Black magic and Pleasing the Evil spirited Deities

Tantriks and Mantriks - Occult Science Practitioners

Worship of evil spirited deity (Kshudra devatha upasana in Hindi language) is common in some parts of India, even today.

Tantra vidya (subject related to occult science), or tantrika, is said to be a diverse and rich spiritual tradition of the Indian subcontinent. People in Western countries simply call this as Black magic. Ancient tantrik texts contain two kinds of Black magic methods practised in India. Sorcerers in the North India practised Kashmora whereas the South Indian sorcerers were using the Banamathi method. In the southern state of Andhra Pradesh and North Karnataka they still practice Banamathi.


What do you mean by Tantrik, Mantrik and the Yantra?

A Tantrik is well known as a tantra systems practitioner in India and Tibet. This type of science is also associated with practices of the occult and black magic.

A Mantrik is someone who specializes in practicing mantras. One who chants to please a god or evil spirit for his benefit. Mantras are sacred chantings containing magical and mystical words.

A Yantra is associated with these kind of practices. Yantra is a meditational device or instrument used by Hindu and Tibetan Tantriks to accomplish certain tasks. The word "yam," means "to sustain," the Yantra has in it a symbolic image used to maintain a focused state during meditation or worship. Most of the time it is composed of an outer geometrical form enclosing other interior geometrical designs. Each type of Yantra or design is used for a specific purpose or intent.

Aghori tantrik

Tantriks casting a spell

People in some parts of India, go in search of these Tantriks and powerful Mantriks to get their impossible and incomplete tasks done successfully. The task accomplished may give a good or bad result. But the faith in it still remains intact for many people who think it as possible. People in this part of the world also have a belief that they can get cured from health problems when a doctor gives up. Even in this modern age it is amazing to see the people believing in such practices.

Women and men go in search of the Tantriks, so as to bring the opposite sex under their control. Also sometimes to win over a person, may be with some good or bad intention. The magical powder or liquid given by these Tantriks is mixed into the enemy's food or drink, unknowingly. Thus they get rid of a particular person or plan to put a person into deep trouble. This is called as Prayog (casting a spell)in Hindi. After this prayog, the enemy either suffers a lot because of health problems, or dies, not knowing what actually happened to him. Most of the time it gets detected by another powerful Tantrik who is involved in the same profession. Sometimes, it might get detected with the help of Sadhus and Babas( persons who have gained supernatural powers by deep meditation and sacred chants).

How the great saints in India gain supernatural powers?.. learn more.. Supernatural Powers and Indian Yogis in the Himalayas

Why did some of the saints in ancient India enter the tombs alive?...learn more...How to gain Positive Energy from the Scared Tombs

The clan of Tantriks and Mantriks

Tantriks and mantriks get their powers by what they call the upasana(worship) of Kshudra devathas(deity with evil spirits). They worship these Kshudra devathas in order to get the powers. The sacrificing of birds and animals to gain those powers is common here. Myths and legends of ancient India, give a clear picture of the sacrificing human beings in front of these deities just to gain some supernatural powers.

The Indian states, Kerala and West Bengal even to this day have many Tantriks performing unbelievable tasks. Keralite Mantriks are good at black magic and also are able to remove cast spells. The hair, cloth, sometimes finger nails and also sand (or soil) lying below a particular person's feet on whom he has to cast a spell, is taken for this purpose. The Prayog is done from remote places many times. A clay doll is created. After performing all necessary rituals the cloth, nail or the sand collected is used in the doll. And then just by piercing the doll or chanting mystic mantras the Mantrik starts troubling enemies. The enemy at the other end will feel the pain and unknown physical and mental disorders. In the later stages, it becomes intolerable and finally dies. There will not be any clue of what actually went wrong with the person and why he died.

Disputed land will be got back by the owner when he castes a spell and wins in the court. Land owner troubles the tenant to leave the place with the help of a copper plate powered with black magic. A Tantrik's prayog will be so strong that it takes the form of a Cobra snake or a dead, haunting around the house, wearing a white dress. The people who get attacked in such a way, worship the Hindu god Hanuman or read Hanuman chalisa( chant in praise of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god). Thus they believe they might get rid of such a vicious attack.

A possessed person gets relieved from the unbearable physical and mental stress caused by evil spirits, when he visits a Tantrik continuously. In this respect, the Tantriks are very similar to "exorcists" in the western culture.

