Real Vampires

Vlad The Impalers Work
Vlad The Impalers Work
Vlad The Impaler , Dracula
Vlad The Impaler , Dracula
Elizabeth Bathory, The Bloody Countess
Elizabeth Bathory, The Bloody Countess
Killing A Vampire
Killing A Vampire
One Of The Most Popular Books Ever About Vampires.
One Of The Most Popular Books Ever About Vampires.

Vampires Have Been With Us Since The Dawn Of Time

Since the dawn of civilization there has been blood drinking ghouls documented and written about by people from all nations down thru history. All the way back to ancient Babylonian Vampire like creatures have walked among us. And there were some really violent people down thru history who practiced at being a vampire even if they were not real vampires.

Like Elizabeth Bathory who was known as the Blood Countess. She tortured and killed over 600 servant girls and drank their blood and bathed in it. She is probally the most prolific female serial killer in history.

And we can not forget the real life Dracula Vlad The Impaler. Vlad had the nasty habit of impaling or having his percieved enemies impaled on tall wooden spikes. He had them impaled and then he would leave them there with orders that no one was to take them down. Some people would live for days impaled on the wooden spikes. It is from Dracula, Vlad the Impaler that Bram Stoker got the ideal for his book , Dracula.

The legend of the vampire was very much known in that area of the world which is now Transylvania and Romania. People of those countries have always believed that vampires are very real. Transylvania is now a land of mystery and majic. Many people there claim that vampires are real and many claim that real live werewolfs wander the dark forests of Romania and Transylvania.

Many people from those countries claim that Dracula was a real life vampire and that he is still very much alive today. There is a legend in the area that Dracula was just another name for Judas Iscariot who was and is the father of all vampires. In that legend Judas Iscariot was doomed to roam the earth until the return of Jesus Christ and he was able to spread the dark gift ( being a vampire ) to others.

That legend goes on to say that Vampires aversion to silver can be traced back to the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas for betraying Christ.

And people should know that the Slavic people today believe very much in vampires. They believe that they are real beings that prey on living people for their blood. And it is the vampire of the Slavic people that we have seen in such modern shows and movies like Buffy The Vampire Slayer , Dracula The Movie , and Ann Rice's Interview With A Vampire.

Ann Rice brought the Vampires to life in her series of books that started with , Interview With A Vampire like no other author in history ever had. She brought the vampires to life on the pages of her books and made us see the real live vampires like no other author in history ever had.

She made people believe that vampires could exist and she made people wonder what could be hiding there in the dark of night. She brought the vampires to life and made them live. You almost felt like they were going to step out of the pages of her books.

My New Free Book On Paranomal Activity

This book is 100 percent free for everyone. You can download it or read it online. And here free really does mean free.
This book is 100 percent free for everyone. You can download it or read it online. And here free really does mean free. | Source
Do vampires exist somewhere there in the mist.
Do vampires exist somewhere there in the mist.

Real Vampires Part 1

Real Vampires - Part 2

Real Vampires - Part 3

Vampire Myths And Legends

In most of Europe during the dark ages there was great fear of vampires and many people were executed for being a vampire. Many people took to burying their love ones up side down so that if they turned into a vampire and tried to dig out of the coffin they would dig down instead of up.

And many many people especially in Europe were dug up and stakes driven thru their heart to keep them from being a vampire. Corpses were also buried with a piece of real siver in their mouths to prevent them from becoming a vampire. Most legends agree that blessed objects , crosses , silver , and garlic keep vampires away. Many people believe that unless you invite a vampire into your house it can not enter. However once they were invited in one time they could come and go as they pleased.

Some people even in present day Europe hang garlic over their door ways to keep vampires away. There is also a legend in Europe that if you have a cat living in the house that vampires will avoid your house. You can also leave a dish of dry rice or mustard seed outside your door and a vampire will have to stop and count them before it can move on.

Some people in Europe paint their doorways with Holy Water to keep vampires away. Some of them get a silver cross blessed  by a Priest and place one above every doorway to keep away vampires.  

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Collectiveawaits 2 years ago

I've been reading many of the articles here from Crazyhorseghost and I love to read all of the comments. Very interested indeed. My name is Magenta and I'm a vampire enthusiast as well as a paranormal researcher. Before I really got hooked into researching I had an incident in New Orleans at fourteen. I witnessed a man fly upwards from the middle of the street alongside my father. We both drove around in silence trying to find this man or find out where he went. I knew as he smiled down at me that he was something nonhuman. Since then, I've spent fourteen years being a fan of fiction ( Anne Rice, Poppy Z Brite ect) as well as digging into mysterious happenings from New Orleans onwards. What I can say is I have had my doubts, and still do. I cannot explain what happened to me, but I still try my best to convince myself I'm not in face, insane. Vampires are real. Like mentioned, Anne Rice was almost on target with these supernatural creatures. Perhaps she did, in fact know a real vampire?

Being a student of journalism and broadcasting, I'm looking to have my own interview with a vampire. I want to have this shared with the world! I have my own podcast (blogtalkradio: thecollectiveawaitsyou) and if you are indeed a vampire please contact me about a Q&A session. It's time for you to step out of the shadows, to deliver us the truth! Anyone willing to give substantial "proof" of their condition, I'm willing to partake in doing extensive research.

Risk known. Threats do very little. I don't wish to be a vampire, have immortality. I just want to confirm what I saw years ago.

Best wishes,


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boxbird 2 years ago


Thanks for sharing your story.

Your tale was pretty harsh and not one that many should want to experience.

Would you have any comments on what it was like while you were being turned?

Do you 'feel' like you are still the same person, but with different cravings?

How much humanity, if any, remains when one is made a vampire?

Do you think vampires lose their soul when they are created?


Ayesha Bi profile image

Ayesha Bi 2 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan

after reading all u people thoughts still i m a lot confused about vampires real existence ... if they r true as many of u considered themselves as true vampires just say something that can prove it to me ...... i just need a complete understanding

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Aaronhollowfangs 2 years ago

I have found out what I am, my bio dad leaving right after I'm born,my anger issues, my increasing muscle tone, my obsession with the moon, my mother said I have always loved the moon ever since I could crawl,I am a werewolf and I know cause a werewolf told me on a site. And he said lock ur self up the next full moon, and he said good luck, I am screwed,the full moon is in two dAys. Help,

I don't know how do any of this, I have know knowledge in this kind of thing

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Aaronhollowfangs 2 years ago

Oh and I think I'm something supernatural I went to the movies with my uncle and he's young and my favorite uncle even though he's not related he is family cause he and his family where there when my bio dad Was not. Any way I told him a story I heard since I used to obsess with vamps and werewolves. It was about Ambrigo and Selene. I know vampires now what I'm talking about so I will stop there, he started to grin then a question crossed my mind randomly in my mind the question sounded weird and out of the blue," why does it feel ur not telling me something" and he replied " when your 18 come talk to me" creepy I don't know what it is he wont tell me. Any ideas ????

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Aaronhollowfangs 2 years ago

It's been a long time since I last posted begging for a vamp to change me. What I realized after a long time of thought is I don't need u vamp fucks. I'm sure you will say oh sure just another guy just running his mouth. I'm 15 my bio dad bailed when I was born I have a fucked up past and I can do any thing I set my mind to mark my words you blood suckers I'm coming!!! And when I do I wont stop until ur extinct just the ones who hurt people on purpose for the ones who live in harmony with us mortals go in peace.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 2 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Please do not post emails or links in the comments section. Sorry they will not be approved.

Raul 2 years ago

I am still trying to find a true vampire. I have so many questions.

teuake 3 years ago

Very interesting story. Human bonds are oddly wicked... but not all. If one madly drives themselves torwards a commitment they better be ready to settle. For love or pain should be external.

Raul 3 years ago

Autinere, any luck in hearing from you again?

Elle 3 years ago

I think quite possibly you are all delusional and great story tellers.

Raul 3 years ago

Autinere, thank you for the information you provided. My interest in Vampires is more educational and of course to feed my imagination. What if any powers do you have or gain being a vampire? Does immortality happen for all vampires or just certain ones? And why now do we never hear of sightings or possible connections to vampires?

Look forward to hearing from you again.

Autinere' 3 years ago

Raul I apologize it has taken so long to get back to you. For me, I do not view time as the average human does. At least, not anymore. Plus, blending into society every few years or so, I have to venture to another state or country, depending on the timespan of my last occupation. I will give you a debriefing , as such personal matters of my life I do not wish to disclose or impose on such memories I’ve tried to make nonexistent for the remaining of my existence. To relay some details my Maker never disclosed his age but judging by the wisdom and knowledge he had of the world, I assume he’d lived at least a hundred years or more before me. Often the torture devices he specialized in using were centuries old, and he was fond of talking about the Medieval Ages. His “pet name” as he referred to me as was “Little Bird”. Simply put, he mocked me for my youth as a flapper. After all the slang term for flapper used for a young woman is “young bird”. You understand I’m sure. Unfortunately, he still lives. Am I running from him you may ask? No, after several years when he grew tiresome and moved his sadistic affections unto another, he allowed me freedom. Of course, on the condition we never encountered each other again. I’ve only since, seen him once. Last New Years at a café I used to read in unbeknownst to him. I WILL NOT relay his name for fear of some naïve mind on here to seek him out. It would be most foolish if you wish for a painful and gruesome end. Unless, somehow, you interest him and by a speck of unfortunate event, live to tell the tale. Its clear to me on this site many believe vampires are beautiful, nice, and will fall in love with a human. This, is rubbish. You do not suddenly transform into this angelic being after death. You become a bloodlust fiend, a monster, and while certain features may be a tad enhanced, it is not at all what I again will refer to as the “Twilight Misconception”. Rarely would a vampire ever develop an affection for a human who we view as simply, meals. It takes a great deal of years, restraint, testing, and inner strength to contain ourselves even around a human. As it did for me. For those who are curious about vampires, I will have you know I DO NOT condone vampirism in any way. It is not a game. Its not a fairy tale. My best advice, STAY AWAY from what you do not understand.

My best wishes,

raven heft profile image

raven heft 3 years ago from somewhere im not suppose to be.

Great effort on this article.

Evie 3 years ago

well it has certainly been a while since I have replied to any of the posts that many different people have posted on the site. It's good to be back in my homeland and the familiarity of my old life. I have travelled the world since but have not settled, and not stayed in the same place for more than a month. I've travelled alone but yearn for company, even though it's more than myself to look after it would be more comforting to me that I know I would have someone there to "have my back" as well as for comforting and reassurance that I won't be alone in the world. I've also since grown, very slowly, but very obvious. It is true we grow, but all so slow.


karla 3 years ago

hmmm it seems that theres no possible way to contact a vampire through internet..i been having dreams well i think or someones is been in my head.i see this man short hair,i would say below the ear.every time i try to remember his face its a blur. he tells me hes coming soon for me.then again i say to myself its just my head nothing real.I have asked many times when,he just answers soon.not only in my dreams but before going to bed,afternoons and not really in the mornings.I have asked for a gift for my 22th birthday..its just feel real and fake at the same time,i have think that he been in my thoughts he knows what i think,and gets inside my dreams..I just want real answers and well people take it like a joke.I mean why not,now a days its so hard to believe if they come up to you and say im a vampire.Searching through the internet is more hard to find the answers.No i am not a goth chick that love hardcore metal nor an emo.I seen things that well its hard to explain..So if theres a real bloodsucking being out there i would like to have a chat.NO! please no imposers or they say that are real but age at the same games.i want the real deal.. k a r l a l o v e 4 2 5 @ y a h o o . c o m ill be waiting

Kira 3 years ago

Ha! "Benefit humanity" why the hell would anyone or any vampire do that!! Humans are stupid and easyily controlled. You have grown up to believe demons are bad and Angels are good. Angels will enslave you all. Now about vampires. They kill and feed and don't care who they kill. They are very hard to find and while you can become one by demon summoning it is dangerous. No vampire will be on the Internet so you will never find one this way. All these people claiming to be real immortal vampires are just idiot humans.

Neel 3 years ago

Dear Asahi,

I'm interested to know about vampires. Nature had hidden many things from us (human beings). I believe that vampires exist in this earth. I wish to become a vampire so that I can use my long life and powers for the benefit of human beings, to change this world and make it a better place to live. You and all real vampires please send emails to me, my email id is


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vAmpyre 3 years ago

Hey, I just wanted to know are there any specifically vampires or other supernatural beings in Singapore ?

asahi 3 years ago

regr we can talk if you give me your email

regr 3 years ago

Asahi where is ur country, and u said here are you in the states?? i want a chance to meet u about u nd me??

regr 3 years ago


i want a chance how bout u n me??

asahi 3 years ago


maybe this will make you trust me. I'm the vampire that you are looking for. The "immortal" from legends. I was bon in 1450 in Romania and i had lived almost all my life among other vampires. No one can describe you this world better that me. Don't be afraid,i don't bite,kill or turn humans. You will give me your trust?

Asahi 3 years ago

I don't know what is a hoax, but you have all the guarantees that this is not a lie.

Raul 3 years ago

Asahi, what guarantees do I have that this is not a hoax?

Asahi 3 years ago


If you want a place where you can see a real vampire then go to New Orleans. Or come in my country. But here vampires don't show themselves to humans so I don't think you'll have the chance to talk with one.

REGR 3 years ago

ii also want to meet a vampire like the legends say a real vampire not these fake modern wannabe vampires i want the real thing been doin things i probably shouldn't to find one and had no such encounters is there any vampire clubs that anyone knows of where i can go n c for myself im in L.A Area. someone please if u can help point me in the rit direccion.

Asahi 3 years ago


You can meet the vampire that you are looking for,please give me your email and you will not be disappointed.

Raul 3 years ago

Want to know a real vampire. Not modern vampire but the vampires that legends are made of. The immortals so to speak. I feel they has to be some truth to the legends and would like to communicate with one.

Ruby 3 years ago

I want to meet a real vampire! im tryin to conduct an interview if u r interested in being interview plz get a hold of me at rubyr_81@ plz only serious real vampires

Raul 3 years ago

Any true vampires out there? Looking for the vampires of legend, the immortal vampires. I ask because there is so much information about these vampires so many reported sightings and encounters throughout history that I believe there is some truth to it.

........ 3 years ago

For Shtuu,

I think you mean Baciu Forest (Padurea Baciu)? It said that that it is a haunted forest but I don't know anything about an abandoned village or vampires there. If you want to search for vampires, go to Cetatea Poienari in a small village named Arefu. Every tourist intersted in vampires goes there...but I have to dissapoint you a little, no one will speak with you about vampires, especially the local people.

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wilingtobeturn 3 years ago

I have seen a lot of vampires on here and say they are all willing to turn anyone that asks, so if its really true that those whom claim their an vampire please say how long you have been one...i want to be turned,but i need you to meet me not me meet you ..i am lonely and need a vampire who is willing to make an offerable deal with me....please say so and i will be glad to meet you at night i have encounterd a vampire and well he did some weird things, he showed some very large canines i in fact didn't bother to say i knew he was beautiful of this being..which if i may apraise all you beautiful vampires i want to say...i love you all...really but what's it like being this? and if you would be alright turning me?

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Shtuu 3 years ago

Hey guys!

I have a question to ask. I saw a show called destination truth (they didn't find anything because they never do), and it had an episode on vampires in a forest near the Romanian town of Sighisoara. In this forest there is an abandoned village, would any of you know the name of it? I've been searching everywhere and can't find it! Any help would be great! Thanks!

lol 3 years ago

Crosses,garlic all nonsense. None of it will save u

Raul 3 years ago

Autinere, I am still interested in speaking with you. Hopefully we can speak soon.

Raul 3 years ago

Autinere, thank you for responding. I wanted to know a little about your history, where you are from and what led to you being changed. In your lifetime i can imagine that you have seen many things change some for the better and some definitely for the worse. I also wanted to know if you had proof and if so what kind of proof of you being a vampire. I know a lot of people say they are the real deal but most of them are fakes. The type of vampire I am looking for are the ones from legend. The ones that are called "immortal". I know a lot of people say do not expect to meet a real vampire online but I don't know where else to turn. I have many more questions but rather than overwhelm you I would like to start off with these few questions if that is ok with you? Look forward to hearing from you!

Autinere' 3 years ago

Wolfyy and Raul it has taken me awhile to get back to you, for that I apologize. If you wish to have questions answered state them here. As for further contact, that I cannot and will not disclose for your safety and other reasons which I shan't disclose either. But I am willing to answer the right questions I deemed fit to answer.

Hope all is well.

bailey 3 years ago

Hey ,its bailey again i was just back to say some stuff about the topic on vampires,hybrids,ghouls and etc.I would like to say first of that a hybrid is not just one particular creature the definition is well it basically means a split of two different characters or species i guess. Also a lot of people are coming to this site with a bunch of shit, excuse my language saying things from movies and stories for example a girl talked about a gem that turns humans into vampires but i know better its from a scottish vampire movie. another thing is people coming and asking to be turned when they think they will be like edward from twilight well i am sorry to say but that is never going to happen so grow up.well bye

wolfyy 3 years ago


I have been searching for a mentor such as yourself. I want to learn about the world we humans have been led to believe does not exist. Would you be willing to take on this task?

Raul 3 years ago

Autinere, sorry i got the names mixed up it has been a long fascination of mine to find such people as you. How can i know that you are who you say you are. What evidence do you have that proves once and for all that the vampires we have read about in history the immortal beings are true? I am very interested in speaking with you Autinere about all you have seen in your time. I look forward to hearing from you!

Raul 3 years ago

Isabell, it has been a long fascination of mine to find such people as you. How can i know that you are who you say you are. What evidence do you have that proves once and for all that the vampires we have read about in history the immortal beings are true? I am very interested in speaking with you about all you have seen in your time.

Autinere' 3 years ago


Forgive me, it has been a long time since I have come across this site, with all the worldy affairs currently at hand. To answer your questions, my Maker was cruel and twisted. For his sadistic pleasure I endured horrors no human mind could possibly fathom, much less handle. I've learned the human mind is very fragile; its like balancing an eggshell between her fingers and hoping against hope that it doesn't fall.

To answer your second question, I only wish to return back time and gain back my mortality. Those who perceive immortality as a gift, are sadly mistaken, and mislead to what the world has watered vampire lore down to. Its pathetic, really. What we have is a curse. Not always, will you lead a wealthy lifestyle, or find the love of your life. That is all "Twilight misconception". I have watched a human turn into a vampire out of desperation and was abandoned by their Maker (which can only come from a born Lamia) left to live on the streets in as a ragged, bloodlust fiend.

Few receive decent makers.

But please, reconsider those of you who yearn for the taste.

You have no idea what your getting involved with.

Raul 3 years ago

I read a post about an interview with a real vampire that goes by Peter. I was wondering what ever became of Peter and the person who gave the interview?

xiaotu 4 years ago

hi,i wanna die and i'd like to become a vampire...but before i wanna no a real one.

who can really know how to meet a vampire?

...... 4 years ago

"the beasts", a vampire can make a human fall in love with him with his/her beauty and charisma. In other words, in the same way humans fall in love for each other. Is true that they have an different charismatic behavior that makes them what they are,but they don't have a special power for that.

Zoe 4 years ago

I believe in vampires but I don't want to be one since you wouldn't be able to control your hunger for blood and that includs a full moon...nothing I mean nothing can stop a vampires hunger on a full moon.Things arnt always what they seem...there could be a way to cure a vampire trantsformation Iv herd of a jem that turns vampires into a human permently...evry 1000 years an elemental comet comes and thats when the jem works...3 centurys ago humans demanded war with vampires when the war begain the jem was seen since then vampires have been serching and serching for the jem and still are...but no sine of it...not yet any way.

the beasts 4 years ago

do some vampires have the power to make you fall in love with them , if so what are they called

SMILY APPLE 4 years ago


A girl 4 years ago

I've always dreamed of vampires...i want to be one! I believe in vampires and i think i've meet one actually, a boy...he was so pretty, i think also we were going to the same school! If i could become a vampire, in any way at all...I'll do it.

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 4 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

The only way to become a vampire is to be turned into one by a vampire. Sorry but I don't believe in people born vampires or half vampires. I believe you are made into one or you're never going to be one.

a person 4 years ago

how do you turn into a vampire? and don't say that we have to be born one cause i don't think that is true. i just want to know how to become one.

........... 4 years ago

Why are people so desperate to be a vampire? Why are you desperate to be one, @Sisco ?

chris.m 4 years ago

I for one believe in vampres but don't really know if the whole immortal thing is true and the blood cravings but I want nothing more than to be one so if there is any one that-

@Sisco 4 years ago

Desperate to be 1

@Wren 4 years ago

You would be surprised

Trust me.


Raven 4 years ago

I really don't knowo how to say this..I need help bad..something is happening to me..I have had dreams about vampires sience I was a child..every time I was alone with them, they had long beautiful black hair long teethe and nails..a man and woman. I have had this dream all my life..I am now 38 people don't believe my age.. I get very sick in sunlight now..I am having trouble sleeping etc..and the most of it is I am ready I can't say anything but that..I am not scared...and now I stay sick at my tummy when I try to eat food..I promose I am not crazy I hope and I don't know what to do or who to talk to..only the real..this I know but why..I love the night ever sense I was a very small child.. I have never stoped thinking of this it's with me every second of every day..and every night I sat on my pourch..I feel eyes I feel another presence? I don't know like I said..I never knew my real father..and all my life it seems like someone or something has kept my head right above water..and also I dream of two is white trimed in red and the other is black trimed in blood red..I feel things and I can't explain..please whoever reads this don't think I am crazy please..I just need help and would like to know what the hell is going on with me all of a only what I am looking for and u know don't u who ever u are..

