Real Ghost Videos - Videos of Ghost Hauntings and Paranormal Activity

Real Ghost Videos & Paranormal Activity

Finding real ghost videos can be tough. Some videos you find may not be true ghost videos. The best way to find real ghost videos is to create them yourself or find a reliable ghost hunter who has captured real-world evidence. Some of the best ghost videos are from the hit TV series, Ghost Hunters.

The Complete First Season of Ghost Hunters has some excellent video footage of real ghosts. It also contains real-world audio recordings (EVP), thermal imaging, footage of poltergeist activity, and much more.

Characteristics of Real Ghost Videos

Real ghost videos are often grainy and do not look like they were filmed in a professional video studio. In a real ghost video, the ghost may only partially appear, or you may see a shiny orb of light. Photos of real ghosts are often subtle and the ghost may not be fully materialized. If you know of a location that is haunted, bring several video cameras and position them (ideally on a tripod stand) around the area that you will be watching.

However, be careful when trying to film a real ghost video. In many ghost hauntings, there are certain electrical elements at work, and when ghosts are present, there are high levels of electromagnetic distortions. Sometimes these EMF distortions are so high that they interfere with the working abilities of computer systems, and audio/video capturing equipment. So, realize that your video recording equipment may not always capture everything that happens.

Free Ghost Videos & Ghost Hunting Secrets

If you love ghost videos, then you should check out Ghost Hunting Secrets. It's a FREE newsletter for ghost hunters, and it's filled with ghost hunting tips, techniques, and secrets, plus real ghost videos. Ghost Hunting Secrets is published by Michelle Myers and she sends you free weekly tips on ghost hunting. Plus, you'll learn how to research paranormal activity and how to succeed as a professional ghost hunter.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) has some great footage of real ghost videos. I've included a few a few of these ghost videos below. You can see video footage of Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson as they explore Crescent Hotel and a haunted armory in New Bedford. I've also included a real ghost video from America's Ghost Hunters. You can watch as they explore Eastern State Penitentiary, which is one of the world's top haunted locations.

TAPS Ghost Hunters Video - Thermal Image of Ghost at Crescent Hotel

Real Ghost Video - Paranormal Activity at New Bedford Armory

Ghost Video - America's Ghost Hunters at Eastern State Penitentiary

Haunted House in Richmond Virginia

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Bonnie Rabaey 9 years ago

The ghost hunter they are the best of every epsesod they made the should do the lodon castle where people have screems and that two childern how where eairs to the thorn and its where you here the storie where some told the kings was told that if the he got ride of the birds his kingdom will full so the kliped the wings of the crows and the done it from then on.

itzdeev profile image

itzdeev 9 years ago from Florida

It's great to see a fellow Ghost Hunters fan on here. I'm a big fan. Great tips on the real ghost videos!

ghosthunting profile image

ghosthunting 9 years ago Author

Thanks itzdeev. Yes, TAPS has done a great job of bringing ghost hunting into public awareness.

teeray profile image

teeray 9 years ago from Canada

I'm going to bed EARLY now - so that if anything happens I sleep through it lol Creepy videos

sophie88 8 years ago


kayshla 8 years ago

man iam so into ghost stuff....but like when it comes to being by my self in the house im a scary cat here pleezzzz

funn 8 years ago

cmon guys ghosts are not all that bad. i mean just look at casper the friendly ghost. all he wanted was to be friendly and make some friends. how sweet is that

hottobecool profile image

hottobecool 8 years ago from pondicherry

i need more ghosts

mayhmong profile image

mayhmong 7 years ago from North Carolina

I wonder how they have the courage to capture evidence of ghost. They must have a lot of patience and guts to get that job done?!

From my experience, there are some nice ghost and evil ones. Trust me, I rather not live with either one anymore!?

harry james 7 years ago

i have really saw ghost of a dead mouse at the corner of a room

phillip paul 7 years ago

i have some questions some weird shit keeps happening my door slammed shut right in front of me theres been some scratching kabove me how can i make contact and do i really want to

rebeca 7 years ago


jasmine 5 years ago

i think some of those videos are true but to really actualy get paranormal activity you have to go to some states that are paranormal

Davis 5 years ago

Ghost's also known as spirit's are maid of pure energy you see It's like this your body Is energy It's composed of energy.There are seven lair's but never mind that Im getting to far with this ok so It's like this when you die where does your energy body A.K.A ethic body go this Is the higher more divin body It's about two too three inch's from the phisical body so anyway's when you die the energy go's to a pergitory/paradice and there you can do just about anything untile you go to a lower or higher area also known as heaven and hell the closer you are to the phisical world the less energy you use In the after life to do something In the phisical world.

spike 5 years ago

you guys are stupid

Gawth profile image

Gawth 4 years ago from Millboro, Virginia

Hey Ghost Hunters, any thoughts on the new SYFY show Ghost Mine? I think these investigators are taking the business to new places. If I am being duped, I am certainly enjoying it!

priya 3 years ago

ayyo bayama eruku

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