Religious Debate

It's not the debate that's such a bad thing as much as it is the animosity that spirals out of control. But why do so many people feel the need to justify their belief system by arguing their points? If you ask me, there is a much better way of going about it. The first thing that comes to mind is proslytisation. Why, you might ask? Simply that if you go door to door you find people who are apt for being taught the gosple, and should you come across those who disagree, you can just move on to the next house without a need to debate the issue.

The thing that detracts most from the teachings of the spirit is contention. In this regard we like for people to be somewhat reasonable in their communications when they approach investigators, but there is however, a certain ammount of spiritual influence which should be present when delivering the message of salvation.

I think it is more important to realize that people won't alyays remember the message as much as they will remember how they were treated, or how the message was delivered. A clear sign to anyone that is investigating a particular religion would be what they felt when they heard the message rather than, does everything square with logic and reasoning.

Super Ego!

I have something to say about the human ego. First off when you're right, you're right, end of story. If noone believes you then too bad for them, as the Savior said, shake the dust off your feet and move on, you needn't cast your pearls to swine.

You have heard it said to give milk before the meat, but if somone isn't willing to even take a sip of the milk then why bother with the meat. In this regard you are setting yourself up for ridicule and that will only make you look bad. It is also at this point where the spirit of the Lord becomes grieved and you are left to yourself to opperate individually, then you are really going to go nowhere.

More important than being right is being able to admit when you're wrong. I don't have much to say about this subject because being wrong has never happend to me before..........

I once saw on one of the forums a guy talking about some disturbing hate mail that he had received. Soon a woman reader started telling everyone that he had fabricated the whole thing to get people to feel sorry for him, it turned out that his story was true, and when the woman saw that the letter was real she, gave no apology, and left with a note of disatisfaction. This action made her look very bad. The same thing can happen to anyone especially over a subject that you are passionate about. You have to curb the Ego when representing the Lord as you can easily get sucked into some heated debates over petty things. Again, you have to know when to walk away.

The Holy Spirit spoke the words of Christ to the Prophets of old, and not one word of prophecy or comandment was written without the aid of that very influence. Therefore if Scripture was dictated by that Spirit, then so must our comunications with others be if we are to represent him. And how could that spirit be resinent in us if we are to speak of eternal truths through means of debate, reason, or sophestry.

The church is in the business of truth telling, ie. "I saw the sun rise this morning." is this debatable? absolutely! but wether I am proved wrong through forums of debate, and the whole world agrees that I didn't see the Sun rise, the fact remains, and it doesn't matter if noone believes you, but if you feel obligated to spread that message, don't let your ego get in the way of expressing truth, otherwise people will not only find more reasons not to believe you, they will preceive that you think highly of yourself because you know something that they don't.


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thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

belief choice hub wellead

Onusonus profile image

Onusonus 6 years ago from washington Author


swtchks68 profile image

swtchks68 6 years ago from piqua,ohio

I couldn't have said it any better, thank you!

Timothy Donnelly profile image

Timothy Donnelly 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Well said, Onusonus. Just recently I heard the expression describing ego as Edging God Out. This implies what you have referred to in that when we get sucked into defending (or for that matter describing) our beliefs with pride rather that the spirit of humbleness, we don’t leave any room for the Holy Spirit to be part of our discourse. It is the Spirit that actually gives the increase, not the messenger, so in our relating our doctrine, milk or meat, we must strive to be more than just savvy to the pitfalls of pride and not taking offence to opposition or disagreement, but moreover, we must be righteously attuned to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Much easier said than done, but with the attitude of sincerity and meek reverence, this Spirit will surely make us patient instruments of God’s will, and prepare the hearts and minds of those who are willing to hear the business of truth and revelation. God help us all.

Onusonus profile image

Onusonus 6 years ago from washington Author

Thanks for the support, I must admit I have indulged in several debates from time to time, I just want to try to refrain from making it about the old "I'm right and you're wrong," faction.

einron profile image

einron 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

You have a point!

Many people will not admit they are wrong. It could be ego.

