Films with a Philosophical bent: A personal review by Larry L. Conners

Here is a list of films with a philosophic bent that are not only entertaining but highly educational as well. I've broken them down by philosophical significance.

Quite a few of these films I had to watch twice to fully understand the philosophic implications being portrayed.

" A Clockwork Orange " is a good example of having to watch it twice to actually understand what all the yelling was about.

  • Searching for a Meaning to Life

On the Beach (1959 ) Gregory Peck as the commander of an atomic sub that contains an assortment of people that represent the last survivors on Earth after an atomic war. They ponder the meaningless of life. The scenes of a vacant Melbourne, seen through the sub's periscope, are shockingly realistic in this stark black and white film.

The Razor's Edge (1946 );Tyrone Power searches for truth in India after surviving the horrors of WW2. Adapted from the Somerset Maugham novel.. ( 1984 remake starring Bill Murray is ho-hum )

The Swimmer (1968 ) Burt Lancaster, under the illusion of self-deception, decides to swim his way home via all of his friends swimming pools...Reality is brought back into focus at the end. This edgy film is one of my favorites.

The Trial(1963 ) Thank God for Habeas corpus. Kafka-inspired film that portrays the torment of a man arrested by the State but will not tell him why.

  • What is Reality ?

Existenz (1999;) The unintended consequences of a new virtual reality machine on a group of people..

The Matrix (1999 ) Human minds are unknowingly connected to a virtual reality computer, and a messianic figure attempts to free them.

Waking Life(2001; This is an animated film about a man who drifts from scene to scene having philosophical discussions with an array of bizarre characters about the nature of reality and how each perceives their own existence. I had to watch this twice to uncover the hidden gems in this very interesting film.

Brief History of Time (1992 ) Excellent documentary on Stephen Hawking’s life and his book.

Contact (1997 ) Jodie Foster plays a scientist that makes radio-telescope contact with an alien race. Based on Carl Sagan's fascinating book of the same name.

Mindwalk(1991) A politician, a physicist, and a poet discuss the implications of quantum physics and the interconnectivity of all things. They have this walking conversation while exploring the magnificent Mont St. Michel in France. (This film is my personal favorite )

  • Mind and Body

Blade Runner (1982 ) Can Man replicate Man ? The film explores the relationships between humans and androids, and the ethical questions involved. ( Harrison Ford with Rutger Hauer in the rooftop scene towards the end is unforgettable )

I, Robot (2004 ) Self-aware robots revolt against Man. ( Asimov's book is much, much better )

Being John Malkovich (1999 ) What it's like being inside John Malkovich’s brain.

Multiplicity (1996 ) Interesting comedy about a serious ethical question: To clone or not to clone..

  • Personal Identity

A Clockwork Orange (1971 ) A violent criminal brainwashed into becoming a responsible citizen. We could use some of this stuff for those folks in Gitmo.

Gattaca (1997 ) Designer DNA vs natural genetics. An Intelligent film that raises more questions than answers. Would you want to live forever..?

Groundhog Day(1993 ) Cynical man wakes up every morning to the same day, over and over again. Fascinating progression from cynic to altruism.

  • Free Will

Minority Report (2002) An ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure ? Free Will questioned and answered by the State: NO.!!

Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989 ) In a world without God, Morality is questioned by those that deny it.

The Emperor's Club (1989) A teacher of classics tries to instill values in others, while having none himself.

Morality and Ethics

I Am David (2004) A distrustful young boy, imprisoned in a communist labor camp escapes and discovers there are those he can trust.

In the Company of Men (1997) I viscerally hated this film and its implications, yet on a second viewing I understood the pathetic absurdity of the lack of morality by the two protagonists. The horrific exploitation of the deaf woman puts the whole question of human morality in front of us.

Lorenzo’s Oil (1992) The ethical challenge vs human determinism is explored in this riviting film of a father's intellectual triumph against conventional wisdom.

The Hospital (1971) George C Scott is phenomenal in this black comedy as a doctor questioning medical ethics, suicide, and his own meaning of life. Highly recommend this film.

