Preparing to do a Tarot Reading: Protection

So many people who aren’t familiar with the Tarot automatically associate it with something evil or dangerous. They think that if you open yourself up to the spirit world, you open a door for demons to enter and take over your life.

In my 15 years of reading Tarot cards and practicing other forms of divination, not once have I felt a negative energy around me. I believe we draw the things in our life that we focus on the most. I focus on connecting with the light of God and only the highest, purest forms of energy, and guess what – that’s what I am surrounded with when I do a reading. We do not attract the things we pay no mind to, and I don’t give this silly character called the devil a second thought.

Before every reading, I do a ritual to protect myself. While I don’t feel threatened by negative spirits, I do believe they exist and can try to interfere with a reading to instill fear. I don’t even bother calling them evil because that would just give them more power. I simply call them tricksters – a benign name for something that has no power over me -- and I shut them out with my pre-reading rituals.

First, I take a deep breath and center myself. Next, I ground myself by picturing roots growing out of the soles of my feet, spreading out and digging deep into the earth to anchor me. Next, I draw water from the soil up through my roots, up my legs, and through my body, opening up and cleansing each chakra from base to crown. Then I visualize myself surrounded by a clear protective bubble. This bubble is my dome of privacy, and no one can enter without my permission.

I usually say something like this: “Dear God, please surround me with a protective bubble filled with pure, positive white light. I invite all my spirit guides and angels, as well as any loved ones who have crossed over, to enter this sacred space and speak to me through the cards. Only entities that are positive and of the highest good are allowed to enter. May all negative energies be deflected off the surface of this bubble and never be allowed to enter my sacred space.”

You may visualize your protected space in any way that feels genuine and comfortable for you. The point is to decide for yourself what energies you want present during your readings and set the appropriate boundaries. Nothing and no one can have power over you without your permission. The more you think about negative energies, and the more you fear them, the more you feed them. Decide right now that they have no power over you and don’t deserve the time and energy it takes to worry about them, and they’ll be on their way.

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jennybug 4 years ago

does this work for other forms of divination like crystal balls or pengelums?

GwennyOh profile image

GwennyOh 3 years ago from LaLa Land

The way you protect yourself in preparation for a Tarot reading is very similar to the way I do it. Wonderful article. Thanks for sharing! Voted up.

Kelly Renee profile image

Kelly Renee 3 years ago from Texas Author

Yes, it does!

Kelly Renee profile image

Kelly Renee 3 years ago from Texas Author

That's so nice to hear. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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