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Feng Shui Introduction

What do you know or understand when someone asks you about Feng Shui? Well, Feng Shui is basically a concept about the application of Wind & Water that allows you to direct the Qi energy flows into the house and settling down in the Wealth corner where you have a water feature to collect it.

Does Feng Shui really works? We believe that if you apply the basic knowledge of Feng Shui and it helps to change your life, why not use it? Many people like you may still be skeptical about the reasoning behind Feng Shui but nevertheless if it helps you in your life, we do not see why you should resist in the application. We like to let you understand certain basic tips about Feng Shui where it can help you change your personal destiny of fate. Here are some of the quick tips in Feng Shui.

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Simple Tips Of Feng Shui Applications

1. Mirrors - Many people will use the mirrors for the purpose of Feng Shui. But one must understands that mirrors are not advisable in certain location like in the room where it is direct facing the bed itself. Mirror reflection of the TV set in the bedroom is also not advised as it creates Sha Qi for the person sleeping on the bed.

2. Bed is not to be placed in direct facing when one looks into the room. This means your bed should never be seen when someone is standing outside the door looking into the room. The reason is that the Qi energy force is too strong as it enters the room. So, when the bed is directly facing the door, the person will be hit with the strong Qi energy which is known as Sha Qi. This will be bad for the person's health.

3. When choosing or buying a real estate property, it is a thumb rule not to have your house directly facing the incoming road or directly at a T-junction. This is about the Sha Qi energy that will be moving towards your house and it will be bad for anyone living in there. But if you have no choice since you are already living in it, you can plant a tree or create a partition in front of your house as it will slow down the effect of the Sha Qi energy.

4. Always look out for lamp post or street lights where it is pointing to your windows. This pointing from the lights are also Sha Qi and therefore best to avoid. But if you are already in such a situation, then you will need a cure to avert this energy.

5. When designing your house furniture, it is always best to have in mind about smooth flowing pathway. This means that you can design your home in such a way that it direct the Qi energy flowing in your house in a slow smooth manner and settling down in the wealth corner where you place your water feature to capture it.

6. Colors in your bedroom plays a part to harmony relationship. You will need to plot the Flying Stars chart and knowing each sectors in order to analyze each colors for family members. If you do not want to trouble yourself too much with colors, you can paint neutral color like white.

7. Kua Number is an important part of individual for Feng Shui. You need to know your own personal Kua Number so that you will be always facing your 4 best locations at all times.

That's all for the time being about quick tips in Feng Shui. You can visit my site to learn more about Feng Shui and how you can plot your own flying stars chart and knowing Kua Numbers.

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IntroduceCroatia profile image

IntroduceCroatia 4 years ago from Croatia

I heard about Feng Shui, but never knew what it was. Thanks for clarification.

edhan profile image

edhan 4 years ago Author

Feng Shui concept can be simple by yet effective. I always believe there is nothing to lose but lots to gain when applying it correctly.

churchpartner 4 years ago

I haven't try this concept yet.. maybe today as what I have read here on your concept and I feel interesting in it. Thanks!

edhan profile image

edhan 4 years ago Author

Hope you have a chance to experiment with the Feng Shui concept and its application. Though it may sounds simple but effective as when it is being applied correctly.

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