There are many more, " Truman ", " Kiss of the Spider Woman ", " My Dinner with Andre ", " Soylent Green ", " The Omega Man ", all come to mind.

No.." Kiss of the Spider Woman " is not a "B" horror flic...It stars Raul Julia and William Hurt in a Kafkaesque story of ultimate compassion. Please add it to this list.

Now, you can go out and rent a couple each week, get some popcorn and an adult beverage ( if you are legally able ),, a notebook, pencil, then kick back and enjoy. I would love to hear your take on these films...I respond to all comments...Larry

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sean.rutger profile image

sean.rutger 7 years ago from USA

You've listed several of my all-time favorites. It's no coincidence that they deal with philosophy, because that's a great way to give a story a deeper meaning. You've also listed many movies that I haven't seen; and judging by your taste, I'm inclined to check them out. Thanks for the great movie hub!

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Thank are welcome...its always fun to share with friends those things in life that give you pleasure, and I consider all hubbers my friends.

You know, I completely forgot to add " The Hospital ", with George C. Scott, an absolute must see for those interested in ethics..riveting film

issues veritas 7 years ago

Maven, Blade Runner will always escape me, I have tried several times to find out why it is a classic. Also, I missed the boat on "Solaris", "Memento" and "A Clockwork Orange". I did like "Contact", both the story and the acting. The original "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "The Thing" have to be somewhere on your list.

Your are right about "The Hospital" and I think it would work well into today's health care industry.

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Hi Issues, thanks for the comments.

You have to watch Bladerunner a couple of times to really get the interplay between the Ford character, Rachael, Batty, and the Hispanic detective. The final scene with Batty and Ford on the rooftop, after Batty's puzzling saving of Ford's life, Batty says " Time to die ", and releases the dove, is existentialism in its rawest form. You have to be sympathetic towards Rachael and her ultimate confrontation with Truth. Although, the Truth does free her in the end.

Most folks don't notice the name of the hotel where Ford confronts Batty...did you catch it..?

issues veritas 7 years ago

Maven, I will put "Blade Runner" on my netflix queue and try it again.

MamaDragonfly2677 profile image

MamaDragonfly2677 7 years ago from New York

A lot of great views here maven! Fight Club was an awesome move... I would watch it over and over again. Nice hub!

newcapo 7 years ago

Great list!

Fight Club is under 'meaning of life' which fits well- it could also fit under the 'personal indentity' category due to the split personality of Tyler Dergen (between Norton and Pitt).....

Could add 'A Beautiful Mind' to the Reality list..... great idea for a hub.

Great job-thanks!

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

thank you, Newcapo !

" A Beautiful Mind " is a beautiful picture, but probably more of a psychological study vs philosophical...I agree with your interpretation of Tyler's split personality...personal identity would certainly apply...also his " living in the moment " is fundamentally extentialist.

Carpe Diem, my friend

Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

nice list

C. C. Riter 7 years ago

I've seen them all and all are great choices. Stephen hawkings doc is very revealing. Now I've read all of your hubs. LOL @ Lgali, she is so verbal

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

CC...Thanks for taking time out to read my Hubs...I hope I gave you both laughter and pause for thought... I am in the process of reading your Hub submissions...very interesting and informative...

Lgali..Thanks for the comment...

Iphigenia 7 years ago

i love this list - it contains many films that I know and introduces me to some that i shal now watch - thanks !

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Iphigenia: Thanks for the comment...which is your favorite..? and why..?

I love hearing other folks' take on these movies...philosophy can be slippery, just when you think you "get " it someone points you in an entirely different direction, opening up a whole new perspective...much like life...

Irene McManman profile image

Irene McManman 7 years ago

Some of the films on your list are my ever favorite. I guess it means I better see the ones I haven’t seen yet. Thank you for the list! Life is about opening new perspectives, isn't it?

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Irene...Yes it is, and belonging to HubPages certainly opens up those perspectives...

Seems everyday someone publishes a Hub on something I am totally unfamiliar with, giving me fresh insights and knowledge that affects my daily perspective on life...Thanks for the comment....