To cast a spell, obviously a heinous act

The Tantrik most of the time uses burial ground for the incantation during midnight, especially on a new moon day. He finishes off his work smoothly on such a dark and frightening night. Burial ground is the best place to invoke spirits, according to them. He may also sit over the dead body to chant the mystic mantras, sometimes. Mantriks also take the help of women to invoke spirits. In some cases, a sexual intercourse on the spot cannot be ruled out. This pleases the spirits and allows to continue with the incantation work, smoothly. Blood from ones own finger or sacrificial animals and birds is spilled. Domestic animals such as Sheep, Goat and birds like Hen, Cock etc. are offered to please these evil spirits. If something goes wrong during this time or mantras are wrongly chanted then Mantrik himself will have to bear the wrath of evil spirits. He may die later, vomiting a lot of blood.

Mantriks and Tantriks have always got to be careful while on their way to incantation and invoking spirits. Sometimes, they also die when the cast spell is reversed by the other side person. It may be either performing a Mrithyunjaya yajna ( Yajna, a religious duty involving Agni, the sacrificial fire, with the chanting of the sacred mantras. Mrithyunjaya is Lord Shiva of the Hindus) or equivalent by the person who has been troubled seriously.

Tantriks and Mantriks act like the underground criminals who always secretly chant mantras from remote places and perform devilish tasks. Businessmen and politicians who believe in them, get their job done and think they will succeed in their respective fields. Politicians win the favour of people by an incantation or get good results in the election by pleasing the deity. If the Tantrik they follow is not good enough, or the opposition takes smarter steps, the spells do not work at all. It's all about huge gains and losses in this material world.

Greed has no limits. Greediness leads the human race to carry out such a heinous act, every now and then.

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cr8ve1 profile image

cr8ve1 7 years ago

I keep forgetting that there are other beliefs out there in the world. I am aware of Buddhism, Catholicism, Christianity, and Witchcraft.....HEH...Guess this means I need to get out more!! Thanks for opening my eyes!!

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 7 years ago from India Author

Surely there are many such practices in other parts of the world also. But we donot know it. Thanks for those comments cr8ve1

dilipchandra12 profile image

dilipchandra12 6 years ago from India

interesting hub... informative as well... enjoyed reading.

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 6 years ago from India Author

Thanks for dropping by...Dilip

valeriebelew profile image

valeriebelew 6 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

Interesting hub. I knew about Shamas, but they are typically worshipers of good spirits, or so I think. This seems like a form of black magic, but then ancient Jewish (Old Testament) tradition, also practiced animal sacrifice. Informative and interesting hub. (: v

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 6 years ago from India Author

Valerie...These tantriks are worser than people who are involved in Shamas. Many people have died because of these Tantriks. Tantriks too have breathed their last after using their powers for bad purposes. Greed for wealth and money is still leading these people to such anti-social activities.

capitan trueno 6 years ago

this mantra will destroy blackmagic:om gam hoom-tantra badha nivaranay-shreem ganeshay swaha.rules avoid sexual thougts keep celibacy for some mounths and recite this mantra with full power and concentration 108 times at morning noon and dusk.its a very good help to recite the mahamrityunjaya mantra the same times as the one above,the first mantra is from uchhist ganapathi the angry form of ganesha and is very powerful-the mahamrityunjaya is a well known mantra of lord shiva and stands among the best remedies to counteract any evil,anyone can learn this mantra from youtube.the tantriks suggest the uchhist ganapathi mantra as a sure way to defeat blackmagic.good luck.

BJBenson profile image

BJBenson 6 years ago from USA

Well it seems everywhere we go we should carry our crosses and evil eyes with us. I really did enjoy all the information. This always amazes me that you never hear very much about India's magic world. Thank you so much for the lesson.

qwyzl 5 years ago

i saw the video about these people called "madventures", where the host visits with them. it was much scarier and more disturbing than the kindly, peaceful portrayal of the man who joined this sect. and one of the men, when asked about human sacrifice, answered in a very aggressive tone of voice. really scary.

suresh babu 5 years ago

very intersting .thank you .i really enjoying the information

Prasad Shivanand 5 years ago

Tantra is the most sacred art of self realization.Tantra is the process of awakening the God in one self.Shree Vidya sadhana is the highest tantra sadhana where male and female energies merge for perfect salvation.Black Magic is done with lower dimensional energies and are gross in nature and the practitioner who performs black magic is not a tantrik but a user of devilish energies to create negativity of any form.