....... 4 years ago

Answers for Mandi: Fangs come out at the smell of blood or simply at just looking at blood.The pregnancy it is about 18 months.Vampires HAVE reflections.No real pictures, no evidences because they simply don't want to be found. It sounds fake because most of the humans say fake story about vampires.So you can't make the difference between real and fake anymore.And that is good for vampires.They don't need to go at a clinic with theirs children.A vampire child is not as a human child.They don't need medical asistance.The so much to say, and i don't know how to say all this in english.So i will say just what i can translate.Strong bones and muscles, that's what make them stronger and faster.They have a protein in their imunity sistem that make them imune at almost all diseases.Another the have something in their blood that makes them to heal fast.The stomach adapted to can take all that blood.The human stomach can't digest blood, or at least not that much.The eyes, nose and ears are different too.They are much more sensitive.Garlic, hokey water and crosses cant't hurt a vampire.They are sensitive at sunlight but that can't kill them.Just burn their skin and hurt the eyes.They are not immortal!Just a very long life.Verry slow pulse and slow heart beat makes them able to have such a long life.And is also the blood that they drink.

I'm sorry for my nad english,I hope you will understand what i was trying to say.If not, just ask and it will be my pleasure to answer.Also you can tell me when i make mistakes.

..... 4 years ago

Dear Alyssa, be sure you will have the best experience in Romania. Yes, you are right and here you will find manny things and stories about vampires,but don't expect to see vampires walk on the street.Oh, and cheek out for the Bran Castle, that may help you in your research.And sorry for my verry bad english.

Wren 4 years ago

So many of you have no clue what a vampire is. A lot of you wish to be turned without even understanding the implications....

Some of you....are either trolls, or role playing. Telling a fantasy behind a computer screen. You're faceless, no one can call you out on it. I mean we can use evidence, of course. But how can anyone know. I wonder if a single REAL vampire has posted on here. I see the holes and the convenient caveats to cover them up. Behaving like this, a real vampire would really have no interest in you.

Calling no one out specifically, just an observation.

profile image

VampireTobey 4 years ago

I love Eveything About this Page and I Want to Meet a Vampire Tonight and I Want to Become a Real Life Vampire Tonight

Alyssa 4 years ago

I don't know if vampires are real, however pretty soon I will be finding out! I will be going on a week journey to Transylvania, Romania to do some research and get evidence to prove that they are or are not real! Me and my best friend are hoping to experience the most amazing thing! But we can only hope! Will comment after journey to let everyone know the results!

Jess Ann 4 years ago

I am 30 and have aged really really well. I would like to either become a day walking vampire or obtain a real spell to stop agin. Vampires have always interested me. I don't have a mean bone in my body, so I don't want to be a mean one and loose my humanity. I wouldn't mind drinking blood and having speed and or strength but I need to be able to walk about in the day. Even if that means wearing a day ring. I am not sure about what is real and what is not real but I need some assistance. Please email me if you are a REAL vampire or have a REAL spell. Thanks. My email is...

vimps 4 years ago

hey all!

i would to share my own experience

i live in india bt stongly believe in vampire. few days before i went to corbett forest & there i saw a man hunting the animals n i also saw that he was a tourist from some other country n wen i go close to him i scared wen i see his long pointed two teeth , he looks so attractive n i saw after hunting that deer he sucks his blood ,after then i found that he knws that im wachting him , he come close to n start smelling me bt i was so scared n i decided to run from that place so i just leave that place n ran away i dnt knw wat din he fllowed me bt still i think that he was d vampire........

stephanie Berrios 4 years ago

Vampires ive loved them since i was 5 the thought of meeting one thrills me as to becoming one my self life is so boring ...being a vampire has it's pro's and it's cons but anything is better than a life like this i want to go for adventures, seek thrills so you ask me would i want to be one ...HELL YES there amazing i really do admire them : +

Jones 4 years ago

So a long time ago I knew a girl (Gigi)who flatly said with the shrug of her shoulders...I'm a vampire. Now lets go get a beer. Cool. And weird I thought. A few months later, drinking with another chick (Sheila), who knew Gigi. Gigi came up somehow and Sheila, under the influence of nothing more than her own beer induced thoughts, said Gigi was sitting on a couch at a late night party and her face started to turn into a grotesque 'thing'....a vampire Sheila said. And then it suddenly turned back normal. Nobody else seemed to notice. Sheila shuddered at the memory and said she didn't want to talk about it anymore. Something seemed real to her. So my little theory is that there are tons of different types of 'vampires', but really, thats a silly name. You are suffering from medical experiments performed on you by our little grey watchers. Some of you have altered states of consciousness. Others crave blood, or energy that was robbed from you. You may be incubating something for them and not realize it. You may eventually go mad or hurt yourself. Some people can sense something about you is different. Sort of a ghostly trauma you have to carry with you that only the most empathetic can detect. So, sorry. I can't tell you if you get to go the ship or are left behind here to be more organic rubbish. But pay attention to your dreams and try to control them and see if you can pull a faint memory of that traumatic day back to the surface. December 21st is coming fast....

Skye, Iris and Katreena. 4 years ago

Greeting and with that my apologues I have been away for a while and could not reply to any of these questions. Iris, Katreena and myself have been travelling together. In our travels of these past four months, to us it has felt like four days as we have all walked this world for along time, we have been round the world being chased by some hunters, we could have turned and well destroyed them but it is not our way. We live as a pack and work together to keep away from other of our kind as we have fallen out and many of them our around to kill us.

Skye, Iris and Katreena.

JennyG 4 years ago

“This is my testimony, I was living in the darkness and I couldn’t move forward or gain anything in life such as friends, money, promotion and again my lover just broke up with me. So I came to and he worked a spell on me and my lover, getting back my lover was the most important thing i was after, this spell worked like nothing I had ever seen in my life . We are now back together and I’m happy now and free. I went to so many spell caster to help me but prophet harry was the one who could cast the real spell for me, all my problems are solved

“I have never experienced anything like this. I never expected such a reaction. Dream come true!” Jenny G

Isabell 4 years ago

Autinere explain why the life you live is bad and what is in the way of you changing the life you wish not to live please write back if you wish to.

Autinere' 4 years ago

I was brought into existence during the 1920s. Once, I was merely a flapper, seeking out the wealthy, old men who I knew would soon cease to exist but be allured by my beauty. Instead of furthering myself for an education, I settled on ‘second best’.

I was shallow, selfish, and greedy. As luck would have it, I met my fate on the eve of April 12, 1921 after coming back from a gentlemen’s club. I remember it quite clearly. At the time, I was a new widow, living off the riches of my late husband, Weston, who had died not two months before of heart failure. I was living luxuriously and in upscale accommodations in the great city of New York. Of course, that was, before the evolution of technology as the 21rst century would have it, later on.

What I wouldn’t give to have the chance to turn back the clock.

My usual driver had been drinking that night, having not been very fond of me from the beginning, for he thought I was some prime suspect to my late husbands death. Although, that was not the case, I assure. But because of this unfortunate mishap, I had been forced to walk on foot back to my home, as I had no money in pocket believing my well being would always be taken care of on the dot.

But how wrong and naïve had I been.

The streets from whence I lived were not busy past the hour of eleven. The air had been crisp, I distinctly remember watching my very breath brush past my lips. It hadn’t yet gotten warm for the season of spring. In what clothing that would’ve been considered ‘scant’ and hardly appropriate for a proper lady back then, I had been freezing. I remembered the dim, yellow lights of the few lampposts that lined the streets. I remember the soft thud of footsteps behind me. I remember the crunch of gravel. He’d come unto me without a single sound, as silent as the night…

I can still recall the sharp features of his face and the two points of death that would claim my life. And after? Time ceased to exist for me. For a time being I became a monster, and a toy to the one who gave me this outer shell of a monster. I know no happiness and grieve for the life to this day I took for granted…

I have read from top to bottom of this forum, wondering why half of you would dare to even desire a life in the shadows. You wanted a real, true story? You have one.


Morena 4 years ago


As confidentiality we will say, my name is Morena. How I found this site was from a good man I met some time ago at a local bar in New Orleans. No, I will not be giving out an exact location, as humans tend to flock the place asking for immortality. Our small civilization down there has become annoyed with this request. It is against the rules. To those that are true (or not) in nature on here, I advise you strongly to choose your words carefully. Perhaps you are familiar with the man named Orianus? He even now remains fearless to portray his name on here, the mad man. But he has recently come into my care and has wished to say a few words—although I am still yet reluctant to impart them— after a close encounter with, shall we say, Watchers, those who are angered with him for having relayed information of our kind.

These are his words:

“My fellow friends, I am honored to have given expedient information of our kind despite the repercussions it has, recently, caused me. I assure you I am in equitable condition thus I have recently come to the conclusion I will answer what is requested of me, here. Although my Morena believes it comes at a great risk for me, I am willing to relay what I can to those with curious mindsets. Moreover, any that request to be turned, submit digits, or addresses, I will reply back to. For the sake of your protection, my Morena, and myself, I will only heed a few warnings before my words remain silent forever. To those reading this even now, I wish you the greatest in what future endeavors lie ahead of you. For now, I depart.”

Again, to those who have questions, feel free to submit them here Orianus will answer them ONLY here.

Stay safe,


Vampire SAJ 4 years ago

I Want To Be A Vampire

Secret 4 years ago

Hello, I will not give my real name out on this site, so juat call me Secret. I am just a human, nothing more nothing less, as far as I know. I wish to discuss some things that maybe someone can help explain. I am very sensitive to “supernatural things”. I seem to draw them out I guess. Its been like this since I was a baby, even my mother has stories that would make some people believe she was crazy. I see things when no one else does, sometimes shadows, and sometimes people. I have visions about things and people that almost always come true. I believe I am partly telepathic for the simple reason that I say things that someone I am sitting next to thinks. I have an unusual body temperature that stays around 97.5 if it goes up any further then that, I feel like Im on fire. When I am alone in my room I can hear people talking but when I confront my family whom I live with, they say that they were not speaking at all. A lot of other things have happened that I will not explain on here so if anyone wants to, email me at I would be very grateful!

profile image

Sabrina9832 4 years ago

@Reina please email me at:

Reina 4 years ago

Hello everyone. I am a real vampire. I have been looking for more of my kind and have found some friends in the real world. I turn to the Internet to find the vampires using this to communicate with other vampires and humans. I invite you to contact me. Please comment below. Thank you

Mandi 4 years ago

So y'all have fangs all the time or do they just come out when your thirsty,how long do your pregnancy last, how do you hide the no reflection, and if vamps are really real then why are there no real pictures, no true evidence, the way most of you talk you make it sound fake, how can you take your child to a clinic with them not having a puls? Being a doctor I'd find that cause for alarm.. What makes a vampire a vampire ? Please someone brake it down.. How is the anatomy of a vamp different from a human, and how is it that no one has notices, that was ment for the females who had kids and brought them to the clinics also how was your child almost poisoned I thought only wooden stakes garlic hokey water crosses and sunlight could hurt you.. Please as much detail as possible..

Not denying vamps exist , I'd love to learn there real, it's just going to take more than a random post claiming you've never aged :)

Mele Finau 4 years ago

This may sound crazy but... I want to become a vampire when I'm 16.

kaura 4 years ago

i have been searching for a real immortal vampire for a really long time. i just wanna talk to you and separate fact from fake. if you would please email me at

that would really mean a lot to me. please to fakes.

Vampires are awesome 4 years ago

I think that if someone gets bitten they should grow up until there done with college than you can have a life as a vampire but not to young that you can't do anything

cant tell my name 4 years ago

does anyone believe in vamps here sry didn't have tme to real all the coments

Alex 4 years ago


i heard you were around the area and left your family or you went on vacation... i also heard you were in tuscany and you had good blood supply, so why are you here in Canada Montepulciano and then also moving to siena in a month; stop over sometime soon!? what are you doing? you cant move around for the rest of forever! i also heard that you dropped out of school? i know that theres no need for it, but u need a job to get money for a house... please hurry up and get back to me, im quite concerned for you...

Vamp 4 years ago

Hey vampire tell me more about this girl maybe I can help

Vampire 4 years ago

I think i now a vampire. She is very strong,but i don't know if she is or not how do i figer out if she is one?

Gala 4 years ago

Greetings my name is Gala and well some people have been asking for some information. I don’t know about some of the other types of vampires but I no what I am.

Me and my friends joined the army a while ago. (I mean a while ago.)

We joined for the following reasons.

• we are quicker,

• stronger,

• naturally better killers,

• free easy blood,

• more aware of our surroundings,

• to satisfy our deep down killer instincts,

• realize that we will know where the enemy is long before the enemy knows that we are there,

• and because we know that we are the best that they have for the job of protecting our country.

We are no longer in the army but we used to be. My friends are older than me (but we are the same looking age) because they found and well saved me in the First World War. I don’t know how long they hung around battles but I think they have been doing it a while. We don’t do it anymore cause well it not the place so we just go from city to city and well party join gangs and end gangs.

vampire 123 4 years ago

i didn't really think about vampires until i saw twilight i don't think the vampires in twilight are real but if you have read darren shan's books about vapires i think they are real and would love to become one .i don't think the sexual thing is real at the start of the page. it sounds wrong! but if u are a vampire and would like to turn me and my friend inti one just tell me where to find u and i will go there when im older depending on the place if it is close to me i will go soon but if not give me awhile . and if you would like to give some more vampire facts please do thanks.

searching for truth 4 years ago

I have always lived in what people call a fantasy land and when I think of vivid like images it feels right and comforting! The powerful one! This has been the most fit way of those images, I know that I am being vague but for good reason. So I wish to know the truth no b.s. on what people call vampires; because this is my life my sainity please reply with truth!

Alyssa 4 years ago

Hey noble I would love to join your pack if you let me. Please noble

noble 4 years ago

this is noble im a hybrid ill make you one of us if you join my pack

Rachel 4 years ago

Thanks Skye and no worries if you could not response and I'am sorry to hear about your friend if you can tell me more info I would really like that.later.

Joni 4 years ago

Tell to me how to become the vampire?

Mary 4 years ago

Hey Katreena Morgananthe I was about no one should become one of us with out a choice and I was wondering if you would turn me into a vampire!

Eshika 4 years ago

I wish to meet a real vampire in my life and i hope that they would not harm me....

Tammie 4 years ago

Hello I'm Tammie I was wondering if you would help me out to understant how meny different types of vampires there are out there.

Katreena Morganthe 4 years ago

Skye I am so sorry to hear about Henry for i know he was a kind and careing loyal friend. And would love to come to his good byes. It will also give me time to see you and all of my old friends for it has been years.

I am following your family at the moment for a rouge is after the smalist of your family I know she is related but I do not know how. But your family is two busy trying to trake someone else so have noticed him.

I will look out for her for no one should become us with out a choice.

Skye 4 years ago

Rachel I send you my apologies for not answering sooner for I have been traviling. For I hope to stay in the same place for a few weeks so will be able to reply.

Iris I am back at the old rock, foxhall. and would like to meet up with you when you have the chance for I have news that you might find interesting. any others who now where the place I say is may come for it would be good for you to hear it but I can not place it online for it is not for just anyone to see.

Also Iris and those who new Henry I invite you to my good friend funeral which will be held at the cirled cave of life. Canada. on May 10th. He Died on April the 3rd but the good byes will be held on May 10t.

For now I have to go.

yours the earths forever

The worlds for ever.


Roxelle 4 years ago

If your a vampire in Alabama will you please contact me ? I know that there are some and I just want someone to talk to that shares the same interest I do. If u want to contact me either leave me a email or text


Phone: 205-544-9852

non 4 years ago

i just want to know the truth .i am dying to know it.from my research i found out that vampires are really there.

Unknown Hybrid 4 years ago

hmmm... Well if you hate hurting people then stop. You have a choice to do right things and bad things. We all have the right to have a choice. Anyway by what you mean in "I don't want to hurt anyone"?

danyelle22 4 years ago

i an doing a prodject and if anyone can help email me at

spencer 4 years ago

im just saying its painful for me because i don't want to hurt anyone

Ella 4 years ago

Hey unknown hybrid thanks for the information on hybrids. I might not be a hybrid but I have the courage to be a hybrid and you have no idea how much vampire/hybrids mean to ME. Also can you give me some more info. Just one more thing are you a girl or boy PLEASE write back.

Unknown Hybrid 4 years ago

To Spencer

Okai maybe, I don't really care. But pure vampire with a rare blood is even more stronger then a pure werewolf, even the Alphas. Demons, I have never heard about it but I can't say they do not exist because everything is possible.

spencer 4 years ago

unkown hybrid it must really suck being half vamp but im half demon so i have cravings that both werewolves and vamps have just not as strong as pure demons

Rey-Rey-Wuvz-U 4 years ago

im part vampire and part human

Unknown Hybrid 4 years ago

To Ella

First of all, yes, Hybrids does exist if you are born to be half or if a vampire give his/her blood to you and then they can decide if they bite you are to turn you a complete vampire. If the vampire bite you before giving his blood to you, you might become a Ghoul ( which is not the better life you would had cause you won’t control yourself and killing everyone even your family and friends) or you might be probably dead. That why some selfish people who think that vampire turn people by one bite first will work that way, weellll… no, Sorry but movies and stories are just nonsense. You can be born hybrid if someone in your family is a vampire or a werewolf (meaning being a werewolf hybrid) Yes they does exist but not like in “Twilight saga” movie mode, that is really nonsense. You have vampire hybrid, werewolf hybrid and other creature. Don’t think that werewolves and vampires are friends, they are enemies each other to death. If ever you want to know why, just ask and I’ll tell you the stories.

Anyway, Ella, what make you think to be a hybrid, hmm? What is your weird feelings you feel in all your past days?

jeniffer 4 years ago

One day on March 19,1996 I am 26 years old and i was at a party with a lot of people my age.I was talking with my friends saying like hi,hows it hanging,hows this or that person.And we were drinking when we were not supose to.I only had 5 beer and I was a little half drunk.So I was talking redicules and some of my friends don't drink but most of them do.But my stepmother said I could go to the party.And I was living with my parents still because I wouldn't be able to pay the house bill phone bill buy myself some food so i went to the party.But when I was about to leave the party a man fallowed me and I didn't even know him but me and him were telling each other things like I still live with my parents and stuff like that.And when I said goodbye and he said goodbye he was starting to walk and I turned around to my car door.The door opened and scraped my leg and then that man came out again and bite me on the neck and I fainted.And when I woke up i hardley remembered anything except for what I just told you that was all I remembered that night.

I'll tell you all more some other time and if you liked or disliked my story and tell me if i need to fix anything.Please email me at


Ella 4 years ago

To Evie and unknown hybrid are you two joking because I have never heard of a hybrid. But I want to know more and to prove that you can trust me I well tell you why I am intrested is because I have always felt diffent and like I was born to be part of it. So can you talk to me or change me I might be able to help BYE.

profile image

hrideauxx21 4 years ago

Are there any REAL vampires out there? If there is can you PLEASE contact me via e-mail at If you are not a real vampire DO NOT , I repeat DO NOT contact me!!!!! To the real ones if they DO exist please allow me some of your time, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Unknown Hybrid 4 years ago

To Evie

If you have a cellphone that I could contact you or via email if you don't have an easier way of communication.

jayson perez 4 years ago

i love vampire i want too meet them in person i research everyday where i can meet a real vampire i love them i im proud of them..if you are a vampire just message me in my or my name search it jayson perez i love to become one of a day

Evie 4 years ago

To unknown hybrid

I'm confused, I thought a hybrid was a Sanguinarian mixed with an energy thing... :-S

I too don't know my powers yet. I started by getting taught by my "creator" or so they said... But once I brought the subject up they disappeared a day after, and now I'm getting stronger, it's getting extremely hard to control myself! I don't know my own strength yet and frankly, it's scaring the hell out of me! Have you got any other way I can contact you??

Unknown Hybrid 4 years ago

To Evie

Yes I am one but only a half vampire that is why it is called a Hybrid. I wish I could help you but I still don’t know how to use my own power yet… My boyfriend is teaching me little by little and anyway I prefer discussing this in a private way of communication, if you don’t mind, I’ll be gladly to give you some better information you need to know.

Sincerely Unknown Hybrid

spencer 4 years ago

dear unknown its kinda funny how life turns out to be so cruel anyway it sucks for me because im part demon and im a nice guy until the new and full moon u see demons are like a combo of vampire and werewolf so i get really hungry for new moons blood and on full moons meat

crazzy red hair chick 4 years ago

thanks now i know a lot more about vamps

Evie 4 years ago

@ motimberhead

Really, I don't remember I was twelve when it happened and am now supposed to be thirteen and a half but obviously still twelve!