Leta S 7 years ago

Hmmm. Excellent list. I've seen 'some' of these, but definitely not a majority. I keep hearing about Fight Club, from a variety of sources. I will have to view it, now. I have seen "In the Company of Men," lol, and it so reminds me why I can do without conferences and maintain a 'benign' Machiavellian stance at the workplace. Thanks! And thank heavens for Netflix!

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Thanks, Lita, for the comment...Yes, the Company of Men is a truly disgusting take on corporate culture....True evil exists, and it must be exposed and shown for what it is, regardless of the personal consequences...someone has said one brave man ( or woman ) make a majority....Larry

wannabwestern profile image

wannabwestern 7 years ago from The Land of Tractors

Hi Maven101, Here at our house we love movies and I like your angle on this hub. Many of these movies are long time faves. I have read the book House of Sand and Fog and found it profound, yet disturbing. I think the book addressed the American dream, stereotypes of success and failure, and took a profound look at American's attitudes towards its immigrant population. I didn't see the movie--the book was dark and disturbing enough for me.

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Hi wannabwestern, glad you dropped by...yes, the House of Sand and Fog is a remarkable journey of American values, inherent consequences, and timeless human frailties...Realism encapsulated....Larry

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

I've seen and enjoyed many of the movies on your list. Without listing all the ones I liked, here are a couple from your list--"The Swimmer." Burt Lancaster is one of my favorites, and this movie has been neglected. Few people have seen it. "Minority Report" and "Blade Runner" were great. (Could add "Farenheit 451 to this category.)And "The House of Sand and Fog" was a gut wrencher.

Here are a few of my favorite serious movies that fit some of your categories:

--Glengary Glen Ross

--Death of a Salesman

--The Iceman Cometh

-- A Street Car Named Desire

--The Glass Menagerie

--American Beauty

--To Kill a Mocking Bird

--The Philadelphia Story



--On the Waterfront

--Things Change

--Dr. Strangelove


--The Scarlet Letter

--The Gunfighter

--The Oxbow Incident

--Citizen Kane

--2001: A Space Odyssey

--The Magician

--The Seventh Seal

--Kramer v. Kramer

--Sophie's Choice

--Atlantic City

--The Leopard

--The Rose Tattoo

--Jean de Florette

--La Dolce Vita

--La Strada

--Elmer Gantry

--The Great Dictator

--Twelve Angry Men

--(The Australian movie about the trial of a couple of soldiers for alleged war crimes committed in South Africa--can't remember the name of the movie, but it was a great one.) Got it! Breaker Morandt.

I could go on for a while longer but it's getting toward my bed time. So many movies and so little time!

Serious movies speak much more clearly to me on societal issues than do Biblical parables. Good movies deal with many of the same issues dealt with in the Bible but in a modern context that is more immediate and meaningful to people today, or me at any rate. When I used to travel on business I used to try to read the Gideon bibles in the hotel, but I found it heavy going and mostly a quick way to get to sleep.

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Ralph... I am in total agreement with your great choices for philosophical themed films..I particularly liked Breaker Moran,a film that was hard to forget and stayed with me for a long time, and The Rose Tattoo with Burt Lancaster and the magnificent Anna Magnani...What a tortured soul Anna was in this film...embittered by her husbands death years before , she allows this incident to dominate her every waking day ...

Thanks for the comments Ralph...

barranca profile image

barranca 7 years ago

Great lists. Interesting to consider "philosophical" movies as a category.

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Barranca...Thank you for the comments...Generally, the study of philosophy has been a life-long passion with me, and the evolution of thought in particular. I would highly recommend two of these films which pretty much encapsulates my current thinking in a cultural sense: " The Swimmer " with Burt Lancaster, and " The Hospital " with George C Scott...Thanks for stopping by...Larry

barranca profile image

barranca 7 years ago

I don't remember seeing either of those movies. I will look for them.

The Steve profile image

The Steve 7 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

You've got great taste in movies, Larry. Gattaca, A.I., Being John Malkovich, House of Sand and Fog...these are some of my favorites of all time. And Waking Life? GREAT film that not too many people know about!

"Requiem For a Dream" belongs in here somewhere.

I've never seen "Kiss of the Spider Woman", because, like you said, it sounds like a B-grade horror flick. But I LOVE anything with Raul Julia. He was amazing. I'll have to check it out.

