Psychic Divination In The New Age: Scrying And How To Scry

Scrying to divine the future. Be your own psychic.

NOTE: I am the ORIGINAL author of this article. It was written under my psychic entertainer name "Liz The Fey". I am a practicing psychic entertainer and use a "pen name" of sorts, just like I do here.

Scrying is a form of divination. And, divination, is of course a means by which the future may be seen OR a means of determining the correct answer to a question.

To scry simply means that a seeker is looking or gazing, usually into something, such as a crystal ball or a black "mirror" made of a dark glass or stone. Most anyone can make use of this anciet practice.

How it works: The person doing the scrying gazes into a scrying mirror, say, made of highly polished black obsidion. (Even a black bowl from your cabinet will work.) She asks a question, either aloud or internally, and waits. What she is waiting for is the formation of psychic impressions to begin. They may surface as feelings or emotions. A "knowing" that she suddenly has about the question.

Most psychics use this ability to feel or sense emotion as the basis for all their psychic work. This ability to easily pick up emotions is called being "empathic". A psychic who uses her empathic abilities is called an "empath". Most, if not all, psychics are empaths as it is my belief that this is the very first of the psychic abilities to develop.

Some psychics or seers may be more visual than the "average" empath and may actually begin to "see" impressions form. This is where most people get confused. The psychic is using the mirror as a tool and only a tool. There is typically nothing magical about the scrying object, itself. The psychic is allowing the impressions to form visually within her mind. The difficult part comes in the allowing.

The psychic information comes through on the right side of the brain - the creative, visual side. The psychic's task is in allowing the information to come through untainted by her own thoughts. She must simply allow the impressions to come through wthout assigning meaning (left brain task) or without passing jusgement (again, left brain). Why? Because once the left brain takes over, the information received is no longer psychic information!

Again, psychic impressions come through the right brain and only the right brain. If you have to "think" about the psychic pictures you're getting you're no longer getting any psychic information. The ability to scry on a regular basis with reliability requires some practice. Very passive practice. Remember what I said about the right brain and left brain as it pertains to using psychic ability? Sit down to practice scrying, but don't approach it as if you're studying for an exam. Keep the left brain out of the way.

So, you sit down to scry. You're in a quiet space, maybe a little bi-naural or theta sound is in the background, inducing natural access to the intuitive mind. You look into the scrying surface, gently, gazing. Do not stare with focused eyes, do not cross or scrunch your eyebrows. Just look into the surface as if you were looking at a beautiful tree. Your face is neither smiling nor scowling, it is devoid of expression. It is content, even quiet, as the moment is passively experienced. Ask your question. Do not have a pre-determined answer in mind - that's all left brain.

Ask your question and if you must focus on anything, focus on the bi-naural or theta sound of a meditation CD or just on the black surface of the scrying object. If your mind wanders, and it will, just come back to the right-brain sounds or the scrying surface, gazing softly. Do not search out an answer in hopes of hurrying the process along - left brain, again. This will be the most difficult part of scrying - making yourself not make yourself do anything or think anything. You are practicing allowing, as much as you are practicing scrying. It will come, this ability to "allow". It will. And when it does that's when you begin to receive psychic information through this means of divination.

Professional psychics who use this method when providing live psychic readings for their clients will ask a question and begin to offer immediate answers. This is where we get the stereotypical images of the fortune-teller with the crystal ball. "I see a dark cloud" or a house or a bonfire or "I feel chill and anxious" or whatever. The psychic information presents itself in the form of simple visuals, feelings or emotions. When you begin to scry you will notice that this is true for you, as well.

Do not worry if you're not actually seeing, with your eyes, images appearing in the scrying object. Most poeple don't. What you are wanting here is to get those visual impressions within your right brain, within your mind. You will most likely not actually see them. It's really not like looking at pictures in a book. It's more like remembering a picture in a book. When the image comes, in your mind, what's the first thing you get? Is it red or bright? Close, far? Develop the ability to express the very basic sensation you are receiving from the impressions. From here, you can move forward, adding the impressions together to allow them to show you the meaning. One word, alone may not mean much, but add them together, one with another, and you may have a novel.

Scrying is a very old form of divination that can still be applied today, once you know what to do and what to expect.


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