Playback of scene in history

Viewer to a scene

I had an experience that I cannot explain to this day. It took place three years ago.

I was relaxed, in meditation. Suddenly I was somewhere else, a viewer present at a scene being played out in front of me. I was there in the same room at the edge by the perimeter wall. It was in an underground room. I could see the round hatchway opening with steel treads leading up to it, the hatch was open. There was two women present both in clothing from Victorian times, they were English speaking and the one who I heard sounded like she had a London/cockney accent. They were unaware of my presence as I imagine it was a replay of a past event in history.

They stood together afraid. One of them was a strong character and the other was more timid by nature. It was clear that they were frightened of somebody, very frightened. The stronger character started to talk, trying to encourage the other one to leave with her. 

"C'mon, lets get out of here!"

"I'm not hanging around!"

"C'mon, come with me!"

She made her way to the steel treads but her friend didn't move, she remained where she was weeping quietly. Too afraid to leave yet terrified to stay. She stayed. The other lady climbed the treads up to the open hatchway and as she got to the top turned to straighten herself and I got a detailed view of the black lace up booties she was wearing. (No idea of significance of that)

That was the scene over. I don't know how they came to be in that room, whether they were put there by someone or hid their themselves. I do know that their lives were in danger. The twist on this experience is that I had written about it in my journal and had mentioned it to my father. It was then put out of my mind until one day my father asked me to recall what I had told him.

I repeated the experience to him and he told me the reason he was asking about it. Which was my mother had experienced a dream and she had told him about it. It was exactly the same as what I viewed; the scene, the women, how they were dressed, what took place, everything! So I spoke to my mother about it and grabbed my journal to tell her the details and the date it took place for me. I was amazed to discover that she had the dream of it at the same time I had viewed the scene!

Clearly there was something going on for us both to experience the same scene. I only had phone contact with my parents as they live in France and I live in the UK. For some reason we were both shown this scene for a reason. Unfortunately I have never figured out what the reason was. It remains a mystery to this day...

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Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 6 years ago from Northam Western Australia

Thats incredible. May be you will find out one day what it means. or maybe this happened in your past life before stranger things have happened. I dont understand these things but I have heard of it before.

Dawn71 profile image

Dawn71 6 years ago from UK Author

Thanks for your comment Eileen. Yes I'm hoping one day I will find out. Could be past life yes, definite possibility. Whatever it was must be of importance to me to go to such lengths to show me and back it up with my mother dreaming of what I saw. One day maybe I'll know :)

Keiji 6 years ago

can you tell anything about some weird things happening to me?... because sometimes, when events happen, i feel like I already saw the event happen yet i'm quite sure it didn't appear in my dreams or in reality.

Dawn71 profile image

Dawn71 6 years ago from UK Author

Keiji, It's quite possible that you either have had premonition dreams that you don't recall or you are accessing info psychically. Either way it points towards a psychic ability that is active that maybe you haven't tapped into yet. Have you ever experimented by testing yourself in different ways? There are loads of online tests that you could try out to see if anything stands out to you. Unless we look we don't see, whatever your ability is unless you actively try to pinpoint it, practise, it often goes unnoticed. To search is sending a message of intent to your spirit guides that you want to discover it and you will be supported with this even if you are unaware they are with you. Good luck!!

Keiji 6 years ago

I tried searching online for some things about enhancing psychic abilities. Can you suggest any activities or experimentations that I can do in order to develop this ability? I would really appreciate it.

Dawn71 profile image

Dawn71 6 years ago from UK Author

Keiji, the first thing I would suggest is meditation, it's a good starting point whatever ability a person is trying to develop. Having premonitions is something that is hard to pin down in one area, the nature of it seems to come and go randomly. It is a sign that you may well have clairvoyant abilities so if I was you I'd start with meditations, not sure if you ever have?

I would make my target area to test and develop:clairvoyance. Having a specific area to focus on makes it a bit easier to focus. If it comes to nothing(which I doubt in your case) then you can move on to another area. If you want to be in direct contact with me you could visit my website(on my profile) and on there is a form you can submit to email me and I can keep in touch with you that way?

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