And when your twelve you want to experiment and our group at school were going out one night - all my age (boys and girls) - and we went back to a friends house after her birthday party and her parents were put but her sixteen yr old brother was in, so we decided to play a game that included some drinks and we all had to say something and if we had done that thing, we would take half a mouthful and we were very naïve and everyone wanted to know what everything was like. And I decided to draw the line at getting slightly more than tipsy. So I walked out the door and someone followed behind, who happened to be a very good male friend of mine. We said goodbyes and he kissed me on the cheek, then as he went back inside he tripped over and his glass smashed on the floor, he started to pick the shattered pieces up, but he cut his finger so I helped him, but he pulled me down (not knowing that he was such a jerk!!!) and a scraped my knee. "oh look what I've done! So sorry!" he sounded sincere but I didn't actually realise that I had cut my knee until he had touched it with the finger that was bleeding and quite a lot of his blood went into my poor wounded knee

The rest of my memory is just a blur, and I don't remember anything of my human past anymore

profile image

motimberhead 4 years ago


I must say your story sounds absolutely fascinating and intrigues me. But as I have shown before on here I am not a blind follower of words but one of common sense. Do you have anymore details on your transformation or what happened that night? Or any other form of proof?

Rachel 4 years ago

Hey Skye can you PLEASE write back SOON

Rachel 4 years ago

Hey Skye your story so cool I hate my life can you talk to me and maybe change me I need to be a vampire I would do anything to be a vampire I need this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Skye 4 years ago

My fellow walkers of the earth

im sorry that i have not posted for two months for i have been traviling. I still have not mastered how to spell all of these words people use nowadays. How is everyone.Iris i was wondering if you would like to meet up this full moon at foxhall you hometown. i am near the area but have not been able to go to my home town since my family the trackers are still after me. they don't seem to understand i don't want to hurt them and that i want to live in peace. But enough about my probems, what are people doing in this fine month.

yours the eaths forever

The worlds for ever.


Evie 4 years ago


I don't really know how I changed, I started to notice that I started to have strange mood swings that didn't relate to my hormones. Then my whole body started tingling aggressively and it was like I was having a seizure and I just blacked out. My parents were away for three days. the time I had a seizure was 4:30pm and when I came around, it was 1:10am and I couldn't believ it! Then I didn't feel like I needed to eat/drink/toilet/shower/sleep. Then when I went back to school, I noticed that I had got faster including reflexes, my senses were heightened. I also noticed that the ring around my pupil changed colour according to my diet and my iris colour got darker but more vivid in colour.

Yet I still don't know how I changed.

profile image

motimberhead 4 years ago


So it seems you have recently changed, I am rather curious how did you change and what made you change? It seems that several others on here claim to be something other than human, so how did this happen to you?


It seems you have become rather silent, why the sudden stop in posting?

Evie 4 years ago

To unknown hybrid

Are you actually a hybrid?

If so when did you change and what can you do?

I need help, I changed a couple of months back, maybe more, but now Im finding it getting harder as the weeks goes on! I don't know what to do?! And I was hoping..... Maybe you could help?


jaden 4 years ago

i am a vampire

Rivera. 4 years ago

I was never turned. I was born this way. Apparently my father was one too...but I never knew him so it's only what I am told. I first showed signs at 7 and then the hunger kicked in in early teens.

I have a cell but I am not giving my number out here.

Email me and I will give it to you.

Oh, and I do know how to use my strength. Very well. I am the protective type, so I learned how.


Unknown Hybrid 4 years ago

To Rivera

I understand your feelings but you have to know that you can’t go back to the past. Once you transform you cannot come back and be humans once again. It is true that it is hard to have someone you love by your side even if this person would know or not who you are really… It is my boyfriend who transforms me because he wants to protect me and be sure nothing would happen to me. The thing is he has a rare vampire blood inside his veins and it is inside me now… He is kind a little scary when he is really mad thought. Let say that if a humans see what it is to be super strong but with no muscles he could be questioning a lot of questions…

I just hope that you are not too sad to be that way, in the same time you could protect yourself alone if something happen in the night or in the day (If of course you know how to use your strength).

By the way, I wish to know you a little more if you don’t mind, maybe having a half vampire friend might be great, don’t you think? I might give you more information about vampires if you need some help or just curiously. If you are interrest to meet a new friend, well so it would be great if you have a cell for texting.

Sincerely, Unknown Hybrid.

Rivera. 4 years ago

@Unknown Hybrid

I am aware of that.

I am aware that there are slow aging vampires that will die and immortal ones...The immortal ones being considerably more rare..I have also heard of methods for a living vampire to ascend to that level of being...but who knows.

Was the rest of your post directed at me? Because I have absolutely no desire to be turned....well ok. To be exact..ugh

(its only the one you know will see it)

Ok a bit of self encouragement there.

I...actually am a vampire..

I don't like it. I'd much prefer a normal life. A normal girl who could actually hold down a relationship with a guy without him getting freaked or finding out that he can't even pin me down. It makes it really hard for a guy to feel protective or dominant over me when I am more dangerous than he is.

I don't tell people....saying it anonymously online is hard enough.

But I will admit..there are a lot of perks....and when I am in my more predatory mindset, I love it...but that is also when I am least human.

Blah. It is what it is. Admittedly some people would benefit from it. Some vampires would trade places with a human.


Unknown Hybrid 4 years ago

To Rivera...

You got the best point in all of those stupid comments I've read but you forgot that there is not only one vampire race in the existent...

Some will be growing and ages normally like a normal human, some will be immortal from dying in ages and some will ages lower like you say...

I can say that even if people would beg no matter how it takes to be transform into vampires will be a real waste of time for us to do so. It’s sometimes hard to be with your friend without looking at they’re veins and wanted for blood... Some vampires can control and feed animal blood but some like vampires like us is pretty hard... I can resist but I known someone who just can’t look away… It’s is true that we are sensitive from the light of the sun but we can still resist it.


I just want to say, even if you beg to become a vampire, who says you could live a perfect life being a vampire? We don’t care about how your life is and how miserable you are, your life is might be better then being a creature like us… We might look like normal humans but we feel ourselves like monsters, some vampires love to be like that and some don’t and hate it a lot like the worst. People might know it one day who we are and if your friends and family discover everything about you, it could be the worst life you would ever live…

Do you wish that??? If you do, have it your way but you could die in a miserable life if you are not lucky.

Unknown Hybrid

Rivera 4 years ago

Being a vampire isn't a walk in the park either.

A weak human unable to overcome their problems and unable to face their reality would make a weak vampire. Unable to control themselves or conduct themselves with honor.

Turning is frowned upon. Under some organizations it is not allowed unless Ok'd by....higher up. And those that are permitted are special. Most turns go over almost secretly or are done by those that are not a part of the greater community.

Being a vampire is a whole new mess of problems...often times on top of those that you have as a normal human. You still need money, to work, to conduct yourself in society. Only now you need to feed, may be light sensitive, and will have a problem relating to humanity.

Being a just lonely. There are so few real ones that the odds of living in a place where you can be among your own kind is small.

aaronhollowfangs 4 years ago

Rivera u have a point but I need to become a vampire because my life is a living hell hole

Rivera. 4 years ago

And in reference to earlier posts, yes we age. Just slower. And remember that aside from their vampiric nature and abnormalities, they are still "Human" and desire to be respected.

Rivera 4 years ago

*Facepalm* Stop looking for vampires, people...If you manage to weed out the fakes and wannabes, and find a real one...well, at first they'll seem normal. They like to. And then they'll display other characteristics. All vampires at base mindset are predators. The bad ones can hurt you...the good ones may not relate to humanity very well and seem distant.

They need the blood or energy. They are light sensitive but it doesn't kill them. The have heightened sense, sleep odd hours, and are stronger and faster than a normal human. It's not movie superhuman..but it is abnormal. Many have a mix of different "gifts" aside from the basic. IF you WANT to find one so will..but you may regret it.

AS FOR TURNING. Most will tell you that they can't or won't do it. Regardless of if they's frowned upon and dangerous. So do yourself a favor, live your life, enjoy vampire fiction...and do not look for the real thing.

abhishek pal 5 years ago

i want to be a real vampire.

Unknown Hybrid 5 years ago

The Real Truth.

Vampires are creature like animals and humans, true they do exist but only in a small amount. But we are stronger and faster then a normal humans and a normal Vampire itself, sorry to disappointing you but there is more then one kind of races of Vampires... You have the normal Vampires, the hybrids (just before the vampires), the Dhampires (?) and the oldest, rarest Vampires (that is probably impossible to find but very strong then you could think...). I am actually a Hybrid with a Mix of Vampire and another race...

Beside that, were wolves are not stronger then Vampires, that is a myth or any "Twilight" Fans all thinks. Its true we do not transform humans to become like us, it would turn the humans into a Ghoul or else that you prefer not to know.

The garlic, the silver, the Christ water and all stupid things that people thinks it’s would kill us is not true. We can eat garlic, the Christ water doesn’t do anything to us, the mirror is reflecting us like a normal humans, the silver is a myth like even a were wolf cant die with silver, the Rosier or a crest doesn’t do anything ether and we can even go outside but the sun could hurt eye a little but not in a way to die...

Anyway if you guys is asking, we do look a lot like normal humans, we do love blood but not like a freaking blood maniac, only if we are in a big need of it of course. You do not want to be near an angry one... It could be really dangerous then you think. So be careful if you are in a search of vampires (Rather not do that, it is pretty annoying.). Far from that, I have no raison to tell you more about it, so hope that helps.

Unknown Hybrid.

Unknown 5 years ago

I'm obsessed with vampires...:)

aaronhollowfangs 5 years ago

Would the one known as Spencer change me

aaronhollowfangs 5 years ago

Please I need to become a vampire ive dreamer about it my whole life

annu 5 years ago

i really dn't have a idea dey exist or not but if dey do den gud or if dey dn't den itz still gud....cuz i m really happy wht i m....nd just luv d way it is...n i wud suggest 2 u ol guyz dat just try 2 luv urself....nd life will becum itself butyful.....actually it is just open ur heart....nd b urself

Firdaus 5 years ago

how can i meet with a real vampire..........

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vAmpyre 5 years ago

Hey, bailey can i talk to you personally, my email is

spencer 5 years ago

i don't know about vampire history but the beginning of demon history my ancestor curse a king to walk the lonely road of immortality and all of his followers to drink blood to live its bite is venomous so if your lucky you'll die fast because if you do there is no going back and you soon get bored of living but wont die easy and you'll envy the mortals

bailey 5 years ago

Its me again I forgot to say that us vampires are every where but we don't come out much and remmber in fangs we trust

bailey 5 years ago

First they have no idea about vampires. One thing about us is that only some of us drink human blood but most of us drink animal blood.Another thing is we don't burn in the sun it only bugs our eyes. Also we are much stonger and smarter also we can fly and we have super speed. Some of us are born vampires and the same thing with werewolves.And we don't wear black that is fake stuff about us.The vampires that kill people only do that is what long ago. Also some times we have to kill other vampires that get really that go crazy at mortals.Most of us become friends with mortals.This part is very important vampires get very mad if mortals say there better and if you do than you will DIE.One more thing before mortals were alive the vampires had a king and queen.There is a rumer that the royal family is alive but hiding and the day of world war two stared the queen had a daugter.But later the queen disappeard so her only son had to look after his sister. If you want more things about us just comment and I will post more facts. and remmber in fangs we trust.P.S love blood and don't like my boyfriend Jake or I will drink your BLOOD.

preeti 5 years ago

hi ...

i want to talk to real vampire. if u r real u can find me. i am waiting for u.

spencer 5 years ago

aaronhollowfangs you really don't know what your getting into you see i figured out that im part demon tho i can die it still sucks durring the full moon you get cravings for blood then to meat but no madder how hard i try to keep it in check it always we be there waiting to consume me

aaronhollowfangs 5 years ago

I want to ask a real vampire in herecnicely please change me into a vampire I'm 13 and I hate my life if ucan get me on facebookk at aaron Holloway just seachme on facebook I want to to be a vampire

spencer 5 years ago

dear orianus

i have odd strength i realized this when i pick up a 200 pound kid using only my arms naturally i shrugged it off then i told one of my friends he said that's not normal so i came hear Ive been studying you interesting ways of expressing you common feelings for your race but have you heard of a half demon half human

pankaj 5 years ago

I love vampires.I love to be one of them if i get an chance.They are really very interesting characters.I don't know that they are real or not but i love to be an vampire.

motimberhead 5 years ago

@orianus I must say some of the things you said sounded very similar to what peter said on the hub interview with a real vampire. That seems a BIT too convenient if you ask me...

Ravan 5 years ago

Realy........ Do you not understand what your saying. Vampires....... well being one is hard and difficlt in many ways. You hurt and crave what you shouldn't. And when you tell someone they look at you like you are a monster. Not all of us are good. Most can't be trusted. You don't want to be one. I would know......

Jenny 5 years ago

I'v always wanted to meet a real vampire.

elshaday 5 years ago

i see many vampire films and i wish it is true if it is true i want to meet at last not the least i want to be vampire

VampireLover 5 years ago

Change me please email at

True Vampire Lover 5 years ago

Is There any vampires in Ontario Canada

True Vampire Lover 5 years ago

I'd love to be one if there is a vampire here email me at

call me Kaira 5 years ago

For the past two years I've had dreams of what I think may be of my beloved, whom I've not yet met. I long to find him. He seems to possibly be a vampire, but I'm not completely sure... should I be concerned even though I'm only 15? I want to find him but I'm not sure if I ever will. He has shaggy black hair, and....well that's all I know about him. Most of the dreams are blurry..... would a blue eyed brunette sound even remotly familiar??? Ugh....I hate being a teenager....

Katie 5 years ago

I am a London-based wrier looking for help with a piece...

I visited Transylvania last October for a travel feature and since then have been looking to meet and talk to real vampires to find out more about the lifestlye and hear peoples' amazing stories, as I've been commissioned to write a piece looking in depth at real vampires, people who are inspired to be changed, and alternative lifestlyes and culures.

I'd love any help or guidance you might be able to offer as this is all pretty new to me.

I am really open-minded and would be delighted to talk to people who feel they could help me in my research, have a story to tell or who might want to give me information so my piece is as accurate as possible.

Alternatively, if you could put me in contact with anybody who might be able to?

I realise this is a deeply sensitive and personal subject so would want to assure you, piece would be tactful, senstive and enquiring, not sensationalist in any way.

Hope to hear from you soon.

All the Best,

Katie x x x

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vAmpyre 5 years ago

Helo. I am from Singapore and I was just wondering if there are any vampires or any other creatures beyond imagination here.

ladyvaller 5 years ago

i have been having a dream of two male twin vampires [[not sure if they are twins or i not they just look a lot alike]] one with dark blonde the other winth darkbrown/black hair. and i have never seen them before in real life or movies.. if any one has info about them or knows them please messege me at

ladyvaller 5 years ago

i have been having a dream of two male twin vampires [[not sure if they are twins or i not they just look a lot alike]] one with dark blonde the other winth darkbrown/black hair. and i have never seen them before in real life or movies.. if any one has info about them or knows them please messege me at

Isabelle 5 years ago

all of you curs know nothing of real vampires. I do think that vampires are real and if anyone of you try to meet one off the internet, you are looking in all the wrong places!Do u really think that vampires would go on the internet? Vampires do not interact with humans. They do not have fangs (sorry all fang lovers) they have nails that are sharp and can go though solid rock. they do not drink people dry. They make a small cut on the arm or leg and drink a little. I do believe in vampires and i do want to become one. the things about the garlic, holy water, crosses, turning in to a bat, flying and walking on walls are not real. they are stronger and faster than any other human. they do eat regular food and they drink blood (of corse). vampires do age and they do die of old age. every 10 years that pass it is like 1 year for us. i really think that vampires are real and i do not care what you think. if anyone agrees with me that vampires are real, look me up on facebook, my name is Isabelle. I LOVE VAMPIRES!!

Evie 5 years ago


Yes we age

It just takes a little longer

kittkatt moon 5 years ago

i welcome this vampire,vampyre those whom want to

become a vampire, please be carefull. not all vampyres

are blood drinkers, some are out of body,physic,energy.

talking to a vampyre is great,but donot ask to get turned,

sometimes you have problems that get sticky.

substute blood animal is grate cow is good.

to wolfy good kara carefull.1 21 12

Please turn me 5 years ago

Any vampires in chicago illinois

erin 5 years ago

if a baby is born a vampire will it age at all or will it be a baby for life????????????????

pleazz i really need to know i beg of you answer my question

Kathy 5 years ago

Y u don't see us vampires is because we are active at night or at lest i am and we try not to be cought

Vampire 5 years ago

Im a real vamp but I have not told any of my friends or family i would be willing to turn people

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Pughug 5 years ago

Vampires are not these blood sucking monsters. They are real people and we do exist there are rules that we have to follow We cant kill and suck the blood of people there are people who donate blood so we wont die

juli 5 years ago

how can i believe that the vampires are real... can somebody say me this? can somebody to prove me this?.. than prove!

Eleanor 5 years ago

Hey there, vampires do exist. they do drink blood, they can walk in the sun and they are immortal. don't ask me how I know for I cannot tell. If you knew what I now you would understand. Most would not believe or think it's a lie, but it is better for it to stay a mystery. Vampires can sleep and don't sparkle in the sun. (Twilight just made that up and to be honest it's complete madness)Yes Vampires do bleed and their skin is not pale (Don't let fantasy fool you) Their eyes don't change colour but they do change shades of the eye-colour they were born with according to their mood wich has to do with their desire for blood and their cravings. Most of you want to meet a Vampire, trust me, you don't want to unless you like the feeling of pain and passing out and then waking up with scars that you don't know where it came from. You won't remember it anyway (Almost like dreaming, that feeling like it was a dream but you're not sure if it was real or not ?) Yeah that is kin of wht they do, almost like giving blood ? If you are willing to personally donate blood, it is you're choice but just know that not all Vampires are friendly and most consider humans as pets or just plain food. Want to know more ? Add me on MXit C0718768312 (The C must be there) and I will tell you more... Lookig forward to chatting to you guys ;)

Evie 5 years ago

Is it natural that I can live when being knocked over by a van?? Without being killed obvcours...

lisa AM 5 years ago

I am afraid of vampire....I think they will b real....but i don't think so.......i dont know what to say about that........there s no vampire......

rosie 5 years ago

i wonder if vampires r real or not

Wolfy 5 years ago

So um just email me at

Evie 5 years ago


it's been hard for me these past few months. And it seems almost selfish that I do this. And to change someone with the power of mortal life be almost criminal that I do not restrain myself against this magnificent offer. I need but only help in this. But I need not know what affect this will have on the code. As I know already. And yet I apologise to my fellow vampires and my own. My sincerest apology

Evie 5 years ago


You know, we are hard to please but I give in, but before that, I need to know you first, keep in touch. You need to do a lot more research on things first and learn rules. This would

Be so much harder though, only if...

caroline 5 years ago

Any ancient vampire out there? Plz help me I'm a vamp and if u can feeel wat I say plz come I'm in the u.s cali la near mid city

Wolfy 5 years ago

Not just that I want to see what the world will become in 1000 years please im sure id make a great friend please

Evie 5 years ago

@meera Kahn

Read this whole Hun, it has everything


You need a special reason to turn, wanting to live forever is not good enough.

Meera khan 5 years ago

Hello everyone I really love vampires I am searching about them but I find nothing about them please tell me someone about vampires I just want to know every thing about them help me someone I am waiting

Wolfy 5 years ago

Can someone turn me into a vampire please I don't care about it being dangerous im just afraid to die. I do not want my life to ever end. So if anyone can turn me into one email at

Amare 5 years ago

i believe that i know real witch that put a spell on me i am not going to lie i did ask to become a vampire but now that im in the stages i changed my mind all food taste like nothing and bright lights bother me and i get bad headaches and i am always ice cold and i don't sleep really and when i dream i see them witches dancing over a fire its just a little to much. i have twitter and email if anyone wanna help me my email is twitter diggingtheken

Evie 5 years ago


Spells wouldn't work but you can try if you must, tbh I actually don't remember anything of my first life.

vampire_believer 5 years ago

i think we should be able to believe what we want to believe tbh nd if people don't like us for that then their choice. i believe in vampires. and wud love to be one for all the people denying that they believe keep your comments to urself nd stop messing up poeple's fantasies! nd for the ones who claim they are vampires then thankyou for being honest and i need to ask a question there r many spells online that 'say' that it 'will' turn u into a vampire. i hav never tried them nd want to know that if i am will they work? thankyou much regards me! :)

Evie 5 years ago

I tell no more my friends of our traits as we are in danger but I wish o could, I'll still come on this website and stay in touch with many more things to tell of my daily undead life

tess 5 years ago

i really wish i could become a vampire. what made want to become one was reading vampire kisses. it is an amazing book about a gothic girl named raven. she meets a guy named alexander who raven is deeply in love with. he invites her to his new home wich is a mansion in dullsville.they have dinner and then go into his yard.when there she finds out that he is a vampire.and so on so on. so ta i really love this book it makes you want to become a gothic vampire.

concerned 5 years ago

Beware true vampires this site has reached the hands of the Council you must all be cautious of what you reveal. They are not pleased with those who have revealed themselves. You must be cautious.