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 5 years ago from India Author

One who practices Tantra vidya is a Tantrik. Tantriks can go both ways. He can do good or bad depending upon the situation and the people he comes across. Their greed for money and misuse of powers have degraded them in modern times.

Roshan Singh 4 years ago

Subtle energy / souls / evil spirit speaks to me at night. How do I remove or destroy them. Suggest a simple method.

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 4 years ago from India Author

Hi Roshan, you will surely get relief from evil spirits. Visit my Hub - Sri Yantra to get rid of Witchcraft Spells and Evil Spirits. But you will have to visit a temple at Srirangapatna near Mysore city.

Manouchehr 4 years ago

Thanks for the info, I am not familiar with all this Black magic talk, I reside in Iran, and some years ago someone has put spell on me ( Islamic kind of spell) for many years I have not been able to have a stable life, couple of years ago someone told me about the spell, said that it will remove the spell, but it has not been successful.

to remove black magic, does it matter from which part of the world the spell has been cast? I mean if it is an Islamic spell, can a knowledgeable hindu person remove the spell?

How can I get rid of this spell or black magic or whatever it is called? appreciate your help.

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 4 years ago from India Author

Hi Manouchehr.... Any kind of is not restricted to any religion. The spell may be of any kind. It will be successfully removed at the temple of Kshanambika. It doesn't matter from which part of the world the spell has been cast. it will be removed. But faith is really important before you go to such places.

raj 4 years ago

Hi vivekananda

I have been suffering from a banamati spell for a very

long time now.

is there any sure shot remedy from t his

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 4 years ago from India Author

I have answered the question before. Please visit the Srirangapatna's Kshanambika temple which is located near Mysore city. The Sri Yantra at the temple has the divine power to destroy evil.

Roshan Kumar 4 years ago

Hi is there any method to get rid of people who does the balck magic , life long protection and recovery of loss due to undergone balck magic effect

logic 4 years ago

All who suffer from evil spirits and spells there is deliverance if you believe in Jesus Christ. All the evil spirits fear the name of Jesus Christ.

The bible says

" When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins, having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross"

Sagar Barve 4 years ago

I want to add just a point. To protect yourself from such things, (prevention as well as cure) Armour/kavacha's which are highly powerful cluster of mantras is highly effective. it may be of any god or goddess and usually used to perform good things(sadachar in hindi) but also mainly as a protection.So you can use such Armour.

mahesh kerala 4 years ago

wisit chottanikkara devi temple for releaf from evile

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 4 years ago from India Author

Yes, of course there are a few temples in India where we can get relieved from evil spirits. Chottanikkara Bhagavathi Devi Temple is located at Ernakulam in Kerala. Chottanikkara town is 17km away from Kochi.

Akhilesh kumar 4 years ago

I and my wife were also effected by these black magic. As i have a servant ( as I never used the word servant for any one), He has a bad eyes on me and my family and my property, I have very much faith on him, I always treat him as a poor and needy fallow and I often help him. By using this black magic he ruined me and my business even my married life even today me and wife are not happy with each other, we are totally destroyed I have no work. Myself and my wife mental status is not good, what to do I can't understand.

I chant Hanuma Chalisa, Durga kavach, Mah mritunjay mantra, meditation. Can somebody help me to solve my problems? Is their any place in north India where I can visit or having oldest Sri Chakra. As me and my family is apart from six month I am here in Delhi and my wife and children are living in Canada While writing this I am weeping from my heart. I am very thankful to u. God bless u.

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 4 years ago from India Author

Sorry, I do not know any place that is so powerful in North. You better contact a very good astrologer and find out what you should for this. Do not go to ordinary astrologers. Their suggestions will be useless. I think proper chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama will also solve your problem. Try it. But don't chant those mantras wrongly. First read the Vishnu Sahssranama in front of a Sanskrit pandit to find out faults in the book that you read. Then continue reading. Read it early morning after bath. Offer red flowers to god Krishna or Vishnu. Light a lamp before the god. Do this before you take your breakfast. Read it continuously without miss for 42 days. See the result.

OldWitchcraft profile image

OldWitchcraft 4 years ago from The Atmosphere

Thank you, again, for this wonderful information. I have been trying to research this very subject. It is difficult to find good information - at least, in English.

A vote up and accolades!

