rainbow was also huge, so huge that they could not see the top of it.

When the rainbow appeared both women felt a sense of peace envelope them. They also felt as if they were protected. But mostly they were in awe of the rainbow riding along with them on the hood of the car.

Then once again they were caught in another downpour that lasted a good 15 minutes, with terrible driving conditions. My mother who was driving, told me she felt as if the car was not in her control at all. She said it felt almost as if they were floating.

She felt very peaceful and serene and was not frightened. What should have been 15 minutes of white knuckles turned into 15 minutes of total peace. Rosie felt the same way, she later told me she felt very sleepy, and just wanted to take a nap during this intense 15 minute downpour.

When the rain stopped  the rainbow once again appeared inside the car and on the hood of the car! It was just as bright and colorful as before! The rainbow continued with the car for a good half hour until it finally started to dissipate little by little until it was gone.

Was my prayer for my mother’s protection answered? I believe it was! Because of the cell phone ringing, my mother could verify that I called during the first downpour and right before the first rainbow appeared.

Also, I never knew of anyone who saw a rainbow like this. Rainbows are always off in the distance. I don’t think it is even possible to find the end of the rainbow.

Then there is how all of us felt. After I prayed for my mother a sense of peace came over me, and I actually laid down and took a nap, and I had wonderful dreams of floating over a peaceful pond of some sort, with birds and animals all over, and believe it or not, RAINBOWS far off in the distance. Even writing this now, a chill comes over me.

I believe that God communicates with us each and every day. For me, I see God in nature. Through nature and the intense beauty of this world he lets us know he is always there for us. God created this world through his great love for each and every one of us, and we are all special in his eyes, so special that sometimes he even sends us a paranormal rainbow to remind of us how much we are loved.

If you had any unusual experiences with a rainbow, please leave a comment below. If you don't think this event is anything unusual, please leave a comment explaining that too. Maybe there is a logical explanation for this event, but in my heart I hope there is not. I would like to believe that God is there, watching over us, answering our prayers.

Rainbows can occur at night from the light of the moon.
Rainbows can occur at night from the light of the moon.
Rainbows are veiwed at 180 degree angle.
Rainbows are veiwed at 180 degree angle.
A double rainbow.
A double rainbow.

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Comments 24 comments

Ivorwen profile image

Ivorwen 6 years ago from Hither and Yonder

What a beautiful story. God is awesome, and He does answer prayers. Thank you so much for sharing.

samsons1 profile image

samsons1 6 years ago from Tennessee

thank God for being ever present and all knowing. I believe He is in constant touch with His creation...

Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

Tatjana-Mihaela 6 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

Beautiful and inspiring Hub. It touched me deeply. Thank you.

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Thank you everyone for your comments.

D.A.L. profile image

D.A.L. 6 years ago from Lancashire north west England

Hi, you have produced an awesome hub here which I enjoyed sharing with you . The photographs and story are fantastic. Voted up. Best wishes

Enlydia Listener profile image

Enlydia Listener 6 years ago from trailer in the country

I rated that up for awesome...thankyou for sharing this story...I have just found you and have started reading your other you, I like to tell and hear good stories...

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 6 years ago

That is truly amazing, right inside her car. I have seen many rainbows in my time driving my 18 wheeler over the road. The closest I came to one was about 100 feet in front of my rig barreling down the interstate.

It had just finished raining and now was just a gentle spray/mist coming down and the sun broke through and voila a rainbow appeared and the end of it was right in front of my rig. I drove right through it and said to myself wow...I drove through a rainbow. However I did not experience anything but surprise.

However what an amazing experience your mother had, I bet she felt truly blessed and will never forget that feeling that came over her that day:0) peace and hugs

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago

That was beautiful! Im sure science has some lame excuse for it. There always has to be logical excuse sometimes there is not and so one is made up so mass hysteria does not break out. Those that have experienced it though know the truth.

mythbuster profile image

mythbuster 6 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

Um.... so do you feel sorry for "those" idiots? lol

mythbuster profile image

mythbuster 6 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

This is an amazing account, magnoliazz. I'm glad your mom ended up safe through and after the downpour! Thanks for sharing.

