Rose Quartz And Its Magical Properties

rose quartz natural
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rose quartz tumbled | Source


This beautiful pink stone is a stone of love, it's full of peace. Just looking upon this pink colored quartz can have a relaxing affect on our bodies. There is so much more this stone can do besides add a beautiful accent to our jewelry or our environment. In fact Pagans or those on a Pagan like path have many uses for this stone. Rose quartz actually has some healing properties along with magical properties of which you will discover in this hub. They may prove to be very helpful to you.


This stone can prove to be very helpful with both our mental health as well as our physical. Let's begin with the benefits this stone has for our mental heath. Rose quartz has been known to balance one's emotions. It can aid with our self-esteem. If you are one that has emotional wounds, traumas, or someone who is struggling with grief Rose Quarts is said to aid with those, bringing a sense of peace in one's life. This stone may also aid with one's anger. It will also help with depression.

Physically rose quartz has been known to help with our heart and everything else in our circulatory system, helping things to function the way they should. This stone can help our kidneys in any way possible. It's also been known to aid with our lungs, genitals, adrenals and aid with fertility. This pink stone may also protect one from radiation.

Rose quartz may also help relieve the pain of headaches including those awful migraines. Other things this stone may help with when it comes to our physical health includes our sinuses, throat, our spleen, ear aches, wrinkles, the pain of fibromylagia, and our weight. Whether it is to maintain weight or to lose weight.

Magical Properties

This stone can help remove our fears. In rituals rose quartz may be used to attract love. It may also be used to promote peace, happiness and aid in relationships.

This stone has been used to ease the transition in dying. This stone is a stone you may use for dream recall or basically anything kind of work to do with dreams. If you have a broken heart it may be helpful to carry a rose quartz on you, it will aid in the healing process.

If you wear or carry a rose quartz it will help you feel loved and cared for. This is a great stone for the psych.

As for the zodiac this stone is the stone of the sign Taurus and it is also a second stone for Libra. For the Chakra this stone is great for the heart chakra.

More About Rose Quartz

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Grams Study profile image

Grams Study 5 years ago

I have gone hunting in the Colorado mountains for rose quartz, crystal quartz, jade, tiger's eye and other stones. I remember doing that and enjoying the walk on the mountainside as well

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 5 years ago from Caledonia, MI Author

Grams Study, that would be a great walk to take. Thank you for reading.

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