Road of Life

Peace I Give To You

“Peace I give to you” – from a God so real. Intangible to touch,

He leads in the road of life, a terrain at times seemingly too much.

My travels unveil highs, as mountain peaks,

In the valleys I ponder, Your strength I seek.

Looking to the sky with the question of why,

as another day I journey, then rest with a sigh.

Long is the road, not knowing the bend,

In weary moments I reach to You and depend.

This road has an end, so as the days here on earth.

The end brings me hope, as the day of my birth.

Peace everlasting - I finally will touch,

that will bring this broken soul

at last to a whole.

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Timely profile image

Timely 6 years ago from United States Author

Hello Quill,

Thank you for stopping by and your most appreciated comment. The Lord definitely has my road under construction but then again I see road work everywhere:)

God Bless!

"Quill" 6 years ago

Hi Timely...looks as though I will be first to share with you the way this has touched my heart. I love the way you have brought God into this writing and the journey...very well have a new follower...


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