Predicting Susan's Future

A dream about an acquaintance's future all comes true

In September of 1977, I had surgery to remove an ovary. Back then, they used anesthetics that lingered in your body much longer than they do today, so I spent about a week 'sleeping off' the effects of the anesthetic. On Saturday at the end of that week, I had a very detailed dream about a woman (Susan) who worked where I did, but whom I did not know well. In fact, I'd only been at that new job two weeks when I had my surgery, so I'd really only just met her.

On that Saturday night, as if I were watching a movie, I dreamed I saw Susan with her newborn baby son. His name was Andrew David and he had blond curly hair. I watched her change his diaper, then she spoke softly to him for a few minutes as he lay on her bed. I very clearly saw details of her home, observing things like sheer yellow curtains in her bedroom wave in the breeze and sunlight, and that there was a tall wooden armoire on either side of her bed. I also knew this scene was set in the coming spring, in May.

I then heard her door bell ring. I watched her answer the door with the baby in her arms. At this point, I 'flew' above her at ceiling height, observing the layout and furnishings as she let in two of our female coworkers, Bertha and Maria, from Susan's department, who had brought gifts for baby Andrew. All three of them went into Susan's bedroom and they chatted and played with Andrew, while Susan unwrapped the gifts. I made a few attempts to speak to them but the did not notice me. As I realized they couldn't hear me, I awoke from my dream. But, I had retained detalis about the event, as well as the layout and furnishings of Susan's house.

The following Monday morning in the office, I cornered Susan in the break room, and recited my dream to her. I first drew what I believed was a floor plan of her home, showing the master bedroom, living and dining rooms and the doorway to the kitchen, with what details I could recall, such as her living room carpet color and style (a dark blue and green mixed shag), and that her dining room furniture was white French Provincial. Then I told her about the baby, and the two visiting coworkers who brought gifts that included a stroller.

Susan was positively impressed by my dream of her house. The details where correct - layout , colors, curtains, placement of furniture, and the two new armoires she'd just purchased that past weekend. She said she had no children, however, and then she walked away, looking a bit annoyed with me. I felt somewhat embarrassed for having so enthusiastically told her my dream without thinking of potential interpersonal repercussions. Our paths didn't cross during that week, which was a bit of a relief for me.

Until that Friday, when Susan came into my office, sat down and proceeded to 'confess' that she did know about the baby in my dream. She had just learned she was pregnant that Saturday, the day I had my dream. She called her boss on Sunday to inform her of the pregnancy. In 1977 women could legally be let go from jobs if they became pregnant, and she wanted to wait to inform upper management of that fact on her own time. After I'd told her of my dream, Susan became worried her boss had blabbed to everyone in the office that she was pregnant, and that I had thought up my story of a dream about a baby as some kind of crackpot joke. She said she was concerned she might lose her job if senior management found out she was pregnant.

Susan confirmed the details I'd said about the baby, that it was likely the baby would be a blond because both she and her husband were blond. If it were a boy, the baby's name could be either Andrew David or David Andrew, depending upon who won the little argument she and her husband were having about who's father's name would come first. It was a given that those two coworkers would visit her after she had the baby, because she would quit work, and they were good friends of hers who worked in her department.

Seven months later, in March, I left the company for another job. Susan had baby Andrew David that May. I was not invited to see him, but I learned from one of those two coworkers that they went together to visit Susan, bringing with them the gifts I'd seen them carry into the house (including the gift-wrapped baby stroller) in my dream. I was not invited, thus I was unable to speak to them during the visit, just like in my dream.

That's one of the very few times I've had any such psychic experience, and even though it was not Earth-shatteringly life-changing for anyone involved, it was detailed, real and obvious that it was a HUGE lesson for me (and perhaps Susan, Bertha and Maria) that there is much more to life than what we see on a daily basis. That dream convinced me there is a High Power and that some of our lives have a preset plan. I believe we have 'lessons' to learn while we are here on the physical plane, and that we interact with the people we do because we are supposed to do so according to that preset plan. We have some will, but that means there are different pathways to take us to the same outcomes, the events to which we must be exposed in order to learn the lessons our souls need in order to evolve and grow.

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