Playing King of the Mountain

All wars are actually holy wars...

Religion in all forms is a form of mind control. This is not to say that all believers are bad people, but all religions stem from the same roots and manipulative sources. This is most evident in the religions that focus on a deity that exists as a monad, or the monotheistic godhead. All religions spend a great deal of time on conversion and the demonization of other world beliefs. It is like a global game of being played, all participants trying to win their individual places as king of the mountain.

Before Judaism or Christianity, religious beliefs existed mainly as a tribal system that was based upon the leadership of tribal elders. Their power was set in conjunction with the power of the shaman, medicine person, witch, priestess, or magical person within the tribe. This could be a man or woman, but they would have been raised since very young to work with the wisdom of the spirits, the ancestors, the plants, and the animals. Their wisdom would have been earned by living in relations with the land or region within which they lived. Most likely the land where they were born to as a child.

The best part of the tribal system was that the people were encouraged to live in harmony and in balance with the planet Earth. They were taught to ask permission from the planet for its resources, to take only what was needed, and to give reverence by being grateful for whatever was received from the Mother Earth.

The worst part of the tribal system was that it was probably thousands, or even millions of years old. It had never been disturbed or invaded by any other cultures for some time, so it was still innocent of the full nature of human beings. It had yet to experience real war, or other darker sides of human nature. When these things came along, they were unprepared to deal with them or recognize their influences, so they were easily manipulated by those who were not like their own beliefs. Outsiders quickly were able to disable and wreck the tribal cultures, and they did.

When Christian missionaries traveled the world, they believed they were doing paganism a favor by converting what to them were heathens, to the religion of the Bible. It is evident even today that not all Christians recognize that much of their beliefs were based on falsified texts. It is strange that most Christians do not know that the Bible itself is a copy, it is based on a text called the Enuma Elish from ancient Sumeria and was written in approximately 4000 BC. The do not realize that the New Testament is actually an only fair translation of the Jewish Torah, some actually do not believe this is true. They do not realize how many documents from the period of time that was supposed to be the Roman occupation of Judea, and the life years of Jesus of Galilee, were rejected by the Council of Nicea.

Later there would be even more travesties of falsification, such as the donation by Emperor Constantine, such were documents that claimed to give the Roman Church the right to be legal representatives for Christ on Earth. These documents were absolute forgeries, therefore all institutions under their jurisdiction are divinely illegitimate. All churches of the British monarchy, the Commonwealth, the Church of Rome, and all the world governments under their direction, are in theory illegal. This was partially why Latin became the primary language of Biblical texts after the fall of Rome. It was to keep those who did not speak and read the language of Latin, from being able to decipher the deceptions that had been written into the revised texts. Yet it is funny, that the same language used by the Inquisition to murder many witches and heathens, would become a language used in modern pagan rituals. Speaking the language of your own oppressors does not seem to be very magical, it is more like having Stockholm syndrome of some kind.

Over time the children of pagans were separated from families, wars were ravaged over many ancient lands, and the language of these cultures was replaced by the language of the Church of Rome. This was done to anyone that was a threat, pagans, Jews, gentiles, unbelievers, and heathens of all types. To survive, most common people had to convert to Christianity. The sacred places were they worshiped were torn asunder, the sacred forests were burnt down, the ancestral grave sites were desecrated, and the stone circles were knocked down, in these places were built temples to the Church of Rome. Out of tradition, most pagans began to meet here because it had once been a sacred place, thus many converts were won over.

Finally the wheel of the year was replaced by the Gregorian calendar. The original pagan calendar was based on the alignments of the Earth and Sun during the times of the equinoxes and solstices. Those specific times when the Earth openly shares her energies with us all. The churches changed the days of the natural holidays, so the natural cycle was perverted. People were thus taught to miss out on the energies of the Earth, and the church turned all sacred days into hallmark fests. The real calendar of the Earth is a 13 month by 28 day monthly lunar calendar. The modern Gregorian calendar is false, but more importantly causes much psychological stress on human beings, because it is unnatural time.

Do not fool yourselves, even this was not enough to silence all pagans. Many wars small and large were necessary to silence the tribal world. It took more than four centuries by Christian missionaries to silence the magical world. It took millions of deaths, that included women, men, children, witches, gays, lesbians, atheists, Satanists, pagans, and heretics of all kinds being put to death. They were burned at the stake and most for crimes that they did not understand. All the wealth, of all the victims were taken for the church, the gold, land, family treasures were stolen from the dead heathens. Eventually, after murdering nearly all the practitioners of magic, most people do not even believe in magic or the old way anymore.

Do not fool yourselves, all wars all planned. All wars are holy wars. Even today the global economic troubles like recessions, depressions are planned by the powers that be. Planned by people who want to own all of the worlds resources, and they profit off of these things. That is why they create them. Everyone is still just playing king of the mountain, even today.

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Pamela-anne profile image

Pamela-anne 4 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

Well written and interesting article it is so true what you say Blake religions are man made each of them wanting to be the king of the montain.

blake4d profile image

blake4d 4 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

Thanx for your kind words PA. I am glad you enjoyed the hub. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

Pamela-anne profile image

Pamela-anne 4 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

Your more than welcome just keep up with the hubbing fellow hubber! take care pam.

blake4d profile image

blake4d 4 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

Thanx again PA. Keep on Hubbing for your fellow hubbers. Blake4d

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