A Practical Love Magic

Why do we need magic?

Do you want to be attractive? Do you want to find real love? Are you fed up listening to other people’s abuses? Do you want that people respect you but whatever you do fails? If your answer is yes, just read this article and change your life once and for all!

Why we do not believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic? Let me guess. Your answer is no. Why? Because you cannot imagine how it is possible that a few words or symbolic rituals may boost your life.

We often end up without any success of our magical practices, because we do not understand what we actually do. It is just like solving a mathematical problem. If one does not understand what he does, he cannot reach the right answer by randomly guessing and experimenting with numbers. Actually, when it comes to magic, it works the same way. In fact it is our mere sub consciousness which is responsible for our success.

Our sub consciousness cannot assess rightly the information we are transmitting to it, when we do not understand what we actually do. However when we are aware of our practices, our sub consciousness programs our energy information system which in turn programs other people’s energy information systems and thus changes the reality we live in

How to make magic actually work for us and not against us?

Before reading further, I strongly suggest that you use this magic only for good and not for bad things to happen, because magic is like a boomerang. It returns always to you, because it is part of you, and you and your magic are an inseparable energy information system existing at several energy levels and dimensions at the same time. So wherever you go and reborn around this unverse, you will not able to escape from the consequences of your magic.

What do you need for your secret magical recipe?

All you need is:

1. A pinch of salt

2. Big clean mirror

3. A glass of water

Practical, cheap and promising... aren’t they?

And finally the secret ritual...

1. Immediately after getting up in the morning, wash yourself and before having your breakfast do the following thing:

2. Go to your biggest mirror where you can see the entire picture of yourself. Make sure that this mirror is rarely used and certainly not old, because mirrors not only reflect but absorb everything from the world at the other side of the veil. Just like any matter in the physical world, the mirror emits the energy it has absorbed to everyone who is in front of it. So make sure that you will not program yourself with the energy of someone who does not like you very much.

3. In fact, this is why we use salt in our magic. Before starting the ritual, just throw the salt around you by consciously thinking that you are purifying the negative energy around you. You can even imagine how this actually happens (for instance, you can imagine a white light which is pushing away the darkness of your room). Interestingly, this purifying ritual has existed in many cultures and religions long before our civilization, so it is the most common and fast way to keep away the dark forces from you.

4. After that take the glass of water and standing in front of the mirror, say the following words or any combination of them that will have the same meaning:

I am beautiful, incredible, sexy, attractive and intelligent person. Everybody likes and respects me, because I like and respect myself! (you can say here the names of those who you wish to love and respect you)

Repeat this formula three consecutive times and after this drink the water. Make sure that you are drinking the water which has actually witnessed your whole ritual, because it is your words and mind which have programmed the water’s structure, the mirror and the environment around you.

The results will come!

Although this is a well known magical practice, it is rare that people do it correctly and this is why it does not work for them. However, now you understand how it actually works and you are going to become a real master in this!

Do not expect fast results. Te results depend on your energy strength and the severity of your personal problems. However, after a month you will certainly feel the positive energy transformation in your life!

I hope that you will find the adds on the pages intersting and relevent to the content of the article so that I can continue to write articles that you find useful:)

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Nina Andrews profile image

Nina Andrews 7 years ago from Germany

Great hub!

The transformation into happy and positive person!

I strongly believe, you are right!

hanskrafter profile image

hanskrafter 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thanx Nina,

your appreciation means a lot to me.

tanmay makin 6 years ago

hi, i really wanna learn witchcraft but dont know where to begin with. in India one cant find any books or covens. can u plz tell me where to begin with and how? my e-mail i.d is silverjeetmakin@yahoo.com

hanskrafter profile image

hanskrafter 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Hi Tanmay makin!

I will be glad to give you an advice:) I will write a special hub on this theme and will email you personally!

Welcome to the witchcraft fellowship!

Nina Dobrev 6 years ago

Nice Hub Hans!

Do you think that bad love luck may be a karma problem?

Marissa 6 years ago

i love this article . i love witchcraft i have so many books on this subject great reading xx

hanskrafter profile image

hanskrafter 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Hi Marissa!

Thanx for stopping by!!

I highly appriciate that you read my articles. It is nice to know that there is someone who cares about you and is really interested in what you write for and most importantly has common interests with you!

We can share our experience in this fascinating and unputdownable topic!


anand 6 years ago

its wonderfull & practical way you have given simple if you truly belive in, i will soon try this thanks . & do more & more things.


andveer@ rediffmail.com

hanskrafter profile image

hanskrafter 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Hi Anand,

Nice to meet you here! I am glad that you read carefully my articles. I highly appreciate your opinion and will be happy to answer all of your questions either here or in a separate article:)

c 2 soon

Benjamin 6 years ago

I really want to be initiated into witchcraft.plz can somebody help.my e-mail is REALKINGSON@YAHOO.COM

hanskrafter profile image

hanskrafter 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Hi Benjamin,

I am glad that you read my articles with such an interest. And specially for you will write a spcial article on how to start with witchcfraft, what arre the risk, benefits and most importantly how to be a good witch:)

Hope to see you soon here:)

Best wishes,


MOURINHO 6 years ago

Hi,please its ben.so where do we start?but before that,i'l like you to delete my previous comment please.it bears my e-mail address and am afraid one might google it and tse it against me.i'l be glad if you can do that for me.we can nw make use of this my new a/c.thanks.

hanskrafter profile image

hanskrafter 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author


I am glad to see you here:)

Just tell me what is your nickname on the page

mourinho 5 years ago

its benjamin.please do

mourinho 4 years ago

i used the nickname benjamin.please do me that favour by deleting it.please?

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