Psychic Development Course Review

A wonderful new course on psychic development from noted psychic Bonnie Adam of Pathways Healing is helping people everywhere expand their field of vision and see their world more clearly than ever before.

The whole area of human intuition is fascinating.

Reaching far beyond the scope of a simply explaining how to become psychic, this course outlines different methods of psychic development and guides the student towards using their intuition in order to find their own psychic style. The detailed instructions, audio files and interactive teaching style guide you on a wonderful journey through the psychic realms, while safely and comfortably directing you each step of the way. From tuning in to receive messages, to releasing the energy afterwards, the process is made clear and accessible for everyone.

It should be noted that research into parapsychology is ongoing, albeit slow to gain official sanction. But increasingly, individual scientists, including Brian David Josephson are claiming that parapsychological phenomena not only may be real, but indeed Eastern mysticism could have relevance to our scientific understanding. So while healthy skepticism is good, so is an open mind.The best way is to actually try some of these psychic exercises yourself, as Bonnie's course invites you to do.

Some may think psychic development courses are intended only for those with a natural gift or talent. Indeed the question Are you Psychic? often arises. To this, Bonnie Adam, who also has founded a community site called Intuition and You says we all have this potential and this course shows you how to unwrap your psychic gifts and enjoy the wonderful intuitive talents that reside within. Asking how to become clairvoyant isn't quite the question to pose; it's more a matter of learning new ways to use those powers and gifts that you already have. Covering the use of tools such as runes, tarot cards, channeling and remote viewing, the course material covers many practical uses of the skills taught.

The art of psychic development is as much about building spiritual strength as it is about how to become psychic. The methods described by Bonnie Adam account for all levels of skill and encourage a healthy development along this path. Using meditations and grounding techniques are great routines for anyone to adopt, not just those exploring their psychic potential. Such methods have strengthened the author's path and have helped her become a trusted psychic reader, and she is sharing her wisdom to help others learn to use their talents in their own ways.

In her work at Pathways Healing, Bonnie has worked with a range of psychic styles and various methods of accessing the psychic energy that is available to everyone. Whatever techniques and practices work for you, the concrete benefits can be very practical.

Unlike other psychic development courses, which focus on one or two ways to connect intuitively, this course outlines many time tested methods on how to become clairvoyant and find the information we seek. Through direct experience with these techniques, Bonnie's psychic development course offers the student helpful and clear advice on how to proceed down the path to an expanded awareness. With both written, as well as audio components, psychic development is more easily achieved than ever before.

If you are interested in learning how to tap into your sixth sense, Bonnie knows how to explain the process in ways that make this innate gift easier to open and fun to work with. The course is priced very reasonably, making it affordable for the average person. The content is also very well organized, thanks to some very clear and concise editing and proofreading.

For more on Pathways Healing and Bonnie's offerings, see this review by The Spirit Mind.

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