Demi 5 years ago

Wow ! Well if I would meet a vampire I would never know if it really is one . They would never tell us ! Like most of these people (I think )I want to meet a real life vampire . Of course I know that they won't be like in those movies . So if you're not a poser and you're a vampire , would you like to contact me ? I would really appreciate it .... btw : my english isn't that good so don't mind that , ok !!

my e-mail address:

Evie 5 years ago

Just thinking about it makes me thirsty...

Evie 5 years ago

You know I haven't had the chance to drink the blood of a slayer... I should try it sometime.

slayer 5 years ago

so manys secrets that have been revieled

so many vampires to be killed

i give you all thanks i would stay and chat but i got vamps to slay

lots of stakes


Nothing Left 5 years ago

There is a time when one believes that there is nothing left for them. Life has lost its lustre, and day it's beauty. These are the people that wish for something more, something exciting. They browse the internet seeking an individual to grant them that something. They search bars for the unique. They seek what does not wish to be found.

On the rare chance that someone like that exists and is reading this, know that I am one of these people. I seek something more, and will seek till my dying day be it sooner or later. I will be ETERNALLY in your service for a transformation to something greater. You have my word.

Evie 5 years ago

Thank god I'm not in a clan, it sounds so complicated. So I survive on my own, which is really lonely but I don't have to look out for anyone else but myself, as for me, looking out for someone less 'mature' than me has been one of the most god-awful things that I have done and it was even worse when I had to look after four newborns who wouldn't stop fight and then ended up with three in the end. And never in my whole undead life will I ever look after a newborn again, unless it is an absolute necessity.

caeli 5 years ago

If a Caitiff is an individual without a clan, an Autarkis is an individual without a sect. Since most clans are a combination of cultural, political, and hereditary ties, to be labeled Autarkis, thus not belonging to the sect of the clans, may entail being labeled a Caitiff, but not necessarily. Becoming an Autarkis does not change the blood of the Kindred, but severs the social political ties with the clan proper.

The Encyclopaedia Vampyrica defines an Autarkis as "A Kindred refusing to be part of Cainite Society and to recognize a prince's domain." This definition supports the interpretation that the term may be a Camarilla exclusive term to describe non-Camarilla Kindred. However; Chapter two in White Wolf's Sins of the Blood, devoted to the subjects of Autarkis, Anarchs, and sect-swappers, the term Autarkis is evidently used by both the Camarilla and the Sabbat to define unaligned Kindred.

One may become an Autarkis either voluntarily, by retreating from sect and clan politics entirely, or involuntarily, by being forcibly excommunicated by one's sect.

Kindred from and loyal to an Independent clan are known as Independents. There is no such thing as an Independent Brujah, they are Autarkis.

It is important to note that being an Autarkis does not make one an Anarch, as although the Anarchs derive their name from the root-word Anarchy, the Anarchs do not share any unifying political ideology, but rather a philosophy of egalitarianism. If there were any position more vulnerable than being a Caitiff, it would be being an Autarkis.

a little more information

caeli 5 years ago

there are many diferent clans here is a discription of all the ones i know

The Brujah

The Brujah are inheritors of a majestic and ancient legacy, which is unfortunate. Tonight's Brujah seem less like a clan and more like a mob. Punks, terrorists, revolutionaries, criminals, gangbangers and the like make up the Brujah; the clan seems to be united in nothing save its contempt for the institutions of vampire and mortal society. Well, this is not entirely true; Clan Brujah are among the most savage vampires, and the most trivial slight or annoyance may trigger a howling Brujah frenzy. The Brujah's disunity keeps the clan tenuously in the Camarilla, but Brujah thugs routinely defect to the anarchs, the better to strike against their hated elders. Even the "tamer" Brujah annoy the elders and princes routinely through acts of defiance and rebellion. Despite their recalcitrance, however, Brujah are valued as warriors; they are perhaps the most dangerous vampires in a straightforward battle. To anger a Brujah is nigh suicidal - and Brujah are notorious for their tempers.

The Malkavians

At first glance, the members of Clan Malkavian do not appear to be a clan at all; they are chosen from all races, creeds and social strata. But Malkavians, regardless of mortal standing, bear one disturbing commonality: They are all quite mad. Whether from the clan's choice of victims, the circumstances of the Embrace, or some property in Malkavian blood itself, all Malkavians go insane shortly after the transformation (if they were not insane to begin with). Accordingly, many Malkavians find themselves pariahs, ostracized by a vampiric society fearful of their random urges and capricious whims. Wiser Kindred, however, prefer to keep the madmen close at hand: Behind the Malkavians' lunatic cackling and feverish rantings lie smatterings of insight, even wisdom.

The Toreador

The Toreador are called many things - "degenerates," "artistes," "poseurs," and "hedonists" being but a few. But any such mass categorization does the clan a disservice. Depending on the individual and her mood, Toreador are alternately elegant and flamboyant, brilliant and ludicrous, visionary and dissipated. Perhaps the only truism that can be applied to the clan is its members' aesthetic zeal. Whatever a Toreador does, she does with passion. Whatever a Toreador is, she is with passion. To the Toreador, eternal life is to be savored. Many Toreador were artists, musicians or poets in life; many more have spent frustrating centuries producing laughable attempts at art, music or poetry. Toreador share the Ventrue's love of high society, though not for them the tedium of actually running things - that's what functionaries are for, darling. Toreador know that their place is to captivate and inspire - through their witty speech, graceful deeds, and simple, scintillating existence.

The Ventrue

Elegant, aristocratic and regal, the Ventrue are the lords of the Camarilla. It was Clan Ventrue that provided the cornerstone of the Camarilla, and it is Clan Ventrue that directs and coaxes the Camarilla in its darkest hours. Even in the modern age, the majority of princes descend from Clan Ventrue. The Ventrue would, of course, have things no other way. In the tradition of noblesse oblige, the Ventrue must lead the other clans for their own good. In ancient nights, Ventrue were chosen from nobles, merchant princes or other wielders of power. In modern times the clan recruits from wealthy "old-money" families, ruthless corporate climbers, and politicians. Although Ventrue move in the same social circles as the Toreador, they do not fritter away their existences in frivolity and idle chatter. The Ventrue proudly wear the privileges of leadership, and stoically bear its burdens. Thus has it always been; thus shall it always be.

The Caitiff

The clansless. Caitiffs, are a new aspect to the vampire's society. They don't have anyone to teach them Disciplines, and no one to tell them of the Traditions. This doesn't mean they don't know any Disciplines, they could very well make their own, but usually they figure out a few small tricks to a few Disciplines. Some may even group together every once in a while, but not likely. They prefer their freedom, and the will to do what they will.

Caitiff are vampires with no clan to call their own. This usually happens because their sire despised them and left them to die. And the occasional victim of feeding gets lucky, and some how gets some of the vampires blood. They are also the rebellious ones, and some take leave of their sire and do as they will, most of the time moving to a new city or some where remote.

Most of the other clans look upon the Caitiff as trash, weak blooded, no knowledge of who and what they are and leave them to themselves as long as they don't cause any trouble, and most defiantly don't break the Masquerade.

The Nosferatu

Caine's childer are called "The Damned," and no vampires embody this more than do the wretches of Clan Nosferatu. While other vampires still look human and may travel in mortal society, Nosferatu are twisted and deformed by the curse of vampirism. To put it bluntly, the Embrace transforms them into hideous monsters. Unable to walk among humans, Nosferatu must dwell in subterranean sewers and catacombs. Other vampires revile Nosferatu, considering them disgusting and interacting with them only when they must. Because of this stigma, however, Nosferatu are survivors par excellence. Few creatures, mortal or vampire, know the city's back alleys and dark corners like the Nosferatu do. Additionally, Nosferatu have refined the crafts of sneaking and eavesdropping to fine arts; if anyone or anything has the latest dirt on mortal or vampiric society, it is the Nosferatu. Finally, millennia of shared deformity and abuse have fostered strong bonds among the monsters. Nosferatu forego the squabbling and feuds ubiquitous to the other clans, preferring to work in unison. You mess with one, you mess with 'em all - and that can get messy indeed.

The Tremere

Even among vampires, the insular Clan Tremere bears a reputation for treachery. This reputation is well earned; the Tremere were formerly a cabal of human wizards who, hungering for immortal life, wrested the secrets of vampirism from unwilling Kindred. Such vile deeds earned the clan a sinister reputation; even today, certain vampire clans would love nothing better than to destroy the entire Tremere line. Nonetheless, Clan Tremere holds a place in the Camarilla, for its members were instrumental in suppressing the Inquisition and supporting the Masquerade. Then, too, the Tremere have proved themselves dangerous enemies - and powerful allies. Tremere still practice a version of the arcane arts they studied in life, and so these "warlocks" use their sorcerous powers in service to the Camarilla almost as much as they use the Camarilla in service to themselves.

there are more but it would take me to long to write about them all but i will write about one more my clan

The Gangrel

Of all vampires, the Gangrel are perhaps closest to their inner nature. These nomadic loners spurn the constraints of society, preferring the comfort of the wilderness. How they avoid the wrath of the werewolves is unknown; perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the Gangrel are themselves shapeshifters. When a mortal speaks of a vampire changing into a wolf or a bat, she is probably speaking of a Gangrel. Like the Brujah, Gangrel are fierce warriors; unlike the Brujah, Gangrel ferocity does not stem from anarchic rage, but from animalistic instinct. Gangrel have a keen understanding of the Beast in their souls, and prefer to spend their nights in communion with the animals whom they so emulate.

i hope you found this useful and contact me at

can't tell you humans 5 years ago

yes im the vampire that got bit at 18 no i will not NOT EVER put your life at risk it takes three weeks for the venom to setle in your blood.SO NO I WILL NOT CHANGE YOU. however if your willing to help me find nick thats a different story still its braeking my kinds law i could be torn limb from limb and burnd.

cant tell you humans 5 years ago

most of those vampires are a diferant spiecies than me i am the rarest vampire alive my kind was at war with dumb mutes. any ways i was turnd at 18 i don't ever grow old die of old age or a deisiez.i don't sleep in a coffen to tell you the truth i don't sleep at all. i mostly feed on animals i have never tated human blood nor been aferd ive lived as a vampire for twentie years now. i am used to the humans sent i cant say that i can work at a hospitle thogh.i know you humans want ever lasting life but that would be irsponceable its realy not that great. and no i don't have fangs all the time only when i hunt at some mountains i always chek the area to make sure no humans are there and yes if you're wondering if im venomuose. i am a girl. those myths of us bieng alerject to garlic and the son does not require to us. the vampire who changed me i am soon going to get revenge. if your wondering why here's the story. i was in highschool i liked a vampire i had no clue he was a vampire because i did not beleiv in them. so he pretended to like me to he took me on a date brought me to a forest bit me on my wrist i still have the scare. then he told me i was a useless pethetic human. his family told my mom that i got in a crash.i was luky to have another vampire find me and help me through the change hes the vampire that ot me to drink just animal blood.

Iris 5 years ago

greetings my friends

i hear that a lot of you wish to become vampires but do you all know the facts. i will tell you some but others i may not say because i spoke a blood oath (funny but i spoke it when i was human on my human blood) anyway there are a lot of different types of vampires and i don't know all the facts about all of them but i am a winter walker (funny names) but it means i have walked the winter between 100 and 300 times i have walked the winter about 203 times maybe more maybe less it also means i was born into my vampire life in the winter months i can not see the pure sun or i will die but sun behind clouds will just burn crosses do not hurt me and nor does holy water but wood of any type will hurt me and i will take longer to heal i age about 1 year every 10 and i need to drink a little blood at less 1 a week in a winter walker first 100 years we have a teacher nomaly the vamp that changed us but in the beging of the 100 years being a vamp we make a group of us about the same age which we call our family we meet our teacher once a year for one week but other than that we are free to do as we please and in the beging of the 200 years or the end of the 100 years we can walk the earth by our selves if we want but we have to meet up with our familys every year for a week and our teachers only if they wish for they some time have a new youngster when we reach 300 we become a teacher but we still meet up with our familys and we bring our first youngster (a newly changed vamp) to our teacher to make sure he aproves.

we have other laws but i may not tell you them we are not the only type of vamp and we do not tell our secrets to any of the other types of vamps (sorry other types of vamps) not many know about our ways or us but we you could always try different types of vampires who might change you

skye it was good to see you maybe you could tell them about your type of vampire see you soon at the old rock in foxhall ross

Lotusbud101 profile image

Lotusbud101 5 years ago from Somewhere pa

@ evie

Thanku and good luck to u as well keep in touch

It's nice to have Simone to chat w.

Evie 5 years ago


It depends where u live really like somewhere rainy or barely sunny... There aren't many where I live either but it's very rainy and dark and barely sunny and unpopular with vampires, I haven't met any here anyway... But good luck!

Lotusbud101 profile image

Lotusbud101 5 years ago from Somewhere pa

@ evie

Thanku for the info I will keep an eye out. I don't think there are many where I live

Evie 5 years ago


Well, to look for one of us if it's a sunny day, look for domeone who shys away from the sun (walks in th shade constantly), someone who only speaks when spoken to and on their own and slightly more classical. Also if your out at night and see someone on their own in the dark and look like there up to nothing particular then maybe they are one. Also (more likely a woman) someone with red hair and blue eyes might do the job. Look at their eyes and see if they have a dark ring around their iris (coloured part of their eye), everyone has it but check how thick it is, it needs to be quite thick, also look for a ring around their pupil:

Blue eyes: yellow ring (common)

Brown: grey (rare)

Green: pale blue (extinct)

Hazel: jet black (extremely rare)

Holy water, crucifix and garlic have absolutely no effect on us that is just myth.


Lotusbud101 profile image

Lotusbud101 5 years ago from Somewhere pa


There r so many different view's on this how do u know what to look for? I strong want to learn more but so much of it contradicts one another very confusing.any insight you have on any of this would be greatly appreciated. Thanku

Evie 5 years ago


The truth is vampires are out there, there are millions of us, we just don't show ourselves

Lotusbud101 profile image

Lotusbud101 5 years ago from Somewhere pa

What is the truth????

Lotusbud101 profile image

Lotusbud101 5 years ago from Somewhere pa

It is very interesting to read what everyone has to say.people have somany different views on this subject I am finding it very hard to find anything solid?????

Kendra 5 years ago

For all you who want to be a vampire or whatever, LEARN YOUR FACTS!! Do you honestly think vampires sparkle in the sunlight. My goodness you kind of people anger me. Twilight is FAKE. It is just a fun made up story for FUN, it simply entertains children and teens. Please be careful what you wish for I wouldn't want mindless fools getting hurt over something as stupid as a made up story. Vampires are real proof is everywhere but they are nothing like you read in stories.

Evie 5 years ago

Please every person who wants to become a vampire - i urge you to rethink that it's not at all a fantasy dreamland no matter of how boring your life may seem for my pity goes with you maybe but at least you will still have mortality.

But on the upperhand, I learnt that i wasn't just a Sanguinarian, but a hybrid!! :-)

Saba 5 years ago


i really respect all weather they r human or vampires i love see be with them like friend i know they love human blood and i know they can control themselves too hope respectfully a real vampire will make me his or her friend this is my yahoo mail i will keep waiting for my best friend vampire

Akshi 5 years ago

wow...... VAMPIRES... I'm love in it... come and taste ma blood. I'm expecting one of you to kill me.....

?? 5 years ago

when u r reading this don't stop or? something? bad will happen to you! sorry about? this.this girls name is summer shes 15 years old and has blond hair many scars no nose or ears she is dead if you don't copy this just like from the ring copy and post this on 5 more sites summer will appear one dark quiet night and kill u? when? ur not expecting it and kill you? this is no joke something good will?? happen to you if you post it on five more pages ITS FAKE SOMEONE TOLD ME TO PAST SO NOT MY FALT?

Evie 5 years ago

I think I'm more of a modern vampire, my "creator/trainer" says I'm quite young to be able to control myself as much as I can, I was born about 3 month ago and yet I already know what I'm doing.

Orianus 5 years ago

Hello my dears how very lovely it is to be back. Though I must say this will probably be my last post, much to do in such a huge world. You wouldn't think so being an immortal, but oh is that, shall we say, far from the truth.

I find myself waiting in anticipation for the first snow fall of the season to start now that I've had the pleasure to see the golden autumn leaves change from their once, lush form. It's truly magnificent to be able to walk into a park and be enveloped in a series of colors; all of which offered by the nature of the world. Although I must admit, winter is my most beloved season. I call it the season of purity; when untouched, everything appears so delicately layered in white. Did you know every snowflake you've ever touched is never the same design? Truly wonderous how such a small, chip of mere ice could create such a beauitful piece of work. It truly astounds me, our world's creations...

Forgive me, Iris and Skye, is it? My apologies my ladies fore I do not know of who you speak of. Although I've been well aquainted with a few slayer groups in my time that, well, do or do not view us as an imposing threat, I have not yet been introduced to these group of 'Trackers' but I'll certainly keep a look out...

Well my dears, it has been a pleasure being aquainted with you all. For now I must attend to business affairs at hand.

I wish you all safe and sound.



NIGEL 5 years ago


Anna 5 years ago

^^ contact me at if there is a problem everyone are welcome

and to those vampire i want really to understand you and if i can help then don't hesitate to ask me i do everything i can ^^

Evie 5 years ago

I actually Still haven't gotten my head round what I can do yet, I found out this morning that I could drain my friend (with a lot of practice), and it's hilarious when people think I wear contact lenses! I love my sight, it's much better, I love how I can smell and my hearings thaw best. I run fast and it's funny when people try to pick on me and then they are seriously scared once they've heard me growl. Not many people know what I am.

I am a day walker [and a night lover]. I am a Sanguinarian put I can drain peoples energy too????!!! I'm more of a Sanguinarian I have to say!

tammie 5 years ago

i am in love ith a vampire

diana 5 years ago

All the things that you people say thrill me. I am still left to wonder, are there real vamps in my country Kenya? there are, then I wish to know u more. Only Vamps are to mail me from all over the world

lavakitty 5 years ago

hard to believe it but i am a day walker so is my friend its me and her and my bf

Aphena 5 years ago

with witchcraft you can become a vampire :P

but the thing is you burn in the sunlight but its ok there is a spell for a protection ring so you don't burn, your children will be vampires, and you stay young and i don't want to look young forever -_- so there are some bad points of being a vampire

but you will run faster, have better senses, powers to read mind (the power might be different) see better in the dark (i think)

Anna 5 years ago

hello i am Anna so if there are real vampire free to talk to me and also others i wanted to be friend with you and understand ^^ because i think it doesn't matter what race you came i wanted to human and vampire to get along

... 5 years ago

i have never seen a true vampire irl but if they are real it would be cool to see a live one, and there is this teenager over an mmorpg game saying he is one and i don't really believe it and he says he is coming in three or so days but i not all that scared because vampires arent reall i don't think....

sammie 5 years ago

hello my name is sammie i really want to be vampire for i have this bad diese that evan since birth my skin cant take the sun light so i cant go out in sun light i feel that i am a half person because i am a prisoner to the night i love the night but i am weak and i want to be able to walk the night not have to sit in a wheelchair my whole life. please vampires help me out email me at

and please help me to walk the night

skye 5 years ago

to you both thank you

and iris i would be happy to met you and learn more about you. i will meet you on saturday by the mill pond i will be in the old ock tree at are strongest hour


Iris 5 years ago


(please do not think badly of me for not writing this properly and for my spelling for i have always been bad at spelling)

I am writing this for I have read your letter and I do know where tho slayers group named tho tackers are at the moment but before I tell you I would like to tell you a bit about me for I feel it is wrong that I know I little about you and also I would never trust anyone I don’t know any think about.

I was born a long time ago (I don’t put the date for reason it was along time ago and cant really remember for it was at a time when girls only did the house work) my family believed in god and so did I then one day a creature we did not know of came to are town and people started to die first the disappeared and then the where found dried out with no blood left in there veins, we had heard stories of this happing in other towns and so started to believe in the legions of vampires! All of the town was expected to protect the woman but I was different I didn’t like to just sit back and watch my family (everyone in the town was considered family) die. So I joined my father as the first female vampire slayer in my town and in the towns around I lernt how to fight and how to find vampires I killed three vampires but the forth one I met pleaded me not to kill his sis he said to me (I remember the words always stayed with me the words made me think are the all monsters) “please take me kill me but let me sister go” I let them both go but I continued chasing only the ones that tried to kill my family, then one day a vampire fell in love with me because I was different I was not a weak and feeble girl I was strong and I loved my family I was respected by boys and men, but he knew I would never go out with him so he took my dad and threatened my family and then he came to me he said I will only let your father go if come with me and let me change you. So I did for I loved my papa and I gave up my breath for him I was changed and I was hungry the vampire who changed me was called Charles well he took me back to me papa and I was s hungry but I could not kill my own father so I killed the vampire who changed me and I ran away and hid but then another vampire found me and he looked after me making sure I did not kill and so I learned to be at one with the world and to live life with nature and so I went around the world I told people not all vampires are bad some people liston others did not the tackers did not listen.

The tackers are in the place you where born yes I nowhere you where born for I was changed before you and I tried to stop the one who changed you. Anyway I have to go now for I wish to study the stars I will be in the area you where born in for five more days if I see you I will say the “tackers are here the earths for ever”

yours the eaths forever

The worlds for ever.