Akhilesh Kumar 4 years ago

Vivekanada, What u suggest me in yr. earlier comment about the chanting of Vishnu Shahastranama for 42 days, I am doing but I am experiencing the sleepless night in between 12-3 am . My head and earlier night in my stomach there is different type of sensation like somebody is fingering on my upper head (chotty). I want to ask u Is this a -ive or +ive energy. plz. let me know. Waiting for u Thanks.

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 4 years ago from India Author

That is because you have just started chanting Vishnu sahasranama and meditation. In the later stages you may not have such problems like sleeplessness. I think you are chanting it early morning. Because it is the best time. Avoid meditation in the evening time. Positive atmosphere is created when you chant those mantras. To get this energy within you it needs lot of meditation and samadhi which can be attained only through a Guru.

Neeraj Dahiya 4 years ago

Hello Vivekananda. I am suffering huge losses in business. Is there any way out through this method..? Where do i have to go in Kerala to get the magic spell done so that business goes up again..?

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 4 years ago from India Author

No magic spells will work for becoming rich. You can try the temple with Srichakra. if its possible go to Kshanambika temple at Srirangapatna which is near Mysore, Karnataka. I have a hub related to Sriyantra. You can read the details there. But when you pray for the goddess and worship her always remember to respect women in your family as well as with others whom you contact everyday. Otherwise all prayers and worship will be of waste.

santhosh kumar.D 4 years ago

its interesting

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India

Quite an interesting hub. I was researching about tantra and tantriks, and stumbled upon your hub. Thanks for sharing this information. I believe that tantra is just an art.. an extremely powerful art. How a person uses it makes him good or bad. I am sure there are lot of tantriks out there who practise it for the good.

Thanks for sharing again.

Debu 3 years ago

Dear Vivekananda ji,

I am in lot of trouble for the past 6 years after leaving an internationally recognized guru whose ashram has origin in Kerala. There is almost always a burning sensation in my entire body. I feel that something enters through my feet, nose and ties using invisible chord, my navel, eyes, legs, torso, genitals, kidneys, back of head and almost the entire body. It feels like this negative energy shifts my jaws, due to which my face gets disfigured and at one point i lost eyesight in both my eyes as i felt my eyes pushed out of its normal position. On my back, on the right side, i feel there is some invisible hook and it hurts a lot.

I have done lots of puja, fire ceremonies, visited many many sacred temples in North and South India, met with several people who told i am victim of black magic and is possessed by ghost/jinn and took money to fix this issue but all in vain.

I have been jobless for past 6 years now. This invisible thing destroys every good work i try to do, including getting a job. I could feel it that it reverses all my work. I am in real financial crisis now. Few month's back i was technically penniless, somehow got help as loan.

I wear rudraksha's (Nepali + Indonesian) but they provide little help.

I hope you will be able to help me out of this crisis by directing to the right place to remove this invisible monster. Please help!!

gabriel357762 3 years ago

Message to those are suffering from black magic attacks;

Firstly visit an astrologer and get a thorough reading and spiritual remedies done; verify whether planetary disturbances or evil spells done on you and your family.

Then perform various Pujas and Homams from my limited knowledge;

I have been affected by black magic before I have done remedies and am recovering etc

Perform at a Temple or the house

1. Ganapathy Homam for Vinayagar Blessing to break obstacles

2. Sudarshana Homam for Vishnu Blessing to clear negative energies and evil spirits.

3. Chandi Homam to get the blessings of Amman and clear evil spirits and ghosts and various evils.

4 Mirunthjaya Homam to get the bless of Sivan

for even severe black magic effects or disturbances do elaborate Prayangira pujas and homams at the house and/or various temples in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

There are 3 Pratyangiraa Devi Temples in Tamil Nadu;

Visiting Chottanikara Bhagavthy Temple Kerala India is also very helpful; at the temple

performing prayers services like Bhajanam, Bhagavathi Sevai and Valiya Guruthy is very useful to get relief and cleanse from evil spells and black magic.

Go to church once a week and pray to Jesus Christ and Mother Mary;

light white candles at your house. Helpful.

Always keep an oil lamp large Kamaksi Lamp or 5 wick lamp of normal puja oil, sesame oil or ghee burning in a front a picture of Kali, Bhadrakali or Ambaji Durga etc

In morning , bath cleanly and do prayers to various Gods & Godesses ;

and fast vegetarian Tuesday for Kali, Durga and Thursday for Vishnu etc

When doing these pujas and homams should be able to feel bad vibes and evil energies being washed away or cleansed and see improvements in luck.

