Reverse The Curse

All Things Been Made New
All Things Been Made New

You know Adam and Eve lost Everything But Jesus bought it ALL Back, right? See it, believe it and accept it! 1. In the garden was the tree of life, that was Jesus. They was to eat of that tree Jesus was there from the beginning and we know now Jesus lives forever! They was to live forever by eating from the tree of life. Everything was everything! 2. the tree of knowledge of good and evil, tree of death, they did eat. Lost everything! 3. World became sinful, men had to sacrifice animals for sins until Jesus died on the cross. 4. Jesus died for the sins of the whole world. Once saved, sin forgiven forever; pass, present and future and your righteous forever! Gift of God. You ask forgiveness for any sin you do and go on. Righteousness and grace doesn't make it ok to sin but is there to enable you to live FREE from sin. All Curses Reversed! ALL 5. Curses in garden Adam sin and Jesus reversed them in his suffering and death. We have to believe and receive it! Curses Gen. 3 chapter; 6. Adam ate his way out of the garden (kingdom): Jesus- we eat his body and drinking his blood to enter the garden (kingdom). woman to have sorrowin childbearing-- Jesus was acquainted with sorrow man was to work by sweatof his braw----Jesus sweat drops of blood man work through thornsand thistles------Jesus had a crown of thorns The ground was cursed Trees in ground---money comes from trees cursed. Jesus crown of thorns bought back money, prosperity. Bled from his head. blood shedding means redemption. He was redeeming us through everything he did on earth and then went to cross to finish it! We're free! Now we need communion.Communion shows that we remember what Jesus died for.Reverse curses. Gets the death cycle out of you and it takes poison toxic out of the body. And it renews youth, health, thinking, being as Adam was before sin. Paying tithes shows and declares Jesus is alive. We're redeemed from curse. if you pay no tithes you still live operate under the curse. Money funny. Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I'll give you rest. accept Jesus as Savior/Lord you REST. He'll provide for you now. Just ask, like Adam before he sinned. He REST. He worked but not Hard. Worked for God. Who you working for God or Man? Jobs are assignments if working for God. You're there to be a witness or do exceptionally well to draw praise to God. When you work for man it's for another to get the benefits and you get praises if you do exceptionally well. Not with God! and we know how that goes. Man will praise you one minute and next minute throw you out the door, the gate, place or whatever. gets rid of you, let you go, lay you off or fire you! When on assignment for God, man can't do any of those things even if he wanted too! That's how good and faithful God is! Jesus Christ dying for the sins of the world is God's favor on us, make it personal it's God's favor on me. When I take communion I take in Jesus who is God's favor in me. Life eternal! Righteousness! And Holiness to perfect! You are beloved of God. You are covered under the blood of Jesus. Be of Good cheer for He has overcome the world! So by faith we win every battle!

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lifegate profile image

lifegate 5 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA


Thanks for sharing some good points. God's gift is so great. It doesn't just give eternal life, but righteousness, security, holiness, etc. only through the death and resurrection of Christ. It didn't cost us anything, but it cost Him everything. Thanks for giving us these thoughts.

heart4theword profile image

heart4theword 5 years ago from hub

God did give us...redeeming power through what His son, did at the cross for us:) He did restore our hearts back to Him, no longer do we need to be separated from Him:) Thanks for sharing...

Jisblessed profile image

Jisblessed 5 years ago Author

heart4theword, Yes, it's a wonderful thing. I'm discovering more and more what it really means and have those fleshly blocks totally destroyed and enjoying what Jesus provide on the cross and most of all being in fellowship/relationship with Him. Thank you for reading and your comment. God bless you!

Jisblessed profile image

Jisblessed 5 years ago Author

Lifegate, Amen and amen! it cost us nothing but cost Him everything. I recently watched the Passion of The Christ, awwwwe that beating! And some say the half wasn't told in that! Can you imagine letting someone do that to you to save people you know or don't know/don't know you or appreciate it! Wow, or standing by watching it being done to your son? And have power to stop it but don't. What an awesome love! Awesome love God has for us! Thank you for reading and your comment.

Armena 2 years ago

That saves me. Thanks for being so selesbni!

Jisblessed profile image

Jisblessed 2 years ago Author

Thank you Armena, I pray you are blessed much!

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