Psalm of a New Believer

...a soul is saved...

...a new life begins...
...a new life begins...

Psalm of a New Believer

My Lord, my God, my Creator

You are the Savior of my soul.

From the depths of the darkness

My heart cried out to you.

You felt my anguish, my pain, my loneliness.

Swiftly, but gently, you lifted me up.

I was cowering just outside the gates of Hell.


  As a tiny infant, you nurture me.

Your Word is my sustenance.

I dwell in the arms of safety and encouragement

Within the boundaries of a warm, loving family.

Truly, my cup runneth over.


As I learn to walk, you hold me by both hands.

Each step I take, looking up, reassured

Knowing You are my God

Knowing You are there.

When I trip, You are forgiving,

Helping me up and beckoning me to go on.


My soul strives to please You

Desiring only to do Your will

Grieving not the Holy Spirit

But receiving comfort and guidance in prayer.

It is You my Lord that I love and cherish.

Singing praises to You and Glorifying Your Holy Name.

Walk with me until it's time to come home.

You are my AWESOME God!

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frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 7 years ago from Central United States of America

I loved your sunrise picture. Representative of newness, huh? Your poetry is sincere and beautiful, with personal meaning.

coffeesnob 7 years ago

Born Again - Gotta love that name. Always good to see other believers in Christ. keep the armor on and press on! Great hub and very inspiring. Really like how you express your devorion to God -signing on as your fan

be blessed

Born Again 05 profile image

Born Again 05 7 years ago from Honesdale Author

Thank you frogyfish for stopping by. You are my very first visitor! I wrote this a year or two after I was saved. I thought it might be a good way to start. I just tried to write it from the heart.

Welcome coffeesnob! Thank you for signing on! I pray that all my hubs may be inspired by Him and glorify Him. I love the Lord with all my heart and soul.

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 7 years ago from London, UK

What a beautiful Heartfelt Psalm. Born Again, if ever you have time, p/s check out the Religious postings in Forums. I'm sure any response from you would help clarify a lot.

I pray for increased wisdom and fresh anointing on you as you write your hubs. May you be a channel of blessing unto many. Regards, Elena.

Born Again 05 profile image

Born Again 05 7 years ago from Honesdale Author

Lady_E thank you for your most gracious comments. I will check out the religious postings as you have suggested. I have no idea what they are! Thank you for your prayer! Two or three days after I discovered hubpages, I fractured my right leg as well as rupturing a ligament and dislocating my ankle/leg. I know I'm in the center of His will and I think hubpages is a big part of it. So Praise The Lord! I'm currently working on my next hub which is my testimony. If you read it you'll know where my heart was when I wrote the psalm. Thank you for your encouragement and making my day!

Carrie Bradshaw profile image

Carrie Bradshaw 7 years ago from Manhattan

Born Again ~ reading the love you share with our Jesus is so beautiful and uplifting. God continue to bless you in your walk together.

Born Again 05 profile image

Born Again 05 7 years ago from Honesdale Author

Carrie, thank you for your kind words and for stopping by. You are an encouragement to me. I hope I can catch up with reading your many hubs. Be blessed!

Titan559 profile image

Titan559 7 years ago from Florida

Born Again 05

I Love it, I Love it, I Love it!!!! Very Nice. God Bless You. You have a home here on hubpages I'm glad you came aboard!

Born Again 05 profile image

Born Again 05 7 years ago from Honesdale Author

Titan559...Thanks brother!

UlrikeGrace profile image

UlrikeGrace 6 years ago from Canada

Wonderful Poem or should I say sopke to my heart therefore the Lord is in it...thank you for sharing it...Blessings Ulrike Grace

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey


jesusmyjoy profile image

jesusmyjoy 5 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

wonderful work

expertscolumn profile image

expertscolumn 4 years ago from New York

The beautiful truth is David sat in fields as shown in your picture, and in the loneliness and in the silence of the fields, God looked out to him and heard his songs and prayers. In the chaos of the noise, he hears our voice!

Thanks for this wonderful hub.

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