Orianus it been along time since I sore you I no you do not no me but I no lots of vampires who do not no me.

See you all soon hopefuly

Evie 5 years ago


Yeah the 'trackers' were after me for at least two years, I don't know how the found me, but it was so hard trying to hide from them. But in the end, they gave up and left me because I kept draining their energy every time they got close. And I left scents taking them the wrong way. And if I do say so myself, I was quite fast at running at that time, and ten times faster!!!

skye 5 years ago


i am sorry for not putting tho real name on this the reason for not doing so is because there is a group of slayers in my area after me they are the totananto group have you heard of them? anyway they are in england near the welsh border i dont no why they chose to chase us for i love to watch the stars or live with nature i am not a monster which is what they think i just had an unfortunet event that changed my life but not my age, it is hard to get used to writing in this new way but i think i do well although i will never forget the word tho it is my favourte word. also i just wanted to ask have you heard of a group of slayers called the tackers well if you no where they are i need to drop in a birthday card for the are my sis great great great a few more greats grandchildren my sis turned against me when i changed for my parents where killed by the one who change me and she thought it was me so she thought tho was a monster and set about her whole short life to kill me and told her children and there grandchildren not to rest until i was dead but i just wanted to live a free life and i would never kill my family.

anyway i was reading your last letter (i like to write mine during the day so i can watch the moon and the stars at night and nature the world has advanced so much in such a short time i mean there never used to be phones when i was normal)and just wanted to say that i real do not like chuch yard or things like that they make me feel weak and ill anyway i real like some of the films they make about vampires because it funny what some people thing about us but honstly love nature and the earth you may call me skye because i was born on the isle of skye and i love the sky it is amazing plz tell me if you have heard of any other groups because i go round telling slayers that we are not bad and i change there mind about us but the two groups i have said about did not liston because they have lost family and they hold a grudge anyway sorry about my spelling for even thought i have tried to say normal modern words i still can not spell them good writing let me know if you hear of any group or my fimly slayer group and watch out for mars soon you should see it in the sky soon i will write soon

call me skye

the earths forever skye

Nightstalker 5 years ago

just like to find my kinda people that drink real

blood see things here things /so on.get back to me tell

me what u are a like and we can talk .write to

Nightstalker682000@ yahoo. like to see who is out there

looking for me.

Rave 5 years ago

I have just recently found out/realized I am a vampire. I have all the physical qualities (cold skin, pale, dark ring around eyes, etc) as well as the ability to feel/drain peoples auras.

Kathryn 5 years ago

thank you Orianus you've answered my questions. It's a pleasure to actually talk to one who views the world the way you do. You paint a lovely picture of how you see things. You say it wouldn't be good to meet one who dosent see humans as an equal, i don't ever think i will come to that situation. I do wish i could meet someone like you one day, but theres no point in dreaming. Thank you once agin, you were a great help :)

anna aka hells angel 5 years ago

you people need to open ur eyes vampires are real i am people who want to be one don't now what you're doing to your life,cause when you change you don't get to go back.f i could go back and change mistake i would have died with mii family in 1110 but i cant now i am stuck here till jesus comes back.and them lies about vampires dying by holy water and crosses are stupid. who thought that up.we live for jesus well some of don't think you can kill us cuz no matter whaat you do u cant. so authers need to get the facts first before they make up lies. we don't burn in the sun, we don't sparkle, we don't sleep in coffins, we don't have pointy teeth. we look human the only diffence is we cant die and we love blood. so get it rite.........:)

Evie 5 years ago

Hi Amber, yes we are real.

Become one? Unfortunately, we don't choose to become one or be bitten that's just myth unless to retrieve blood. And yeah most people do which is great but it's not all rainbows and bunnies, the craving of blood can be strong when it comes to "feeding time". And there's no going back for us really. But your young right? Well I am anyway, maybe the youngest vampire, I don't know, I don't know how long it's been since I changed but it really really wasn't too long ago, I can tell you!!! And I haven't quite got the hang of it just yet. But I'm discovering what I can do everyday an more importantly, how I can do use it. And it's not too hard to find one (we travel loads). Look, the point I'm trying to make is that this thing, this life, it's no fantasy dream.

Evie 5 years ago

Ah finally, people that actually agree that we're real, I got turned into one this year when I realises that I actually was one. It's not a case of when you choose to be a vampire more like you have been chosen or whatever, and unfortunately you can't be changed by bite, that's just myth, you can't be changed unless your chosen to be I'm afraid, quite annoying actually. I'm still getting the hang of it, and its really hard living without blood at the moment, I haven't got a donor or a member in my family that knows I'm a vampire let alone the fact I'm hungry!!! But it's not all that bad, i mean with the advantages and all that, I find it pretty cool!

Amber 5 years ago

Well i have a question ARE vampire REAL i wanna to know the truth??? Cuz i wish can become a Vampire... Where can i find one in who I'll turn me into one all my i wanna become one when I was a baby. any one knows on my e-mail me thanks would like to meet one soo bad

Orianus 5 years ago

Hello again my fellow colleagues, how are you this fine night? Yes, it is night here. Night is the most beautiful wouldn't you agree? I must say my favorite pastimes are lying down in the grass and simply being able to stargaze while the world around me is at peace and quiet....

Anyways--yes as you can see its one of my most favorite words to use--I've only just returned from visiting some beautiful countries I'd long forgotten about from whence I was a young lad. I must confess--if you haven't already guessed--I do enjoy veiwing the nature our world has to offer. It saddens me how little its appreciated nowadays. Best not to dwell though fore I do not wish to be put into a sour mood.

My dear Kathryn is it? Pleasure to be aquainted with you, my dear. I'd be more than honored to answer your question...

Hollywood, as I've known it over the course of time, has greatly exaggerated our beings. A lot they say that kills us is false. Quite honestly, I find most 'weapons' they say that kills vampires properly, quite laughable. To lay this out properly, such 'weapons' do not kill us:

- Crucifixes

- River crossing

- Holy water

- Garlic

- Silver

- Churches.

However, what I can state for our kind that is true, are stakes. Whether you choose to believe it or not, if--and excuse this explicit detail--our hearts are ripped out by a stake, it can kill us. Naturally, beheading or fire can also kill a vampire. Sadly, my dears, the sun can also be our worst foe. If we are brought out into the sun while close to our death... well... to put it in the simplest terms we cease to exist.

Now, you may be asking why I'm provding you with such information, are you not? I think its very realistic to state that not all vampires are like I. Although I've been told most of the more aggressive of our kind choose to reside in parts of Europe. Beforewarned, these of our kind are not to be trifled with fore most live by the old ways; they do not view humans as equals but as 'prey' to put it bluntly. Nevertheless, it is best to be prepared should you ever encounter one personally.

Forgive me, Kathryn dear, but I am unsure of what specifics you'd like? I shall do my best otherwise...

As far as our appearences, it is safe to say you wouldn't be able to pick us out of a crowd. Naturally, we adapt well as time evolves. Although there has never, nor shall there ever be a required fashion statement that specifies that we must wear a cap or have slicked, greasy hair. No my dears, that is simply, shall we say, a spoof on Hollywood's part. Personally, I find even the idea revolting.

Furthermore, as far as shapeshifting is concerened, we do not transform into bats and I can honestly confess I've never known another vampire to sleep in such tight, uncomfortable accommodations such as a coffin? Ridiculous, I myself, have never. I prefer a dark, secluded room where I shan't be disturbed.

And lastly, although I do find myself reluctant to give the very last, but imperative subject... what sustains the very essence of our beings. It fills me with bitter sorrow that I am to confess to you that using a living human as a provision, well, it is correct. We cannot live off the blood supplement of an animal; our bodies reject anything but the blood that has to come from a living, breathing, human being. Sadly, there is no other alternative, at least, as far as I'm aware of. As for myself though, I take only what I need. Of course, they never remember, I assure you. There's a special 'cure' in our saliva that heals the puncture wounds on their skin. The only repercussions for them, is having to deal with a slight headache and weakness for a brief hour or so. However, those that are Fledglings or 'new ones' tend to, unfortuntately, kill what they consider 'prey' to them. Since their lust for blood is a lot stronger than an older vampire such as I, this is not uncommon. 'Tis true some Fledglings are even disposed if they are unable to control their newfound craving.

Maybe this information will help you to understand why I personally urge you to re-evaluate your priorties for those who wish to seek out a vampire. Or, in some cases, wish to become one. My dears, not all vampires--should you, again, encounter one-- are like I (though not I personally; I do not wish to be hassled) remember not all vampires, again, veiw humans as equals.

But I suppose, I believe I've provided enough information for one day. Kathryn, my dear, if you wish to know anymore, I will gladly answer you here.

For now, I bid you all a kind farewell.



Kathryn 5 years ago

i'm not at all saying i want to change into one, because thats not what i want out of this. I just wanted to no the history of being a vampire from a real one. And from the last few stories i read, Its as though the ones who are vampires regret it deeply.

... 5 years ago

watch out what you wish for you never no who reading

sarah 5 years ago

i definitely think that vampires exist otherwise from where did they got this difficult word...??? i mean it is difficult to discover a word without its existence..!!!!

Aimée du Buc de Rivéry, 5 years ago

many people do not believe in vampires and many people write on these sites as though they are vampires but who knows who’s who because there are vampires in this world but everyone asks how do vampires turn have you ever wondered what happens to people that disappear many come up with ideas about what happens to them but does anyone really know through out history many people have disappeared and have had stories about what people think happened to them but never have they actually found they truth out some say pirates have attacked the ship they where on or they fell overboard or people ran away or where kidnapped. But who would ever think a vampire would have got them and once you are turned you are forever the vampire who turned you slave unless someone kills that vampire a story was made up about me that I was taken by pirates and was sold as a slave this is part true I was kidnapped but not by pirates but by a vampire and I was enslaves to him but a slayer killed him and I was free. To do as I liked but not all vampires can survive with out there master for they are not strong enough to get food or hide from slayer or to control there feeding. I have read the stories that people thought happened to me but I write on this site so that I can be almost like another eleven year old girl I mean the world has got better than it did when I was here the last time (I am in the spot where I was born a long time ago) most would say I would speak like the language of old but no I have learnt English and German and many more languages and I go to school when I feel like it to learn I have lived with this technology and have seen it develop so I know how to use it and even though French is my first language I use English most. There are different types of vampires and I am just one of them so I believe that there are other ways of changing to a vampire.

Aimée du Buc de Rivéry,

Katreena Morganthe 5 years ago

you all want to be a vampire but it not all it seems yes you live for ever but you see your family die and you do not age most say vampires do not have friends but they do and all my life i have watch my friends grow old and die and then i make new friends because being alone is not what i want also you do not drink blood all the time you can live of animal blood or drink once a week of a human no need to kill them if you only bite them in the wrist. the lost you feel the love you had it is all gone and people if they find out about you they think you are sick your friends turn on you and you have to leave because no one wants you around it is so painfull and you can never love a boy or a girl if you are a boy for if you get to close you will bite him and end his life you do not change a human by biting them no you kill them if you bite them in the neck. Who would want to be a blood thursty beast I was 18 when I was changed and I have wished I could have lived a normal life I killed my courtier but we now call boyfriend and my family died and I watch bad things then a man found me he was a vampire slayer but I taught him are laws and how I did not kill but leaved in harmony. KNOW ONE SHOULD EVER CHOSE THIS IT MAY SEEM LIKE A GOOD IDEA BUT YOU WILL GROW TIERD OF THIS LIFE I WOULD LOVE TO SEE WHAT LIFE AFTER DEATH IS LIFE BUT I CANT BECAUSE THE ONLY WAY TO KILL A VAMPIRE IS IF YOU KILL THE VAMPIRE WHO CREATED YOU BUT A SLAYER KILLED HIM SO I CAN NOT AND NO I WILL NEVER TURN ANYONE.

Destiny 5 years ago

I think vampires r so cool i wish i was one

Crow 5 years ago

I am not a vampire, but a few years ago one fed on me when I was walking home after a dance. I've wanted to be one since I was little, so I am a little pissed that he didn't turn me. If any real vamps wanna tell me how a vampire turns a human, or other useful information on the subject, my email is

kathryn 5 years ago

hi i was reading through this website and thought it was well thought out. its so interesting to read about such a culture, ppl can say its all fake. But how do we no for sure, Orianus you say your a vamp right? are you different from movie portrayed vampires or is it some what similar. Sorry if i'm asking to much, i'm just so curious.

Orianus 5 years ago

Hello again my fellow friends, just thought I'd 'pop' in for a few minutes that I have to spare. Please, do excuse my terrible spelling in my last post. I assure you 'twas my phone that made such errors, it seems to have a mind of it's own when it comes to producing out words. Funny thing, how such a small device can do just about anything. It's truly extradordinary how technology has advanced within the last couple of years...

Well anyway thought I'd stop in. Best be off I suppose, and my dear, crazyhorse (I apologize for addressing you so informally fore I do not know of your name. If you'll kindly correct me I shall address you appropriately in the future.) I congratulate you on this expansive forum. You truly have some fans, wonderful, wonderful. I give all my best wishes my dear.



rahul 5 years ago

i want to become a vampire please help me i m from north india my id is

Gustave 5 years ago

I still am debating whether or not i beleive vampires are real, one one hand i think they are because of the shere amounts of lore created about them, an just as people believed there where "dragons" there ended up being dinasuars, on the other hand i cant ignore the possibility that they cud be out there an my desire to be something more

isabella2016 profile image

isabella2016 5 years ago

my hair is really red and i have hazel eyes they look blue and i am not scared of any thing so for saying that i would love to meet a real vampire i give my address on here and to all vampires i don't wont to be one and i just would love to meet yall face to face,i all ways have dreams of yall and i would like to meet a real one not in my dreams ether,i am not a bad lady iam sweet kind and i would help yall the best way i can just ask me for help and i will make sure yall get what yall need,my home number is 334-855-1096, if yall need blood well i have rh p, it is a wear tip blood but if yall need some just ask,i don't have any thing so don't worry,

rose anderson 5 years ago

hell i will meet you where in the hell is woodstook,i don't believe you are 2009 years old i got to see it to believe it,you thank that you can kill me i would like for you to try,hell just come to me i am here in fort mitchell alabama i am not hard to find,i am here in fort mitchell moble home park lot 149 if you wont me that bad then come i will be waiting for you dustin,

Andrea_Martinez25 5 years ago

this was very useful because this is what i need for a project at my school. Thank you very much!

isabella2016 profile image

isabella2016 5 years ago

yall got one thing right web sites don't tell you any thing a bout immortal vampires i know i tryd,

Orianus 5 years ago

"Deep into the night 'twas a beauty I saw that shone in the moonlight..."

Beautiful poetry is it not? I'm quite fond of the works of English and how it was evolved over the centuries. Its quite astounding to me how many of my former colleagues have take part in this forum. It has become quite big where I come from. I see many wish to change into one of the undead. Quite interesting. Although I will not turn any that wish to become an Immortal I'd like to formally introduce myself since I've become quite fond of this forum. My name is Orianus Lethange I was born in England in 1507 around the era of Queen Anne Boleyn. Although I do not wish to disclose my whereabouts ( fore I do not wish to be hassled) I've grown quite of the old countrysides and am making a return to my birthplace next week. The world has certainly changed since my time, if a townsfolk had told me over four hundred years ago they were fond of vampires they would've been an outcast, shunned or worse put to death for believing such a darkness. Of course, not all vampires are evil. Some will only feed off willing humans and keep them in healthy, upscale accommodations. It is true that a vampire can love although it comes at great cost and not always do we stay with our lovers for fear of madness from the supernatural realm, or wanting them to have a better life than only mortals can give: a life, or because they threaten to risk our exposure nationwide. For those desperate to become a immortal I urge you to re-think your choices. You dont know what you ask of.

Well, I suppose I must be going lots to do. I wish you all the very best you may see me appear here from time to time its certainly entertaining to say the least. I bid you all adieu for now, and remember life is too short to waste such precious mortality you've been given.



Maria Hasnat 5 years ago

i live in India.hi premelia!now if younwill change me into a vampire i will surely hep you to find your friend and you will also get a new friend of yours.i live in patna. find me if you can.

alyssa 5 years ago

i love vampires. how can i print out a paper with real facts about vampires like were to find them or how to become one or what they like and dont. respond quick cause sense i am a vampire i will come and bight and i will bring my were wolf boyfriend to. see you soon.;)

B. 5 years ago

I do not know if I am 100% human. I hear things, things that are farther away than the normal hearing distance. At night I see things and can sens a certain presence when I am alone on a street or in the darkness itself. I am not a crazed fan that wants to be turned I only want some answers as to what I could be by a real vampire and I'll know if your fake so please if any real vampire is actually out there please let me know I promise I'll never reveal your identity I only want answers...

maazi 5 years ago

i love u yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

WitchS 5 years ago

Why would actually vampires go out in public and tell everyone 'Hey, I'm a vampire! Blah Blah Blah!". I don't think they'd like to get attention drawn to them as most people would probably freak out if ever one can prove they're real or someone proves that he/she is really a vampire. Telling people the truth about their existence is a threat to their kind and their preys. They'd rather not tell.

Jessie 5 years ago

Look. It is nice tht most of u want to be a vampire but it is not fun I am a vampire my boyfriend turned me but there r soo many rules u have to learn so please stop asking to be one. It is more harder for new vampires to change and as i am one I know how hard it is to acutly stay in secret

rachel 5 years ago

dam as much as i would love to believe in this stuff im just not sure. Soo many people say your crazy, or that maybe its a possibility. i've always been fascinated by the topic vampires, my favorite show is the vampire diaries. Im not all about being turned into one, but i think it would be amazing to meet one. I also cant explain my dreams, i have a vampire dream once every week but i can never see his face. idk it just bogles me, because i have o many questions but the internet has so many different answers and some of its bull ino for sure. If there truly is a real vamp write me back on this. That would be awsome :) 5 years ago

ahah everyone wants to meet a real vampire...which there is nothing wrong with it at yeah well i am actually a real joke..i wouldn't waste my time to lie and say i was when i wasn't...

Darkness 5 years ago

If their is any vampire out there reading this. I need to talk to you, because it's important.

Fakers(humans) don't need to write, thank you.

Oh, and for all you asking to become a vampire. Do you realize what you're asking for at all?

"I hope to hear from you soon, you know who you are."

SOOWOO 5 years ago





sean 5 years ago

hello,in 02,i was in car accident,Thanksgiving night.i died and came back to life,the doctors drained most of my blood.and gave me new blood cause i lost so much,if i got vampire blood,could i change????im real white,major bags under my eyes.up all night,hate the sun,my room is always dark,and cool.Sun hurt eyes,and skin.i have always been physic.The full moon effects my energy very violently.i heard vampire blood,if tested comes back different,and doctors can tell,what if doctor gave me that blood to save me.ive been very depressed,pushed everyone away.the accident was hard enough to get threw,then all this stuff.i'm going to see what type blood i was given.maybe its time for me to look for u at night clubs,or something,i'll be able to sence one i'm sure.If anyone can help and not bullshit me email me,or if a real vampire,please don't waist ur time if not, interested in learning about vampires,were wolf,witches,warelock,any sort of different,cause i am,always been different,even before accident.If anyone just wants to talk about this,hit me up,and if u can give me good answers,please do so,thank u.

Diane 5 years ago

I believe. My dreams leave me no choice. I honestly feel I have known this before but can't remember. I have no wish to live forever ... But my fetish for being bitten is strong. I would love to know more. That address is also a good one to look me up on Facebook. I do not wish to be contacted by rollplayers

shikha 5 years ago

i m a vampire

hermione.j.g.3 5 years ago

I read above from anarchy 1991, that you are a vampire im a vampire to and that you are looking for your sister. last weekend i found out that im adopted. i would love to help you find your sister but you have to turn me. maybe we could work together and when we found your sister you could help me find my real parents. here is my email adress pleas write to me:

mariah jenkins 5 years ago


really? 5 years ago

ok, was reading through some of the cooments people have left about how they so want to meet a vampire..what because you see this image on t.v ? do you know what there really like? And being Gothic or cutting yourself or drinking your own blood does not make you a vampire, sorry. The writer who says I was born in some blabla A.D time period and was turned at age three..does that mean your still three years of age? Cause you know at the point of turning what ever age you are you stay that age, you dont grow older with time, you dont jump body's like some deases....come on people. After all the years of beliveing vampires exist the human race still has no clue about vampires. there is probably a reason....the human race is not even close to being ready to understand what they have learned over hundreds of try to think before you speak and just because you dont fit in with todays society does'nt make you a vampire.