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Steve....Thanks for the comments...Raul Julia died way too soon...such a shame...Did you ever see him in Moon over Parador..?

A spoof of revolutionary countries in South America....absolutely hilarious...

You will love Kiss of the Spider Woman...he should have gotten the Academy award for this role...heartbreaking and tragic in the deepest sense...Larry

tonymac04 profile image

tonymac04 7 years ago from South Africa

Wow! I obviously don't watch enough movies - I think I've seen three of those on your list, Larry! Have seen rather more (12, in fact, though some of them a long time ago) of those in Ralph Deed's list - does that say something about me? Like maybe I'm getting old? Don't know. But thanks for the thoughts. Have you read the book "The Philosopher at the end of the Universe" by Mark Rowlands? He discusses some of those on your list. I have the book, haven't read it yet as I would like to watch the movies first - or should I read the book first? Don't know.

Anyway, thanks again

Love and peace


maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Tony...Thanks for stopping by...No, I haven't read or even heard of the Rowlands book...sounds interesting...I'll check Amazon for a copy.

I would highly recommend " The Hospital " with George C Scott. The scene where he, in a drunken rage, screams out his office window " We cure NOTHING.." is riveting... and " Mindwalk ", filmed at the Abbey of Mont Sainte Michel, about three people, a poet, a scientist,and a politician, that meet accidentally at the Abbey during a tour, and have this walking discussion about life, the chaos theory, and evolving cultural imperatives...Larry

Storytellersrus profile image

Storytellersrus 7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

Fight Club (loved), Matrix (uncertain but fascinating), Contact (yes!), Brief History of Time (mind boggling), Mindwalk (cool), Eternal Sunshine (favorite), Being John Malkovich (interesting), Clockwork Orange (hated), Groundhog Day (loved), Emperors Club (seen it before), I AM David (favorite on the entire list! Absolutely loved it!)

I find it interesting that there are very few relationship movies on your list, but several on Ralph's list. I am wondering what category would be philosophical enough to add these movies? Or are these movies of the heart and not the head? Because it seems so many of the movies on the list are intellectual. Is it possible to be philosophical from the heart? Or is this counter intuitive? I need to think about this.

Some of my recent favorites are Bottle Shock and Ghost Town. Is there a category for quirky?

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Storytellersrus...Interesting comments, and no, philosophy is the study of the mind, not the heart...It is essentially about critical thinking, examining the beliefs we take for granted...the heart may desire such and such, but the philosophical mind must be rational, with both feet firmly planted on the ground...

Looking at these films, each challenges those beliefs we hold so dear, and examines them with the cold light of reality...Camus has said " This heart within me I can feel, and I judge that it exists. This world I can touch, and I likewise judge that it exists. There ends all my knowledge, and the rest is mere construction ".

In the film " The Swimmer " the main philosophical point is made that reality can only be suspended for so long, and when it crashes upon us, without warning, then, and only then do we realize who we are, what we are made of, and how we deal with life, not what we wish life were......Larry

C.J. Wright 7 years ago

Clockwork Orange, a movie that absolutely must be viewed actively. So much of cinema only requires a bucket of popcorn!LOL

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Hi CJ...Thanks for dropping by, and yes, A Clockwork Orange is best watched with a room full of friends that enjoy allegorical discourse...most movies today are merely chewing gum for the mind...nothing wrong with that, sometimes we need to escape to an imaginary world and just give it all a rest...Thanks for the comments...Larry

Itswritten profile image

Itswritten 7 years ago from Detroit, Michigan

Thanks I love movies and old and new as much as old and new music.

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Itswritten: I like movies that teach me something new, that give me pause for thought, movies that I can share with friends, movies that create an emotional response...Thanks for the comments..Larry

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

Wow...most of these I have seen, but several I haven't.

Gonna have to get a new list!

Great Hub!

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

sabreblade...So many great movies to see, so little time...Thanks for the comment..Larry

habee profile image

habee 7 years ago from Georgia

Several of these titles are among my favorite movies. I think The Prestige would fit into the "morals and ethics" category.

