Question: Have you Ever had an Encounter With a Ghost or Spirit?

Who Really Knows?

Has it Happened to You?

We’ve lived in several haunted houses over the years, so we’re pretty used to the extra activity a spirit brings to a home. Most recently, the current house spirit turns lights on after they’ve been turned off, tools, coffee cups, pens and such that we are using seem to disappear as soon as we set them down. He also turns the heat up to 75 occasionally, and it’s happened when nobody was home, too.

We go out and return to see the lights on in the garage, hallway and kitchen - always the same lights. We’ve asked him to please not do that, but it still happens anyway. A couple of weeks ago, I was standing in the bedroom folding clothes on the bed, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man with a blue and white plaid flannel shirt, blue jeans and dark hair standing beside me, but more in the doorway than in the room.

I turned to speak to him, thinking it was my husband, but the instant I laid eyes on him, he vanished. So, now we call it a ‘him’ instead of ‘it’. We have pets (dogs and cats) that often react to him, too. The cats seem to chase something invisible at times and the dog watches the ceiling a lot.

We Weren't Invited to The Party at our House

I was in bed last Sunday morning, early, before time to wake up for church. As I laid there I heard talking, some music and it sounded like chairs were being pushed to accommodate many people sitting. I heard the guest closet open and close several times, and I thought our roomies had very early company. Although the roomies are late sleepers, they could have planned something I just didn’t know about.

Wanting my morning coffee, I got dressed to go get it so I wouldn’t embarrass my roomies by coming in front of their company in my pajamas. I even brushed my hair. But, the instant I got to the corner in the hall, everything went silent. All the lights were off (for once) and it was down-right silent in the room. My roomies were still asleep and nobody else was up but the pets. It had sounded very real and it kind of gave me the shivers.

Spirits and Ghosts Are Everywhere, You Can't Hide

This was taken in our backyard in summer. This ecto cloud floated around the yard while we watched it through the cam viewfinder.
This was taken in our backyard in summer. This ecto cloud floated around the yard while we watched it through the cam viewfinder. | Source

When we moved into this haunted house, it wasn’t ready in time but we had to move out of the old house, so we borrowed the folks’ RV to stay in until the work was done; it took 5 weeks. My husband’s deceased father was a huge Trail Blazers basketball fan, and they were in the playoffs last year.

The RV has an outdoor stereo system, and another one inside. The neighbors have a huge TV set up across the room from a huge window in their living room. Standing on the sidewalk, we could see the game going. We were inside the RV, getting ready for bed, when the stereo outside came on and tuned itself to the game.

My husband went outside and turned off the loud stereo and came back in. Just about the time we were going to settle in for the night, the stereo came on again. This happened two more times, and the last time, my husband thought it may be his Trail Blazer addicted father, so he called out, “Dad, you can see the game at the neighbors from the sidewalk. You’re going to get us in trouble if you keep turning the outside stereo on.” We had no problem after that, as the stereo stayed off from that point on.

Haunted House; Spirit Hates His Tattoo

We have a friend who has a tattoo he’s tried to remove by himself, without success. It’s a pentagram and says something about satan under it; he‘d gotten it when he was young and impulsive, before he became a Christian.

We were all sitting in the living room chatting one day, and I was sitting next to the visitor, who had both hands on his lap; one on each knee. Suddenly, he jerked and yelled “Ow!” We all looked at him, and his hand started to bleed as if he’d been stabbed. He said, “I just got stabbed by nothing!”

Another time when this same person was visiting, we had the digital recorder going because my daughter and I were playing around, making funny tones in our voices. When listening to the play-back, this friend walking in could be heard, and at the instant he came into the mud room, the recording said, “Bastard!” It sounded like a loud whisper and as if it were speaking right next to the recorder - very loud and clear. I nearly wet myself when I heard it the first time, as I was alone at home.