Not telling 5 years ago

I agree I love vampires I'd like to be one

kaitlyn 5 years ago

I would love to get bit by a vampire I love vampieres are soooo cool if someone meets one tell him that i would to meet one im onley 8 and i love them

ankit chitlangia 5 years ago

if ut is true that vampire really exsist in our world as u r saying then i will surely like to meet the real vampire as i have been a great fan of the vampire.I have seen all the movie based on vampires and if you find any vampire please tell him that he has huge fan waiting out in real world

profile image

Sei 5 years ago

hey Martin! If what you re saying its true, then i need your help.I have to find an old vampire immediatly to give me some ansewrs. If you find something let me know.

martin 5 years ago

hi am a Sorcerer ,a male (witch)and i practice necromancy so we could say am necromancer soon we will see if they ar out there me and others will cast a spell to get them out of were ever they ar hiding.we will see !

the fallen one 5 years ago

i do beleve in vampires,amongst other things,and i really want to meet one,i can hold my own,i have a way to get away,but i really want to meet one,particually a girl vamp.,im not shure if i want to become one,i have other wishes than are like that,but i don't really want to be one,i mean you're probly going to outlive those you love,and thats a problem.i also beleve that vamps are not evil,they are people,good or tell you the truth,if i had to choose a supernatural freind,i'd have to say a wraith,they're as close to a reaper as it one wish is to be able to create what i imagine,but that would be like playing god(btw im not christian),wich is bad,a vampire is as close as i will ever get to my one true wish.

cheyenna 5 years ago

I am 14 and I love the moom and stars my mom says its notting but is it really notting

Lestat 5 years ago

So just watched Queen of the damned and it makes me wonder if any vampire dared to come out to bare themselves like that. Hmmm interesting indeed... especially if one was bored from spending the last 163 years in hiding...

Jas 5 years ago

I want to be a vampire

...what am I? 5 years ago

This was interesting most people I know think im a vampire but I drink coffee instead of blood (i still drink some) and I go into the day but I gets annoying n the sun hurts

Anna 5 years ago

I really want to be a vamp

Black Shadow 5 years ago

My dear friends you do not know what you wish for. I assure you being a vampire is not a 'trip' as some would put it. Being a vampire is a constant burden to bare day by day. Never again do you get to relish in the same pleasures you would as a human. An underlying hunger remains; an ever constant presence that never fully leaves your conscious. To those who wish to seek out vampires whether to receive the gift of immortality of which you desire I caution you to re-think your choices.

That is all.

In your highest regards,


Fallen Rose 5 years ago

Truth be told I had always believed vampires existed. I don't really know how ad I can't explain the feeling I got everytime I walked alone in thedark. Even now I feel as if someone watches me. Its quite te strangest feeling imaginable. Am I gong to act on it? No. Unlike those who wish to meet a vampire personally with theultimate wish to receive the Dark Gift I would be weary of such. I would be okay if they contacted me but I would never beg. Although their kind has always fascinated me I wouldn't seek one out. If it wanted to make itself known that would be adifferent story. I don't honestly think its right to ask a vampire tochange you when they probably themselves didn't have a choice in the matter. There are worse things in life and death is not the answer. There's a reason every human has inner strength. To any real vampire reading this I wish you and your kind all the best.

Brittani 5 years ago

I have read the interview you had with the real vampire which. Give all my best wishes to them all and that they are safe. But why has the forum closed? Does Peter not wish to speak anymore?

Ivana 5 years ago

Look I don't know what to say!!!... I'v just read this and its seems to me that things on here are useful ... I'm so afraid that I go every night to walk and there's always something stalking me... I don't know what to do, and I feel all this negative coming from the one who follows me at night

mou 5 years ago

i want to know about a real vampire......

reaper 5 years ago

i also want to be a vampire. if anyone is out there that is one please contact me at

Vampire 5 years ago

Those of you who are real vampires and exposing themselves should know that they are not in a liberty to do so.

EmoInRed 5 years ago

I love the way vampires are i want to become on badly i don't like going to church with my friend and it just pisses me off my dad has a golden cross and i wanted to wear it but my dad said no but i am a wannabe vampire i've always like seeing the blood in the movies and i have always wanted to see my own blood i still wanna be a vamp i need a VAMP now i think it would be crazy awesome to be one, what i heard was the DEVIL created them and GOD hates him well i literally dont give a fuck about who created them i just want to be one anyday or anywhere i actually felt like last night someone was watching my when there was none in my room and or outside it was just thunder and lighning i didnt wake up to that i woke up to feeling as if i was being watched =) *wannaBvamp*

manny 5 years ago

Okay, all you real vampires out there.....

If you are for real then i am begging you to please tell me how to get turned into one. I know i can't find a vampire nearby because i live in India and i don't think that a real vampire and i mean a REAL vampire exists here. So if you can help will me much appreciated. Trust me i need to...i really need to be a vampire...if you say that life after turning into a vampire is bad, then mine is worse. I'm not just saying for the sake of turning immortal or some crap like that. I just want to be one that's all.

If anyone of you all is a vampire for real then my mail id is given below. I am serious about it and i won't let you down.

Abyss 5 years ago

You all talk about vampires like u have any knowledge about us. Being a vampire is pretty hard and meeting a vampire u probably have there common just don't wish for something that u have never truly known

autum 5 years ago

i would love to be a vampire one day but love the fact that they are real

Daniel 5 years ago

Hi, I'm a real vampire if you have any questions send them to my email and I would be more then happy to answer them.

gwenie 5 years ago

i am human..... but have long ago had to give up sunlight... see i burn so fast... within about 15 mins or so. so long sleeves and hoods or staying indoors in my home with windows covered thats this human living in the sun... also i was born with my internal clock flipped so i am naturaly nocturnal... i have to take pills to sleep at night and pills to wake with the day... at an early age i stopped growing and my face has remained the same.... i have been 5feet 5 inches from 5th grade and my all of my photos sence then could have been taken on the same day... because they all look the same... same face... no ageing... but i am human.... all of you want to be vampires..... that has been the name tanted at me for 30 years.... one day i will die.... i wonder if i will look the same as i do now.....



anonymus 5 years ago

hello. I am a real vampire. Many of u have the wrong idea about vampires. There are 3 types: psychic, sanguinarium and hybrid (both psychic and sanguinarium).

Go on youtube and research "tyra banks show vampire". U will find a lot of information about us.

P.S.:And I do mean real vampires.

cant tell shhhhh 5 years ago

i want to be a vampire i am 11 i wanted ever since i was 5

vampire envy 5 years ago

I really would like to become a vampire because ive always felt different, i just moved and dont really have any friends here i really would like to become a vampire because life is soooo boring i want adventure its like something in my life is missing and i think that becoming a vampire is the thing im missing and just the adventure i need and want in my life my email is if you are a vampire who wants to contact me i want to learn anything i can about vampires and im talking about the real ones not the fake ones

Wanna be a vampire  5 years ago

common seriously i wannabe a vampire bite me or something someone pureblooded ones

Silver Moon 5 years ago

um well hey guys im not a vampire but if there are any of you who can tell me what the signs of being a vampire then thanks a lot or maybe if any of you guys are willing to turn people my cousin wants to be a vampire and she's 11 and we are in wv if you have any info i will be avalible on here or you can call or text me in a day or two at 304-410-1145

Dev Mittal 5 years ago

I'm a Bad Vampire, and I confess i've killed a lot of innocent!! in my childhood I used to pray the evil powers and the gpd both and became a good black magician, i was having half powers of vampires so i was not able to drink blood one night while practising magic, some evils came in front of me and asked my wish I asked tem for lot of universal powers, they granted me and made me a very powerful vampire I cant tolorate humans around mee!!

i want to leave this hatred life I never sleep, I cant die, nobody can kill me any human come infront of me dies please help me!

chrissy 5 years ago

hey I have been interested in real vampires all my life. Since I was a child. I would like to talk to a real vampire. So If you are a real vampire and want to talk send me an email at

Vic 5 years ago

I am sick of this human life, so pointless.

A vampire would be a challenge.

palak 5 years ago

any one wants to see a vampier then make it a aim of your life then you will

lexie 5 years ago

i want to be a vampire someday and i would love t meet one!!

vampire 5 years ago

guys don,t every talk about us i mean vampires i am real vampire i cant sleep i will not become older and i drink blood all the time i don,t have heart

Cat Todd profile image

Cat Todd 5 years ago from Little Rock, Arkansas

What physical and characteristic changes have you had Sim? email me

muluken melese 5 years ago

I went to be a vampire.what can i do

wikdjstr 5 years ago

people moaning of whats real and what isnt, does anyuone really know that answer. Vampires..... are they real i would like to believe so but trying to believe that is like trying to believe in god all this talk and no show. would i want to be a vampire yes, decision already made to escape these mrtal chains, and mans bulls#$% law. will this happen probably not. If vampires are real nuff said they know where i amm at and who i am.i wont be expecting one any time soon no more than the lord comin down and saving me actually the vampire would show before he. I am a troubled soul with a life i wouldnt wish upon anyone i do have very little good in my life and though that little is there i aint even strong enough to protect them in this screwed up world, oh the imagination of people, and wo to he who believes in the imagination without any solid proof.... oh hout thou live in this world as belittled as an ant among the greedy and powerful giants we the people no longer seem to matter as much as it should, oh vampires come unto me and release me from these mortal chains give me strength to protect and endurance to stay strong through the years and the speed to remain unseen in the shadows around us.....

Caroline 5 years ago

For those of you who say they are true vampires, then you should know that the council has rules against coming out like you guys have been. Seriously. Everyone knows that there is a council for everything and every council has a rule. Those who are true vampires, know this and know the know who you are.

interestedbutcautious 5 years ago

if you are a vampire, can you use your abilities to do good?

sidhant 5 years ago

i want 2 be a vampire

Someone with WAY too much experience 5 years ago

Xion I was about to say pretty much exactly what you said, haha. But yeah: for all of you saying how much you want to be a vampire, you really don't want to be one. It sucks soo much..

Also for the people saying they want to meet a vampire: you have more than likely already have.:) they're everywhere o;

whipitbabylol 5 years ago

yeah idon't know what to say.... if they exist come out already to the world so i can gloat about it :D ...but if you want to keep to yourselves like you always have then so be it.. ok im done now i think...hmm yep..FiN!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

mhaii 5 years ago

well, someone said that imma hybrid vampire but i'm not really sure. I ask my mom about things like this and she won't answer me, but my friend (a psychic vampire)told me that imma hybrid vampire since last week i always dreamed about a girl with 3 blue dots in her forehead. Hmmm, i need some answers how can i really know if i'm a real hybrid vampire?

xion 5 years ago

lots of you don't even get it, people.

being a vampire is frustrating and so tiring. not to mention, the depression and wishing if only you could revert, back to a happy daylight person state.

be careful of what you wished for, people.

thanks to those fool fantasies and dumb movies, those things misled people into taking their happy human lives for granted and wishing to trash their human well condition. how ironic!

Priya 5 years ago

Vampires drink blood from humans and what do they give us in return?we don't want your powers or long life or anyother thing.but why don't they use their powers to bring peace in this's very easy for them to find and kill the terrorist andso they can save people atleast to drink their blood.they can also work to bring prosperity in the life of poor and needy. vampires, please think about your prey(humans) and try to become real heroes. If you do this i'm sure you can overcome edward cullen of twilight series.just give it a try and we all would love to see vampires in action.With love.....

vampire 5 years ago

i am a vampire. i was born one, so i'm not exactly sure how to "turn" somone into a vampire.

there are 3 types of vampires (and not all of them drink blood), actually.

-sanguinarium vampires - these do drink blood, are very strong and have very accurate senses.

-psyquic vampires - have lots of psyquic abilities (like me), such as seeing the future, reading minds, seeing auras, etc.

-hybrid vampires - both.

this is the truth. it's your choice wether to believe it or not.

Heather Forrester 5 years ago

Im so obsessed with vamps its like its in my blood! i want so badly to be one

serena 5 years ago

i think that vampires are awsome

vampires rock 5 years ago

I there are any vampires out there please turn me into a vampire I have wanted to be one my whole life.

cory 5 years ago

I wish that I could just turn into a vampire because I think vampires are really cool and I wish I had big fangs just like a vampires I hope somday that I will become one.

bee05 profile image

bee05 5 years ago from USA

I find some of these comments are hilarious. I think Vampires are only make-believes, and they aren't real.

angel 5 years ago

Hi im new at this but how can we be sure if vampires do exist???. And if so is it true that vampires can love a human and would they turn then just to be with them of all time???

chew toy 5 years ago

I live with the great-great-great-great-great-great grand daughter of Vlad Dracula. She sank her fangs into me three times yesturday to drain energy but not drink blood. I'm also friends with about half a dozen other vamps. Yes they are rel but beware humans. treading in the magical world is dangerous. I know im being hunted by a lest one major bloodluster because of what i know. only the fact that my friends are more powerful than he keeps me alive.

advin 5 years ago

i want to be a vampier but i dont belive in those things but its a dream of mine to be a vampier

carey 5 years ago

vamp are instrinting to mei cant beleav vamp are real.

aaron 5 years ago

i want to be a vampire...whoever vampire out there pls send me a message in my email..

sim 5 years ago

hi my names sim i am trying to figure out what's happening to me i am not saying i am a vampire or that i'm not but i have been finding alot of new things happenign with me just after i tried some blood and changing i have found my actually phisical state has changed my personality everything i have all the traits that you have named here and its worrying so if you have any help or information that you think could be some help to me then please reply back i will give you my email and only ask questions you may stop me at any time and i respect all that you will say or want to say i just want to no whats going on ... sim.

jack micheal 5 years ago

hai iam one of the vampire which u r searching to talk \

i was born in las vegas

i had 666 symbol embedded at back of my head since my birth

a an identification mole

one of the interesting thing is that i was born on 6-6-1986

khuhbu 5 years ago

are there real vampires can anybody tell me the truth i want to know and want something real

kev 5 years ago

like a lot of ppl on here i would like to beleave vampires are real but i only beleave what i see. may be one day. also have you noticed some ppl say no such things as vampires your fools to even think there real they always seem to beleave in god. another story that cannot be proved

angie  6 years ago

hi im open minded to the subject of vaprism id actaually like to get to know some real vamps im actaully a little sick of poeple who get so worked up on the subject of "oh how i wish something paranomal or mysic would happen" and then they get it and they freak out but me i accept things if you dont believe test me but plz id like to get to some acual vamps till then bye

Vanessa 6 years ago

I am a vampire. And everything these people say about us is wrong. We do not die from the sunlight we just simply shimmer like diamonds. However, when somebody drives a steak through our hearts we will die but garlic, holy water, and crosses do not effect us. We come in peace and all we want to do is be with the living. We often only feed on animal blood but we try our best not to drink from human blood. Each one of us is gifted with special talents. My sister can see the future, my brother can shapeshift and I can read minds but not of the ones I love. We do not wish to be taken away from our families to labs and secret services. We do not live in coffins and dark cellars we plan to blend in with everyone around us. We try to keep this as secret as possible but I feel the need that you all need to know. Now I must be off but just remember this day that you are reading actuall words from a real vampire.

tweety 6 years ago

hey taifa,reply me if you find real vampires

taifa 6 years ago

I cannot believe that vampire exist but today i got to know about this.and i cannot ignore it by seeing some strong proof .some ancient people told me when i was 2to5yrs old but i never believe them but from today i believe in them whatever people say no matter i will never stop my ' long search of vampire in islamic way" until my heart stop beating . And that's a promise to everybody and myself too. thank you taifa 13-2-11

Zophiel 6 years ago

huh...all want to become vampires

guess what? there are real only in books and movies or in your imagination, however it is tempting to live forever


6 years ago

Hi, my name is S. I'm a supernatural researcher as I would like to call myself, though I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a Paranormal Investigator yet; if that makes sense. I would love to interview any ACTUAL (and I can't stress that word enough)vampires. No, I am not interested in becoming a vampire in the least bit but I would love to ask some questions if you please. I am gathering information on the subject, obviously. My e-mail is Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

kyler 6 years ago

i want to be a vampire

Caroline___ 6 years ago

If you're true vampire write to me.

nehel 6 years ago

i love vampires even i want to meet a vampire.Please help me meet some vamp.Contact me at

me 6 years ago

i alwys know (he) will come for me!so get it over with im sick of wating!!

profile image

Wopsta79 6 years ago

Wow! only found this sight because I've just seen a documentary on vlad the impailer. Read some of your stories and I'm amazed to see how many of you believe and claim to be vampires. I'm open minded and if it's true then great. What got me curious is that I feel different as a person since the start of the year 2000. I'm not as out going anymore I'm more aware of things and people. I manage to interfere with electrical items laptops, tvs and industrial machinery. People feel weak and often fall asleep when next to me and friends mention jokingly that they feel strange when I'm close or touching them. I tend to feel tired during the day and wide awake at night I only eat red meat rare or cured and enjoy thr taste of blood!I My ex girlfriend used to freak out on a night as u would be breathing very slowly and at times she thought I was dead and I sleep on my back with my arms crossed on my chest!! PLEASE PLEASE tell me if I am or am not a vampire???? Reply on here or

I'm from Leeds uk

Hate vampires 6 years ago

Love a vampire? you must be kidding me... for those who want to be a vampire,...Never wish of something that you cant handle...(just a tip)...

sonny 6 years ago

im love vampire... and i want to turn on... can someone help me...

jenni23 if you have any idea where the vampz is.... please tell me...

catch me at this account thats my facebook account

jennii23 profile image

jennii23 6 years ago from usa

i want to become a vampire now can someone help???

Shrayashi 6 years ago

i luv vampires n i wana b

jessica 6 years ago

hi, this is jessica... i really wanna like to meet a vampire and know about them... do they believe and value the relationship? i mean, can a humanbeing love vampire and expect a true loving and understanding relationship forever from them...? is that possible.... can they controls themselfs to be with humanbeings because vampires drinks human blood.. so, is that possible for a vampire to be in a relationship with humanbeings...please reply... thank you... bye.. takcare..

unusual 6 years ago

m a kinda confused..i m 19 n score wel even widout studin hard..n i m pale and have dark circles..n i dont fall sick often..i m allergic to sun..n have an unusual colration around father left me when i was very young,dun remember when..n i m good swimmer n runner with tall height..m i a vampire?????please help guys

indiangal 6 years ago

hey guys..m an Indian n want to know if any vampire live in India too?an please do contact me if any real vampires email id is a lot

emeleerose 6 years ago

i need help im a vampire and i don't know what to do

kailib shine 6 years ago

i think that those people say thay dont esnt become thay are vampire

Anonymous. 6 years ago

I'm pretty sure I have a friend that is a vampire. She's a ginger, red hair. Not like the natural red hair where it has orange.. But her hair IS natural, but just like a deep blood red. She has emerald eyes.. Like a leaf and a jungle mixing together, light but dark. She can be violent at times, and says her "devil name" is Lucinda. She's 16, and when she turns 21, she said she'll stop aging.

sabah 6 years ago

hi :) im really interested in vampires, i really want to meet one. please. just gve me your emial or send me a picture of you but please someone atleast respond :)

Damon 6 years ago

Hi, i'm Damon and my brother Stephen is looking for a date. Vampires preferred.

PS. We are over 150 years old.

Arsalan 6 years ago

Vampier r real or not

nicole 6 years ago

hi um im a vampire and im looking for a blood donor to send me some blood

Kristan 6 years ago

I know many people wont believe me when they read what I have to say, but that is up to them. Yes, I am human. I howeve, am not a normal human. I can do things other people can only dream of. I can see auras, feel emotions, and also see into the past and future. If any of you who read this do not believe me than do not bother contacting me. What I say is the truth whether you believe me or not. I know Vampires exist, I have not seen one in person but I have seen one in my visions. I know many Vampires hate to hear people ask to be turned, but we cannot help it. The prospect of living forever and never dieing is just to good to pass up, and many of us humans are afraid to die. I know I am, and I know you probably dont want to hear this but I would like to be turned(For other reasons, not to prevent my death). If any REAL Vampires would contact me I would appreciate it. My name is Kristan, my number is 918-508-8752. You can only text that number, it doesnt matter when you text me. My email is, thanks for reading what I have to say whether you think it was a waste of your time or not I appreciate it.

kristyn 6 years ago

To answer a few other questions...

Yes, quite a bit stronger. But nothing superhuman.

Better sight in the dark, still not perfect, but better.

Sickness? Rarely.

Hearing becomes a good deal more sensitive.

Speed is increased, but again, nothing superhuman.

Don't forget, it's still a human body. It does have limitations.

kristyn 6 years ago

It's slightly amusing to know that the main reason most people love vampires is from movies like "Twilight". Or, I should say, that movie in particular.

And seeing a couple posts on here that claim to be vampiric...

I'm going to disprove a few myths.

1. Sunlight only hurts the eyes. Sometimes the skin, if your body temperature dropped during the changing. But it only drops a few degrees. Nothing horribly noticeable.

2. Silver means nothing. (By the way, that's the werewolf weakness...not vampire. Either way, still a myth). I know this only because I'm very close to two lycanthropes.

3. Garlic? Sorry. Just another superstition.

And no, there's generally no fangs involved. Sometimes the teeth will grow slightly, but that's about it.

We're nothing more than a part of a different way of life...

vladimir 6 years ago

as I observed, vampires hated brightness...

well, vampires are cute and are also normal like us.

sometimes they are referred to us as stragers...

whatever! vampires have the right to live!

vampires are vampires... so what if they are vampires?

they exists... then let us just accept them like we accept ourselves. (smile)

Domagoj 6 years ago

I wish I could see a live vampire.

