Religion Contemplation


Religion Division


Why must our denominations

Determine our differences?

My God is better

Thank your God

And your God

Is better than mine.

The Bible, The Koran,

The Analects, The Talmud,

And All The Rest...

Catholic, Protestant,

Buddhist, Muslim...

Wars fought

In the name of God,

Blood shed

For religious freedom.

Our Creator, Our God,

The Parent of us all.

What must

Our Creator think,

Seeing us fighting

Amongst ourselves?

Seeing us build

Houses of worship

To further divide,

And to fellowship

With only those who

Take part in our rituals?

"The Other

Is the enemy,

The Evil One"

We all say.

But upon


Of our souls,

We find

That each


Every one of us

Is, in fact,

An enemy.

The enemy

Is our separation,

Our denominations,

Our practices.

Parents don't intend

To raise children

Who hate each other.

Our Creator,

The Parent of us all,

Must hurt so deeply

As we continue to

Engage in battles

With one another.


What is it?

Why is it so important

To be different?

My religion is God,

And, God, my religion

Is Love.

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