Raising Children with the Moon

Whether you're the parent of a baby or a teenager, astrology can be one of the greatest gifts any parent can ask for when it comes to understanding your child, family dynamics and the course that it all follows. I have used astrology seriously in my own parenting journey and I only wish that my parents had done the same thing. A child's chart is about as close as you'll ever get to an instruction book for raising a completely unique individual.

Astrology is ultimately a language of energy and a spiritual compass for those willing to study and use these cosmic energies. Through a natal chart you can discover things about your child that would otherwise take a lifetime to realize. Meanwhile you could be wasting a lot of energy trying to make your child into someone they are not, possibly hindering them from being who they want and need to be as well as diminishing the magic that is the parent-child relationship.

Paying attention to the planetary cycles can provide insights into every aspect of our lives, from our self-expression to our need for community and relationships. When these same insights are applied in the day-to-day realm of parenting we nurture our children’s inner growth. We make sure that they have nutritious food and educational toys, why wouldn’t we want to make sure that their cosmic needs are being met?

From the moment of your child's birth you can learn through the planet…

Mars - What the child wants and how he'll go about getting it

Venus - What is truly of value to this child and how they show it

Mercury - The child's capacity for intellectual pursuits and communication

Moon - How he experiences his emotions and daily routine

Sun - What the child finds vital and how he expresses himself creatively

Jupiter - How he finds his own personal truth

Saturn - Where the child needs discipline of his own enforcing

The following are Generational Planets - taking longer to travel through the zodiac, therefore staying in one sign for a whole generation. This can be useful when parents are trying to understand their offspring's attitudes and ideas about the world at large.

Uranus - The capacity for change and the breakdown of outmoded social structures

Neptune - A child's and a generation's dreams, vision and ideal world

Pluto - How one can experience the great transformation and / or spiritual evolution

The child's particular sign and house placement of all planets and luminaries will further explain their function, method and uniqueness.

There are some great books on astrology for kids, of course some web sites too. Professional consultation is always best when starting out, but then your intuition will be your best guide. Look at your child from a different angle and the view will be astounding.

To get your child's astrological chart click here.

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Cris A profile image

Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

I'm not so much into astrology but this is an interesting read! Thanks for sharing :D

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