Jade 6 years ago

I really want to know if there are truly vampires. Vampires are my passion and I'm only 13. If you know of any real evidence about vampires, and you have proof, text me. My number is 7328008343

real one relative 6 years ago

hi im shane if u wanna txt me u can my number is 803 486 0747 if enterested and yes im a distant relative to vamps from england i love the taste of blood and not for kinky purpoes i just love the taste i know some other distant relatives and its in my blood sun gives me back headaches ive cut myself 2 times today to taste blood my canines are elongated a little and get longer during full moon or before i taste blood like if i see blood the taste is great and i dont wear anything silver im only 17 and the smell of garlic kills me basically its soo nasty i love the woods and the dark and i talk to spirits all the time and yes i am a real live distant relative of vampires so are 2 of my friends and a recently met friend from school i found out is second generation from werewolf and if u wanna get intouch with me my email is and my numbers already on here if u have these symptoms to or more let me know please id like to be friends with many of them

Maevesoul 6 years ago

Any REAL immortal vampires please contact me.

So then what is it like to be a real vampire? How are you living? How are you feeding? Any powers?

Ah dear creature. A pity you do not understand my desire my longing. Every night when you see the sun go down and the array of colors that bombard you as the last rays of light fall silent as they sleep the night away to once again awaken the next morning with a cry of light and shout its light for all the quiet and unsuspecting world to see. When at last the light gives way to the darkness and only the sounds of cars driving away towards home can be heard. the peals of shushed laughter as the groups of humans saunter from their restaurants and clothes shops and hurry away to the safety of their homes. And once again peace falls on the land as you feel the cool darkness wrap around you like a tender lover. Then my dear would you stretch your body unhurried with a deep satisfaction that tonight is another glorious night where peace and contentment reign. With a smooth motion you leave your basement and warm yourself under the shower and feel the luxuriating coziness of the towel, staying awhile to smell the slight fragrance of the cleanliness on the towel. Then offhandedly pick a pair of jeans and a warm cotton blue t-shirt from your closet. Walk up the stairs and out the door. Drive through the city in an unhurried pace and know that somewhere in the bosom of the city lays your human prey for the night. Jump up onto the roofs a small squat building and observe your surroundings, drinking in the night life and the coolness of your night love. A slow smile that spreads and turns feral, a dominant possessive instinct that knows you own those slow moving and weak humans who walk the night. You see a lone human male who pauses to light his cigarette and you know he is the one for tonight. Silent as an owl you stalk your prey as he goes around the bend, and you catch a whiff of his human scent. A scent that tells you his blood will be sweet and rich as flavorful as chocolate and nutritious as a steak for those mortals' dinner. Before he knows it your hand is around his mouth, with your other arm tightly embracing his body like a lover. You pull him into the safety of darker shadows, fangs already outstretched, ready for bite. And then warmth and wetness explodes into your mouth and you greedily gulp the fresh blood. You drink awhile and your prey loosens and slowly fall into unconsciousness. Your mouth is closes and you gently place him on the ground, satisfied that he still breathes. He wil probably be fatigued and terrified when next he awakens, one more victim who's discovered just why it's dangerous to be alone in the night. But you've had your fill, your body slowly digesting the valuable sustenance as next you plan what to do for this evening. Watching humans go about their nightly rounds, arrogant in the knowledge that you no longer suffer their weak strength, their short lives, their childish pranks, backstabbings, their rapings, abuses, killings, and endless madness. You pity these creatures who you once were, creatures who almost never learn from their mistakes, their past, doomed to repeat them for all of time, any nuggets of wisdom passed away as that human passes away, his knowledge gone, never fully passed onto the next young human mind. You are smug in your own knowledge that such humans can never wound you, never dangerously harm you as others of your own kind might. But your kind are far and few in the world, just the way its supposed to be so that your full existence and eating habits are never brought into the harsh light, never laid bare before the unsuspecting humans. Such paltry things these humans with their endless emotional outbursts and irrational thought, their brutality, and conniving. But you are stronger than that, deadlier than them, dominant and smugly powerful. History and time spread sbefore you like a rich tapestry to read the inner secrets of life and watch the wonders and horrors that human kind create as their lives move forward and ultimately fall prey to immortal sleep.

The strength, the power, the majesty the ancient knowledge of a vampire. To observe human life but never feel it, to wander aimlessly across the world a true oyster to play and dance in your immortality. The hunter, the sweet sweet darkness and nightly peace, the predator, the deadly creature. Forever above humans and their paltry society, their constant buzzing, their meddling, them always on the move never to take a break and be at peace, them always searching and needing and desiring of things, their shortlived attachments to claims that they exist, their houses and other silly possessions that in time are no longer theirs to use as they fall to their eternal sleep. Such foolish material goods to be made and discarded whenever it suits them. But you my dear possess the greatest of possessions, the gifts among gifts that allows you your immortality. Something that can never be discarded or taken away without a good fight. You are forever. You are timeless. Your very existence brings you closer to godhood. Such jewels of knowledge and history will you have. Knowledge and power and immortality. A vampire. Perfection.

Ahhh, my sweet sweet pain. My mortality, my humanity. The very reason I stay up all night and stare at the moon. Searching for secrets in the darkness, dancing under moonlight. My hundreds of thousands of sighs as I pass by buildings and skyscrapers. Watching my imagined self revelling in the darkness, jumping from one building to the next, my peace. I hunger for which no mortal human can never have, craving it for its nightly peace to forever watch humans as I sit atop a skyscraper. Ah, pure bliss.

Do I wish to be a vampire? an immortal creature of the night? Most definitely. Do I feel human? Never! To live as a human being? Repulsive. Only you and your kind can provide me my ultimate freedom. Do you like to witness my agony or would you offer me my salvation?

Amy (Khyranna)

jess 6 years ago

any real vampire please email me at n if any 1 wants any information on vamps then i am the 1 plzzzzzzzz email me if u r a real vamp!!!!!!!

RASH 6 years ago


Sara 6 years ago

Hello someone please turn me into a vampire pleaseee answer me please ....

AKM 6 years ago

hi i used to not believe in vampires but now i do and i really want to become one! please help me become one! just email me at

idobeliveinvamps 6 years ago

vampires ar real. i've met one. her name was teledectes and she had been alive for 200 years and she told me half the world were vamps but some peeps dont now that they ar.

Sara 6 years ago

i would like to become a vampire

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Amelia Schmidt 6 years ago

Good night,

Ha ha ha ha. Vampires do not hold a gathering point. Therefore it is somewhat difficult to find one. You would be quite lucky if you found one or not.

Vampires should not be trusted. A vampire will lie for blood. he/she might be willing to bite your neck, And never hold the intention of changing/turning you. You will not know. That is why I insist for people to be careful what they wish for.


Chrystal 6 years ago

I would really like to meet one, and then be changed if possible. But where do you find one? I would like to contact one. Does anyone know how to do that?

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Amelia Schmidt 6 years ago

Good night to all,

Why, I find it very amusing for my taste. The fact that so many humans/people desire to give up their lives. I don't know if to consider this luck. For I've never known so many people who would willingly let a vampire feast out of them, or if to consider this a joke. For no human would desire to suffer such pain. (Let us call it "a pain in the neck.") And I hope I got that right. For I've heard it from numerous people. I will surely keep visiting this website since it is and I repeat, amusing to me.

This website has immense information about vampires, I must congratulate the people that put all this together. I have given me the time to read some other topics here, such as the interview with a real vampire which to me I consider felt as if everything was real. Now if the information there is all true then you have just opened a door to a vampire which, will eventually lead to more vampires coming in. Not only the good ones but the evil ones as well.

But now and with no further delay; I say goodbye to all, for now. And I wish for you all to be careful what you wish for.

Good night,


ashley 6 years ago

i know i vapires that are nice and hot!!!!!!!

ashley 6 years ago

i know i vapires that are nice and hot!!!!!!!

drake brundage 6 years ago

for one thing vampires are real because i am one and ill tell u why and how i became one. Well i am half vampire/human and i love the taste of blood i would die to get my hands on humans but unfortunitly i dont drink human blood because to me its just plain wrong because it feels wrong to even touch a persons blood. But other than that i can smell everybodys blood when i walk by them and dont get me wrong i will bring back the vampires that r still living and well take of the rest.

winlove caliso 6 years ago

i want to be come a real vampire!!strong,fast,active,and never come older,,,,

Lithiumic Illusions 6 years ago

Vampires are nt freaks or monsters , they are creatures made up from passion , lust and desire , they dnt drink anyones blood , they only sipp the blood of there love, to feel them passing through their cold veins , to feel them passing through their flesh everytime their heart beat, being in the dark,under the moonlight will create a romantic view with calmness and coldness with no one around to find and knw abt ur precious passionate romance u're living in with ur everything, we are emotional , sensetive and cruel , treat us good and u'll live in heaven , but be such a bad one , so be ready to get punched by a hand of sorrow x)

dnt think that being a vampire is cool , it feels like i jst wanna scream till my bones get numbed x) they are so pale bcz of prophirya.. all along we they do belong x).. gd be shattered for the one i love, jst sipp the tears of joy jst not to let any particles fade out from her precious flesh , i jst wanna be the atmosphere around the one i love , to be inhaled through her lungs and stay their after forever x) .

heidi 6 years ago

i do not know any vampires i feel like they are real i would like to know if there are any vampires liveing in altoona pa

jon 6 years ago

Idk no if they r real r not but if they r that means god put them here and if they r I kind of fell sorry for them yea they r cool and everything eles u can thank of but that would mean that they would have to live forever r at lease a long ass time watching everyone they love get old sick and die I no I could not do that could u

LIzzy 6 years ago

Premelia Dosiey are you sure you can turn others?

sjh171 profile image

sjh171 6 years ago

i would like to know if u real vampire have any powers like speed and stuff ??

Sara 6 years ago

I know this is a wiered question but do u vampires have any powers like speed or something

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g.l.c. 6 years ago

i only have one thing to say. and that's this is cool. i have been looking for my long lost friend for years. hoping someday to run into him again. i miss him alot. i feel as though there is something missing in my life without him in it. honestly how old is the oldest vampire on this sight? i mean this go around in life.

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g.l.c. 6 years ago

this is for real vampire, how long have you been a vampire. i used to know someone JUST LIKE YOU! moved away and lost touch.

Premelia Dosiey 6 years ago

Hi, I am a vampire from the 1800s and I am willing to turn anyone but on one condition you will help me find my best friend Genevieve Hanks she left a comment on here about Bennet we used to all be best friends then we separated. Genevieve turned me and I want to tell her how much I thank her for this but I can't find her and I'm afraid I will never be able to but I really want to find her. Remember ill turn you if you help me find her.

Nadine 6 years ago

Some people say that vampires do not exist, but in fact they don't have prove. Vampires could roam the earth without anybody knowing. Vampires exist like demons and angels, we just don't know it.

Mariah.J 6 years ago


Michael 6 years ago

People listen,just because you want to drink blood,or even if you crave blood that does not make you a vampire!A Vampire "is" an immortal being with real supernatural powers,and has to really feed on only human blood to live!If you had to purchase fake fangs,and can choose to go in sunlight,or decide you want to sleep in the daylight hours and roam the night,or even make"Goth" your dress code,or have pale skin,or are in a Vampire Club,that does not make you a vampire."I AM A REAL VAMPIRE!"I may just decide to feed on you fakes only, and rid the world of you fools. Believe me,it is not good to be like this,there is pain every minute of my exsistence. If we ever do meet,you fools will not like it.STOP PRETENDING!!!Hell is real,and that is what I have to look forward to when I finally meet my end."Ignorance is bliss."

stacy 6 years ago

i will like to meet a vampire and become one

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melissaby27 6 years ago

I'm not a vampire but I've always been fascinated by the stories. I'm an avid Anne Rice fan and have every book she's ever written so far. I recently wrote and had published my own book of vampires and it's called Ravenclaw Detective Agency.I am also a fan of the Twilight sagas and HBO's True Blood series.I guess you could say I'm fascinated with the erotic and mysterious part of the vampire world. I'm starting on the companion book to my first book and would like to hear from some of you vampires out there. Maybe use your personas as character references in the next book. If you have a story to tell please e-mail me @ I'd also like it if some of you would read my book and give me some feed back.

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tip22 6 years ago

For the one's on here that is saying they are vampires email me at put in the subject box i am a vampire or put in about vampires and tell me about your self. Now for the one's on here that is research about vampires also email me at and put in the subject box research vampires and tell me what you know. Now for the one's on here saying the friend is a vampire email me at and put in the suject box my friend is a vampire and tell me about you friend. This is you all are tell the TRUE.

pyro 6 years ago

why would people even trust so called vampires.i like vampires i think there fasinating and i would love to meet one but come on how could u trust them. and for the vampires saying oh it's painfull to be changed into a vampire if it's posible it problable wouldn't hurt as much as ur making it out to be.

andrew 6 years ago

vampires vampires are they real? i have to say yes.. i am a vampire i drink blood and take life energy in me from more than just blood some foods have great energy wile most just wont cut it.. i am looking for a mate to drink from if you are a non smoker vegan yumm hit me up at its a friends email but ile be using it for the next week..

Maris 6 years ago

I've never thought I was a vampire. I have always had a facination with the romantic part of the vampire legends. I once went to a gathering of people in a stone goth like residence, an area called River North, in Chicago. My girl told me it would be cool. We introduced each other and hung out like a normal gathering. Later on, some people were like gone. I kept wondering where in the hell did they go? Finally, one of my friends came through a room that I had just been into looking for her. I questioned where she had been, and she told me she was in that room sitting, she had had a headache. Whatever, I waited, no one around, go into the room. Nothing. I found a panel on the wall, it swiveled, I went through, and down a really narrow spiral staircase. There was a wall, I hid in the shadows, it was dark, I heard moaning. I take a peek, there was everyone, making out, I thought it was an orgy, till I noticed some had a red drink in small glasses. A girl had her arm w/ a glass underneath. You can guess the rest. I snuck out of there quick. Got my coat, and left my girl there. True, and very stupid to go to a house full of strangers. Never again. I still get nervous, even now typing this. There are vampires, and they are real. Maybe not the flying kind, but there are creatures like these people, who drink, and prey on naive people like me, who witnessed this. To this day, I have never told her what I witnessed. She never spoke of that night either. I still say hi when I see her sometimes. Come to think of it, its alway about dark when I do. Whatever, she still creeps me out. I'm never telling her or anyone we both know about this.

kerritl123 profile image

kerritl123 6 years ago from Arkansas, US

This is pretty awesome! I love vamps! Very interesting!

nathaniel 6 years ago

i never believed in vampires still i watched a movie called twilight.i was told by a friend of mine that vampires are real and i doubted it.i wish i have a friend who is a vampire and know more about it.i also heard that vampires do not eat but drink human blood

roobinah 6 years ago

i do believe in vampire.they are real. .whether you believe it or not. . They do exist that is reality

Raida 6 years ago

vampires rock!

Casey 6 years ago

Hello to all who happen to read my comment. I'm going to go ahead and get it out that Vampires DO exist. Though nothing like "Twilight" and their not immortal, so go ahead and kindly get that out of your heads. They DO NOT have red eyes or anything like that.

You may have your doubts about me knowing such information about such vampires, but your trying to seek them out, and they are out there. Some who may be willing to turn you. And I DO know real living vampires. One of them, if your really serious about this, google the name "Logan Rotten". He is what you would call a vampire. His sister Ashley is also a vampire. MSG me at if you are interested, or wanting to know more.

Vampire Dely:x 6 years ago

Love Vampireeeeee`s:x And I am vampire .. but I'm curious how you should react if they are although I have fangs and bitten many people do not fear my son will not love me I caught himself though for me is something really hard and I 14 years is not easy ... but I noticed at 13 years and found that teeth are starting vampire lips, eyes, body, clothing, teeth, nails teeth all x

vampire girl 6 years ago

I'm a vampire to my friend makes me she`s only 12 but we are my and 2 girls from my class :x but is a guy he`s half vampire half human and he`s humting us ... I don`t know why but is the true ...

nora 6 years ago

i really love vampires and i hope that they are truth and i wish they are exist becouse they soo powerfull and confedance ,they like a magic and plz if some one think that he's a real vampire or any one of you knows any thiny about vampires please conntact me "" plese help me in my research please

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Note 6 years ago

yes i also believe in vampires. I would like very much to meet a real one.just to meet one would be very exciting.

if your a real vampire id like to meet you.

contact me at michael.note@yahoo and if your in my neck

of the woods you should stop by.

shazz 6 years ago

wow i love vamps hey if u done a spell on to ur self to become a vampire dose ur eyes start to hurt cos my do soo bad

Leah 6 years ago

I have a question if any of you are a real vampire than you should be able to answer my question, for there are no vampires who won't know the answer to this. I need to know what the key of the vampires is? It is very important! Please contact me and tell me thanks!

Bianca 6 years ago

Hi their would like to know alot more about vampires if your honestly a vampire yourself, you can contact me my email is and facebook aswell thank you

vaz caz 6 years ago

i wish peeps could know

nora 6 years ago

i do beileve in vampire in fact i wanna bcome1 so BAD! if u knw nethin, nethin @ all plz tell me or sumthin plz i beg of u i wanna b different but a gud different if ur a real vampire plz email me on thank u for ur time

caitlin 6 years ago

plz contact me any vampires = msn

i live in texas

live then die 6 years ago

good even my place is a privite location but any one who is a vamp please repal i am here to help tell me the problem if u think u are a human but strange things are happening like your eyes start to hurt in the sun dont stay out for longer then 10 min. you will feel pain and the vamp who said u had a gift please we will help you but those who lie then watch your back plaese i'm here to help u but u have to repal i change host every day so i will not look like i did the other day but meeting will not happen i trying to cut back on my blood so till i get the hang of it no more meeting

Leah 6 years ago

First of all, vampires are not allergic to garlic or lavender as some myths say. They actually like the smell of lavender and some like the smell of garlic but not all and that is where the myth comes from. Now there are people who do have an allergy to garlic but that isn't the reasoning one should use to say they are a vampire, besides if you were 100% vampire you wouldn't be telling the whole world that or else you would probably be hunted down by other vampires. For that is the #1 vampire rule and does not apply to hybrids who are reincarnated vampires in human bodies. But it is against the rules for hybrids and vampires to name a vampire and their location.

PaperNotes profile image

PaperNotes 6 years ago

Great!Interesting hub and interesting comments here.

kill4blood 6 years ago

i am a vampire but i dont tell my friends except the ones that have the same conditions as me. I have a feeling i am a vampire because im only 10 and my canine teeth are already 3-4 centimeters long. I love blood and am truely allergic to garlic.

caitlin 6 years ago

i want to be a good vampire with fangs thts it and red eyes :) thts it i don want to go to hell or get bad sins who agrees?

Ashley 6 years ago

Read this....this should help because I am also a Christian who is struggling with the fact that I could be a vampire. I crave blood, but I NEVER drink it because I do not believe in drinking from the blood of others...everyone has their own ways of doing it though...:) I hope this is somewhat helpful!

fofo 6 years ago

i do belive in vampires but am afrid if there bad or not

i am reaching about them ut i dont now i it a li i wnt one good oe to ind mee ss eae help me and find me

caitlin 6 years ago

msn me @

darkelas 6 years ago

sarah-michelle, you must believe that it can be done before it will be done.

cu 6 years ago

I know you get this a lot but I can't stand curiosity it killssss meee... so if you can please contact me just to answer some questions I would fullyyy appreciate ittt.. thanksss

Leah 6 years ago

How I wish that my brother or his friend whom looks like his identical twin would take me away instead of having me dwell here! I can't stand it any longer! Take me take me away to be with you forever! I so do not get the timing that immortals have. Their timing is so hard to understand. It is like trying to understand God's time.

jani louw 6 years ago

i am sorry, want to believe in vampires, really do- I mean my greate grandmother was a witch. but every person or vampires sre giving me different information and i don`t now what to believe anymore?!? o and if there is someone who lived form B.C. times- i love history!! but to be part of history and to lived to tell the tale that is amazing!

but i am still confused- help anyone?

Desirie 6 years ago

Hello. I am looking for a vampire. There are so many questions i have to ask and eventually i hope to be turned.. i am 27 and all i can say is every year has been nothing but struggle. you only need to meet me once to know that my decision to be turned is the best thing possible for me.. i have absolutely no family.. my mom was adopted and when she died so was i and have not seen the ones who raised me in a long time either.. i try to keep people close to me but that does nothing but make me feel more creativity is my undoing most times but my only outlet. my entire life now i have known that once this life is over for me something great will start for me and being turned would be just that...PLEASE find me.. Please..Much love till then

red 6 years ago

Looking for a maker.. i know mine is out there somewhere.. i am wishing for you every night please find me!

sarah-michelle 6 years ago

well wat can i say i do not know if vampires are real im still in 2minds about the whole thing i hope to hell they are tho in some ways cause it would be kool to meet one but on the other hand they might be evil but i just dont know. if any of them are like the ones in true blood then send them my way xxxx

Kristan 6 years ago

Hello, my name is Kristan. Ever since I was little, around 5 or 6 I knew that I was going to be a Vampire someday. As soon as I was able to get on a computer I tried to learn all I could about Vampires. The only hard part is finding the truth and not the lies. The only acual way to do that is to know a Vampire, which I don't. Well, I am now 15 but my search still goes on. I will not give up until I have met a Vampire who will and can turn me. I hate the way people portray themselves as Vampires, that is as bad as someone stealing someone elses identity! If there is a Vampire on this site and they do read this comment, please email me at, or text me at 918-508-8752. If you are a fake, don't even waste your breath on trying to make me believe you are the real thing, all you will do is piss me off!