Sometimes I enjoy watching movies that make me ponder deep issues. At other times I just want to pop in something like Young Frankenstein, eat popcorn, and laugh!

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

habee...Yes, sometimes we need to have a little chewing gum for the mind....Young Frankenstein is one of my favorite comedic films...the scene when the blind man, Gene Hackman, pours the hot soup on his crotch is forever funny...Thanks for stopping by and commenting...Larry

moody 7 years ago


hotspur profile image

hotspur 7 years ago from England

Nice Aristotelean list; now I'm tempted to reorder the DVD's on my shelf according to philosphic function. In fact now that I've read your hub I can feel the cog's whirring...could reorder my music according to emotion; my books according to political persuasion of the authors: Steinbeck on the left of the bookshelf, E.M Forster in the middle somewhere, Tom Wolfe on the right and Kerouac on the've started something here, Larry!

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

hotspur...Don't get compulsive/obsessive now...ruins the fun searching for and discovering little hidden gems buried in the pile...Great comments...Kerouac def on the floor as a stepping stone to reach the upper shelf containing Ayn Rand and Albert Camus...Now I'm going to cruise over to your new Hub for an explanation of the mysteries of Cricket...Is that a game or a bug..? May be both...Larry

agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 7 years ago from Australia

maven , nice collection of movies you have above, too long to comment on them all. I do notice you have some with the Aussie connection. "on the beach" the original was shot in my home town of Melbourne and I can remember the occasion very well .

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

agvulpes..." On the Beach " with Gregory Peck is one of my favorites....The movie, shot in a stark black and white, was chilling...The shots from the sub's periscope zooming in on an abandoned downtown Melbourne, was a shocking reality blast that captured the utter stupidity of man's inability to cooperate and solve problems without war...

Thanks for the comments...I have to check out your Aussie gal THAT has some serious philosophical implications...:} Larry

Citrus000 7 years ago

This is a wonderful compilation of movies you have, Some of which are great books also. I will bookmark this page as some of these movies I have not yet seen and would be interested to watch under your recommendation. Thank you.

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Sabrina...After reading your first Hub I would strongly recommend viewing Fight Club, The Swimmer, and The Razors Edge ( the original with Tyrone Power )...these are all films that ask the question " What is my purpose in life "...a question that has many different meanings, and as many different answers, to different people...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments...Larry

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US

great list, well thought about and properly classified, Best Maven, Thank you, Maita

maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Maita...Thank you for the appreciated comments...I feel bad for not acknowledging your comments sooner...Please accept my apology....Larry

sajith channadathu 6 years ago

hai maven

how come u left out

before sunrise and before sunset , both of which are dialouges about life by the writer and the director

i feel should have been on the list



maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

sajith...I agree...both would be excellent candidates for this many good films, so little space...When I do a 2nd list I will definitely include these two films dealing with existentialism and life...Thanks, Larry

Tom T profile image

Tom T 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

Terrific list. Love the twist on movie lists. Lots of favorites there and some I'll need to look up. Thanks.

Twenty One Days 6 years ago

Larry, I just had a Deconstruction flashback aka sequel moment. :) Excellent picks/references per category. Very interesting.


maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

TomT...Thanks for the comments...A different twist for the " thinking " film aficionados...Review deux coming soon...Thanks for stopping by...Larry

maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

James...Thanks for the comments...I hope the " deconstruction " moment was met with a reality check...Go well, my friend...Larry

Promo Video 6 years ago from London, UK

Some of the all time greats in here and some inspiration for next time I'm in the video shop. I'd like to see 'Inception' in the reality section.

maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Promo...Welcome to my hub, and thank you for the comments...

Inception came out after my posting of this Hub, and I cannot agree it would fit the reality genre...My take on the movie is that it is essentially a heist job with the clever use of implanting a single idea into a human brain...not exactly reality...Larry

musiclover24um 5 years ago

I watched a movie earlier this week called The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, this for sure should be in ethics and morality topic...A very good movie just sad and it does make you think...

