Some Sanskrit Mantras To Lead Peaceful And Happy Life

Goddess Gayatri

In this great world every religion has its own principles and concepts. In Hinduism sanskrit mantras are playing important part and many people who believe on these things get a lot of benefits. There are different sanskrit mantras for different Gods. We can choose any mantra of our favorite God which looks simple and easy to follow. It has been scientifically proven that mantras are producing favorable sound vibrations and make every thing positive to those who chant in their daily life.

Mantras are so powerful that they can make desirable changes in life for those who even don't know the meaning of them. However, it'll be nice if we understand the meaning of mantras which we want to chant in our regular life. They can be also chanted silently by mind. They have great tendency to improve our mind and body health. Regular chanting of two or three mantras in our life would be helpful to overcome many health problems like insomnia, hypertension, nervous weakness and lack of concentration. Mantras can be also undertaken as the good alternative of doing meditation. Nowadays people belonging to the religions other than Hiduism begin to feel the goodness of chanting these sanskrit mantras. It is said that mantras should be chanted for at least 27 or 108 number of times to get more benefits. If you are new to mantras, you don't need to strain yourself by telling mantras for many number of times. Even you can expect the favorable result by chanting mantras for minimum number of times. Let us see some of sanskrit mantras associated with prominent Gods of Hinduism. Regular chanting of these mantras will be certainly helpful to those who want to lead a peaceful and happy life.

Shri Gayatri Mantra

'Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha Tat Saviturva Renyam Bhargo Devasya Dimahi Dhiyo yo nah Prachodayat'

Meaning of Gayatri Mantra

Oh Almighty Goddess!, embodiment of vital spiritual energy, destroyer of sufferings, embodiment of happiness, You are bright like sun, destroyer of sins, Your divinity purifies us and guides us on the right path!

Lord Ganapathy Mantra

'Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!'

Meaning of Lord Ganapathy Mantra

Oh Lord Ganesh!, the God of averting obstacles and the captain of all good forces, I am sincerely praying you!

Lord Muruga Mantra

'Om Sharavanabavaaya Namaha'

Meaning of Lord Muruga Mantra

Oh Lord Muruga! who took birth in lotus pond, I am sincerely praying you!

Lord Hanuman Mantra

'Manojavam Maarutatulyavegam Jitendriyam buddhimataamVaristham, Vaataatmajam Vaanarayoothmukhyam Sriramdootam saranam Prapadhye'.

Meaning of Lord Hanuman Mantra

My lord Shri Hanuman, great envoy of Lord Shri Ram, I submit myself to you! You are the son of wind and hence your speed and mind can be compared with wind. The lord has full control over his sensory organs. He is the wisest among the wise men and heads the vanars (monkeys). You are the greatest O dear lord Hanuman, the messenger of Sri Ram.

Lord Siva Mantra

'Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pusti - vardhanam | Urva - rukamiva Bandhanan Mrtyor - muksheeya Ma - amritat || '

Meaning of Lord Shiva Mantra

Om. We worship The Three-Eyed Lord Shiva who is fragrant and who always nourishes the devotees. Worshipping him may we be liberated from death for the sake of immortality just as the ripe cucumber easily separates itself from the binding stalk.

Lord Vishnu Mantra

"Shaantaakaaram Bhujagashayanam Padmanaabham Suresham Vishwaadhaaram Gaganasadrasham Meghavarnam Shubhaangam Lakshmikaantam Kamalanayanam Yogibhirdhyaanagamyam Vande Vishnum Bhavabhayaharam Sarvalokaikanaatham"

Meaning Lord Vishnu Mantra

:Lord Vishnu is the preserver and protector of the Universe. He is always quiet and rests on the great serpent bed. The lotus on which Lord Brhama rests, rising from the navel of Lord Vishnu. He is the Ultimate Power who saves the whole universe. He can be seen in blue sky and dark clouds! Vishnu, the lotus-eyed one, is the Lord of Lakshmi. The ascetics (yogis) observe Lord Vishnu through meditation. Lord Vishnu is the destroyer of the fear of Samsar. We surrender to such great lord.

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ratnaveera 7 years ago from Cumbum Author

Dear Dr. Anjesh, Thank you very much for coming here and your nice comments. I'll certainly visit the site and learn more about Om. Thank you for your kind suggestion.

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Anamika S 7 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

Nice to see a hub on the different mantras in Hinduism.There is so much one can write about. I have written individually about most of those mantras except that of Muruga.

ratnaveera profile image

ratnaveera 7 years ago from Cumbum Author

Dear Anamika, Thank you very much for visiting this Hub and your nice comments.

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Kmadhav 7 years ago from New delhi

simply great ......

siva rama krishna 7 years ago

Hello Mr Anjesh Very good work from you about the mantras daily i am doing meditation with thank you a lot and i want to talk about one more mantra for lord Hanuman " Bhudhir balam Yaso dhairyam nirbha yathva maro gahatha, Ajadyam Vakpatu twamcha hanumaat smaranaath bhaveth" . Thank you sir please keep posting important spiritual related messages.

Chanting Hub 6 years ago

Great overview of the topic of Sanskrit mantras. Thanks.

Chandra 6 years ago

Dear friends,

I have done also the meditation in the name of LORD SIVA and I have seen many positive influence in my life. I am very happy with it.

May you also find out.


sudha 6 years ago

Please can u send a mantra to get married in same place where I m residing now.?.Please send to

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