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jvampiretobe 6 years ago

vampire girl,

i would like to meet you to know more about how to become a vampire. email me so we can meet.


catheren 6 years ago

i would

بنوته فرعونيه 6 years ago

vampire girl 6 years ago

if anyone would like to contact me to chat about this topic or have any questions about vampires since i have seen them you can contact me the vampires in the stories are closer to truth than most you mortals realize i have met five and they have supernatural powers but they do not fly for all of you twilight freaks out there no vampires do not sparkle i mean come on even angles do not sparkle anyway i am related to a real vampire who is 600 years old i have seen him in his physical from more than i can count i am not crazy and many of you do not even know what can talk about those of you that believe you are a vampire you maybe one there are vampyre who can walk during the day and others cannot it depends on which breed of vampyre you are i am a hybrid and drain energy from those around me to keep me awake during the day i have no problem staying up all night for that is when i feel the most alive i do drink some times i drink it because of my instinct from my former life i am only asleep during the day i love vampires because i am one everyone is a vampire it is possible to be a vampire i have vangs i love black and red i love to read about them if you want to see a real vampire i will be at the park at 3 pm tomarrow

Desirea 6 years ago

MSN me at i want to be a vampire

Leah 6 years ago

Hi..I believe you...really....

And i need your help..please..

write me on my email

Leah 6 years ago

I apologize I gave you all the wrong e-mail address. My e-mail address is if you would like to contact me. I am known as the vampire expert in my circle of hybrid friends. If I do not know the answer to your question I will ask my brother who is a vampire and has been since the 1500's. He has read your comments and finds them very intriguing.

Leah 6 years ago

If anyone would like to contact me to chat about this topic or have any questions about vampires since I have seen them, you can contact me.

Leah 6 years ago

The vampires in the stories are closer to truth than most you mortals realize. I have met five and they all have supernatural powers. But they do not fly! For all of you Twilight freaks out there No Vampires Do Not Sparkle! That is a bunch of shit!! I mean come on even angels do not sparkle! Anyway, I am related to a real vampire who is 500 years old. I have seen him in his physical form more than I can count. I am not crazy and many of you do not even know what you are talking about. Those of you who believe you are vampires, you maybe one. There are Vampyres who can walk during the day and others cannot. It depends on which breed of Vampyre you are. I am a hybrid and I drain energy from those around me to keep me awake during the day. I have no problem staying up all night for that is when I feel the most alive. I do not drink blood either but I do crave it a lot but that is because of my instinct from my former life. It is 3:22 AM where I live and I am not a bit tired. I find myself falling in a deeper sleep during the day than the enchanted night. I am taking a deep risk just educated you mortals. Yet I do not think my vampyre friends whom I am telling you about would kill me since I am keeping their identities hidden, but they will be very disappointed and more likely scold me.

Emly jahaira  6 years ago

Well I wont say much. I just want info n answers alot of wierd things happen to me n idk where n to who ask. So ill try here. I think dis websites really cool. Ans for once i feel like i belong. Its pretty awsme to noe tht there r so many ppl who dink alike to u. If ur a witch ir vamp or ect connact me. N hey if ur human like me then hit me up too. Itd be nice to talk to someone who has my same intrest :]

Stinky Pete 6 years ago

Oh. My. God. This is the most entertaining website I have ever read in my entire life. Thank you so much for this, you guys.

ash.. 6 years ago

i love vampires, and i love reading the book, any books bout vampires i will read really, i wanna kno also are they are? i would love for them to be real, and if the books are real and what they say bout them, i would love to really see and meet oneday, im not weird or anything just really into vampires. if i did meet one i would hope it would be a guy an very hot likee edward lol, but likee i said i would love to meet a real vampire oneday that is if they are REAL

LittleCamazotz profile image

LittleCamazotz 6 years ago

jim by what i'm able to do i guess i'm a daywalker. i'm not a person who fakes being something. That's just nutty to do that. It sometimes worries people. Yes i can walk in the day but prefer night time. It's near 3:00am and i'm barely sleepy. I sometimes have a habit of staying up still the sun comes up. I can't sleep well when the sun is up so i try to get asleep before the sun comes up. I can tell if the sky getting the morning blue. Orange in the beginning with more blue and then breakdawn.

LittleCamazotz profile image

LittleCamazotz 6 years ago

Replying Cant say.....

I can only trust a few sites and hope people won't think i'm crazy though yeah, i'm very sure i'm a vampire too.

(i never go out hunting because i'm still at a very young age. i'm near adult-hood too.. (17 in human years and 2 in vampire years. so i'm kinda like a new born.) I just kinda.. drain myself.. since of safety issues.

Rachel 6 years ago

a lot of stuff u read about us is not true people make those up for entertainment hardly anyone nos the truth

fiona 6 years ago

hi vampirenatics...hope you enjoy this website and continue searching for a true vampire....

vamplover 6 years ago

well ive alwasys been intrested in vampires sence i was a little girl on hallaween i always wanted to be a vampire or a witch. i never liked being a princess yuck! all my life ive always loved them and i even read any vampire book i can get my hands on! and i also try to find any info that i can find on them the supernatural has never scared me on the contuary i love it and i wish i could meet one in person

profile image

yukii05 6 years ago

i do believe in vampire, they are real and living everywhere as a normal people, and i might be one of them, im still figuring it out, and if i may be, then i would be hybrid, having a big researched is a great way to find who am i and it helps me know whats the real, some people believe that vampires are real, but they believe it cause they only know the fictions, some dont believe and dont put interest in it, if you are really interested with it, you can research, people who dont believe in it means they never and will never be interested in vampires, if you really wanna know about vampires you can find me on facebook,

Leah 6 years ago

All I have to say to you mortals out there, be careful what you wish for. The experience of meeting one is dangerous. You will end up as their dinner. Better hope that the vampire you meet does not kill humans but goes to the blood banks or feed from animals. I have actually met a vampire and he reminds me of the angels. I am still alive just because I was related to him in my past life. Believe it or not I am still kin to him in this life which is ironic. Kimberly you are not a vampire but a hybrid which is a vampire who was killed and now is reincarnated. I am a hybrid myself for the vampyre that I was related to was the one who changed me. Now I am waiting for him to decide when to change me again for he told me he would.

kymberly 6 years ago

i believe im a phyic vampire as i can sometimes predict the future and some of my clostest friends always comment on the way they feel "drained" of energy when with me for a long period of time.

im only sixteen but during pubity i had a tendency to bite everybody i see, im not saying i used to suck blood, i just couldnt stop the feeling like needing to bite people, but ive grown out of that stage now.

If anybody is a vampire please add me and explain if i am, which im pretty sure i am. A vampire.

Faustine 6 years ago

Hello. I am a real vampire. I'm almost 4 years Awakened and am currently a Sire to a younger vampire. Most of the humans on this page have a fantastical view on vampires, and it's not pleasant for me to read. I'm tired of being viewed has a freak that sucks the blood of innocents. I drink my own blood and the blood of WILLING donors (though I can't find one right now and my Thirsts are getting very unbearable...)I am not a monster. For those who would like to contact me, I can be reached at these email addresses: or

profile image

Jehanzeb 6 years ago

I love vampires and i love to be one of them please help please contact me please please..

Jehanzeb 6 years ago

I want to be a vampire can any real vampire help me....please please please please help me

Donahue 6 years ago

I am a vampire enthusiast you could say. I am as human as the next person unless they aren't lol. I believe in vampires.

I am not sure that becoming a vampire should be a part of my future or not. however I am open to any information that can be given.

I of course will not ask to be turned unless it is offered and I will not accept or decline unless I feel I have the information neccesary to make such a lifechanging decision. Thank you in advance.

I can be contacted at

D.P. 6 years ago

Everyone are an Vampire :p

pointing upwards on a few proclaimes not true.

I am though and I hate it more or less (because it ain't

like fiction, far from it)

Have a nice night'



6 years ago

well vampiers are should read vampier knights graphic novel number 1-54 and there them song its sooooooooo asome and cool! to let you now but i love blood but not other peoples blood{yuck}!!!

crimson 6 years ago

i am a vampire. also my best fried in the worlds boyfriend is a vampire.

Kameran 6 years ago

i alwased loved vampires and i think im one he smell of blood, the tast of blood, the sight of blood, and any thing the task likes blood i need it. i am a vampire i bite my lip till the skin breaks and i suck the blood till the the hole closes. I AM A VAMPIRE...

mariah 6 years ago

can u change me into a vampire?

mariah 6 years ago


profile image

Scoota31 6 years ago

I'd like to meet a real vampire. One that is maybe a bit like the ones in Vampire Diaries, or like the ones in the Twilight Saga, or like the ones that were in the show Moonlight, maybe like the ones from the Cirque du Freak movie. I like the dark and actually feel more alive and energetic during the moonlit hours of the day. During the sunlit hours of the day, I actually feel quite weak. Fangs are optional, but I would like to meet one that is ageless, and has supernatural strength and senses that are so hyped up that they rival even those of animals in the wild. I actually went to one of those sites that has a question/checklist of characteristics of vampires and answered everything truthfully, and qwas quite surprised at the results, showing that I may have almost all the traits of a vampire. But, I'd still like to meet a real one that can possibly, under the right circumstances and conditions, transform the ones they bite into one like them.

elena 6 years ago

i have been fasinated by the vampire theory since i was sixteen... i am now thirty. i believe they do exist, i feel something deep down im my soul.... i have never been able to understand what it is.... i am not a vampire but i do feel connected to them in a strange way.. im not crazy nor do i usually believe in the superstitious.. i just have never been able to shake the feelings that i have they are at the core of me.. please if there is a vampire out there i have so many questions i would love to have answered. i just feel like i am not complete until i have found whatever it is my heart and souls desire has been looking for..

Marna 6 years ago

when i watched the movie twilight and new moon! i really want date or have a bf as a vampire... just like edward! WOW! I dont think theres a promblem marryin an vampire.. it be so amazing. FOR MALE VAMPIRES if ur like edward in twilight i b glad to meet u and family and friends. very sweet and lovin person u ever meet... Email me I also have a myspace and facebook!!! myspace email is if u want to search me.. and face book is!

maria 6 years ago

iv always loved vampire movies and keep it as that dont know how i would react to a face to face vampire

R34lly 6 years ago

I think that its all fantasy and ppl wann believe so bad that they will do the things and make their minds believe it so much that they become apart of this crazy whatever thinkin there a vampire, please give the poor pathetic ppl a break and stop trying to convince ppl there are vampires because even based on history the first lady that was called a vampire killed 600 ppl and bathed in there blood but all she was was a female serial killer and dracule was the same a murderer so vampires are only a urban myth and i'm sorry while it is a fascinating thing to debate this is reality and not fiction so please everyone chill out on the vampire crap its so old it new, as far as would i ever want to meet a vampire if they did exsist well the answer would heck no I would want to kill

Breanna Moore  6 years ago

hi my name is breanna and life sucks for me i would love to meet any vamps out there who will turn me i dont care the cost or pain i want to leave this life and become one i know alot about vamps or think i do but would love to become one please anser me and only reall vampiers please thank you p.s please hurry i dont want to live any more

breanna moore

Collette 6 years ago

hey im a vampire and I became one on october 26 106 b.c. im sorry to say its been so long that i was turned i dont remeber how i became. but i do know we drink human blood, can go in sunlight, and laugh in peoples faces when they show us garlic, crosses, and wooden stakes. thnks!

Kirax ( 6 years ago

I'm a vampire.

It is possible to be a vampire in a past life.

I don't have vangs.

I was born a vamp.

I haven't been awakened.

Email me if you have questions.

If you live in Garland Texas, Email me and we might be able to meet

south 6 years ago

Hi, I just want to know if anyone knows anything about the possibility of being a vampire in a past life AND if its possible to carry certain traits with you into a next 'earth-life' experience i.e. having influence on people by just walking into a room, making weird stuff happen to electronic items without intending them and coming in contact with them, having problems with cuspid teeth and those having to be removed, migraines in heat (and I live in Australia so that's not cool with heat)feeling certain things about people that they don't want people to know and feeling the presence of certain things... I'm seriously confused about a lot of things regarding this and it all really started when I was about 12, but I have had vivid and weird-ass dreams ever since I can remember. Any info would be most grateful. Cheers.

Allie 6 years ago

Mmmmm,Im 12 years old,I had developed a huge intrest in vampire's. Certainly,I believe they do exsist despite others thinking its fake. I'd like to meet one myself,Or even,Become a vampire. Anyways,i had comment to tell you all that i believe there IS vampires out in this world,living like us. Who knows? They can be our friend,Neighbors,Or even teacher!

BETSY 6 years ago


Jamie 6 years ago

Im just a teenaqer.. I dont wanna be a vampire, but i want to know one... IF you are a vampire Im sure you can find me..i dont want to get hurt i just want a protective guy one thats one of my bestfriendss..If you are a vampire find me. Protect Me. Please dont hurt any of my friends. Just protect us all. FIND ME. Do not be afraid to show yourself to me. I wont be afraid as long as you do not hurt me. I want a protective one. if your a real vampire, find me in Hagerman and protect me... Be my friend..and dont turn me into a vampire.

Nicole* 6 years ago


vampire girl 6 years ago

i am a vampire i love the color red and black and dark colors i wore pink for a discis this comment is for the people who are asking about how they became a vampire you should be happy about who you are vampires do not have a fun life style and it's a very difficult thing to deal with also to live a life were you can be comfortable in the sun and be normal is a very amazing gift so you should throw it away.i am a vampire and i am proud of it so if you do not like it i will bite you do you her me i am a vampire i am 9 years old girl i am a night walker yes vampires exsist they have for a long time half of us have a giftstay alive for a very long time some don't were not that diffarent vampires are real i love justen bever big time

Tamara 6 years ago

To the vampire that commented 9 days ago, I no I don’t no you but your not a real Vampire. You just have a very unusual and amazing 6 sense and also you should bi that top.

Tamara 6 years ago

This comment is for the people who are asking about how they become a Vampire. You should be happy about who you are, Vampires do not have a fun life style and it’s a very difficult thing to deal with. Also to live a life were you can be comfortable in the sun and be normal is a very amazing gift so you shouldn’t throw it away

Vvampire boy  6 years ago

wow if any one out there is a vampire i am one of your biggestt fans and i do not want to be one but i realy like vampires

Obsessed-Beauty 6 years ago

I have met an immortal.

I wish to seek him again.

Rhiannon 6 years ago

Greetings to all.

I am a young lady from South Africa who is willingly wanting to become a Vampire. If I am worthy enough email me and please I want to be turned.

profile image

linda1997 6 years ago

i'm not a vampire but i'm vampire lover who keepz on looking at all vampires sites i love to talk about vampire and drawing them sometimes as anime too i love vampire so much i always want to meet one too.

vampire 6 years ago

hey im well not going to tell you because im a vampire but im not the bad one so i won't hurt you cause i loove people...............and i have a boyfriend mike but he's mot a vamppire im in 5th grade and so is peace people and those that are off vampire dieres they are vampires the one who act like they are they really are and they are my friends!!..

whyellsB 6 years ago

well this certainly is interesting. thumbs up! (Y)

Naseem Ansari profile image

Naseem Ansari 6 years ago

Please help me i want to change myself into real vampire without dying please please please help me i wants to change myself self into real vampire without die.If you have any idea and if you can help me please reply me fast and mail me ROMY_RKR@YAHOO.COM I wants to change myself into real vampire and i don't wanna drink blood and killing ppl just i want to vampire as a human like.please....

alyn 6 years ago amaze im not the only one who loves vampires..

its like my world is turning with them.. :)

profile image

Elissarox 6 years ago

Ok so the one that I posted up there I kinda messed up on so ya camps contact me I need to know


profile image

Elissarox 6 years ago

Vampires plz contact me I need some info on you I am not saying I want u to turn me but I would love to be one

profile image

vampiergirl12 6 years ago

I myself am a vampier , i am a 12 year old girl i am a day walker but i prefer the night , yes i do drink blood but only from the people i told and onl if they let me ! and yes vampiers exsist they have for a long time half of us have a gift to stay alive for a long time some dont .... i am a adopted child i alwas have been my whole life , some people call us freaks , and some dont i wish everybody was like the ones that dont they need to understand , were not that differnt from others pleas dont be afraid some are bad some arent ! some help the living protecting them from the bad i think all of us that are vamps and that think they are should get together and talk..

melissa 6 years ago

i am a vampire i like to walk diring the night i have a vampire you know love black and red and dark things like dark makeup and clothes and shoes there is this friend i no that bi bite and she liked it nasty im a vampire i am fun to fly with i love this friend.

alicia a. 6 years ago

hi ive been very interested in the vampire world and i do believe in them but need more informaton on the topic including are they real? if you are a REAL vampire then please give me some info on what its like! my email is

im desperate! please email even if you arent a vampire but wanna talk bout the subject.

Laura 6 years ago

I have a vampire bite you know.

melissa 6 years ago

i am a vampire i love black and red and dark things like dark makeup and clothes and shoes there is this friend i no that i bite and she loved it nasty

Gaven 6 years ago

Is there anyone here called Alice?

melissa 6 years ago

i am a vampire i love to read about them i watch my freinds too

becca 6 years ago

I don’t think I believe in vampires. I think if they were real then why would they be on a chat room or forum telling every one or saying I’ll change you. It’s just silly. Plus most of the real ones would probably be old if they even made it through wars and suspicious people and or the witch hunt, because they have similar characteristics, making them not in the know how on how to run a computer. Look at grandma and grandpa and they’re technically (compared to a “vampire) not even that old and most of them can’t even say computer with out a puzzled look on their face. I’d love to believe that there’s a creature out there that is seductive and beautiful and charming but is also blood thirsty; But then again that’s the Hollywood version of a vampire not even what they probably would be like. If they were real they would probably be a lot like the creatures from the movie 30 days of night. Vicious, blood thirsty, flesh gnashing, soulless beasts. And the people that do believe they’re vampires and drink blood are mentally ill and unstable. I realize they drink blood because they feel they need it or even may crave it but that may be the mental illness craving it. And for those people that say that there from a long line of blood drinkers or “vampires” well that’s where you see the genetic pattern of mental illness. It’s unfortunate. And I know I’m pissing a lot of people off, I’m sorry I really am it’s just I feel like a lot of people walking around or on this even might need to come to a conclusion that they might not be what they fantasize about. I mean it would be really amazing if the vampire was real in the way these people are going about it but in reality they’re probably not, that is if they do exist. But I don’t know, prove me wrong with hard evidence. Please I’m intrigued, not in a snarky ass whole way but in a curious tell me more way.

nobody 6 years ago

JIM!!! 1. why cant you spell 2. why if you are a vampire do you need to do research?!?!?!?!?!?

Evermore 6 years ago

vampires are real. but there are a bunch of posers out there making us look bad. you cant always believe what books and movies say. but they ARE real. dont forget that

Andrea  6 years ago

Adam gontier from three days grace he is a vampire he did that video call i don;t care

Alli.. 7 years ago

My cousin and i would like to believe really bad but, being around family who dnt believe is starting to take a toll on us..........we basically been told that its demonic(we're christian), but its very interesting and we'd like to know more........well practically we're dieing (no pun intended) to know more......there's ntn about them in the bible or anywhere christian, so right now we dnt kno what to believe.......and to be clear i do believe in god, and the creation story, and the stuff that's in the bible i find it hard to believe that something so magical and incredible could belong wholly to the devil.....i mean gods the maker and master of everything good right.......

- Confused....

sushil raj 7 years ago

as the up statement is by me ....i need help plzzzzzzz any 1 reply it fast...::;;;;;;

sushil raj 7 years ago

hello ,

every one ,

as u all say about vampire it is some how and no too.

as i m having some simtem such as i hv hole in my teeth and my skin color is whiteshade , as i feel bad to be in sunlight ,and hate people arounnd me ,

i had biten my bro more then 50 time and noting happen ,

and ha dalso like to taste blood , but is not frequent ,it is just some time by mistake,

i love to walk at dark and i have habbit to walk all night towards forest and to be in forest area and in dark .

but dovtor say i have an problem ..i m an undermedical facility some time i biten my friend and my daily routing is like vampire..

my friend and people living alround me call me VAMPIRE as...i m searching a friend like me so if any one is there my frined just mail me at

maci 7 years ago

i dont think this is true but it is kinda cool

KATHRYN 7 years ago


Vampgirl6030 7 years ago

hi ppl i am a vampire

A Friend to Vamps 7 years ago

There is no'Thinking' your a Vamp...

Either you are or your not.

Liyah King 7 years ago

OMG !! Iam doing a paper about vampires, and i need evidences on how vampires are real and evidences on how they are not real. This is alot of work for me because im a junior in hight school. I have to test tomorrow and my paper is due .

ladyhawk 7 years ago

May I inform those who are unfamiliar and reinforce to those who are not..The Lore creatures keep their secrets safeguarded for a reason. All else is FORBIDDEN!

vampire fan 7 years ago

they are really cool exspcialy twilight

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