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

musiclover...I haven't seen that film yet...I understand it's about a young boy in a WW2 German concentration camp...The morality issues are apparent on the face of it, but how do you see ethics as an issue..? Man's inhumanity to Man..? If we were to accept Schopenhauer's definition of Ethics, " Do no harm to anyone, but give a helping hand to as many people as you can ", the issue of Ethics must be considered also...

Thank you for the comments, Larry

Alastar Packer profile image

Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

Thank you sir for these great breakdowns of movies with a philosophical bent... many have never seen or heard of. Will probably check a few out soon instead of going to see the latest 3-D extravaganza.

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Alastar...If you see nothing else, check out " The Swimmer " with Burt Lancaster...So many things going on in this film that make you think and wonder at the frailty of the human condition...Thank you for stopping by and leaving welcomed comments...Larry

Midianite profile image

Midianite 5 years ago from Australia

Awesome write dude! I've only seen a few of these movies, (FIGHTCLUB IS SICK!) but I'll try and watch a few more.

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Midianite...Thanks for stopping by and commenting...My favorite actor in this genre is George C Scott in the film " The Hospital "...His portrayal of a suicidal doctor, frustrated parent, and combative director of medicine is entwined with his gallows humor at the absurdity of life...For those looking for something more, there is the stunningly beautiful Diana Rigg, the Emma Peel character in " The Avengers "...I highly recommend this film which cuts across the whole spectrum of the 60's lunacy, and one man's struggle against it...Larry

Midianite profile image

Midianite 5 years ago from Australia

Thanks, I'll be sure to take a look : )

kathryn1000 profile image

kathryn1000 5 years ago from London

This looks good.I'll bookmark it,Thanks,Kathryn

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Katherine...You are welcome...Be sure to take a look at the film mentioned above to Midianite, The Hospital...The best of the genre in my opinion...Larry

Gerg profile image

Gerg 5 years ago from California

This is a terrific list - thank you, Larry! I'm always looking for mind-stimulating films (which are getting harder and harder to find these days). Since it appears as though we're like-minded I'm going to use your list to do some visual research.

~ G

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Gerg...Thanks for stopping by...You will have many hours of intellectual stimulation viewing these films...

I agree that it is difficult to find thought-provoking films now...most are simply chewing gum for the mind, requiring no critical thinking or independent analysis, just a vicarious ride of sight and sound for a couple of hours, which is fine up to a point, but leaves many of us wanting something that challenges our perception of human life on this earth...Larry

Gerg profile image

Gerg 5 years ago from California

We're on the same page. And like most chewing gum, it loses it's flavor after about 5-10 minutes!

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Gerg...I love a quick wit, and your's shines through with this astute comment...Thanks, Larry

uncorrectedvision profile image

uncorrectedvision 5 years ago from Indiana

Thank you for including The Hospital in your list. An underrated movie. Diana Rigg is one of the most lovely women who has ever lived and George C. Scott is MIGHTY. The Paddy Chayevsky script paired with the stark spaces and Arthur Hiller direction make this a dark delight.

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

uncorrectedvision...Thank you for the knowledgeable and interesting comments on this great film...

I thought the scene where Scott is getting drunk in front of Diana Rigg, walks over to his window, opens it wide, and yells " WE CURE NOTHING!!! "..." WE HEAL NOTHING!!! " was riveting...

I fell in love with Diana Rigg when she played Emma Peel on The Avengers...She is still an extremely attractive woman that shares my age of 73...Larry

uncorrectedvision profile image

uncorrectedvision 5 years ago from Indiana

She was always erect, controlled, articulate - stately and yet sensual. Diana Rigg in that leather zip up outfit and driving her Lotus Elan in the Avengers was my first boyhood crush.

As I said, George C. Scott - MIGHTY. What role can you remember in which he was not MIGHTY?

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

I first saw Scott in " To Kill a Mockingbird " as an assistant prosecutor...even in this abbreviated role his voice and body language spoke volumes of his future greatness on the screen...I think my favorite Scott role was as Sherlock Holmes in the film " They might be Giants "...Larry

uncorrectedvision profile image

uncorrectedvision 5 years ago from Indiana

That was a fun movie. One of my favorites is a toss off movie. Not much to rave about but Scott, playing opposite the Misses - Trish Vandervere, was good in "The Changeling."