Friendly Ghosts

We are lucky enough to report having only positive experiences with this particular spirit (except for that hand stabbing thing), so saying our home is haunted is accurate, but only to a point. They aren’t haunting us, they’re ‘living’ in the same space we are, and some of the things they do or say are heard/seen by us. At times I hear the dishes in the kitchen rattling as if someone were emptying the dishwasher or cooking.

If I could just get him to really wash the dishes, or put them away, I’d appreciate that a lot. But, we all get along and have been living peacefully with our house spirit for years, now. At first we were really frightened but unable to afford another move, so we just found a way to live with him, and again I say we are lucky in that our spirit doesn’t have animosity for us. He is friendly to us, and I’ve become used to his antics.

If our spirit ever goes somewhere else, it would be more boring around here and we’d miss him.

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Got Ghosts? Share With Us... Tell Me Your Story 10 comments

SandyMcCollum profile image

SandyMcCollum 4 years ago Author

I kind of miss living in that house. Now I search others' houses for them haha.

Enlydia Listener profile image

Enlydia Listener 4 years ago from trailer in the country

We used to live in a haunted house...but I never saw anything...just the kids did.

Lilleyth profile image

Lilleyth 4 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

Always enjoy reading other Hubber's ghost stories. I've been saving mine up and will write a hub about them some day.

Parks McCants profile image

Parks McCants 4 years ago from Eugene Oregon U.S.A.

Good story. Thanks...

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 4 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Fascinating hub about your house spirits! I've had a few experiences with the paranormal myself over the years and luckily most have all been positive.

Very interesting hub + voted up!

Raevyn14 profile image

Raevyn14 4 years ago from Tecumseh, Oklahoma

I have had an encounter with my deceased nephew, I heard crawling on the floor like someone was stepping on leaves and I was in a house. When I left the room my nephew wasn't there anymore, the door slammed behind me, I only wish I had a video camera to capture it.

Rusti Mccollum profile image

Rusti Mccollum 4 years ago from Lake Oswego, Oregon

Yes I have I have pictures that are like that.I took 3 right where I was standing.When I put them on the computer,I had people wanting to see them.The 1st and 3rd photo came out clear ,but the second one scared me. I also have a pic of my son with his older brother, and there's a very CLEAR arm around my yougest son. Many years ago when my older kids were little, I took a shot of them in front of a tree. The spirit around them was all around them so bad, you could barely see the tree. I have lived in a haunted house, i'll never get over that thing I saw in the bathroom, SHE I could clearly make out her face bloody and a long white gown.I ran out of the bathroom and never went to their house again! Also there was a time at that house and I heard a ball bouncing, you said not to go look, but dummy here, had too look. You said to not go near the basement door and sure enough,I did. a entity came by me so fast It would have sent me rolling down the basement. The door you could to the basement slammed shut after that. I swear between the ghost in the bathroom , I got some kind of name from her like she wanted to be found, I got, Sharon,Shelly, something with an sh beginning.I am a chicken.I could never go back.I was terrified! I love you tho. I just hated that house! voted you're right, this house is haunted.I feel like I know ONE of those spirits is my grandma, because you asked, is this Rusti's grandma. I think it was her emmf recorder. Went screwy after they asked. I don't want to ask our ghost in this house. I firmly believe

the spirit here are to watch over us.Knowing my grandma, I don't doubt it for one second.I was the little girl she wanted.I am the only girl born into the family for a 100 years. The missing objects are some other spirits. We talk to them. Loved this voted it up!

The Writers Dog 4 years ago

I have had many encounters with Spirits, going back to the age of 12. Great Hub.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

Hi, fascinating story, my main encounter was in the old house, and my husband had gone upstairs, then came clumping down the stairs yelling, there's something up there, so I laughed, next second the door opened, I 'felt' something walk past me, and the door to the kitchen opened, then slammed closed behind 'it'! scared the pants of me! lol!

Raevyn14 profile image

Raevyn14 4 years ago from Tecumseh, Oklahoma

My mother has encountered the screaming white witch in californai

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