Prayers for the road

A Glove Compartment Book

This collection of prayers is meant to be a guide or help for those times when you find yourself in your car or truck and a situation or event prompts you to pray.

"Dear LORD, my wife is shopping as I sit in the truck. Grant her wisdom to get all the stuff she needs and give her the freedom to buy something special just for her. In Jesus Name, Amen."

LORD, we are about to leave our home and property. Please watch out over it while we are gone and bring us safely back to it in your time. In Jesus Name, Amen"

I confess I haven't taken care of this car like I should have. Help me to be sure the oil gets changed and the tires have enough air in them, that all the turn signal lights work and that there is the right amount of fluids in the radiator and in the brake line and power steering. AMEN

LORD, I am tempted to speed. Give me the patience to wait on you when I am moving down the highway.

Oh God, sometimes other drivers do stupid things. Please help me to be alert to their mistakes and help my tongue, even when they can't hear my words.

LORD, it is starting to rain, and the highways will be slick. I can't see as well as I should and the wind is blasting. Give me wisdom to know when to pull over if it rains too hard.

LORD, forgive me for not changing the windshield wipers like I had intended. Help me to remember to keep the washer fluid filled also.

God, I pray I don't hit any deer on the road tonight. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Please protect me from drunk drivers LORD, and from those drivers who are tired or fatigued or distracted. In Jesus Name, Amen.

LORD, I forgot my sunglasses and it is difficult to see. Help me to remember them next time.

God, as much as I like this music and radio, it distracts me. Please help me focus.

God, I am tired and thank you for an opened window and fresh air and loud music and caffeine. Help me to be more rested the next time I drive.


Wisdom for the journey

God, thanks for these seat belts.

I am surrounded by semis and I feel afraid. Keep me safe LORD.

Give me the wisdom to know when to stop on my journey LORD. I pray you lead me to the right motel.

LORD, I am low on gas and need to find a station. Help me to find one soon. Help me to be more prepared next time.

God, grant me a clean restroom.

LORD, I am hungry. Give me wisdom to find the right place to eat.

God, it is getting late. I need some help here. I think I might be lost.

Please protect me at this rest area. In Jesus name.

Thank you for this beauty and abundance, LORD.

My eyes hurt LORD, and I need to stretch. Help me to know where to stop and get refreshed.

I have a lot of miles on this car LORD, please help my mechanic to know when something needs replacing. When I need a new car or a different vehicle, guide my footsteps God.

Help me not to covet my neighbor's car or truck.

God, sometimes I want a motorcycle again. I need your help LORD.

Keep me safe LORD.

Thank you for helping me not to travel when I don't have to.

LORD, guide my footsteps regarding insurance. Help me not to pay a penny more or a penny less than you desire.

LORD, I am tempted whenever I go into a convenience store to get junk foods or foods with lots of fat or sugar or salt. Help me God.

Thank you for hearing these prayers. In Jesus Name, AMEN

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rickyracer profile image

rickyracer 7 years ago

Neat hub, great prayers! We def. need to pray more! The Bible says, to "Pray w/out ceasing," like a real part of our everyday lives! These prayers, feel like just that! Blessings, and keep posting great hubs like this one! :)

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