Psychic Dreams

It is said that everyone is a little bit psychic. You have probably had a psychic experience yourself. You are at home watching television or eating dinner and suddenly you think about an old friend you haven’t seen in years, someone who used to be very important to you but who you fell out of touch with. Then the phone rings and without even thinking about it, you answer. Lo and behold, it’s your long lost friend, who for reasons he cannot explain decided to look up your number and call you!

For some people, such kinds of psychic events are part of their everyday life, while for others, it is a rare but very special occurrence. And yet, there are some who believe that most of us have psychic experiences all the time, perhaps even every night. Dreaming, say these folks, is a way to tell us of things we do not know, secrets hidden from us, plans revealed, even events that have not yet happened. In fact, it is quite likely that you regularly have psychic dreams.

Kinds of Psychic Dreams

There are two basic forms of psychic dreams, which include dreams that present previously unknown information to you in a straightforward manner and psychic dreams that use symbols to impart the information. In the first type of dream, you dream of an event such as finding money or falling in love and then over the next few days the dream appears to come true.

Often with this type of dream the dreamer is amazed at how closely the events and details that he or she encountered while asleep match what happens in their waking life. A man may dream of a woman he meets, for example, and then he meets a woman who looks exactly as she did in his dream. Such an experience is often overwhelming for the dreamer, making him or her realize the unseen powers of the world with which they have been in contact.

The other type of psychic dream, the symbolic dream, can be more difficult to figure out, but the experience can be as rich and satisfying as straightforward dreaming, and oftentimes even more so. Having a symbolic dream of this kind is much like reading a beautiful poem in which there is hidden a deep knowledge of our lives and our future. A woman may dream that she is walking in a field of tall grass and suddenly it begins to rain, the warmest, most golden rain she has ever felt on her skin, and it is as if she has been washed clean of all her burdens. Upon awakening, this woman discovers that the unkind and disinterested man she has been married to for many years has left her in the night. She sells the house, moves to a new city, and begins life wholly anew.

Psychic Dream Symbols

Psychic dreams are very personal experiences that communicate events and knowledge to the dreamer that have very profound meanings to them. In this way, every person’s psychic dreams are unique and individual experiences. However, there is a universal language of psychic dreaming that human beings all over the world share. This language is much like the English language in that we all use many of the same words to express ourselves, but each of us does so in our own unique manner.

One of the most common psychic dreams people have is that which involves some body of water, either into which the dreamer descends or into which they gaze. Water is generally known as a symbol of the unknown, of the things that happen deep within our own subconscious mind or of things just beyond our grasp. Thus, to gaze or descend into water is to seek to know the unknown. When the water is clear, this foretells a future of prosperity and good fortune, but when the water is cloudy, you should beware of hidden dangers.

From time immemorial, people have been dreaming of snakes, and this is one of the most potent of psychic dream symbols. Although to dream of snakes can foretell some danger or calamity, often the dream of snakes is one that signals the coming of some new power, whether in your personal life or at work. Snakes represent the coiled and mysterious power of our bodies and mind, and to have dreams of them can represent coming sexual adventure or triumph in business.

Of course, there are many more common symbols that recur in our psychic dreams, but the important thing to remember is that we all have the ability to look into our lives and our future through the power of our dreams. We are all, indeed, a little bit psychic.

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thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

terrific reading its gift thanks

Jennifer Jackson 4 years ago

I have dreams that comes true, but the problem is I don't remember much about them to be able to stop them. March 2008 I had a dream that my boyfriend's father would pass away in April. He passed away April 28th 2010. That's just one dream of many. There's 2 dreams that I've had that has not came true and one....I've had twice. Don't really know where to go to try and get answers. I don't have a job and no money, so I can't pay someone to help

Katlyn 4 years ago


Okay so about almost a year ago, I had just got back from stalis, Crete, Greece. And when I got back I had this dream, my dads spirit was standing beside me, (my dads alive and well by the way) but he pointed up to something in the mountains, it was something wrapped in a white sheet, then he went to me "see that thing wrapped in the white sheet? That's my body." it has scared me over the last year, I have only ever had it once, and in July were going back to Greece, but were going to Rhodes this time, I'm still really scared invade my dad gets murdered or something! And in august, he's going back to stalis in Crete for a guys holiday, and im so scared! I'm only 14 and I don't want to lose my dad!

Katlyn 4 years ago

What does this dream mean? I'm so scared by it!

profile image

Theblackcatattack 4 years ago

I don't know if this is a psychic dream but I keep dreaming that my cousin that moved to Canada went back to were she lived and I run to her and say to her oh I miss you so much and stuff but then she won't talk to me like she is mad at me or something,what does this mean?

Sehnonimo profile image

Sehnonimo 4 years ago from San Bruno, CA Author

Jennifer, I don't think that psychic dreams are about doing anything about them, but that you are receiving signals about what will be in the future. It's not on you to be trying to try and save someone, but maybe your dreams are trying to prepare you for what is going to happen. I hope that helps.

Sehnonimo profile image

Sehnonimo 4 years ago from San Bruno, CA Author

Katlyn, it may not be a psychic dream, but a dream you have over the fear of losing your dad. You know your dad travels a lot, and many people are afraid of what will happen to their parents, and if they will ever return. If you have psychic dreams and have had other dreams come true in some way, I would probably be worried, but if you don't usually have these types of dreams, it may be your mind enacting a fear you have whenever your dad travels. I hope this helps.

Sehnonimo profile image

Sehnonimo 4 years ago from San Bruno, CA Author

Theblackcatattack, that may be a dream about fear of losing your cousin if she were to move away, or perhaps there was something that happened between you two that your subconciously worried about. It's also possible your cousin may one day feel the need to get away from the life she had, moving to a different country of all things, and wants nothing to do with the life that she had. It's hard to say - I'm not sure if you're prone to psychic dreams or not. I hope this helps.

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