Rudraksha Beads Benefits

The term of ‘Rudraksha’ has been derived out of the Sanskrit terms of ‘Rudra’ and ‘Aksha’, which collectively define for ‘tears from eyes of Lord Shiva’. The reason behind calling it so is because of the belief that it originated out of the tears which fell on the land from the eyes of Lord Shiva. This can principally be stated as the primary aspect of the divineness that any Rudraksha bead holds. Besides this primary aspect of significance, there are numerous other aspects of it which made astrology belief it to be beneficial.

The Source of Distinct Divine Powers

They are believed to be comprised of divine powers. These divine powers, which are of different nature and intensities, hold their presence differently in different forms of beads. Rudraksha beads are found in variety of forms, as categorized on the grounds of number of Mukha (natural lines) on its shell. Each form is comprised of different nature of energies in different intensities, which eventually results in different kind of influences as made by them on their respective wearers. Therefore, benefits as derived by one form of bead might not necessarily be similar to the benefits as derived by another form. However, it is not possible to frame all of them in one single bracket of benefits.

Commonly Shared Rudraksha Beads Benefits

However, with assistance from our team of reputed astrologers, we have been able to identify the common beneficial aspects that Rudraksha beads usually have in common. As a result, we have been able to identify certain traits and attributes that are most commonly and usually found in all the forms, as they are intrinsic to all of them.

They are comprised of metaphysical powers which enable it to fight and conquer the difficulties of life. All problems and obstacles of life which are otherwise hindering one’s path of growth and success get fade off with a proper possession of a bead. It is quite effective for curing the problems of hypertension and blood pressure. It also helps one gain control over one’s senses. It has been found to be effective for those who lose their anger quickly. It settles in positive energies and wards off negative energies out of the place where it is established. It confers materialistic comforts of life in all forms, besides deriving name, fame, growth, and reputation.

Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Benefits

It creates an overall positive impact on the health aspect of its wearer. All the bead forms are comprised of distinct healing properties which enable it to offer quick remedy from different sorts of physical and psychological health problems. In case, where one possesses a Rudraksha bead form without any sort of such health problems, doing so ensure protection from those problems for the time ahead. It has remained quite a prominent and effective tool for those who are in any way related to spirituality, or aspire to get related to it. It improves one’s awareness of self as well as God, and it is because of this ability that many great sages and Yogis in the past used to have them.

Different Forms, Distinct Benefits

If one chooses to wear a bead according to the astrologically prescribed process, then one will certainly derive these common benefits as present in all forms of beads, besides deriving the distinct benefits which every bead form confers to its respective wearers out of its unique divine powers. However, before wearing any of the Rudraksha bead form, one should ensure its aptness by consulting an astrologer. A Rudraksha bead, irrespective of its form and its nature of association with a certain person, never creates any sort of adverse impacts. However, when you go in with an aim of deriving certain concentrated benefits or solutions for certain kinds of problems, it is always better to assure that by selecting the bead form that goes best with one’s needs, and one effective way with which that can be assured is by consulting an able astrologer.

Also, once its aptness is confirmed by an astrologer, one should ensure to wear it according to the proper process. Following this process is as essential as wearing it, as in absence of the same, a Rudraksha bead might not yield positive results or benefits at all. After following the process, one can either wear it or can establish it at home or workplace. If you are establishing it at home or workplace, you can either place it in the temple or can hang it on the entrance door.

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