How to Find Your Purpose In About 30 Seconds Part II

Raise the bar, create some challenge...

“We assume ordinary roles. We can make them more than ordinary when we will them to a higher level.” John P. Schuster

Your purpose is clear. You are here to reproduce, seek truth, have fun, and be of service. Still, your Inner Self seeks something a bit meatier, more detailed, riskier. It’s known as The Call. How do you find, or create, a calling unique to you? Here’s how, in a nutshell:

Believe you have a calling. It’s the only way to know if you do. No one forces a calling upon you. It’s a fundamental choice. You won’t do anything you can’t visualize yourself doing. Sit down, get quiet, get a picture. Then decide.
Recognize you have a folder full of callings. You’re not limited to just one. It’s quite possible your entire life has been one calling after another. Look back. See the signs?
Becoming aware of those who would sabotage your callings, especially yourself, will strengthen your callings. You will have mentors, and tormentors. See them all as gifts. Adversity can be your greatest teacher.
Each moment contains possibilities. Bringing them to light is basic. Callings mean lifestyle, not spare-time activity. Callings are more than hobbies.
Callings shake up your personal, professional, even spiritual status quo. Things can’t remain the same. Your comfort zone is at risk. It’s not the good times, the satisfying times, but the moments of fear, boredom, anger, frustration, and inner and outer challenge that will determine your commitment to your calling. Be prepared. The rascals await.

You may think that callings come to you unbidden from out of the ethers. Or that some outside god or presence forces a calling upon you. Such is not the case. You have an assortment of gifts, talents, and skills that no one else can match, skills that the world needs—in some cases, desperately.

You are always free to choose from among the multitude of callings that will show themselves to you during the course of your life. Choose well. Your callings will invariably change you into something new. And not everyone will be pleased about it. Don’t let that stop you. The rest of us need what you have to offer. Even if--and especially if--we resist your changes.

Stretch. Grow. Reach higher.

Caution: There are callings you would rather not answer. But you have to. Your child suddenly becomes disabled; your town is destroyed by a tornado; 9/11 happens, killing relatives and perhaps breadwinners. Your life is changed forever. Your noblest plans are shattered. You can and will handle it. You simply must.

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goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

thirty seconds? I think there's some numbing lubricant for that.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 7 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

goldentoad: One in every crowd! Thanks, though.

earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

Struck by the dreaded toad, and so young too!

It only took 30 seconds and delivered.

Niteriter profile image

Niteriter 7 years ago from Canada

Intriguing material. Your thoughts remind me of Jesse Jennings, one of my longtime heroes.

RichardSpeaks profile image

RichardSpeaks 7 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area Author

Rev. Jesse Jennings, for those who don't know, is a great New Thought minister based in Texas. I am assuming this is the Jesse of which you speak? And yes, he and I share much of the same belief choices.

Thanks for the comments.

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