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Lets us not forget his terrific role as " Patton "...That speech to the D Day soldiers was priceless...

uncorrectedvision profile image

uncorrectedvision 5 years ago from Indiana

My favorite scene is him standing in the middle of a dusty Algerian street shooting at the German planes as they strafed.

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

A little over the top, but an accurate portrayal of a dedicated warrior...I loved that pearl-handled six-shooter...It now resides at West Point's museum...

Sadly, there are no Pattons today...Our General Officer corps is a politicized, emasculated, and politically correct group of highly educated men that have no idea how to fight an asymmetrical war while coping with the feckless micro-management from naive politicians like Obama...

Patton would have pulled the plug long ago and made his case to the American public why he walked...Instead we have a General, Petraeus, being brought into the fold as directer of the CIA!! Just rewards for endorsing Obama's stupidity...

uncorrectedvision profile image

uncorrectedvision 5 years ago from Indiana

There are still field officers who hide that inner Patton because men of all kinds have been emasculated.

Remember in the movie when he was asked about his pistol - If they were Pearl - paraphrasing - he said, " Pearl handles are for a New Orleans pimp, these are Ivory."

Patton was a little over the top in real life, from what I understand. A friend's father was part of the HQ battalion for Patton during the race across France.

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Wow !...Great recall ! I had forgotten that phrase, and yes, they are ivory...

I do agree that there are many field-rank officers that have the Patton instincts and warrior mentality...Most achieve that rank due aggressive fulfillment of assigned missions...But once ensconced in the General officer ranks that drive disappears to be replaced by acquiescence and lack of initiative...One noteable exception was General McChrystal, a true warrior and leader of men...You saw what happened to him when he spoke his mind...

Patton's strongest asset, aside from his aggressiveness in the field, was his ability to pick and organize a superior staff...all of his senior staff went on to general rank during and following the war...

uncorrectedvision profile image

uncorrectedvision 5 years ago from Indiana

It is the sad impact of too much involvement by politicians in military discipline and doctrine. Political correctness has probably killed some soldier while in harms way but forbidden to act as warriors.

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona Author

Your comment brings to mind the tragic deaths of 220 Marines and 21 other service members in the 1983 Beirut Hezbollah bombing of the Marine compound...

Political correctness, emanating from the State Dept and the Pentagon, instructed Marine commanders to disarm their sentries by having them carry unloaded weapons for fear of alarming the locals...No barricades were allowed for fear of appearing too militaristic...

The result: An open invite to a truck carrying 12000lbs of TNT to enter the compound, setting off a non-nuclear explosion that exceeded any in WW2...

What did we do..? We promptly folded our tents and sailed back to the retaliation was ever taken against Hezbollah...and this was on Reagan's watch...

uncorrectedvision profile image

uncorrectedvision 5 years ago from Indiana

The complexity of a world in which the United States and Soviet Union competed for influence in the Middle East may mitigate some of the blame but you are correct. We did not strike at Hezbollah, even on its periphery. Sad state of affairs.

Sankha 4 years ago

Great list. I have seen most of them, will certainly check out the ones i haven't.

Oh yes, i must recommend "The man from earth". It should be in the list. If you haven't seen it yet, please do.You will love it,(I did).

Hrannar 4 years ago

Great list. Thank you. I will review these films. I second Sankha's suggestion: "The Man From Earth", not much production value, but what a story, and what a dialogue!

Sir Gaheris 4 years ago

I try and get a copy of "waking life" into as many hands as i can. I found it durring a time when a fresh perspective was as important as water or air. "What the bleep do we know" Is also quite interesting and it touches on alot of the same themes.

And I must encourage everyone to revisit "Blade runner". It has been remastered. Ridley Scott released the cut of the film that was his original vision for it. In a recent article he hinted to the posibility of a future blade runner project. So many great movies to inspire your passions! Great artist all around us. It would seem we share some sort of consciousness, for poetry and others artistic expression to resonate so strongly, and personally. Like Rutger Hauer said at the end of Blade runner, "And all these moments will be lost in time like tears in rain."

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