God are you there? Yes! Talk to God, Pray!


Praying? Why?

We pray because God can actually do something about it! Prayer is talking to God. Religious activities are just that! Just because you sit in the garage it doesn’t make you a car. Just because you go to church every time the doors are opened it doesn’t make your a Christian.

It is God himself that calls us, adopts us as His own, changes us, makes us into a Christian. Most of the time you don’t change immediately. Little by little God will bring to your attention something that needs to be changed. I used to curse, I couldn’t help it, I would get hurt and @#$!*?#!! it would just come out. Now I knew I shouldn’t say things like that, but, it was in me, it just came out. It was a year or three when I finally didn’t say something like %^#$@*?!

I still remember the incident. I hurt myself, I hurt myself pretty good, all I said was, OW! THAT HURT! OW! THAT HURT! I said it about 5 or 10 times. Then all of a sudden I realized I did not say @#$%*?#! Wow! I didn’t think it was possible. I tell you the truth, if God had told me in the beginning all the things I had wrong with me, I would have said, forget it, can’t be done! Not possible! But He, in his every so loving and caring way, changed me little by little. I didn’t even notice it for some time, but now that I look back! He has changed me a lot. I need God’s help, to hold me back when I want to slap someone. To hold me up when I can’t stand on my own. To give me sleep at night, knowing He is in control. Its all about Him, God, the creator of the universe loves me, He loves you! If He can change me, He can change anyone!

God cares about people, He cares how we treat each other.

He does care about the little things in our lives.

God is sooooo big, even our biggest problems are small to Him.

I still remember the first time I heard that. I started asking him for all of it! I mean I ask Him for a parking place, I would always worry about finding a parking place because usually there wouldn’t be one. I would have to park 10 miles away half on the road and half in a ditch and walk through ten feet of snow bear footed, oops that’s another story. But seriously I do ask Him a lot! I do ask him for a parking place. I ask Him to let me get in line before a lot of people get there. I hate waiting in line! I ask Him to let me get in and out of the gas station quick. I have gotten pinned in before and then been late. I ask Him to get me where I am going on time. I used to be late, always late. I have found that He is faithful to grant my request, but if I forget to ask Him in advance, YIKES!! I am right back to the same situations I have already mentioned! I ask Him a lot of little things!

I used to ask Him to hide me from my enemies and then I got rear ended, so now I ask Him to hide me from my enemies but let them SEE MY CAR! God likes you to be specific.

Seriously it is about knowing him, intimately, having Him talk to you. Having Him answer your questions.

Not some human telling you what to do. I am not telling you what to do, I am asking you to talk to Him. There are no perfect people! I sure am not perfect! But I believe God sees something in each of us, that we our selves don’t see. He put something in us and He sees what we can become! No, I haven’t become yet but I know God is changing me and I am on my way.

Have you ever heard the voice of God?


Try the God is real experiment go to http://hubpages.com/hub/God-is-real



He IS the voice of TRUTH!

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