However, I must say many defend their right because they really feel they are right and will stick to it no matter what happens.

They may be like bull dogs who wont let go. If you are attacked, you have a right to defend yourself. If they dont believe you, it's OK. You have made your point.

Have a good day!

eovery profile image

eovery 6 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

Nicely said. I always said, I will not argue a point, but only present, and let the spirit go from there. I cannot convert or prove anything to anyone, but the spirit works wonders and changes lives. I have been told, it takes at least seven contacts with the gospel. I feel the hubs that I have written may be one of the seven to bring the spirit into the person's life so the other six happen so they can come into the gospel.

I liken many people to Paul of the New Testament. He thought he was doing what God wanted him to do and was getting rid of the christian. Until one day Christ appeared to him and informed him other wise. There are many of these Pauls out there, doing what they think is best, but with only their own conscious to guide them. When introduced to the truth, they fight against it. But they spirit is working on them and someday they will know otherwise.

Thanks for sharing your message and informing all of us on this concept.

Keep on hubbing!

Keep on hubbing!

Onusonus profile image

Onusonus 6 years ago from washington Author


I agree, it is human nature to defend the things that you say, nobody wants to be wrong. Here's a way out; One of the things that Jesus said was to agree with your adversary quickly while you are in the way with him or her. To simply say "I see your point but in my heart I disagree." allows both people the chance to walk away from the conversation with their dignity in tact, having detered any verbal abuse that may have ensued.

Onusonus profile image

Onusonus 6 years ago from washington Author


I can't say that I am as good as you when it comes to adhearing to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You are a true desciple as is Einron.

James 6 years ago

God says 1 phl 2:3 also 1 Ti 6:4,Prov 25:9, Isa 27:8 and Rom 1:29

May the Word of the Lord be a blessing

Onusonus profile image

Onusonus 6 years ago from washington Author

I like the first Timothy thought because it is a good lead into the fifth and sixth verses, showing that heated debate can grow into a manner of perverseness.

TheLoanConsultant profile image

TheLoanConsultant 6 years ago from Orange County

Yeah I agree totally. I like what you said about the milk and the meat. That is so true! Jesus said not to cast your pearls before swine. I engage in friendly debates from time to time. As the bible says to always have an answer for those who ask us why do we believe what we do. Defending the faith IS important. For Paul said to rebuke sharply those who oppose themselves. I personally have no tolerance for scoffers and people who try to heckle Christian ethics and beliefs. It's when they misconstrue our silence for inability to provide a sufficient answer, that I speak up. Not all the time however, but every now and then I fell inclined to go in there and see what heresies they are accusing the Church of today and overturn them. But all in all there is a time and place for everything. This hub was written with excellence.

Onusonus profile image

Onusonus 6 years ago from washington Author

Yes another scripture also adds to the statement, to reprove with sharpnes when moved upon by the spirit, and to end your corolations with others in a way that they will know beyond doubt that your love for them is stronger than the chords of death.

Brenda Durham 6 years ago

You're very eloquent.

But indeed when the challenge is taken out of the equation, the Word is diluted and the watchman hasn't done his duty....

Onusonus profile image

Onusonus 6 years ago from washington Author


This is true, but when the Holy Spirit is taken out of the equation, spiritual growth is hindered. I agree that there has to be a level of reasoning when it comes to teachings of the gospel, however I see too much pride and inflamed egoes when some try to convey that message. It is my wish that people try to remember who they represent when they get into religous debates.

Thanks for reading!

ceciliabeltran profile image

ceciliabeltran 6 years ago from New York

I always say, when the spirit talks, the spirit will listen. But if you are speaking from a lower place, you can shout the name of Jesus to the rooftops and only the snakes will hear you. :)

ceciliabeltran profile image

ceciliabeltran 6 years ago from New York

Onusonus profile image

Onusonus 6 years ago from washington Author

I've definately seen that kind of thing backfire on some people. Nice analogy, and Just kidding about the wierd thing.

ceciliabeltran profile image

ceciliabeltran 6 years ago from New York

I am weird. You would be correct in that observation. I am also very well informed. ;)

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