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Thank you everyone for your comments!

Saddlerider1- I had no idea that it was possible to catch up with a rainbow and then drive right through it. That's amazing! Maybe my mom's rainbow was not as paranormal as we first thought!

dreamreachout 6 years ago

You are a God's child .. An Angel really!! How could not God answer to your call in saving your mother!! Rainbow at whatever degree was just the way of God's expression!!

I have seen that your being present creates a lot of difference in our life and thus when it comes to your mother it should be more in effect!!

Angels make a difference in our life and that defines paranormal in the best possible way!!

Sorry for being late in commenting on this hub!! I was away on a mining tour and even otherwise have been keeping very busy!!

Cheers!! :)

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Hello Dreamreachout! Thank you for your nice comment.

I am all alone here without you and Blake4d!

I miss you!

I know you are busy with your work right now. So take care, there will be other days when we can get together on the Hubpages.

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 6 years ago from home


Did she see the pot of gold how about Lepreuchans- *tee-hee* just jokin-

I have heard other folks going in and coming out of areas where the light intensifies and a light tunnel forms-it could be a phenomenon called "electric fog" was there any missing time or short time (seemed like an hour but was only 30 minutes). Very interesting trip I am sure. rememberFrosted lucky Charms they're majically delicious....a rainbow of fruit flavors- oops no those are skittles...

Good day glad it worked out well


blake4d profile image

blake4d 6 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

Wow love the pics Magnoliazz. Keep on Hubbing, Blake4d

magnoliazz 6 years ago

dear good hearted nurse

you may have been emotionally blinded

nice hub and it was a metaphysical experience.As a surgeon i go through some strange expereinces too

sometimes instinct rules us-have a nice day

soumyasrajan 6 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

Very nice hub and so pleasing pictures magnoliazz. Surely your prayers must have helped. May be there is some physical (scientific) explanation for the rainbow. But what does it matter. Spiritual aspects are equally important. When your mother her friend and you all three feel that it was safer because of this spiritual feeling, why look for other explanations. Let the pleasure be as it appears to be. Wish you and your mother all the good luck and safety in your life.

American Tiger 6 years ago

...and the Hub Crush continues to deepen...

Beautimus hubbing, as per usual. Pray for a Tiger, O' magnificent Magz? I could use some of your Magz' Mojo.

(Why do I smell Eau-du-Brainiac in the Off-Hubs post just above Soumy's? As a rule, doctors CAN spell, and use proper punctuation.)

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

Thanks for sharing...

Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 6 years ago from Minnesota

I am sitting at Caribou Coffe reading this story and have MAJOR chills. This is so beautiful that you prayed for your mother and were answered that all was being taken care of. Never get caught in the details of these amazing experiences, Just ENJOY. This was God letting you know how much he loves you and your mother and how he is watching over us. I am so inspired, thanks:)

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

A great hub with beautiful pictures. I push all the buttons on this one.

Take care


mt_rain 5 years ago

For years I have searched for similar stories, as I could never explain my own experience in a way that people would fully understand. Years ago I drove to and from work every day, living quite a distance from my job. This trip consisted of an hour each way, living in the mountains, and knowing that nature truly inspires me, I used this as my prayer time! One late afternoon as I was driving up the mountain road I noticed a huge rainbow but not a typical arched rainbow, more like a path from heaven straight to the earth, I was awe struck! I drove up the hill and as I was driving I noticed my hands had rainbow colors on them and I was feeling completely peaceful. I pulled over to the side of the road and realized tears were falling from my eyes, and I felt for these seconds or moments that I was in another dimension, like for a brief and fleeting time I knew all things, and that all things were in Gods care, I was being bathed in love and peace like I never experienced before! I am not a scientist, but I do know what I experienced was real, just as God's love is everlasting!

blake4d profile image

blake4d 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

Beautiful Magnoliazz, just beautiful.

Keep on Hubbing.


carefaye77 4 years ago

I always feel that a rainbow is a good omen. Sometimes.when I see a double rainbow it foretells me that good fortune is on its way

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