It is great idea to find the evil black magician who has been doing evil spells on you and your family and possibly get him executed to be thorough. Dont get caught though.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India

gabriel357762 : Good remedies. The only difficult thing is to find the actual tantrik who did black magic :) And I think it would be the best to reverse the black magic if possible on the same person.

Naavindrasharma 3 years ago

I singed up just because of one thing...i hope i can get a good help..

my father is a Devasya n he calls his devi devatas on himself prays kali maa whom he calls but was cheated by one of his disciples..since then he left all..His spirits whom he worked with to cure alot of people n I swear On Mother Kali...HE NEVER DID SOMETHING TO HARM ANYBODY..

He has many enemies..and now because im interested in Tantra mantra he started all over too many people are seeking to learn n leave my father..i want something that will protect me all my life n my family..What can I do to be successful n I want the welfare of My Daddy..Please HELP ME OUT..WE ARE FACING GREAT TROUBLES..MY FATHER STOPPED PRAYING HIS DEVI DEVATAS N SPIRITS..N KALIMAYA..Give as lot of info YOU can..thanks..God Bless..

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 3 years ago from India Author

Srirangapatna near Mysore in Karnataka state has a Kshanambika Temple. You can get rid of all troubles from tantriks there. There is a Srichakra near the feet of the goddess. It is powerful enough to give relief from all sorts of trouble.

Naavindrasharma 3 years ago

I dont live India.I live in Mauritius..please help and Thank u a lot dera people n friends..GOD BLESS U ALL

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 3 years ago from India Author

Sorry, but you try to come to this place if possible. Or tell someone to help you to take you to the place. That's best. If you don't act fast, you might face more problems. Ultimately, it is left to you whether to come to this place or not. Hanuman Chalisa is also good if you recite everyday. It is powerful. You should read it without any mistakes. Morning between 9-9.30. Evening between 6-6.30 is best time to recite it. Even the chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra will help you save your lives from evil. But should be done with great devotion. You will get details in the internet itself.

Naavindrasharma 3 years ago

I thank You.. God bless U..but i wont be able to problems.. i will try though,..I thank You from the bottom of my heart

sunilsurya108 3 years ago

ji, this is sunil recently my dad got a loss in bussiness so we palnned to sale our property so many people are coming & seeing the property but nobody is cuming to buy our property so they said to show to some experts so we showed they said that it is affected with black magic it is so much danger so every one is saying the problem but nobody is coming front to solve the problem so ur the person who can solve my problem as soon as possible....!

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 3 years ago from India Author

Contact a good tantrik who stays nearby in the city. He might give you solution. But ask other people about him before you contact him. Or go to Kerala where you can get good tantriks for this purpose.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India

Interesting.. But how does someone contact a tantrik, especially if it is a city he/she is staying in?

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 3 years ago from India Author

Tantriks are there in many corners of cities. We have to find out. Many of them will be coming to the burial grounds during new moon nights. Ask somebody nearby and look for a right person or else you will be in trouble.

rama 2 years ago

Excellent matter. Very interesting

gobind s fatnani 2 years ago

My enemy has done job on doll in shamshan lost one ear hearing one eyesight backpain due to needle put in doll want the way

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 2 years ago from India Author

I have heard that many people get rid of black magic at the Jodi Mueshwaraswamy temple. Vist the Jodi Muneshwaraswamy Temple located at 2nd Stage, Peenya, Near Auto Stand, Bangalore - 560058

Contact No: +91 9980207796 or 09980207796

anil 2 years ago

Plss suggest me any powerful blackmagic kerala tantrik in karnataka kerala border

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 2 years ago from India Author

You visit Kollegala in Karnataka. There are some good Tantriks

santy6 22 months ago

Hi Vivekananda,

My sister is suffering from juvenile diabetes and now she's a problem with KIDNEY and undergoing a dialysis (started last week) and facing lot of problem with health. Even Doctors are also worried about her situation.We doubt that any black magic or evil effect is working on her.

Please please suggest me any good tantrik or good temple priest to cure her. Waiting for your quickest reply....Thank you very much in advance.

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 22 months ago from India Author

You have to contact a well qualified astrologer first and then decide if there is a black magic effect on her. Or else you have to go for the ashta mangala prasna which is popular in Kerala.

Albert 22 months ago

Hello and greetings.

I want to stop a divorce but my location is in the United States. Who do you recommend for services either online or by phone. Please be sincere because of time restrictions. Thank you

vivekananda profile image

vivekananda 21 months ago from India Author

Sorry, I ca't help.

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